Inconsiderate Things People Do That Make Others Lose Respect For Them

From being rude to service industry employees, to feeling superior to homeless people and publicly degrading them, people share the one thing that automatically makes them lose all respect for another person. 

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When you go out of your way to help someone, and they treat you like you're a piece of trash after. My wife is from South America. We helped her brother by letting him live with us for free for a while till he found work. When he was on his feet we asked if he could help with bills. He acted like we were robbing him. On top of that he destroyed the room and carpet after we asked him to move out. She hasn't seen her family in years, now the brother doesn't talk to her or me. Broke her heart.


When they blast their terrible music at max volume on their phone's terrible speakers on public transport, regardless of how many people are around.


"Wanna go to the library and study for the exam together?"

"No, I think I need to study alone on this exam."

"I was just asking, jeez!"

Just because someone can't or doesn't want to do something it doesn't mean they dislike you. I just find it hard to hang out with a person when I know that every time I'm not down for anything they're going to think I don't want to be their friend anymore.


Not being transparent when making plans. You knew from the start you were going to bail yet allowed me to waste my time and gas driving somewhere just to receive a text about some stupid excuse.


Me: "Just parked. You here?"

Person: "Listen man, something came up...," updates Facebook about new content.

Wait, what.


People who won't admit they don't know something. Happens with technical people a fair bit - they think they have to appear they know it all. The stupidity of it is, that when they're found out, then nothing they say can be trusted.


I'm a manager and nothing irritates me more. You aren't going to lean if you don't own up to it. Plus you just look like a liar and I can't trust you now. 99% of the time I'm asking if you did it because I know you did!


When I see someone go into fast food place and begin to order without saying hello to the cashier after the cashier has greeted them. How much of an ass are you that you cannot say hi to another human being?


Line cutting, jaywalking in front of moving vehicles, double parking, etc. It just screams "My time is more important than your time, and I'm going to save my time without giving a damn about the negative consequences for anyone else.


There was a Kensington posh girl in my class at school who said that if she was driving and saw a dog in the road she would deliberately run it over.

A few years later she's a social justice warrior retweeting posts about the plight of jaguars in the rainforest.


Being judgmental of another person liking the same thing they do, but in a different way. Not in a sexualized way. More like a completionist looking down on a speed-runner, or a face-value reader/viewer hating a theory-crafter.


People who dismiss serious scientific discoveries as 'just theories' as if it were an insult, but it's actually a compliment.

People who assert that science 'doesn't know everything'. We know that, otherwise we'd stop doing science.


This may not be a common view, but one of it would be when they make fun of people's names. E.g. when they tell their friends so-and-so's name is really weird, it sounds like [some unsavory word], so-and-so should change their name to [another name/another unsavory word].

For me it means they are disrespecting the identity of the person, as well as the parents of the person, who likely had certain hopes and well-wishes for the child when giving the child a name.


I was out with some friends and one of them comes up and says, "Hey that woman over there is single, if you are interested!" So, I hop on over there and she is really attractive, but all of a sudden she bellows out this "Heeeeyyyyyyy!!!! WE NEED SOME MORE WATER OVER HEERRREEE!" to the waitress walking by. She instantly became the ugliest girl in the room.


When they talk about their problems with their significant other/ best friend with others to get "advice" (in reality they don't want advice, they want to talk crap about that person). If you have a problem with such an important person, then talk to them about it, don't talk crap about them!


People who practice the whole general "screw the police" attitude, yet shoplift up to twice a week, publicly vandalize stuff, and get their clean, legitimate, family members indirectly involved in these petty minor crimes instead of doing it alone. And wonder why they're frequently in and out of jail.


Not reciprocating in a conversation. It's not difficult to ask how are you back, or at least attempt to continue the conversation. Even if they didn't want to talk, it should at least be a smooth transition instead of abrupt and awkward silence.


This one is a bit personal. My ex logged into my Facebook and read all of my private messages. I forgot he had the information, because I had given it to him months before to use with Spotify. All respect that I had gained for him over the years, gone in an instant.


When they hate on or make fun of people for what they choose to wear, or what hat they have on, or what music they listen to, or what they eat, read, watch, drink.

People that put down others for what they like. Someone here on Reddit may make the mistake of saying that they like something. Then people come out of the woodwork because they HAVE to tell you how wrong you are for liking it.

"I kind of like John Lennon's music" — "Oh my God! You know he used to beat his wife!"

"After a long day, I like drinking a little ____" — "Oh my God, why are you drinking that swill? You gotta drink single-malt blah blah blah."

"It was a hot, sunny day so I wore a wide-brim hat to keep the sun off my head and neck" — "Oh my God, you wore a hat? You're literally Hitler!


It's possibly the one skill every person needs, yet very few people take the time to invest in their financial education. They think that if they had money they'd manage it. Never grasping the concept that managing your money comes first. Once you learn to manage your money you will have money.


When they argue and fight with retail workers because something isn't how they want. What do you think they're supposed to do about it? Company policy goes far beyond an upset customer and some defenceless workers who have no say in the situation.


People who look down on the homeless. "They shouldn't do drugs," "its there own fault," "the should get a job." Yeah sure stopping taking drugs isn't hard at all, the must be lazy they must be choosing to live on the streets freezing cold because its easier. They should just get a job or have there parents help them because that is always an option right?

It makes me so so angry, people not understanding how lucky they have been. People who would rather think it is the homeless persons fault than live with the idea it could happen to them. I know sometimes it is but the assumption says a lot about a person.


Cigarettes. When you think about it -even a little bit- the negatives outweigh the positives by so unbelievably much that I assume that person simply doesn't think.


The speed and wild disregard for safety is infuriating to me. Unless there is a real emergency...and it is probably not worth the risk even are telling the world "your lives matter less than my two minutes."

Slow down when you see a yellow light a quarter mile away and stop for the red. People could die, YOU could die.


Always having to find something to complain about. Grumpy people who need to find the flaw in anything anyone else does for no other reason than they like being grumpy. Eventually they just become 'that guy that whines about everything' and everyone else is tired of their constant nagging.


Coworker was intelligent, funny, college educated, hard worker that commented after I returned from getting a flu shot that "she doesn't believe in those." I knew people didn't like vaccines for children but apparently all vaccines are bad to her. I just cannot look at her the same way again.


People who don't know how to google things.

If there's a problem and you can't figure it out and you don't try looking it up, or don't know how to operate a search engine I get really disappointed. It's right there. Millions of people probably had this issue already and solved it and explained it multiple ways.

I get it if it's complex but at least try.

For example, that Trump chain text box showing all the things he's done for Puerto Rico is easy to Google part of, and find it's not true. Parts of it are there? But it's not accurate.


When my Facebook feed is clogged by their need for attention. My stepsister will post a long string of selfies, will share all of her Facebook memories from that day, then will spend the rest of the day bragging about her kids and her husband: "#blessed, #supermommy #SomethingHairDon'tCare." The need for attention is strong with this one. So into the hidden category she goes, along with several others who are almost as bad. I think it's the neediness and constant bragging that makes me lose respect.


I have a chronic illness that most people haven't heard of and what happens a lot to me and others with similar chronic illnesses is people won't ask "what's that?" or ask questions relevant to how they don't know anything about X thing and their question pool is very easy... but instead they'll instantly recommend a "cure" and it's usually homeopathic crap.

If you tell me fresh aloe water or tuning forks or some herbal crap is something I "must try!" and it'll "help a lot" with my genetic illness... NO!

Close runner's up include:

being mean or neglectful to animals. They don't get to choose who they live with and they depend on you. There are a lot of people who get a dog just to get a dog and because "everyone needs a dog" or whatever reason, but work too much and really aren't responsible enough to have a dog or animal in their life and the animal suffers for it.

Coughing or sneezing without covering their mouth, or covering their mouth with cupped hands instead of into their arm/elbow. They of course proceed to touch everything with those icky hands.


For perfect strangers, it's when they leave their cart in the middle of the parking lot. My dad is disabled, parks in the handicapped spot, and still manages to make his way to either the store or the cart corral.

For friends/acquaintances: When you judge others by things you are guilty of doing yourself.

A roommate of mine was a lover of guns. He would have family over from another state, let us know about 3 days in advance, and explain that no one in the house was to have their girlfriends over (he wasn't the landlord, and of course, nothing in the lease said anything about guests whatsoever).

My girlfriend and I were drunk one night, and had to walk to the house to crash because neither of us were driving across town to her house (35 minute drive). We got in, and he was still up, his family sleeping (he gave them his room), and we were looking to just go to bed.

He was pissed. "My family's here, what did I say about guests?" I just explained to him that I didn't care - I live here and I can have my girlfriend over.

Meanwhile - he had no qualms about sloppily hitting on any girl, drunk or not, cutting straight to the chase (wanna come over and have sex?). Didn't matter if any of the other roommates had something going on (we didn't really care to be honest), and it didn't matter that he just got done lecturing me or someone else about our sinful ways.

If you want to be morally superior, then act morally superior.


Tesco/ Walmart type place puts end of date food on a reduced shelf and towards the end of the evening reduces the price to pennies. Around 5/6 pm is when the big reductions kick in and the zombies appear and horde out the poor price reducer trying to work. Usually these people haven't missed many dinner times and block the isle and I have yet to observe ANY of them with much sign of intelligence behind their dead eyes.

Now I realise that if I'm there seeing this that I'm looking for a bargain too and who doesn't want one. But I know what I want, can see it from a distance and can be in and out in seconds.

The zombies linger and shuffle and give the impression that they have forgotten why they are here, but if they wait long enough it will come back to them and then they will be able to grab something they think they wanted.

I've observed some of them looking at the higher shelves and I know what I want is on a lower shelf so I've darted in and grabbed the item (usually it's green and healthy vegetables and the zombies NEVER want those) but the Scowling grunts of objection as the zombies realise you might have grabbed their bargain, well it's almost as priceless and the sneer of rejection their faces contort into once they realise I grabbed something green and not the buttersoaked potato snack they have in their dead hands.


I lose respect for anyone that knowingly litters. Just the other day I saw a man roll his window down and throw a piece of garbage out. I got so mad that I yelled at him to pick it up and basically publicly shamed him. He apologized, opened his car door, and picked it back up.



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