Interested People Share Which Subculture They Have A Hard Time Understanding Or Relating To.

Everyone should do what they want as long as they're not hurting anybody, but we can still have questions about why someone has a certain interest, hobby, or chooses to belong to a particular group.

Here are some subcultures that people have some questions about.


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1. This is a big one.

Mom culture.

I'm a mom. It's hard. It's tiring. It's thankless. But I don't sit and drink wine all day. I don't hide in the laundry room with a bottle of wine. I don't pressure myself to be the best according to other people's standards. I DON'T GET IT. Is there something I'm missing?

It's like this: kids are kids. Kids do and say dumb things every day. They're irritating and loud and messy and I wouldn't trade them for anything. They don't do a different sport every day. They don't get paid for doing their chores. I tell them "no" ALL. THE. TIME. I buy them semi-cheap clothing because they're either going to ruin it or outgrow it after one or two uses. I don't run a "kid-centered" household. I run a "parent-centered" household and if they don't like it they can live somewhere else. My job, my end game, as a mother is to make sure my children are functioning, intelligent, reasonable adults who can think for themselves and hopefully make this world a better place. They each have talents and I need to help them find what they are and how they can use them to their full potential. I take pictures of them often, but I don't share them for likes or go viral. My kids do hilarious stuff. It goes in the memory jar. I send an email to their accounts I made for them.

When did catering to the child's every whim become a thing? Why is it a thing?

I am NOT a yoga pants wearing, wine bottle chugging, organic only, perfect pinterest party planning mother. I'm just a regular mom with regular kids and a regular husband living a regular life. I guess, I'm more of a Roseanne mom than whatever else these people are putting on.


2. I just don't get it.

Really hardcore racists. I just don't understand them. I have seen entire forums ridiculed with racist nonsense and it just really confuses me. Who has so much unnecessary hate for something that they are willing to waste so much of their time reading and writing about it. Why these people are like this? I don't know. But it is actually ridiculous some of the extents that these people go to just because someone is from a different country to you or looks a bit different, despite them still being human. Like I once read about a guy who refuses to eat Mexican food because they can't tolerate anything Mexican.


3. Love is love.

Women that write prisoners. My wife somehow got roped into this mess and refuses to give it up. Multiple phone calls a day, obsession over letters. She flew out to go visit one for 6 hours. I am currently getting a divorce. She says she wants me back, but isn't apologetic at all about talking to them and doesn't see the emotional damage she has caused by pouring all of her energy into talking to these guys.


4. I'd never heard of this one.

Bug chasers, I will never understand knowingly becoming infected with a dangerous disease.


5. Vape all day.

I don't understand how you can talk about vaping non stop every day for months on end. I'm all for that stuff but it's like me talking about apples and how they taste and different techniques for eating apples and how you know a guy in the next town over that makes custom apple eating forks and that you subscribe to Apple Eating Magazine.


6. Also didn't know about this one.

Columbiners on Tumblr and other social media subgroups. For those of you who don't know, there is a HUGE subculture mostly made up of young girls who idolize school shooters in a romanticized anti-hero sort of way. Pretty much every young male mass shooter you can think of ends up idolized within the culture at one level or another but the primary objects of affection are the Columbine High School shooters; Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold hence the name.

I find the whole phenomenon incredibly interesting.


7. Oh boy...

The whole Youtube subculture with its "drama", etc.


8. Not gonna get me.

The folks (usually men, usually from rural areas) who "roll coal". They modify their big diesel truck engines to emit a load of sooty exhaust. They'll sometimes even do this as they pass by pedestrians, blasting them with that pollution. They think it's funny, and will even film it to post it on social media.


9. Happy ending?

People who are obsessed with and idolize killers. Knew a guy obsessed with a murderer. He was writing a movie about the guy, but he went pretty far. Met the killer's family, who gave him boxes of the killers personal items and clothes. He proceeded to wear the clothes, like all the time, out in public and use the items. He even smoked from the murderer's pipe. The one good thing that came of it is he found possible evidence of an unknown victim and turned it in to the cops. This and people who marry murderers in prison confound me.


10. Also news to me.

The "involuntary celibate" or Incels for short.

These guys get off on being toxic and miserable. They view sex as a need that men have and something women should be obligated to give them, like food or shelter. They want to "collect" it like a welfare check.


11. War of the worlds.

I really don't understand these musician fan groups, like Rihanna Navy and Katy Cats...

Fair enough if you just want to be fans, but they take it to the extremes. Hating other fanbases and trying to take over twitter to be the biggest fanbase etc. Why can't people just enjoy things and accept that some people enjoy other things?


12. Also Monty Python.

Teaaboos, people obsessed with British culture. The UK is alright but for everything good about it there are many things not so great about it. For every Blackadder we have a Miranda.


13. Rock-kin out!

I don't get the entire "otherkin" subculture. I don't have any issue with it, do what makes you happy. I just don't understand how some people claim to be "rock-kin" and talk about their other form as a rock.


14. Why cheat?

Cheating in multiplayer games. Aimbotting, wall-hacking, etc.

The joy is in the challenge! If you remove all challenge, what's the point of the game?


15. A few useful things.

The anti-scientific groups on the internet. I mean, really, how do they think we got the internet in the first place? Turns out science is actually kind of useful stuff...

There are a ton of different strains of this, a few in particular I'd like to mention are flat earthers for the sheer absurdity and the anti-vax movement for being such a simple but harmful variant of anti-science.


16. So organic.

Instagram models.

Especially the people who started as a blog and were semi-normal but now everything on their page is totally curated by behind the scenes brands. They spend most of their time getting free stuff, and eating brunch, and Snapchatting their workout. I followed this girl for a minute until she said she bought six of those expensive flower shaped ice cream cones because her first one melted because she was taking photos of it instead of eating it. Trying to appear authentic and like you're living in the moment is the aesthetic nowadays, though.


17. They're boggling their own minds, too.

Drugs. Not just using it, but identifying so strongly with drug use that you think of it as part of your culture is mind-boggling to me.


18. But it does!

People who sell "It Works!" and other similar MLMs.


19. I'm anti-everything.

Anti-intellectualism. It's like stupid people learned about relativism and decided that everything can be an opinion. Opinions can be supported by fact, but that doesn't also make a fact an opinion. It's like someone absolved everyone of any sense of accountability.

I've never experienced a movement before that made me ashamed to be from my country...and I almost never think in terms of my own national identity.

I wish logic was a compulsory course in college.


20. It puts the lotion on its skin.

Facebook salespeople.

My friends have all decided to sell crap on Facebook. Now their entire identity is being a lotion salesperson.

They post all day about how meaningless their lives were before selling lotion. They host cyber-cocktail parties where they all sip wine and talk about lotion.

They post pictures of their kids with captions like, "They are the reason I sell lotion!"

They travel to seminars about lotion. They mock all other lotions. They brag about how much lotion they sell and try to recruit everyone around them.

We aren't even friends anymore because they don't have any time or energy to waste on non-lotion people.


21. Hiding in plain sight.

Criminal motorcycle gangs.

Guy 1: "Okay. We're going to band together to commit organized crimes. Like sell drugs and do violent stuff. So dress like normal people and fade into the background so we don't get caught."

Guy 2 (undercover cop): "No way man, we're gonna wear black leather jackets with a great big colorful patch on the back, and then we're gonna ride these very loud and obnoxious motorcycles so everybody knows who we are and what we're up to."

Guy 1: "Okay. Cool. Let's go with that."

Guy 2: Walks away: "my job here is done".



People obsessed over the Presidential and Royal Family. Yes they all did great things but what the heck? There is always a new documentary or book or movie about the Kennedy, Regan, or Princesses Diana. I don't understand, what is there more to learn about these people.

Jackie saw her husband die in front of her and these people glorify it to make it something beautiful.

And Diana, I loved her. But I am not going to sit down and watch the 20th anniversary of a dead woman documentary. These people glorify her death.


23. The force be with you.

I don't understand the fascination of Star Wars. I saw the movies, but didn't think much of them. Yet I see thousands of hardcore fanatics around the world. But it's OK if I don't understand it. As long as they're having fun.


24. Being mermaid sounds kind of great, actually.

Rainbow culture (the colors, not lgbt), Unicorn culture, Mermaid culture. I don't get it. "Screw adulting, let's be mermaids!!!" Shut up and pay your credit card bill, Shannon.


25. Join the team.

Sororities and fraternities.

As terrible as it is since my girlfriend was in one, but sororities and fraternities. I used to party with these kinds of people and a ton of their mannerisms and thoughts were so odd to me. Oh lord that 2.5 GPA minimum must be so hard to maintain because that's all the frat boys talked about and sororities are even weirder to me. It really seems like most of the sorority girls hated each other and all the artificial drama over artificial "families" was/is ridiculous. I totally get the reason behind all of it (it's a business), but I avoid these people as much as possible and I'll just blank out whenever my girlfriend starts talking about it.

I mean I know not everyone is that way in them, but it just is so foreign to me.



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