Introverts Share Their Idea Of The Perfect Date

For some introverted people, going on a seemingly normal date can be a very tall order. Here, introverts were asked to share their idea of the perfect date and the results are incredible.

1. Call me a nerd but if a guy takes me to an art/science museum on a date, he's a keeper.


2. Nobody but us.

For my 30th birthday, I was expecting my GF to throw me a surprise party, even though I told her I'd rather not. So evening comes and she tells me to put on my shoes and coat, puts a blindfold on me and we get in the car. We drive for a couple of minutes, but I still recognize where we're going, it's the town's square, close to a pub which is visited pretty regularly by me and my friends. She tells me she needs to take care of something and leaves me in the car. Okay, here we go, I figured, let's make this fun, she put a lot of effort into it and I will enjoy it. But five minutes later she returns, starts the car and we drive off again.

I also catch the scent of french fries. We stop a few minutes later, all quiet. She starts walking with me, soon on a dirt road. She almost falls down in a brook right next to us, trying to lead me along, making this even more hilarious. Then blindfold comes off, there's a blanket, electric candles. Nobody but us, stars and french fries. I absolutely loved this and it was a huge relief not having to greet 20 people, also knowing that I could trust her knowing what I really liked.


3. Back in high school, this guy took me to an office building.

The building was very climbable and we just sat on the roof, talked, and watched the cars drive by below. That one was really cool.


4. My tinder date cooked for me. We are now engaged.



5. Picnic by a quiet lake.

My wife and I have actually done this several times and it's usually been quite nice.


6. I once had a late night date at Ikea when it wasn't so busy.

It was pretty awesome. It took forever to get through, they have a cafeteria that has great food at a reasonable price, and I learned a lot about what she looks for in a bed.



7. Can we just sit on the floor with our eyes closed and eat saltine crackers without talking to each other?



8. Getting a text saying "Sorry I can't make it tonight"



9. I have always thought going to the zoo would be the perfect date!

Zoos are pretty much giant parks with the perk of cool landscaping and obviously the animals.

I would go on a Sunday in the fall when it's a bit chilly to avoid the crowds. Then walk around for a couple hours looking at all of the animals and maybe feed the giraffes. Then we could go find a nearby restaurant to find some hot chocolate and yummy food to warm up. Perfect day.



10. Wander around a bookstore, go for coffee or a small meal, hang out in a park.


11. Lunch.

You've got three minutes tops to make a first impression. Why waste all night together being polite when there's no chemistry? Assuming it's on both your work breaks, you're in & out quicker than Dominoes.

And if you do hit it off, then rock climbing. You can't belay yourself!



12. One-on-one, walking around town, just talking and hanging out somewhere.

I prefer walking around because changing scenery makes my brain move from topic to topic easier, thus reducing stagnant conversation.


13. I would have to say a day fishing but finding a girl who genuinely enjoys fishing has proven to be quite difficult.


14. A date is sort of a one on one thing by definition.

Like going to a club sounds like a universally bad date, even if you enjoy the club, because you can't chat. A date should be a time where two lovebirds can talk and get to know each other, one on one.


15. A trip to the museum.

I suppose it's also a great way to know how well you'd get along with them on a day-to-day basis. Finding someone whose presence makes the visit a better experience for you than it would've been if you went alone is rare. And precious.

So yeah. Museums all the way.


16. Just sitting down together and watching a nice movie.



17. Board games.

Especially if it is one Ive never played before and I get to learn it. I love board games with my of my fave date nights!



18. Sweet, sweet bookstores.

One of my best dates ever was supposed to be a movie date, but we met up at a bookstore and that ended up being the date.


19. Stay up all night baking cookies and binge watching a series we're both into.


20. Rather than go on big, extravagant dates, my GF and I just go for walks in the park and go hiking.

Even if we don't talk much, it's nice to just sit and listen to nature.


21. Cuddles

Since I'm too shy to date guys I haven't taken the time to get to know as a friend first, an ideal first date with a guy (which I would have gotten to know as friend beforehand) would probably be just cuddling on the couch watching something. JUST cuddling. Maybe a kiss or two.



22. Honestly, just staying in bingeing a tv series, watching a movie or just relaxing.

I'm extremely introverted and practically shut down in large crowds and just enjoying each other's company and relaxing would be almost the perfect date, and requires minimal effort for the lazy person I am.


23. Out on a boat, camping, fishing, picnic, etc.


24. Drinking until I become an extrovert :)




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