Kids Share The Most Awkward Situation They Encountered Visiting A Friend's House.

People on Reddit were asked: "What's the most embarrassingly awkward situation you ever encountered while staying at a friend's house as a kid?" These are some of the best answers.

2/24 I went to spend the night with a girl from class for the first time. I was excited too. She was one of those girls everyone was afraid of and I was really timid and shy. Within an hour of getting there, her mom and sister got into a huge screaming argument. The mom stabbed herself in the leg with a butchers knife... as a result of the fight? I'm not sure why.

Her dad loaded up the mom, sister, my friend and me into their tiny car to take the mom to the hospital. The mom was stating the whole time she wouldn't go in. We all sat in the parking lot as they argued for about an hour. We drove back to her house without going into the ER. Mom, sister, and dad began fighting again. This was around midnight. I called my mom to "check in and tell her goodnight" and gave her the secret phrase to come home ("I forgot to bring my toothbrush!") We feigned a family emergency and she came to get me. Never did get an offer to sleep over again.


3/24 I was at my best friend of 10 years's house, and in the middle of dinner with his family, his parents decided to announce to their children (and me) that they would be getting a divorce and splitting up the family. My friend didn't talk much that night, and the worst part was that I couldn't leave, because my parents were out of town and I was staying with them.


4/24 Kid's dad brings us dinner at the table. He gets a sippy cup...? His dad asks me if I need one or if I can be trusted not to spill on the table. I say I don't need one. I immediately knock my drink all over the table.

We were at least 10 years old. I knock drinks over regularly now.


5/24 I was staying over at a friend's house with a couple other neighborhood kids. My friend's parents essentially [ushered] my friends and I in the basement for the night so we could have our sleepover down there, and once the door was shut my friend's parents get into a huge fight over some inane crap. It was horrible; it sounded like they were screaming at the absolute top of their lungs, throwing plates around, flipping furniture... But the worst part was the two hours of angry make-up sex in their creaky bed that followed their tirade.


6/24 My friends mom, Mrs. A was an amazing woman! When I was around seven I was attending a sleepover at my friend's house. We were getting ready for bed, a few of us were waiting in the hall, and one of the other girls was taking forever in the bathroom.... I had to go really bad. Mrs. A was standing in the hallway near me when it happened; I lost control and peed my pants right there.

Luckily, none of the others noticed it except Mrs. A. You know what that wonderful woman did? She suddenly shrieks something about a spider and "accidentally" throws the glass of juice she happened to be holding ALL over me! She made a big enough fuss to draw all attention away from me, grabbed a towel and wrapped me up while apologizing profusely about how she's terrified of spiders and lost control. She gave me spare pajamas to wear while she washed my clothes and had me take a shower so I wouldn't attract ants.

None of the other girls had any idea what really happened and thought Mrs. A was nuts. She's my hero.


7/24 When I was pretty young, say 6 or 7, I was staying over at one of my good friends' houses. I stayed there a lot, so her parents knew that I would sometimes sleepwalk.

What they did not expect was for me to sleepwalk to their kitchen, put an apple in the toaster, pull down my pajamas, and pee on the kitchen floor. Right in front of both of my friend's parents. Apparently I thought I was in a bathroom.

These same parents still bring this incident up at dinner parties. There's no living down the shame of The Great Sleep Piss.


8/24 Had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and ended up plugging the toilet. I figured if I keep flushing it'll go down. Nope, flooded the bathroom with poop water.

Another time, same friend same toilet also in the middle of the night, the water pipe was frozen but I really had to go. So I ended up leaving a big rank pile of liquidy [poop] in the dry bowl. In the morning the whole downstairs smelled awful and his parents wouldn't make eye contact.


9/24 I was about 14-15 years old. Have had to wear diapers for a lot of my life. I pretty much own it now, but then, it was pretty embarrassing, obviously.

Was staying at a good friend's house for a week or so. He knew I had to wear them, but his other friend who was there with us hanging out for the first night of the week did not.

Long story short, I'm getting set to changing on the floor in the bathroom when unknowing friend walks in on me, pajama pants off, laying on the floor in a wet diaper... He laughs at me while I sit there not having any idea what to do in shock, and then he takes my bag of supplies (powder, extra diapers) and throws them outside into the pool.

So now I'm stuck in the bathroom with nothing to change into. Long story short, his mom had to go down to walgreens and buy me a new pack while I waited crying in their bathroom in a wet diaper at 14 years old, and I had to watch his dad retrieve my spares from the pool. (And I was there for a week, so we're talking maybe 25+ diapers, half of which were for nighttime and thus more absorbent, all expanding to full capacity...that's maybe 75 pounds of wet trash that had to be pulled from the took a long time, and he wouldn't let me help, not that I really wanted to sit there crying and doing that anyway!)

Story ends nicely though because the other friend was banned from the house (he managed to [mess] up one of the pool filters pretty badly after a diaper floated in there and burst...his parents had to pay to fix it) and my friend didn't really like him anymore after that, and the whole family was really nice to me about it and the rest of the week wasn't even embarrassing. And the pool was fixed within two days! So that was fun.

But that whole night was just the worst.


10/24 I was supposed to meet my friend at his house at around 5 because he had some appointment with his mom. I get there at probably 4:45 and head up to their back deck (my house was a couple blocks behind his so I always came this way). So I go up to their big glass doors and I see his dad getting [it on with] the next door neighbor. I have never told him this but I can never [look him in the eye] again.


11/24 Friend of mine always bragged about the size of his penis. Said that it ran in his family. Anyway,he invites me and a few other friends over to watch movies an spend the night. In the middle of the night his dad gets up to pee with no clothes on. His penis was swinging between his legs [and well, yeah he was right!] He had to step over us to get through. We all tried to pretend to sleep, but started giggling and laughing. Never doubted my buddy again.


12/24 I stayed at a mates house once when I was around nine. In the morning as I was eating breakfast his [brother] just decides to sit beside me and pull a bong. At 8:00 am.


13/24 Back when I was in middle school, my friends and I used to play airsoft, and we took it seriously. We had expensive guns, armor, the whole nine. Anyway, we used to play back in the woods behind our neighborhood, in the middle of which there was a field. So, we're playing, and I'm on the edge of the field. Along the edge of said field, there are piles of mulch that had to be at least nine feet high. We used them for cover. Well, I saw my friends on the opposing team approaching, so I ran as fast as I could, and jumped next to one of the mulch piles. Except, I fell in. As I roll back out, I can feel the barrage of airsoft bullets hitting me.

"I'm out! I'm out! Stop shooting!" I begged.

"We never started!" They replied.

This is when I look down to see that I am covered in fire ants. I couldn't even see the color of my shirt. Panicking, I start trying to rip off my clothes, but I remember that I'm wearing armor which someone else has to help me remove. So, I endure the pain as my friends run across the field to me, and eventually remove the armor. As soon as they do, I strip naked as I begin running back through the woods and onto the main street of my neighborhood, down a few blocks, and straight into the living room of the friend whose house I was at, which is when I made deer-in-the-headlights eye contact with his two parents who are on the couch. Pausing only for a moment, I run out their back door, and jump into the pool.

Ahh. Relief.


14/24 The time when, at age 9, I marched up to my best friend Becky's mom and said, "Becky isn't adopted! Joe just said that she was adopted!" (Joe was her older brother)

Becky's mom just stood there, awkwardly, then said it was time for me to go home. Turns out Becky was adopted. Her parents hadn't told her yet.

I have no idea why her brother felt the need to tell me and not his sister.


15/24 My friend's mom served us both milk with lunch. I didn't like regular milk and asked for chocolate milk. She said no, and I couldn't leave the table until I finished my milk. I climbed out the window and went home.


16/24 I was at my friend's house and his parent's told him that after I left he had to take a bath. He started throwing a fit crying and screaming "I REFUSE! I REFUSE!" And I just stood there on the steps not knowing what to do. His parents remained calm through the fit but I couldn't take it any more and kinda slinked out the back door. He was an interesting kid.


17/24 When I was in the fourth grade, I had a friend who I spent every weekend with. We stayed at his house and watched movies or played games. This particular day, we were about 5 hours into a Grand Theft Auto play through. We ran out of things to talk about, so we had been pretty quiet for a while. He turned to me, with the biggest smile on his face, and let out one of the biggest farts I've ever heard. I knew that I had to try to beat his fart, so I let one out. It wasn't as loud, but it was much longer. We both sat there for a bit laughing, when he lets another one rip. It was even louder and longer then both of our other farts combined. "Try and beat that one" he said.

I prepped myself, getting ready for the fart of my life. I looked him in the eyes and let that fart fly. Only, there was no fart, but the was a filling feeling in my pants. "Are you going to do it?" He hadn't caught on that I just filled my pants with [poop] right in his room. I told him that he beat me and I excused myself to the bathroom.

I sat there for 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do. I finally made my decision. I emptied his bathroom garbage, took the bag and stuck my poopy underwear in it. I stuck the bag in my pocket and left the bathroom. "Hey man, what took so long?" "I'm leaving." "Why?" "Shut up." I ran towards the door, jumped on my bmx bike, and peddled as fast as I could back to my house.


18/24 I went for my first sleepover at my friend's house and we would play this game where one of us would close our eyes and the other one would sing a song for the other one. My friend Emily had and still has one of the best voices I've ever heard. She started singing a song we were working on in piano class, the ol' Titanic classic "My Heart Will Go On." Well, it was so moving that I started to miss my mom, and a lump grew in my throat until I couldn't help it anymore and burst into tears and insisted on calling my mom to get her to pick me up.

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19/24 I was staying over my friends house as her grandmother had just passed away suddenly. This was when I was 14 so our standard response at the time was "your mum". It was the ultimate answer for any question, so it became a kind of reflex. By now I am sure you know where this is going. Yep. sigh

My friends mum comes in the room, eyes red from crying and asks "What are you girls doing?" with a smile on her face. Without missing a beat I respond with "We're doing your muuuuuuuuuu-" and just trailed off. I looked at the shocked and horrified expression on my friends face & knew there was no recovery to be made and simply said "I am very sorry Mrs (Surname), that was really rude and insensitive" but it was too late. She burst into tears, insisted that it was fine and then left the room. I still feel really awful. Seriously, she had passed away THAT MORNING. And that, kids, is why we communicate with people properly.


20/24 3 am. My friend and I stop playing halo for a bit and go to get some water cause we were thirsty. Walk into the kitchen to see his dad's girlfriend [getting frisky] in the middle of the room. We stayed thirsty all night...


21/24 I was at a friend's house when we were both 11-12 years old. I had the bright idea of biking down to the nearest grocery store to get snacks so he asked his dad for permission. His dad said no, so my friend started arguing, then crying, then throwing an all out temper tantrum. He ended up getting sent to his room while I got a ride back home. I just sat and stared at the wall the whole time it was going down and felt like it was my fault because I suggested it.


22/24 My friend's dad died in his sleep the one night I stayed over there. So.


23/24 When I was in grade school I had a friend I used to play with that lived around the corner from my house. He had a tree house, and a Sega Genesis, and a Game Boy color, and a Super Nintendo, a bazillion games and movies. I had none of those things so I hung out with him a lot.

A few months after we started hanging out, I had a sleepover with him. He went to the bathroom and a few minutes later I heard him shout "Mom I'm ready" his mom yelled to his dad "Bob (or whatever his name was) it's your turn!"

Turns out his parents wiped his [butt] for him. Literally. We were probably 8 or 9. He had no physical or cognitive handicaps.


24/24 I was about 12 and sleeping over at a friend's house. There was an argument between him and his brother and they started fighting. Now, I'm lying on the bottom bunk pretending to be asleep when their mother storms in and heads straight to the top bunk (where the fight is happening). At this point I open my eyes to realize that the mother is wearing nothing but a very large t-shirt that goes down to just below the hip.

The mother reaches the bunk beds and proceeds to reach out to restrain the brothers. In doing so the large t-shirt comes up to reveal what can only be described as a hairy beast. She had no underwear on whatsoever. I look at it for about 8 seconds before the t-shirt covers it again after she's done telling off the brothers.

I lie there in shock before exclaiming to my friend "I've just seen your mum's [bush]!'. He laughed his head off.



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