Kim Jong the Illest and 14 Other Leaders Nicknamed In The Style of 'Alexander the Great'. Hilarious.

Politics these days are super modernized with hashtags, Twitter debates, .gov campaigns, etc.

But one thing that we should have kept from the past was how we name our political leaders. President? Prime minister? Booooring.

Reddit asked "If our leaders today had nicknames like Richard The Lionheart or Alexander the Great, what would they be?" These are some of the best answers.

1. Former US President Bill Clinton would be Clinton the Inhaler

- nolamaddog1205

2. Former supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong-il would be Kim Jong the Illest

- Johnjacobs6363

3. US presidential candidate Donald Trump would be Trump the Wallbuilder

- ElonComedy

4. UK Prime Minister David Cameron would be Cameron the Pigfucker


5. US President Barack Obama would be Barack the Black

- underbridge

6. Former US representative Anthony Weiner would be Anthony Weiner, The Aptly Named

- francispatton

7. Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte would be Mark the Smiler

- MartijnH

8. Former US President George H.W. Bush would be George the Bush...

- ruffryda47387

9. ... and his son, former US President George W. Bush would be George the Bushier

- snorlz

10. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau would be Trudeau the Younger

- whohw

11. British Queen Elizabeth II would be Elizabeth the Immortal

- dobetterthanthat

12. US Vice President Joe Biden would be Biden the Uncensored.

- SillyFlyGuy

13. Former Toronto mayor Rob Ford would be Rob Ford the Crack Whore

- nolamaddog1205

14. Future US presidential candidate Kanye West would be Kanye of the West

- LogicalEarth

15. Russian President Vladimir Putin would Putin the Pernicious

- katattackbat1



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