People Share The Time They Saw A Post Online That Was About Them

Many online forums are all about users sharing stories and information anonymous over the internet. However, this AskReddit thread switched things up and asked people if they were ever on the receiving end and saw a post that was written about them. Check out their following answers.

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Someone made up a story about me stealing their husband and posted it on those type of sites. They stole a picture from my Facebook profile and posted it. To this day, I have no idea who did it. The person must have known me, but they didnt know where I lived since it was posted from a town that was 6 hours away from where I actually live. 

I immediately told my husband about it, and thankfully, he didn't believe it. Somehow, someone had found it at my work though and everyone was talking about it (even the VP called me in to ask about it). It was embarrassing. 

The post still lives. Theres nothing I can do to get it taken down, but at least I got one of them to remove my picture.


I divorced my ex because of addiction/abuse issues, which then culminated into a serious felony assault. A few years later, he started dating. I checked her out online and stumbled across a post that she had made on a legal advice website asking questions about MY WILL.


My cousin posted about how his family makes fun of him for playing video games and collecting Lego since he's in his mid-20s. He has a job and buys his own stuff. He went on to say that two family members (without fail) would poorly sneak through his room every Thanksgiving so that they could buy him a LEGO set that he didn't already have from Christmas. Apparently, my husband and I aren't as smooth as we had thought.


There's this GIF of a kid playing soccer who takes two goal shots to the face back to back. That's me! I have no idea who filmed or posted it onto the Internet.


I made a post asking for advice about one of our roommates who didn't have a job and was worried about how to pay for rent. We ended up talking to him, and he got a job. Everything was cool. At the end of the conversation he went, "... and stop posting about me on Reddit" in a playful way. 


I found a post about my friend's band, and then I wondered who posted it. I found it very quickly, and it was my ex-girlfriend (who was now dating the guitar player from 'said band'). I clicked through her history, and I found a post about how I'd accidentally kneed her in the vagina during sex, and it made a funny noise. It felt pretty weird to read that.


When I was a freshman in university and Yik Yak was big (classic) I had a knee brace for an injury that I wore everyday. Im also 5' tall and generally petite. Once I went to pick up a big package from the mail center and brought it back to my dorm (which was a block away, so I knew I could do it alone and didnt ask for any help). Someone wrote a Yik Yak: "To the tiny girl with a knee brace and a giant box, hang in there!" It kind of made my day. My mom even has a screenshot saved of it.


My old roommate had posted that I was stealing money from her and not paying the bills. Everyone on the thread was calling me a piece of crap and stuff

What she forgot to put in the post was that she was a raging alcoholic. She never had money for the bills because she would spend it on booze. EVERYTHING was in my name because she still owed money on everything, and they wouldn't turn things on in her name even after she had cleared her debt. She didn't talk about how she would be late for rent every month, but I was always on time. It got so bad that the landlord would call me to collect the rent. She is now in rehab and still trying to reconnect with me. I don't know if I could ever be friends with her again after that.

There's always more to the story, but I'm glad I don't live with her anymore.


There was this story that I read about a girl that was walking home late on a foggy night. She saw someone that she thought was pretty odd walking towards her. As I remember, it was described as "angrily." She explained that she debated crossing the street but continued forward.

When they crossed paths, she said "Hello." After a significant pause, when they were already a few steps apart, she heard a faint little "Hey." (which she also found odd).

That guy was ME. I was actually just very drunk, a little high, and cold while walking briskly towards my house, which was a few miles away from the party I was at that evening.

I remember seeing a silhouette of someone coming through the fog and getting a little scared myself. It was followed by a huge relief that it was a woman then instantly filled with the realization that my drunk butt is probably frightening her which lead me to panic so that I could get the situation over with as quickly as possible.

I do remember thinking, at the time, of responding to the story, but somehow, the concept of: "Hey, I think I'm the guy who weirded you out. How neat is that?" didn't seem worth the neat to even weirder ratio.


I felt like dressing up one day for school, red lipstick and all. I checked Yik Yak later, and someone had called out my exact outfit down to the shoes and said, Why? 


Someone had posted one of my prom pictures pretending to be me. I saw it on the front page as did my ex-boyfriend, who was featured in it, and was pissed that I had posted it. To be fair, the picture was hilarious and totally front page worthy. There must have been someone who we knew in real life because they linked me to my ex's music site, mentioned what I was doing now, detailed our relationship, etc. They ended up deleting their account once it got big enough, and people were posting it on my FB wall and stuff. THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE.


I was dating an alcoholic, and when he fell off the wagon, I spent a lot of time reading alcoholic subs to try and better understand how to help him. I found some posts that he made about talking to me and explaining his disease to me since I had grown up with alcoholics, and it had deeply affected me. People kept telling him that we wouldn't make it, or that I must've had really low self-esteem, but he said that I was smart and cute and had a once in a lifetime soul and that I wasn't the type of person who gave up. I found it well after the fact, but my heart basically exploded. 


I stumbled across a post that was posted by one of my cousins picturing one of my other cousin's. The other cousin found it on Reddit and gave a Hey, thats me! comment with proof. Then, a third cousin said, "Hi." It was a big old Reddit family reunion while I said nothing and stalked all of their profiles for dirt.


I was judging for a writing competition and gave a poor score to one of the writers due to copious typos, grammar problems that were all over the place, and a jarring narrative that seemed to not serve any purpose.

She started stalking me and leaving abusive messages all over the forums and then went over to Tumblr and started talking smack about how horrible I was. I basically blocked her and reported her behavior to the mods, but they didnt do much. So I just continued to ignore her, and she eventually disappeared.

A few months later, she left a comment on one of my stories telling me that she had gone off of her bipolar meds at the time and apologized for her behavior. I didnt reply, but it does look like she's in a better place now and getting the help that she needs.


A couple months ago, I got a screenshot from a friend saying someone was posting awful things about me on their blog. I was never mentioned by name, but it referenced a lot of identifiers that made it plain to see that it was about me.

I went to the blog, and there were several entries that were just about why and how much she hated me, couldn't figure out why anyone would want to be around me, and a recurring theme that I was "copying" her. What made it a bit weird though was that I'd only met her once at a party, but there was such vitriol.

I have to admit, it did bug me. I'd love to say that it just rolled off my back, however, the part of me that struggled with making friends and trusting people just felt so insecure when I was reminded of it.


An unknown OP posted a picture of me from a concert tailgate. Apparently, I have the highest belly button ever. It was posited that I was raised by bats. I laughed at the whole thread, but I never figure out who posted the picture. It was grabbed off of a friend's Facebook account.


Almost exactly a year ago, I'd been dating this girl for 5 months. We'll call her "Linda." Everything seemed to be going well. I was almost in love and felt strongly that the emotions were reciprocated. She had had a very difficult relationship with her previous boyfriend, but she didn't really talk much about it.

Anyway, one day, after I'd met her when she came to my college, I got an anonymous email saying something along the lines of: "You don't know me, but I know you through Linda, and she's been using you. She's done this before, and I'm sorry."

The mail was linked to an online blog post where Linda had written about our previous date, complaining to her ex about how I was never going to be him, how I meant nothing to her, how I was just a rebound, and how when we kissed it felt awful and mechanical.

I didn't even mind the fact that I was a rebound. Many relationships start off as rebounds. What hurt me the most, though, was the fact that instead of talking to me about this she chose to put it out on a public blog post for everyone to see. I broke up with her.


After my loser ex and I broke up, I saw him post to Reddit saying that his "roommate" had moved out and changed the Neflix password on him. He was asking for advice on how to  get it back. It was my Netflix account (paid for exclusively by me), and I canceled it within 20 minutes after leaving because he couldn't tear his eyes from the TV as I packed my things up in tears.


A coworker of mine must have forgotten that I was on her Facebook and went on a rant about me. We were fooling around at work, and I made a comment that if I had moved away and somehow ended up at that job again that something had gone terribly wrong in my life. Little did I know that that was pretty much what had happened to her. I was incredibly embarrassed and apologized profusely. But that still didn't stop her from slamming me on Facebook while all of her friends joined in. At least I got to defend myself.


I saw a post asking for ideas for a fairly narrow research paper assignment because she needed to turn in her term paper topic to her professor the next day. My husband was teaching a class on that exact topic with that assignment due the next day. So, I suggested something I knew he would be really interested in. He came home the next day all excited that one of his student's had picked that topic.


In college, one of my roommates was airing his frustration out with me and our third roommate. I believe it was in reference to how "I had killed a Bonsai tree, and how we could barely take care of ourselves some days." Both accusations had merit at the time.

So, I made a new account and started taking to him about us. He ended it with, "We're into a lot of the same stuff/have a decent amount of similarities. I know they have my back if I really needed them and I have theirs." And talked about how we're basically brothers.


My housemate found an OKCupid post that was about me. She recognized my description of the date, and the girl who I'd described as having a high opinion of herself. Said girl had mentioned our second date on a thread about people's experiences that week. She said that I was funny and a good conversationalist then went on to say a bunch of pretty unnecessary stuff about my appearance. I'll be honest, it stung to read. But at least I knew that I was right to bail, she really wasn't that nice. 


My ex-husband wrote a ridiculous post in this divorce subreddit asking for people's opinions on his "custody situation" while leaving out half of the relevant details. Half of the comments were handing his butt back to him while the other half were denigrating me as a mother.

His primary concern was dating. How would he have time to date if he had his child on weekends? Unreal.


It's usually about the hair classes that I've created for dads, or it's about the hairstyles that I've done for my daughter. Sometimes I reply, and sometimes I just read the comments. I read the encouraging words and try to remember them. I disregard the negativity the best that I can. I smile when I see dads mention their stories of doing hair, and I appreciate the strangers that offer their support. I used to struggle with a ponytail, so I totally get it. Above all, it's cool to make an impact and it's nice to know that I'm leaving this world a better place.



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