Leah Remini Is Back To Answer More Biting Questions About The Church Of Scientology.

Leah Remini, a former member of the Church of Scientology, has since left the Church and become an outspoken critic of it, citing its management as oppressive, abusive, and completely void of ethics. She believes that its core message has been overshadowed by the leadership's treatment of its followers, and she has gone to great lengths recently to expose the Church's corruption and treatment of its members, including interviews and a new show titled 'Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath'.

She's returned to do another Reddit AMA, this time with fellow former Scientologist Mike Rinder. We picked some of the best questions and answers, which can be found below. Check them out! A source to even more can be found on the last page.

Leah: They ignore me and walk out of rooms.

Leah: In the past people were drawn, because they were looking for something new. Currently, its only the second or third generation that are growing up in it and they have no choice.

Leah: Still dealing with it.

Mike: I think I have it sorted it, but I'm not totally convinced that's true.

Leah: I think the challenge has been trying to effectively help people. It's not easy to sit and listen to people's pain and not be enraged when we just want to help in doing something. I think the hardest part is just listening. It's very hard for me to not have the power to actually bring justice.

Mike: For me, confronting the things I have done in the past that have resulted in pain and suffering to people is probably the most difficult part of this journey.

Leah: Well, if you go on a public street where there's a Scientology building they set up these stress tests and they do a free personality tests and then they sell them a little mini course. It builds slowly.

Mike: It's the boil the frog theory.

Leah: The best part is seeing our contributors get the support on social media. Seeing that is really the best part. Everyone who comes on knows the policy of Scientology, they know that the second this airs they will get a hate site created about them, they know their family and friends will disconnect from them, yet they are embraced by strangers.

The worst part is seeing and hearing the devastation that people are still going through 20-30 years later.

Leah: I don't know, is it? I don't mean to call people out, journalists or talk show hosts, but if people agree to that sort of thing, they're subscribing to Scientology's rules.

Leah: No. Scientology if you are unfortunate enough to put your information on a Scientology piece of paper you will receive mail until you die. Scientology uses statistics and one of the statics of the week is how many pieces of mail they send out. Even Scientologists complain about how much mail they get.

Mike: Scientology isn't continuing to grow while David is alive! it's shrinking.

Leah: Yes, one of the people that David is holding in Riverside county, they will be able to take a shower, put on a suit and take over.

Leah: Support the show as they have been. Write to their congressmen and women. Demand that the IRS take another look at the tax exempt status they so freely handed over.

Mike: Wow, I don't know how to answer that... to first part of that question, that's for people to decide whether to believe me or not. As for the second part that's an ongoing process and this show is a part of that process.

Leah: Mike is taking responsibility, unlike Scientology.

Mike: Wow, they were great. I felt liberated, but sad that I knew that I had said goodbye to my entire family. I felt greatly relieved that I was able to contact others who had left who took me in when I had nowhere else to go. Thank you Tom DeVocht and Ronnie and Bitty Miscavige.

Leah: Scary, and I felt like even though I was in the real world more than most I felt like I was on shaky ground. I had been taught that without Scientology in my life I would fail so I had a lot of doubts and fear. I was dealing with a lot of loss, I lost all my friends in one fell swoop.

Mike: Funny.

Leah: Ballsy.

Mike: I think it's about time they did another episode on Scientology.

Leah: I'm not interested in their juvenile tactics. Especially with what's going on today an organization calling itself a religion would be better served taking care of the victims of its own abuse.

Mike: Such as name calling and ad hominem and them never addressing the actual abuses.

Leah: I think that was something that I was doing and agreed to do for Scientology so yes and I am sorry and you're welcome.

Leah: You have to fight for her. You have to fight. 

I used to say be kind, just be there for them, but that doesn't work. You have to shove the truth in their face you have to say, "Look at what's been going on and it's your responsibility to look." The only Scientology I would to use to the people that are still in Scientology is, "What's true for you is what you have observed", "Look, don't listen" and, "Think for yourself" and I would say to them, Why are you not allowed to look on the internet? Why can't you watch the Aftermath? Why can't you watch Going Clear? If Scientology is so perfect they should be able to confront what is being said about Scientology outside of Scientology. That is the argument I would use to Scientologists.

Leah: I have not bumped into Tom and if we were to be in the same room Tom would be forced to walk out of the room and avoid me and any Ex-Scientologist.

Leah: Because victims have been afraid to speak out due to Scientology's policies of attacking anyone who do speak out.

Mike: They also hide behind the protection of the 1st amendment pretending to qualify as a charitable humanitarian organization.

Leah: I don't think it was any kind of implication. I think it was very clear that the movie was about L. Ron Hubbard, but Scientologists will argue about anything, that is the truth.

Leah: Yes, and his girlfriend/assistant Laurisse. Enjoy, you jerks!

Leah: Great questions. Why hasn't law enforcement stepped in?

Leah: The first thing is to talk to someone who has experience getting out of cults, reading books that were forbidden to read while in the church of Scientology, reconnecting with friends and family that weren't in Scientology, and connecting with people that were in Scientology and left. It is a slow healing process, but you will get there.

Mike: Every family is shattered who has left Scientology. There is probably not one that has left that is hasn't ruined relationships.

Leah: Many families have been reconnected. I have a lot of friends who were in and left and disconnected with their families and have gotten them and have since reconnected.

Leah: Absolutely, and also because it doesn't work.

Mike: Dianetics said it could cure cancer and it didn't work so they died off and then there are people who reached the highest OT level and they died off.

Leah: Things have happened but for legal reasons you won't be able to see it on camera. There are things happening behind the scenes.

Leah: So the answer to the question is yes. There is a lot of psychological damage done to men and women who are gay because Scientology has written about it in Dianetics as well as Science of Survival and The Chart of Human Evaluation collectively. L Ron Hubbard wrote that homosexuality lands on this very low position on this chart. Where homosexuality is charted and labeled as covert hostility. If you're in this covert hostility band, per L Ron Hubbard, Scientology teaches that you are the worst kind of person. You are sadistic you are a back stabber. Scientology considers homosexuality as an aberration, which means something to be fixed.

Mike: In Scientology the goal of auditing is to move you up the chart of human evaluation. By definition is it intended by Scientology that you will be cured of your ills through Scientology auditing.

Leah: She tried it once as a baby and spit it out to the dismay of my scientology friends who told me to force it on her because it was L. Ron Hubbard's policy. I didn't use the Scientology jargon while raising my daughter. One of my Scientology friends wrote a report on my because I wasn't using Scientology terms around my baby. Sofia doesn't remember Scientology, but she does ask me why her Scientology aunt (by marriage) can't talk to her.

Mike: I will always love you. I hope one day you will be able to forgive me for putting you into a world you did not choose.


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