Left-Handed People Reveal The Benefits They Enjoy That Right-Handed People Will Never Know

Left-Handed People Reveal The Benefits They Enjoy That Right-Handed People Will Never Know

Right-handed people have a clear advantage in society, but lefties enjoy some privileges too.

Reddit user PresidentJoe asked, "[Serious] Left-handed Redditors, we often hear of problems of being left-handed, but what are some benefits us right-handers might not know of?

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"Heyyyy yayyyyyyy"

Being left-handed automatically becomes a topic for conversation. Signing the receipt at a restaurant? Writing a check? Taking notes in class? People may exclaim, "oh you're left-handed, my 4th cousin is too!"

Being ambidextrous is really enviable.

I use the mouse left-handed because my dad always did and I grew up with it, even though I'm right-handed. People totally start conversations about it when they see it and assume I'm a lefty.

Ironically my one left-handed coworker uses a right-handed mouse.

In case you're in a medieval staircase battle....

The spiral staircases in medieval towers always have the center to your right when you're climbing, so that right-handed swordsmen have less space to swing while the defenders have much more. If you're left-handed, that's one less defense to deal with. I mean, you're still fighting on stairs, the enemy still has the high ground and losing your balance might break your neck, but hey, at least you can stab them.

It's true, we've had lots of lefty presidents.

Barack Obama, James Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Harry Truman, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton. That's like an 8/45 chance of being a lefty!

Must be nice being part of a community...

Becoming instant friends with other lefties. It's a strange thing but really awesome

Sounds like a way to win lots of bets, too....

In baseball lefty's usually can throw a curveball without even trying. When I was in high school everybody thought I had some super secret grip I used to make the ball do crazy things. In reality, I was just trying to throw it straight but the ball had a mind of its own.

This is just unfair!

I'm not in school anymore but when I was and took standardized tests and the ACT/SAT I got to sit in a corner all by myself so others wouldn't see my paper. I had unlimited legroom and nobody beside me distracting me. Now being left-handed is just a conversation starter with no huge benefits.

Bottles open counter-clockwise, making it easier for lefties.

Opening bottles/containers!

I always wondered why my mom and sister had such a hard time opening them and just attributed it to laziness.

Well, almost all bottle/container caps open in a counter-clockwise fashion, which goes with the natural motion of the left-hand. That means it's easier for lefties to open things!

Of course, that means it's harder for lefties to close them as well (in a clockwise fashion). But even then, caps open/close relatively easily after the initial opening!

Scissors aren't for lefties. It's 2018! Let's get it together.

We make better fighters because everyone expects the right. We are over represented with presidents. People expect us to be smarter.

The list of cons wipes all of that away for me (except for the fighting). I just want to be able to use scissors! Also we used to be considered evil

It's like gaydar, but for hands. I wonder if there's an app...

Left-handed people feel a connection every time we meet. It's like a brotherhood. Once a lefty figures out someone else is too, we enter a whole different level of understanding. Something the right-handed majority will never know, a combined suffering they will never comprehend.

I always envied those larger desks in school...

A lot of lefties are also somewhat ambidextrous from adapting to an otherwise righty world. That has been super useful in a lot of things. Also in middle school the lefty desks tended to be the larger desks.

Well this is definitely an advantage

Having the mouse hand free if you know what I mean.

Left hands block as you write, it's cheatproof

Throwing people off. There have been times where I've been writing and I've caught people staring a few times with disoriented expressions, like they know something's off but aren't sure what. Also, keeping people from cheating off me. My hand covers my answers as I write.

When driving a stick-shift... must be nice

Your dominant hand can do the steering while you shift with the other.

Less bowling traffic? Hell yes.

There are fewer left-handers in bowling so on the professional level it can at times be very beneficial since the oil pattern on the lane has less traffic.

Surprise defense in Taekwondo? Nice

It's pretty specific, but when I took taekwondo, I got used to sparring right-handed people while they usually didn't have much experience against lefties, so it was a small advantage.

Well isn't that special...

When holding hands with my girlfriend, both our strong hands are free, (I'm a lefty she's a righty)

Also, some studies show among college-educated people, lefties make 10-15% more money than right-handed people.

Remember the coin slots!? Kids today will never know.

In the US, toll booths are pretty easy for lefties.

Oh to avoid this struggle...

I like the benefit of using a fork with left, but cutting food with the right . I don't have to switch the fork back to my right hand.

This is a giant win in my book.

I almost always get the seat at the end of the table when eating because nobody wants to bump elbows with me

"Lefties use their right side of the brain more;" it makes them more creative

My husband and I are both left-handed. It's come handy (lol, no pun intended) that he's also left-handed as we don't bother each other when we sit next to each other when we eat. We both hold the spoon with our left hand. We were eagerly anticipating what our son would be, but he turned out to be right-handed. My husband jokingly exclaimed, "well that's ok, he's allowed some imperfections!"

We were born in the early 80's in the Soviet Union, and during that time they forced lefties to write with their right hands. So my husband and I both write with our right hands. But everything else we do with our left. Honestly, I can't think of any benefits to being left-handed other than bragging rights. It's well-established that lefties use their right side of the brain more, which means they are the creative types. As a piano teacher and music teacher, I can concur.

Edit: As I read above someone mentioning sports, I wanted to second that. My husband played tennis all his life and came to the U.S. on a tennis scholarship. His tennis career began when the tennis coach noticed that my husband reached for the door with his left hand. Apparently, left-handed tennis players are rare, so my husband had an advantage.

I'm short and right-handed and drive-up ATMs are a nightmare.

Using a drive-up ATM in the US. I laugh watching the people ahead of me pull their entire bodies out of the car window so they can punch the buttons with their right hand. Really? You're so right handed that you can't even push a button with your left hand? I guess that gives us lefties another advantage: we can cope with different and difficult situations.

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