Light Sleepers Share The Craziest Way They've Ever Been Woken Up.

Sleeping is truly one of the greatest pleasures in life. There's nothing better than waking up feeling well rested, and nothing worse than waking up to a crazy scene...

Here are some of the craziest ways people have been woken up.

Many thanks to the Reddit user who posed this question and to those who responded. You can check out more answers from the source at the end of this article!

1/28. A car accident.

I was sleeping in the passenger seat and woke up looking at a shattered windshield and spitting out pieces of my front tooth.


2/28. My sister shaking me awake at 2:30 am saying "someone is trying to break into our apartment!!"

Someone was.


3/28. Woke up to a hoard of people screaming at me. I seriously thought I had died and I was falling into the pits of hell. As a teenager some of my youth group, ~15 people, quietly snuck into my room (with the help of my parents) and on the count of 3 screamed my name at 6 am. I awoke with a racing heart in a state of delirium... worst ever. I couldn't go back to sleep because the adrenaline was pumping so hard. They filmed it all and showed it to the youth group.

Also, my dad stuck peanut butter in my ears once because I wouldn't get out of bed to go to school.


4/28. My girlfriend's dog was pooping on my face.


5/28. So awhile back my friend decided that he would have a party to celebrate doing well on the MCAT! I haven't partied in awhile and I was totally game. So I get there and I do 3 shots of vodka and a double shot of Maker's. I'm feeling quite toasty at this point so I decide a game of beer pong will treat me very well. So I play a game of BP but instead of drinking beer I'm drinking my wine I brought over (I'm broke and didn't want to buy beer so I brought a bottle of wine from my fridge).

Drank about half of it and I'm tanked. Then my friends Mollie and Becca show up and want to go out to the bar. I go! Molly decides that she is going to buy me drinks for the night. I'm game. A long island ice tea and a couple of bud lights later I blackout. No recollection whatsoever. Here's what I woke up to:


I wake up to the TV playing the morning news and I'm still quite drunk. I also quickly realize that I am in a foreign environment. I am not at my house, nor have I ever been in this room ever in my life. I then see a mysterious lady in her 30s walk into the living room. I don't recognize her at all and then we make eye contact for about 10 seconds and then it hits the fan. She is mad and starts screaming at me. "WHO ARE YOU! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE! and starts running to the phone to call the cops.

I'm all like "What?!?!?" Where am I?" She starts beating me and pushing me around. I try telling her I'm sorry but to no avail. She is still pushing me around and slapping me. I then quickly run out the backdoor and then I finally realize where I am.

This is what I pieced together: When the ladies dropped me off. I apparently confused my house with my across-the-street neighbors, opened their door (why was it unlocked!?) decided that their couch was a comfortable place for me to sleep and that I wanted to watch some TV before I passed out. I also left my phone and my housekeys over there in the panic so I have to go BACK over there and explain that I left my phone there. They have like a billion kids so I would have freaked out too. I'm going to get them a thank you card with a giftcard in it. Also made it to work at 8 AM.

Afterwork I hear from my roommate that my neighbors were apparently looking for the person that broke into their house, and I left my phone in the panic so I needed to make amends. I went to Kroger and got a thank you card (for letting me spend the night) and a 15 dollar gift card to a local restaurant.

Then I knocked on the door and explained what happened and apologized for everything. Upon hearing the story they thought it was hilarious and appreciated the apology and I spoke with them for about 20 minutes. Everything went better then expected.

After all of this my roommate informs me that I had also puked on the porch. This means that I walked all the way to the porch vomited my guts out turned around and then walked into my neighbors house. The only logical explanation that we could think of is I couldn't put my keys in the door to unlock it, I could of probably thought I was dying from alcohol poisoning. I honestly don't remember.


6/28. Being woken up by the rumble strip on the side of the interstate is kind of unnerving.


7/28. Mortars.


8/28. Over the summer, I slept with a window fan on. I heard this weird noise one night; I went back to sleep. A few minutes later, the noise was louder. I turned on the light, and was horrified to discover that a bat had tried to fly through the fan. There was blood splattered everywhere, and the bat's mangled body was stuck in the fan's blades. I was too traumatized to sleep with a fan on anymore.


9/28. This was when I was much younger. I had to get up for school, and my dad was getting tired of telling me to get out of bed every five minutes, so he told me he was getting a taser.


My sleep mind correctly figured out that he was joking, but didn't realize he was playing mind games. So he turns on his electric razor and touches it to my leg, I go flying, hit my head on the wall and call him things I'd never before said to his face.

I love that son of a gun.


10/28. My brother had a dream that I beat him up, which jolted him awake. He walked over to my bed at three in the morning and punched me in the face.


11/28. I woke up with the parademics knocking at my door. My whole family had been in a car crash...


12/28. I was taking a warm bath and suddenly some jerk in a white coat is pulling me out of some lady's stomach.


13/28. One night I dreamed I was standing on the lip of a canyon, and that I jumped down. I woke up really slowly, in waves really (as though I had passed out and was slowly coming to).

As I was waking up, I slowly realized that I was on the ground, that there was an intense pain in my mouth, and there was something grainy and sharp caught in my throat. I swallowed and felt several sharp lumps go down my throat. The pain become worse and worse, I spat blood and started screaming.

Turns out in my sleep I had jumped off my bed, landed on the floor teeth-first, messed up my neck and swallowed two teeth (not to mention teeth shards). That sucked. And that is the story of why I have several false teeth.


14/28. My wife hovering over me in a suit or armor (helm, sword and all).

My buddy came over with his set he uses for... whatever it is, they beat up on each other at some contest. She grabbed it and put it on and woke me up.

About sharted myself.


15/28. I had gone on a date with a girl, we didn't hit it off that well. I was young and didn't really know how to tell her I wasn't interested. I tried to scale back contact and stopped replying to messages. She knew where I lived because my neighbor was her best friend.


I woke up one day to her standing over me. I had no idea how to react. So I did probably the worst thing I could do and just pulled the blankets over my head, rolled over, and ignored her until she left.


16/28. I was sleeping on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico when Katrina hit. I'd say that's the worst I've ever had.


17/28. Occasionally, maybe once or twice a month, my fiance will have a bad dream, and I will end up getting punched in the face, and kicked. She tends to flail her arms and legs when she has a bad dream.

Oddly enough, she doesn't really wake up during this, but as soon as I go to get out of the bed, after getting smacked, she inevitable asks me where I am going, and to come back to bed and cuddle.


18/28. I was in bed watching SNL and fell aleep. Shortly thereafter a noise woke me up, but since SNL was still on I figured it was from the TV.

Just to be sure, I walked over to my bedroom window and pulled open the drapes to find someone staring in at me. I nearly passed out.

Instead of doing the wise thing and calling the cops, I went to Denny's and sipped coffee for several hours like the coward I am.


19/28. 'Please call 911, I'm overdosing on cocaine.'


20/28. A friends 3 year old son smashing me in the face with a big Tonka dump truck as I slept on my back.


21/28. My dad hated it when I slept in during high school so he'd dump ice water on my head to wake me and my brother up.


22/28. The wife screaming at me "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! GET UP! GET IT!" I opened my eyes, and a sparrow flew above my face. Followed shortly by the cat jumping over my face chasing the bird.

Now that I think about it, that was both part awesome and part annoying.


23/28. So here I am, dreaming that I'm in a not-so-post-apocalyptic setting. There was a zombie plague, but it had been dealt with and now there was just heightened security in public places because occasionally little hordes would breakout, or randomly show up. I don't know how I knew this, it's just one of those dream things.

Anyway, I was one of these anti-zombie SWAT guys when all of a sudden a ton of zombies swarm the mall. One of them kills a friend and then several start to mob me. So I brace my shotgun n both hands and body check them. The force of this was so violent that I woke up, just in time to see my girlfriend careening across the room...


24/28. I woke up at 3:00 AM, looked around my room still half-asleep, and hallucinated that a pig was standing up in one of my hoodies, eating a popsicle and waiting to kill me.


25/28. I've been awakened by the following:

- An earthquake (twice)

- Water pouring into my closet from a busted pipe

- A wild one: I quickly woke up as I distinctly remembered hearing a woman run by my apartment window, sobbing uncontrollably, get into and start a car, and tear out of the parking lot. I hopped out of bed and quickly put my clothes on heading towards the door thinking my girlfriend was in trouble and was at my door looking for help as I slowly realized for that to be true...I would have needed to hear those reverse.


26/28. My sister was trying to be sweet and wake me up with my little nephew. He was only 5 months old at the time. She had just fed him and hovered him over my face while saying, "Wake Up Bekah, Wake up!".


I opened I eyes and saw the cutest baby ever--- who then proceeded to throw-up all over me. It was white, and goopy, and disgusting...dribbling down my neck. Worst. Ever.


27/28. The 2am fire alarms in college to me were always the worst. Especially since I had 8am classes.

I have woken up to trees falling on the roof, and the house being on fire. Those both sucked.


28/28. To my cat sitting on my chest, glaring at me, and then the warm spreading sensation of cat piss. I wish I could say this only happened once.

She is an outside cat now.


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