'Look At Me!' People Share The Most Appalling Attention-Seeking They've Witnessed

Most of us are able to understand that the world doesn't revolve around us and our needs. Some of us... not quite.

These Redditors responded to the question, "What is the worst case of attention-seeking you've ever seen?" It's hard to believe these people are out there, but than again, are we really that surprised?

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I have an old childhood friend who is constantly either engaged to a new guy or claims to be pregnant. She once claimed to have had a miscarriage and then less than 3 months later was 4 months pregnant. None of her supposed boyfriends ever make an appearance with her or have an online persona. 

On top of that, she's the type that will post the status of "things are awful but I won't say why so don't bother to message me" all the time. 


My sister-in-law's cousin is attractive. Everyone agrees. There's no denying it. When she walks into a room, all eyes turn to her. She's always got guys fawning all over her. She has plenty of attention, deserved or not, at all times.

When my brother got married, this girl, my sister-in-law's cousin, decided to wear a huge, frilly white dress with a hat/veil. She kept barging into places moments before my sister-in-law excusing herself for causing confusion. I wanted to push her out the door. I wasn't the one getting married, and I still couldn't stand her.


My sister. She has always been immature for her age, but when she went off to college, everything got a lot worse. She came up with this lie that she has lived her life by, that I (her brother) was some sort of horrible person to her her entire life (I really wasn't), and she told everyone that if there's justice in the world, I'll be forced to suffer for what I've done.

A couple months later she came home for Thanksgiving, and she blatantly refused to be in the same room as me- and let's say I would walk into the kitchen while she was making something with mom or my grandmother, she wold literally scream and duck behind the counter. Then at dinner, when I sat down at the table with the whole family, she screamed that she wouldn't sit at the same table as me, and was just being a huge attention seeker- it was absolutely ridiculous. Everyone knew that she wanted attention, and she has driven away several roommates because of her tendencies.


The gym has a lot of bros that are black holes of self-esteem. I feel like a lot of them struggled with confidence earlier in their lives, and now they are big and strong, but some of them still don't have that inner confidence that they want. So they make a big show of slamming weights, grunting, and glaring at people like a territorial silverback.

One guy in particular stands out in my gym. He has his hair shaved into a mohawk, tattoos everywhere, and wears the loudest gym attire money can buy (it looks like the 1980's vomited all over him). When he is getting ready for a lift he will pace around like Darth Maul waiting for that laser door to open between him and young Obi Wan, only he isn't quiet about it. "Woo!" and "Light-friggin-weight!" can be heard across the gym floor during this pre-lift ritual. 

Then when he does grab the bar he looks around to see how many people are looking before screaming like a banshee as he finally moves the weight. The negative phase of the motion is usually performed solely by gravity, and the louder the bang as the weight hits the floor, the better. I should mention this guy is in his late 30's/early 40's...so old enough to not be acting like an obnoxious teen.


My dad's second wife paid someone to write a biography about her mundane life (she was a janitor at a hospital) in which she tried to drag me, my siblings and my mom through the dirt while idolizing my dad, then she started handing out copies to as many people as she could.

She also runs to my dad to cry about my sister regularly because my sister calls her out on her meanness. She's constantly negative about people to hide her own insecurities, she generally can't stand not being the center of attention and she will steer any conversation to be about her or her own children (not us).


My cousin's girlfriend's son decided he wanted to play guitar and sing a song at my dad's funeral. No one else was playing music or singing. He gets up halfway through the funeral and starts singing. He's horrible. 

At the end of his song he actually promoted his "New CD" that he just so happened to have a bunch of copies of in his car. What a ridiculous jerk.


There are some people on Facebook who will like/unlike/like/unlike their own pictures, I'm assuming to get them to reappear in other people's feeds in attempt to get more likes and comments.

Then there are people who share their own pictures that they posted of themselves...


During a hot Iowa summer I was detassling corn (to keep it from pollinating) and one of the girls in my crew pretended to be stung by a bee and said she was extremely allergic. She started freaking out so we called 911 and a helicopter ended up flying to the field to take her to the hospital. 

After they brought her in it turns out SHE WAS FAKING IT TO GET ATTENTION! Needless to say she got fired and I think she got some kind of fine.


When my boyfriend at the time died suddenly, my supposed best friend told his father that they had been in love and wanted to get married. She also told him and all our friends that she miscarried his baby. She showed up to his wake with electric blue hair, a club dress and high-heels wearing his sweater. I was confused and expressed my disappointment about wanting the sweater. 

I later found out that she had gotten the sweater by telling his father all that stuff. I was too shy to say anything but it hurt so bad to lose him and my "best friend" at the same time. Looking back she was always a huge attention-seeker. Every time I ever liked a guy she would pursue him. After that whole incident she showed up at a party at my house and slept with two random dudes. One of them was in a room with no door and the other was on a couch in our garage/smoke room... She was awful.


I have a Facebook friend who posts a status about once a week, "Well now I know who my real friends are!" as if something brutal just happened, but they obviously just want attention. And I always want to respond with, "did you forget? That sounds like amnesia, you should get that checked out."


My daughter's mother-in-law is a bit of a social media addict. When my daughter found out she was pregnant, she thought she was only 5 or 6 weeks but it turned out she was 20 weeks, and her mother in law posted it all over Facebook before my daughter could tell anyone.

When she went into labour Mil posted it on Facebook even before labour was confirmed and then gave an update every 10 mins.

Fortunately she didn't get to post the first pics of my grandson, my daughter got to do that.


I was working behind the bar in an upscale hotel.

Enter an attractive older woman. Slinky black dress, high heels, alone.

Woman approaches gentleman sitting at the bar, initiates conversation.

Woman: Hi there. Wow, did you used to be a model?

Gentleman: (obviously flattered) Oh, what? No I do-

Woman: Because I did.


It was a couple of years ago, but there was this whole news story about these parents who had a weather balloon in their back yard, and supposedly one of their kids had gotten into the balloon and set it off. The parents were all worried because their kid was supposedly in the balloon.

Well once the balloon eventually landed, there was no kid, and it turns out that the kid was "hiding" in their basement the whole time.

It was later figured out that it was all a hoax, and that the parents made everyone think their child was in severe danger to get attention.


This guy I was seeing for about a week. At first, his outgoing personality was refreshing, but I came to see these constant grandiose displays and statements that just seemed desperate.

My best example, and thus the worst case of attention-seeking I've seen:

We visited a local brewery and he told the owner that he was a "freelance journalist" and would like to write up a piece about their business.

He had a Blogspot.

He wanted to post about it on his Blogspot.

And honestly, nobody read his blog. Like him, it was unoriginal and pretentious.


I discovered this yesterday, my old 'best friend' using the fact that I got bullied and have social anxiety, by saying it all happened to her and she tweeted her favourite celebrities my story in order to get a reply from them, when none of it happened to her.

3 days later, I confronted her about it and since then she's ignoring me and has deleted all photos of me and her off both Facebook and Twitter. LOL.


This was in my early twenties. I would work with the young coworkers in the most laborious part of the company. Women were also there. We would all hang out after work. Good group of friends, except for one girl. She kinda interrupted conversations she wasn't involved in. I knew she was self-centered but I didn't care, until the day she got fired.

One of the girls in the group got engaged and everyone was happy for her. Retelling and rehearing the way he proposed over and over since it was quite adorable. 

Self-centered girl had a face of jealousy. Suddenly we don't see her. Then one day another co-worker, who was her friend in the office, tells us she wasn't responding to her texts, so she went to her apartment to check on her. She found self-centered girl in her house eating chips, watching TV. She was fired for abandoning the job.


My ex-girlfriend was jealous of me for having a lot of issues I was dealing with at the time. When I finally dumped her, she set her house on fire and scratched her cars with keys. She told the police it was me and that I was a manipulative girlfriend to her, and I was taken to the station for intense interrogation.


There's an extremely irritating girl in my English class who makes up her own quotes every day, and then writes them on the board signed with her name. Please.


I went to a Christmas party hosted by a woman I was in school with and semi-dating. She was doing the social butterfly thing, but at one point, as the ebb and flow happened, she found herself without anyone talking to her. I watched her deliberately drop her wine glass, which shattered, and suddenly 4 or 5 guys came to her "rescue."

I noped on out of that relationship.


I was in a small program at college and we had one guy who was a compulsive liar. It started with "I saw a man shot in the street by Triads" and escalated from there over the course of the three years I knew him.

Unfortunately he's very talented so he's now getting all the work.


My ex. We were not even together that long (3 months). He had this friend who was so great. Every time she was around, I either left before she showed up or just missed her and she had left before I got there. Then, she was in a horrific car accident that took her life. He was... not really upset, not over a dear, close friend dying. Weird, huh? Well not really.

My best friend was killed a couple of years prior in a horrible accident. It devastated me. He knew this and knew I was still recovering from that. So I did some online digging for the town where he said his friend lived/died. No obituaries for a girl, and no articles about a drunk driver killing someone (which there would have been). He made up a friend and then killed her off for attention and to...keep me? Who knows. I dumped him shortly thereafter.


Working in an emergency department is great exposure to frustrating attention-seeking. Of course there are real emergencies that are in no way actively attention seeking, but you'd be surprised how many people come in with less than convincing complaints just for the drama (or to get medications).

I've seen many patients that will come in with one complaint and once our tests show there is nothing emergent (or anything wrong at all) happening with that body system, they will suddenly have a new, completely tangential complaint to tell us about.


A girl I know decided people weren't paying enough attention to her when we were walking home from the bar so she sat down in the middle of the street. This had happened before. We just left her there.


I worked with a girl with the very generic name Jamie, so I don't mind posting it. Everything about this girl was genuinely unbearable. Constant whining if she didn't get her way (foot stomps included), always trying to "one up" you with a bigger and better story which always turns the conversation back on herself. We worked at retail mall makeup counters, so we have quite a few mirrors set up around, and I am not exaggerating when I say that EVERY conversation you had to suffer through she would just be staring at herself in the mirror, making faces and changing angles. That is if she wasn't buried in her phone mid conversation, no matter the importance. Anything in her world takes priority.

My breaking point was last year when I was lucky enough to become engaged to my longtime love of 6 years. We were on vacation when he popped the question, so when I returned to work I was told that surprise surprise, Jamie was not happy about my engagement. See she had been dating a guy for about a year give or take (it was hard to keep track between the breakups and the time she cheated, but you get the picture) and she began to tell people how she just knew she would be getting engaged next. For whatever reason her plan worked, and he popped the question a few months later. After that, it was game on in her eyes. 

She texted me wondering "when in my timeline was I going dress shopping" and when I told her my appointment was actually at the end of that month, SHE WENT TO DAVIDS BRIDAL THE NEXT DAY AND BOUGHT A DRESS. It was complete and utter absurdity. I kept my distance as much as I could after that. Luckily, her and her beloved moved states away at the end of last summer. It was the only thing that let me keep my sanity, knowing she would be out of my life and I could be free of her negativity forever.

I really could go on and on, but I think my point is made. Her very existence was centered around attention seeking.


My cat when he starts throwing his toys into my cup of tea, when I'm not looking. He starts to drown them with his paws if I don't react.


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