Lucky People Talk About Situations They Got Out Of Just In The Nick Of Time.

Victory loves preparation. Sometimes our success and survival is the result of years of planning ahead, of carefully weighting the options and choosing the right one. Sometimes, it's a matter of intuition. Sometimes it's nothing more than dumb luck. These Quorans talk about the situations they escaped before things got really bad. 

One day at lunch in high school, I was with a group that I knew, but they werent really my friends. I just kind of ended up with them because I couldnt find any other place to do some homework that I hadnt yet finished.

I wasnt really paying any attention to what they were talking about until I heard them start making some pretty heinous remarks about our history teacher. It was not uncommon for people to say that they did not like her, or that she was a bad teacher (neither of which were completely true or false), but these were worse than normal.

I heard people calling her fat, calling her ugly, calling her stupid. None of these things were true. These remarks were already making me uncomfortable, but then they started to go after her on her religious grounds.

She was a Muslim, and they started to make fun of how much they prayed, how they were all violent, and some other things. This started to make me mad enough that I said something like, Cut it out, guys. Thats really offensive. But they just laughed it off and kept going even further.

Finally, one of them went up to the front of the classroom. On the whiteboard, he sketched a crude version of the twin towers, a plane flying into them, and above it wrote, Allahu Akbar Mrs. (Teacher Name). The wording they used was odd, but they were generally saying that all Muslims were terrorists, and because my teacher was a Muslim, she was a terrorist and involved in the attacks of 9/11.

At that point, I got really uncomfortable with what these guys were saying, and really mad at them for saying it. I should have said something, but I didnt. I just knew that something was going to happen to them, and I needed to not be there.

I got up and booked it out of the classroom and into the bathroom across the hall.

Not two minutes later, I came out and saw the principal of our school in the classroom, viciously reprimanding the perpetrators.

I later learned that the kid who had made the horrible diagram on the board received a week-long suspension, and that every person in that room received a week of after school detention and a mark on their permanent record.

Im glad I got out of there, but I still feel really bad that I didnt say anything to stop what they were doing.

Julian Frank

I was heading to Tijuana for a pleasure trip back in 1984. I stopped into a burger joint to grab a bite to eat and a couple bottles of water. The place seemed creepy to me. It just didnt feel right. (continued...)

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I didnt think much of it at the time. I took my burger, having no interest in staying any longer than necessary, and headed for the border.

Upon my return home, I found out that shortly after I left, there was a terrible massacre there. A man with a gun showed up at the burger joint and just opened fire. 21 people were killed and another 19 injured. Had I stayed to eat, or arrived a little later, I might have been among the dead or injured. Im very glad I left when I did.


I used to be a therapist. This happened after our annual charity ball. One of my coworkers had gotten a suite at the hotel.

We were all pretty liquored up by then, and we managed to keep drinking once we got back to her suite.

After a while I'm noticing some of the other girls are getting a little friskier. And nakeder.

Now, as wild as I've gotten in my life, I've always had a very strict rule about work: Do NOT poop where you eat!

So when I see Aaron laying on the ground while making out with Anna and proceeding to get intimate with Lucy at the same time, I realize that not only do I NOT want to see esteemed therapists engaging in such acts, but I don't want THEM to see me doing anything remotely similar either.

Guys, I gotta go, I manage to blurt out while gathering my things and creeping towards the door.

Mickey, an amazingly wonderful therapist who did great work with kids and gang-affiliated youth, was now pulling me by the hand and insisting I stay. I peered past him and saw a hotel room full of at least 7 naked people - and the rest of the guests were not far behind. 

Out of nowhere, I came up with the only excuse that I thought would get me out of this without any pushback. I have kids at home, I said, knowing I did not.

Nothing dampens the mood of an orgy like the thought of neglected kids at home, am I right?!

Mickey then threw his hands in the air in surrender as I hightailed out of there as fast as humanly possible in my 6-inch heels and a gown.

Suffice it to say, work meetings for the next month were uncomfortable.

Lesson: Don't have group sex with people from work.

Jessica Lastimosa

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One time I was looking for a job and saw an ad for an interpreter. It was in the Middle East, and the successful applicant had to speak English, Russian, and Uzbek. It sounded dangerous, but there were assurances that there would be full protection by US military and local security forces. It was on base, and it was supposed to be very safe. 

The most interesting thing was the salary. It was in excess of $150,000 plus all expenses paid. At that time, I was barely making $30,000 a year, so it was very tempting. I seriously considered it, and may have even started the application process, but stopped at the last minute.

A few months later, I was watching the news and they were showing a report about a terrorist act at that same location which I had almost applied for. Two interpreters died. The news footage just showed the ground and a bunch of magazines strewn around, covered in blood. The eerie thing is, those were the exact type of magazines that I read - its one of my very few guilty pleasures. It was a very unsettling feeling.

Elena Ledoux

My wife and I went to a wedding in the Adirondacks one weekend years ago. We used to live in NYC, but we had moved to California, so we were flying in and out of Albany, arriving Saturday and taking the Monday off work to make it a long weekend. 

On the way to the airport to go home, we decided to see if we could stay the night, go to our favourite restaurant, and fly out of NY in the morning. We tried to book by calling United, but they wanted to charge us a change fee, so we gave up and flew home out of Albany. The flight we would have got was United 93. It crashed on 9/11 the following morning.

James Windsor

On October 17, 1989, I left work early about 4:45 to go from Alameda to my home in San Francisco.

After going under the estuary in the tunnel and looping onto the freeway, I drove on the bottom deck of an ununusually uncrowded Cypress structure, through the equally uncrowded Bay Bridge toll plaza, and up the cantilever section. While on the trestle section, the announcer on the radio said, Were having a really big earthquake. (continued...)

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It was 5:04 pm.

I was about 30 seconds past the section of the bridge that collapsed into the bay:

And if I had left at the usual time, or there had been traffic, there was a good chance Id have been on the lower deck of the Cypress structure when it pancaked:

So, yeah, Im glad I left when I did.

I can also say authoritatively that after an earthquake, the vertical cables on a suspension bridge vibrate like those on a very large stringed instrument — with visible 56 foot waves.

David Brower

When I was in high school, my friend and I were at this party being held by another friend, Tracy, whose parents were out of town. A lot of people were drinking and it was starting to get kind of loud. A typical high school drinking party.

Tracy said she was running low on snacks and asked if my friend and I minded running to the convenience store to pick up some chips and stuff. We said, Sure, and headed out.

We were only gone for about 10 minutes, but when we were heading back, we saw blue lights flashing all around the house. The cops busted the party almost immediately after we left.

We laughed our butts off in the car and kept driving past the house. I couldn't believe the luck we had in our timing. We drove down to the beach and ate the snacks by ourselves.

Robert R. Gray

I went to a small 3-aisle grocery store 1015 minutes before closing to grab a couple quick things one night.

The place was empty except for a few other people milling around. I took note of them since we were alone together in the store and they were moving slowly.

It felt eery, but whatever. Get in - get out - nothing to overthink. (continued...)

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The place was closing soon and I didn't want to be there as employees tried to lock up.

In fact, one employee locked the entry door behind me as I walked in the place.

Get this - I woke up the next morning to news the place had been robbed at gunpoint at closing time by people in the store.

I was apparently there with the perpetrators and after leaving…it happened.

Money was taken, but no one was shot in the store. It shook me up for a while.

Maria Henneberry

When I was about 12 or 13, I was in the boy scouts. One day, we went on a long hike near Vicksburg, Mississippi. There were a lot of us boys and but very few adults to guide us.

The adults got tired, and stopped to rest. Many of us boys weren't tired. Where we stopped, there was a really steep hill. At first, I watched the other boys run down the hill and laugh all the way down, only to climb up and go again.

After seeing other boys run down the hill, I decided to give it a try. I ran down and as I got to the bottom, I tripped and slid on my side, ruining my shirt and bruising my side. 

Fortunately, my father was there. Everyone else left and my father waited for me to climb back up the hill. It took about another 20 minutes and then we continued the hike.

About 30 minutes later, we got to a bridge and just past the bridge was the boy scout troop freaking out completely scared.

Apparently, some boys had been throwing rocks off of the bridge into a creek below when one of those rocks missed and hit a passing truck. The owner of the truck stopped the truck and got out. While the scout leader and the other boys tried to apologize to the truck owner, he pulled out a gun.

Everyone got to safety and no one was hurt, but I'm glad I got left behind for that one!

Nathan Wilson

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Something Im glad I left when I did? How about my marriage.

Less than two months after my divorce was finalized, my ex-husband was arrested for a sex crime.

For the last year of the marriage, I was miserable, but I stayed because I thought it was better for my children (they were 2 and 4 at the time). I shudder when I imagine some of the potential scenarios that my kids could have been involved with had I stayed. Sometimes a broken home is the healthier option.

When his photo was being splashed across the news, I was so glad I had already switched back to my maiden name!

Stacey Thibodeaux

This didnt happen to me, but to a colleague.

He had a business trip to New York (I believe it was a conference). He checked out of his hotel at 7:30am, New York time, on September 10, 2001.

Had he stayed even a day later for any reason, he would in all probability be dead now, because the hotel he was staying at was the one directly beneath the World Trade Center. 

As you can imagine, when it hit, his wife was near frantic; nobody could reach him for hours as he was still traveling. Along with two other guys, h had to rent a car and drive from Pennsylvania to Nevada (Las Vegas) in order to get home—obviously, there were no planes going in or out at the time.

He still has the receipt from the hotel when he checked out on the 10th. When he returned, he showed it to me.

Frankly, it was the creepiest thing Id ever seen. One of the last receipts that hotel had issued, and knowing that my colleague could have easily not have been there to show it to me. I cant imagine what he had to have been thinking.

Charlotte Lang

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