Managers Share The Stupidest Reasons They Actually Had To Fire Someone.

If you have to get fired... Get fired for not making your quota, or for losing the Johnson account. But don't get fired for trying to sell Xanax to an undercover shopper. You're better than that.


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1. I had an employee apologize to two different tables forforgetting to put their food order in. They had been waiting like 45 minutesand nothing had been entered into the system.

We looked at the camera system because he had been acting sketchyall day. When we looked at the security footage, we realized that he hadactually gone outside and fired up a joint. He was apparently too high toremember to put in the order.

It was his first, and last day.



2. Newish server wasdealing with a complaint a customer had with their BLT. Rather than having metalk to the table he took a bite out of it and said, "Im not seeing the problem."



3. Every day at lunch, she would drink roughly half of her JimmyJohns (or whatever) soda, then take it with her to the bathroom to fill it backup with whiskey. She did a pretty good job covering up the smell, and since shedid it from day 1 it wasn't immediately obvious that she was getting drunk.

Found out on day 4 when she knockedher full cup over and we all got covered with booze.



4. We kept finding stockdiscrepancies, we couldn't figure out for a while what was happening. The counton certain items was out (system said we had stuff that wasn't on the shelf).

It took us a while, but we eventually figured out what was going on. (continued...)

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Eventually found that when a customer boughtsomething with cash, later that same day the same cashier would refund thetransaction for cash with no customer around.

They were fired onthe spot - but couldn't be charged criminally because the way the security camerawas positioned, they'd been able to block the view of the cash drawer withtheir body and you couldn't actually see them take the money out of the till.

Even though we knew exactly when the false transactions were posted, footageplaced them right there doing 'something' and intentionally blocking the viewat that exact time, there's only one way everything added up but they still gotaway with it.



5. My manager had to fire someone for doing cocaine inthe toilets and then trying to gouge his own eyes out. I guess thats whatworking at a call centre can do to someone.



6. Offered a job to a candidate, but had to step outof the office to grab some paperwork. Came back and a bus pass that was on thedesk was missing. Newly hired employee stole it. I asked him to return itbecause a previous candidate dropped it and he said he needed it more than theydid and walked out.



7. I had an employee lock another employee in a closetone time. The person that was trapped called the police from inside the closet.


It was quite an HR nightmare.


8. I was assistant manager at a restaurant for a while and one of the newerbussers had called in 3 times in his first two weeks, asking for the night off. (continued...)

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He called in on Saturday telling me he was deathly sick andcouldn't even get out of bed.


Around 9pm after the dinner rush one of my servers ask me to gocheck on table 42. I turn the corner and there is the 'sick' busser stoned outof his mind with two buddies, eating.


9. Boss had to fire alady in our office because she lost her "marbles" when someone ateher bagel from the fridge. She literally had a tantrum, like a toddler.


Also,the girl who ate it, ate it by mistake. She thought it was a bagel from theoffice breakfast we had earlier that same morning. Now, I absolutely hate itwhen people eat my lunch, but the girl who ate the bagel profusely apologized.Even stated she would go and buy her a new one right on the spot.

But tantrumlady couldn't let it go. So, that ended up being her last night.


10. New guy, around 20 years old or so, called in sicksaying he thinks he had a stroke. Since he lived across the street from thestore where we worked, we all then stood and watched through the store's glassdoor as he packed up his truck with beach gear and drove off with hisgirlfriend.


Fired the next day.


11. We had a secretary,and we were all curious as what she really did during the day since it seemedlike nothing got done. I ended up giving her lists to complete but she wouldthrow them in the trash.


I got fed up andlooked at her computer at the end of the day. Which was probably crappy of me,but whatever. What I found on her computer shocked me. (continued)

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We found out she was advertising herself as a sex worker online, and corresponding with clients using her company email.



12. One day at an old job, we got a call from acustomer complaining that her credit card statement didn't match her receipt.It was $5 over. We got another call later that day saying the same thing. Lateron, a dude walked in to complain... same thing. Two more people came in later.

Their waiter had added $5 to each of their tips... they were all at the sametable. Idiot. He was fired on the spot, rightfully.


And the customers got seriousgift certificates.


13. Had a server drink out of the customer's Dr. Pepperand Coke to see which was which. At the table, in front of them.



14. Back in my days working at a used car dealership,we had a teen come in and test drive a Corvette.


Anyway, the kiddrives it around our set loop once, and is being a little unsure on if hewants to get it or not; he says it doesn't really drive as well as he thoughtit would.

My salesman toldhim it was user error, and he'd prove it to him. They went out for another looparound, with the employee driving it. That was a baaaaad idea. (continued...)

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He managed to getpulled over doing 135 (MPH) in a school zone, got arrested if I recallcorrectly. Needless to say, he was not welcome back at our dealership. However,to his credit, the teen did buy the car.


15. Boss had to fire a salesclerk because she stole computer duster from the office and left the salesfloor during her shift to hide in the supply closet and get high with it.



16. Two new employees got into a physical altercationbecause one claimed the other wasn't "hood" enough. They were twofemales working an office job, absolutely ridiculous.



17. Hired a girl to work in a bagel store, who on herfirst day told me she couldn't touch any of the meats because she was vegan.

Had another guyshow up for work his first day, was doing just fine, seemed to be good with thejob. I went to the office to get some paperwork for him to fill out, and he wasjust gone. Never came back, didn't steal anything, no explanation at all.


The bad one was hadto fire a girl for not showing up for several days in a row. I saw in anewspaper the next week that she had been in jail the whole time because shehad locked her kids in a closet while she was buying drugs.


18. I used to manage a long-termcare facility. Got a call one night from a resident telling me that the newnight time worker was acting weird. This was about. I called the supervisor andasked how the night was going. She told me that "yea 'Sally' wassick". Something didnt seen right. So I put on my shoes and headed in. (continued...)

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When I showed up, I took one look at 'Sally'leaning against the wall, and asked her to come into my office. I asked her ifshe had been drinking. "I never drink at work" she slurred at me. Itold her I had to have her blow into a breathalyzer. No surprise; she wasloaded.

Then she admitted she and her friend had been doing shots up until about10 PM. "But I'm not drunk! I stopped and ate almost 2 hours ago so it's allout of my system". Nope. Doesn't work that way. "Sorry Sally, but Ineed to let you go. Call someone to come get you." I told her.

"Oh that's ok I drove in, she said.


Nope,nope, nope. She then asked what time she should come in tomorrow.

"Sally, you no longer work here. Coming to work intoxicated is nottolerated." Oh. Really? Yes. Really. Please call someone, who has not beendrinking, to come get you.

She called about 16 hours later asking me for her next week schedule. She didn't remember being at work and getting fired.


19. Having sex with an underage employee, hitting anotheremployee, possession of drugs, selling drugs, animal abuse (this was a petstore). What else? Putting fresh water goldfish into salt water fish tank. Ohand telling me you can handle any animal only to break down and cry when youhave to feed a snake.



20. Used to be a supervisor at a big store in college.Other supervisor overhears an employee telling someone he has a joint in hispocket for later. My boss calls the employee into the back office to discusswith HR. HR rep asks him if he does indeed have pot. Response????? "Nope,I smoked it already." Almost died laughing.




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