'Marijuana Makes You Sterile': People Share Lessons They Learned In School That Turned Out To Be Lies

The world changes every day. Especially with the internet, we now have a constant stream of information that can be checked, cross referenced or disproven. But that hasn't always been the case. Especially in school, where instructors teach from a set curriculum guideline, there can be little room for questioning the apparent authority on the matter.

These Redditors share things that they learned in school that were later proven false or never came to be. 

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The reason so many women voted for the first time in 1960 was because Kennedy was good looking. Kennedy won because women couldn't control their lusty desires. I learned this in public high school.


During the height of the AIDS scare in the mid to late-80's, one of my health teachers taught us that HIV could be spread by simply hugging or touching someone infected with it.

VictorBlimpmuscle (Source)

When I was in 3rd or 4th grade we were taught cursive. The teacher insisted that all my high school teachers would automatically fail any papers that weren't in cursive and that everything done in the "adult world" isn't printed.

By the time I got to high school everything had to be typed and the only requirement for cursive I've seen in the "adult world" is things that require my formal signature.


There are flavour sections to the tongue.

Statscollector (Source)

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That people would randomly approach me and give me free drugs.


Essentially I was taught that applying a tourniquet in a first aid situation guaranteed that the person would lose their limb, and that it should only ever be a last resort in an exceptional situation. Turns out it takes a really really long time for someone to actually lose their limb when putting a tourniquet on, and a lot of people bled to death in the beginning of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan because people were hesitant to use tourniquets. Now applying a tourniquet is one of the first steps when treating a casualty, at least in a military setting.

FloralBison (Source)

I was taught that in college you will spend all of your study time in a library reading and researching using books and reference catalogs. The internet was evil and full of lies and not a valid resource for academic research.


Regardless of the source, anything on the internet was considered to not be a valid reference.


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Christopher Columbus discovered America.

Allenrw3 (Source)

No one was actually burned at the stake during the Salem Witch Trials. While in England condemnation by the church actually did lead to some burnings, in the New England colonies the more secular laws called for hanging on suspicion of witchcraft.

praeceps93 (Source)

You won't walk around with a calculator in your pocket.

EtuMeke (Source)

I was taught in middle school that rivers take millions of years to change their flow path when in fact it's been shown to occur over decades.

xeonisius (Source)

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1974 - We have to learn the metric system as the US is converting everything next year.

1976 - Smoking marijuana makes you sterile. Tell that to my children.


You can see the Great Wall of China from the moon.


That it's impossible for girls to be colorblind. 

In 8th grade science, my teacher started showing our class those circles made of different colored dots. If your vision is normal, you see a number. If you're colorblind you either don't see a number or you see a different number. When I started calling out different numbers than others in my class, he started trying to like, stump me. He couldn't believe I was colorblind. He was shuffling through all his cards with the circle-dot-numbers. He just about refused to believe it. 

This was in 1996. I've learned since that it's still incredibly rare for girls to have colorblindness, but we're out there!


That things you do bad in school go on your "permanent record".


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That chewing gum will stay in your stomach for years if you swallow it.

Barack-YoMama (Source)

A version of the Food Pyramid got an awful lot of brain time when I was in elementary school.

well_uh_yeah (Source)

Blood inside the body is blue.

JebronLames23 (Source)

I don't know when exactly it was disproven, but I was taught that Hebrew slaves built the pyramids. 

There've been several papers in the past ~15 years essentially proving they were built by middlemen/architects/servants and were compensated for their services in grain and beer.

Stockholm-Syndrom & bargman (Source)

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In high school my teachers would preach that in college, a professor would never accept any assignment that was turned in a nanosecond after the due date. 

Experience has taught me that some professors are very understanding of their student's workloads and schedules, and will work with you and give extensions or accept late work.


That cracking your knuckles will give you arthritis.

loverturf (Source)

Much of the geography I was taught in school ended up being wrong while I was still in school.

Now a few borders moving or countries renaming themselves on the far side of the world would not matter so much, but I went to school in Germany in the 80s and 90s.

My parents paid good money for a world Atlas for my geography lessons, that I was supposed to use for several years. The next year the publisher came out with a revised Atlas with a little German flag on it to indicate that this one now showed a united Germany among other things.


There are 9 planets.



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