Married People Reveal What Their First Date Was Like With Their Future Spouse.

It's wild to think that a person you meet today could one day be your future spouse.

Here, people reveal how their first date went with their future spouse.

29. Slow down there, Westley.

We talked about movies, quickly realizing we both had a huge love for all of those 1980's fantasy ones like Labyrinth, Princess bride, Never-ending Story etc.

She said at the end of the date that she'd like to meet up again soon, and in a moment of rare smoothness, I smiled and said "As you wish". Boom. We got married two years later and have been together eight years now.

We still watch those kinds of movies together as often as possible, and quote them every now and then.



28. Star Wars. Bringing the people together!

I was poor, but found an unbuilt Naboo fighter model in my closet. So we built it together. It's still on the shelf next to pictures of us.


27. Jokes on... you?

Asked her out our sophomore year. Yeah she thought I was joking and laughed in my face with all her friends. 6 years of dating and a month shy of 2 years married currently. WHO'S LAUGHING NOW.


26. That first date was almost our last.

Ugh. Wife here. Our first date was a typical date: dinner, billiards, movie. It had snowed while we were in the movie, so when we were walking to the car, future husband said, "Hey, let's go do donuts in the parking lot." I said, "Uh, let's not."

He thought I was being sarcastic and did it anyway. As we were spinning out-of-control in the semi-empty parking lot, I vowed I would never go out with him again. He kept calling me so I agreed to give him a second chance. Married him a year and a half later. Turns out, he's had lots of off-road racing practice (a good friend of his is a NASCAR driver) and is the best driver I know. But that first date was almost our last.


25. Worth it in the end.

I ended a long term relationship and a few weeks later, confessed my crush to a coworker who said she felt the same way. I asked her to dinner later in the week.

This was to be only my second relationship, ever, and my only real first date. I was stupidly, stupidly nervous. Holy crap, I had no game. I picked her up and fumbled through conversation. We barely spoke through dinner, everything I could think to say was about work. It was freaking awful. We get back to my crap of an apartment which is still mostly cleared out because my ex owned most of the crap in it.

We start watching a movie and it's just dense with tension. She asks what's wrong, I seemed so nervous. I'm practically perched on the opposite side of the couch as her. I've reverted back to being 15 years old. (I was 23, btw.) I ask if we could go for a walk to kind of air out some of the awkwardness (story continued on the next page...).

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I drag this poor girl around through neighborhoods and subdivisions for like, 3 hours. In November. I kept telling myself I would make some kind of move by the time we reached a certain streetlight or bush or something. No dice. She's (in retrospect) unbearably patient. I realize, after a certain point, that she wouldn't still be there unless she really liked me. This made me feel worse. A cat started following us. I bought the cat cat food from a convenience store so he would stop. After way too much walking and being unable to make eye contact, we go back to my place.

We sit back on my couch. I actually ask to hold her hand. (God my gut hurts from typing that and reliving the moment.) Her hand felt small in mine. I wasn't sweating as badly as I anticipated. I relish the minor moment of triumph. I start to apologize for being so awkward and stammery. She says it's okay. She looks me in the eyes and says, "You got this."



And I cut her off with a kiss. In an instant I realized I was crazier about this girl than I had let myself believe up until that point. We spent every day from that day forward (and 5-6 nights per week) together.

At some point in our relationship, I asked her why she stuck around for so long while I was being inept, and she said it was endearing. I asked how long she would have stayed, hypothetically, and she said as long as it took-- she had known for a while she was in love. We were just married 4 days ago. One of the easiest decisions I've had to make. She's a keeper for a million and one reasons.

I'm actually going to go wake her up and tell her that.


24. Who likes physical contact anyway?

I took her out for sushi and then we went back to her dorm and watched a documentary on Tupac's time in prison. At the end of the night I stood up and walked out without hugging her - apparently that would have been a normal thing to do. We're getting married in April.


23. If you someone beats you at Super Smash Bros, then you have to date them I guess.

I saw him dancing with another, more skinny, taller and prettier girl at a high school dance so I kicked his but at Super Smash Bros. He'd never been so attracted to another girl, so then he took me out for ice cream and we eloped and now we're married and watching Star Trek together.


22. A real gentleman...

My grandparents were married almost 52 years (my grandpa passed a week and a half before it, last month) they were homecoming king and queen, high school sweethearts. Their first date, my grandpa borrowed his neighbor dog and got two rifles and off they went. First thing that happens, my grandma slips into a pond, the dog was in her arms and it as now clutching to her head as she tries to get out. My grandpa yells "get the gun out of the water! "

Somehow, they lasted.


21. Friends with all the benefits.

My husband and I were friends first who became friends with benefits who didn't realize they really loved each other until the benefits kicked in. That was 8 years ago, we've been married for just over 3 years and are still stupidly happy.

I do remember the day we decided to be exclusive, I was getting ready to tell him that I wanted a relationship or to end things all together and had gone to visit him ostensibly to get some things for a school project. I wasn't going to bring up breaking things off, I just wanted to enjoy some time with him, but if he wanted to have sex or fool around it wasn't going to happen. He took me out to a lake to collect rock samples (it was for a college class on teaching science to elementary kids) and pulled me into his lap and told me how he wanted to be exclusive and try to make a relationship work. So of COURSE we had awesome new-relationship sex that night. DUH.


20. It's hard to trust people again after a crappy relationship.

We'd met in class in college. A week or two in, he invited me to a study group some people were starting. I had benched myself from dating due to a series of crappy relationships and serious emotional issues from them, and he isn't the kind of guy to ask a woman out right away, so though it was clear to everyone that we were eyeing each other, nothing happened.

Finals week, we met to study together and ended up getting closer, but I was still trying to be just friends. I went home for winter break and we talked online just about every night. When I came back, he invited me out for lunch the next day. Went back to my apartment and hung out in my room. About 3 in the morning we were cuddling on my bed and he said something that included calling me his "friend" complete with verbal quotation marks (story continued on the next page...).

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I gave up on not dating, because he was right that I was really just pretending we were just friends at this point, and there wasn't really any point to that. I kissed him.

I still had a number of relationship issues in my head, chief among them my previous inability to leave when I saw red flags. The normal infatuation/honeymoon period only made it harder. I wanted to be giddy-in-love like I'd always been before, but I was too scared.

Well, the moment did come. He stood me up. He was supposed to pick me up on campus one evening and didn't show. I left him a message at his home (he lived with his parents in town) since he didn't have a cell phone, and took the bus home. Shortly after I got home he called me and said he'd be right over.

I sat with my roommates at the kitchen table psyching myself up to dump him. I said I was NOT going through this again and if he's not grovelling then it is over. Well, when he got there, he didn't grovel, but he did take full responsibility and apologized profusely.

Suddenly everything was fine. From that point onward, I was no longer afraid. It wasn't the first date in particular that started me thinking he might be the one. That happened gradually, over the next year or so, as it became clear that we shared values so basic to my nature that I couldn't even describe them until I saw them in someone else.

We'll have been together for 9 years next January, married for 5 next May. We have a nearly-3-year-old daughter and our son is due in December. Still happy.


19. Broken down car does not equal broken relationship.

I picked her up at her father's house. He pulled out a baseball bat and told me that he didn't play baseball, but if I hurt his daughter I would find out why he owned a bat. Then, on the way to the movie, my car broke down. Now nine years later we've been married for almost three years.


18. Switch Foot will turn any party into a sexy affair.

We went to dinner at a local burger joint. We then went back to her place (where she lived with her parents) and made out on her bed for an hour or so. We were both horny but didn't want to go any further with her parents home... so I drove her out to a canyon that overlooks the Rocky Reach dam and gave her the business many many times. Played "your love is a song" by switch foot on my phone for atmosphere, you know, really turn sex in a jeep liberty into a classy affair.

That was 3 years ago and our son is due this October.


17. How do you show up THAT late for a date!?

He showed up 2 months late for our first date. I still have no idea why I was completely happy to go out with him. We went to a pizza place, ordered personal pizzas, then went a movie. Then I got violently ill from food poisoning from the pizza. He took me home early, there was no kissing, only vomit. We got married five years after on the same day he showed up late for our first date. We've been married for 7 years.


16. You never know who your college one night stand may turn out to be!

23 years old, college party. She lamented that annoying people kept offering her vodka. Talked all night about how idiotic the women and men around us acted, drank our faces off, smoked a bit, had what was honestly our most pathetic sex ever (whiskey dick plus instantly pass out makes for very hungover and confused people). Woke up, talked a bit more, sat in on each others classes, completely in love. Best decision drunk me has ever made. Three years dating, 20 years marriage, three kids, four continents and a million drinks since that first one and we are still happy as clams.


15. How romantic!

My SO is significantly older than I am so I was very wary about going on our first date but it ended up being the best date of my life (story continued on the next page...).

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First we drove down to the beach and the bars were unusually dead so we bought a bottle of champagne and headed to the sand instead. On the beach under the moonlight we shared the bottle and just talked, we also saw a shooting star. The date was simple and perfect.


14. How did you last, then?

Awkward as hell. We had lunch at Subway and were not able to carry an articulate conversation.


13. Wow, only a special kind of person sticks through that kind of night.

We went out for pool. Got to the pool hall, started drinking. His friends show up, call him a wuss for not doing shots. He proceeds to get very drunk. Thank god I lived only five minutes away. Driving him to my place, he puked all over the side of my car. Got in... Passed out on my couch. The next day, when I saw him sprawled out with one sock half off his foot... I thought it was so cute. Six years and many better dates later, I still think he's cute. We will celebrate our one year marriage anniversary this year.


12. How did they know?

We met for dinner at 8PM. We left the table at 2AM, and that was only because the restaurant closed.

I walked her to the subway (didn't kiss) and said, "Bye, don't get killed." The people walking buy gasped and she laughed.

My brother asked me how the date went the next day, and I said "I went good, we'll probably get married".

Had she broken up with me, or not called me back, I would have been devastated. I'd had girls not call me back before that I thought we had something and was really taken aback, but I would have been completely blindsided.


11. Does say a lot.

We went to see Team America: World Police.

I feel this says a lot about us and our relationship.


10. That's a lot of action in one night.

We both had recently gotten out of weird, heavy relationships. Every month where we lived, there's this dance party called The Bang. It was really huge during this period. I didn't want to go, but my friends dragged me there. I had been seeing a girl named J, but it had fizzled out and I hadn't heard from her in weeks. I was in a funk, and my friends insisted I go. They promised they'd buy Taco Bell afterward. I was sold. My future wife also didn't want to go either, but her friends dragged her there.

I got there, drank some beer and started cutting loose. I met a girl named S on the floor. She was making eyes, I was making eyes. After a few songs we ended up making out on the dance floor. She stopped abruptly, got super embarrassed, muttered some apology and took off. The place was packed at this point, so no one besides the people dancing next to us saw what happened. On her way out, I saw her talking to a friend of mine named D. He looked confused and I went over to ask about her. He told me that they had come together and he was trying to make a move on S and doesn't know why she had left so suddenly. He had planned that this was going to be his night to tell S about his crush. Meanwhile, my future wife is watching us (story continued on the next page...).

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I get a text and have to go outside to attend to it. Future Wife approaches my friend, asks if I'm single and asks my friend to introduce us if and when I come back in.

While this is happening, I go outside because J (that girl I was kinda sorta seeing) had shown up. She was wasted. We hadn't talked in a couple weeks, so I figured it just worked itself out. She immediately gets really upset and asks why I hadn't called. Prior to that, she had initiated most of our dates, so when I stopped hearing from her, I figured it was a hint and I took it.

So, I go back inside, and immediately my friend comes up and introduces me to Future Wife. We go out and have our first dance. At this point, the guys I came with are bored and want to leave. I get her number and we make plans to make plans the next day. Later, Future Wife became Current Wife. That night happened eight years ago, and we just celebrated our five year wedding anniversary.


9. Sounds pretty hardcore.

Well we were arrested and kissed in the back of he cop car. It was pretty punk rock... And not as trashy as it sounds.


8. Consent is cool.

He kissed me and grabbed my butt on our first date. With my permission of course. Married him two years later.


7. High School sweethearts.

I drove him home to his parents' house after class and we talked for four hours non-stop and by the end of it, I was head over heels in love with him. It was his sister's birthday and they invited me to stay and have cake but I had to leave for a class. That was seventeen years ago. No kissing for another three weeks.


6. Best end to a blind date ever!

My SO and I went on a blind date set up by her cousin. We had spoken twice before for a couple of hours. I got out of my car to greet her and she kissed me, out of nowhere.

We went to dinner and instantly fell in love. It was as if we had been together forever or in a past life. Moved in together 3 weeks later. Been with her for 4 years. Have a daughter together. Sometimes it feels like that first date never ended.

I was incapable of truly loving another human being until I met her.


5. Woah, very understanding.

Nothing too excited, we went to the Ole Miss v. Georgia football game. All was going amazingly well and I decided to grab a hot dog before we left the stadium. She loved hot dogs, so I gave her a bite. Now this was the first I was going to find out that she had a weak stomach (story continued on the next page...).

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We walked about 100 yards towards the grove and she heeled over and wretched the contents of her stomach all over the pavement. Of course she was so embarrassed but undeterred we carried on and I was still determined to seal the deal. So on the way back I whispered in her ear "Lets get you some gum at the tent" my suave moves led to a hearty make out session.


4. Better out than in!

Pretty standard dinner date. But farted when he kissed me goodnight. Still together 8 years later and millions of farts have occurred. Actually our one year old said fart for the first time this morning.


3. You sneaky, sneaky person.

I tricked her into a date. Asked her to cut my hair. She came over to my house to do it. As payment for the haircut I just happened to have the ingredients to a seafood linguine and a nice bottle of pinot gris on hand. After lunch we went to the pub. Game over.


2. Hope that other girl wasn't offended.

I took this girl out to a dinner and movie. Afterwards we head home to where my roommate had a girl over from his school. We all hung out and had a good night. Two years later I married the girl my roommate had brought home.


1. Don't let the group hold you back!

It wasn't even supposed to be a date. We met up at a mall and were supposed to be going out as a group. As we were leaving the mall she made a joke about holding hands, so I grabbed her hand and we held hands out to the car park. We rode together to the movies while friends followed in another car, we were getting to know each other. After the movie I drove her 25 miles home to her friend's house that had brought her and was driving right behind us. We just wanted to talk more. I lived half a mile from the mall that we started at so I drove something like 60 miles that night that I didn't have to. Totally worth it.

That was January 19th, 11 and a half years ago. We got married January 24th 2 years later. Next time around will be our 10th wedding anniversary. We have an awesome family together and are still in love.


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