Married People Share Their First Ever Impressions Of Their Future Spouse.

First impressions are extremely important, you never know who the person you're meeting may become in your life.

Here, married reveal their first of ever impressions of their future spouse.

1/29. I thought, "Please shut up, you are ruining the movie (300) for everyone."


2/29. I met my husband online back, so we hadn't seen really good pictures of each other before we met. When I saw him for the first time, he drove into my apartment complex and I approached his car. He lowered the window and when I saw his beautiful sky blue eyes I thought "this guy's getting lucky unless he really screws it up." That was 14 years and 2 kids ago. So yeah that date went well.


3/29. My friends, who were friends with my now wife, told me that she had asked them about me after she saw me at a party. I didn't see her at that party, but the next time we were all together my friends said "There's that girl that was asking about you last week." My first thought was that they were making fun of me (I'm not the most social guy) so I'd go talk to this girl that was crazy beautiful. But I went up and talked to her and she was the coolest person ever. That was 21 years, 15 of them married to each other, and 2 kids ago. She's even more beautiful now at 40 than she was at 19 when I met her.


4/29. When I was introduced to my (future) wife, in college, I was just absolutely struck with a feeling of how beautiful I thought she was, and how amazing she was.

I had dated a fair number of girls in high school and college and thought I was totally immune from being head over heels for someone. I found out in an instant that I was wrong. My mouth went dry and my heart felt like it was beating twice as hard as usual. No joke.

I'm not lying when I say I feel the same way today (30 years later!) when I see her, especially if I've been away for a few days on business. I know she's gotten older, but I still see the same face I saw back then, and it makes me so happy, every time.

Sorry if that's too sappy, but I'm an incredibly lucky person.


5/29. Can I answer as a widowed man? I knew within five minutes of meeting her that I wanted to know more and more and more. We went out for a casual dinner (we were set up by a mutual friend) and it lasted three hours because I couldn't get enough of her, and (as I found out later), her of me. I should have known right then and there, but it did take one more date (read on).

She was freaking hot, but more importantly funny, smart, kind, funny, funny again (girl was hilarious) and so easy (in a personality way). It was like we were made to be together. We were finishing each others' sentences on a first date. It was so soul-matey that I thought she was me but with nice girly parts.

Our second date, two days later, is when I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. It was just so natural. All we did was talk and laugh. I think we annoyed the cocktail waitress because we hardly were drinking. We had our first deep kiss outside the bar we had met up at, and I remember her saying "oh, wow!" right after the kiss. I thought the same, but just smiled at her.

I remember asking her what she was up to the next night, and she confessed that she had a previously-scheduled date. (Remember, we had known each other for only about 50 hours at this point.) I suggested she shouldn't break it, because it would be rude. And because I was pretty confident that we were going to be together forever regardless of what she did that following night. She didn't break that date, but she called me at about 7pm, so it must have been a one-drink-and-out. Needless to say, we were pretty inseparable after that, and there were no more dates with any other people, on both sides.

She did spend the rest of her life with me, and it was too short, but it was really, really terrific.


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6/29. I met my wife while standing in line at Starbucks. I had ordered a soy white chocolate mocha. She was standing behind me and heard my order and commented "hey that's my drink but girly!" I turned around and saw that she was dressed really nice and had big beautiful bright green eyes. So I blurted out, "You're not very nice! What's your name?"

We've been married a year now and have our first baby due in December.


7/29. Before we were even introduced I got one look at him and thought, "Oh. That's the guy. Crap. What am I going to do? I'm going to have to break up with my boyfriend and move out of our apartment."

That was April of 1989. We've been married now over 20 years.


8/29. I thought she had great legs. The first time I laid eyes on my future wife she was coming down the stairs of the music building wearing a short plaid skirt. She had just finished her audition for a scholarship. I was downstairs hanging out with some folks from the orchestra. My friend Sandy pointed her out and told me that my future wife was a friend from high school. I told Sandy that her friend had nice legs and promptly went back to hanging out.

Fast forward to August of the same year and I hear a knock at my apartment door. It was Sandy with my future wife. I invite them in and Sandy says, "Let me introduce you, he thinks you have nice legs."

That was how I met my wife.


9/29. I loved her look, very pretty and earthy. She was singing on stage and has a beautiful voice. I'm a musician so I knew I had to go talk to her afterward. I was around 21 years old so the main thing I was thinking is "Please don't be in high school, please don't be high school".


10/29. We met when we were invited over to supper (separately) by a couple we knew. I thought her eyes were the prettiest thing I'd ever seen, and we got to talking. She was the first Hungarian I had ever met. I was a little unclear on whether that was Budapest or Bucharest, but she set me straight very quickly indeed. I was the first American she had ever met. We met up another time or two, then I lost track, and saw her again just before she was leaving town (Stuttgart, then-West Germany). She led me to believe my interest was mutual.

So I did the natural thing (story continued on the next page...).

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I wrote her a seventeen-page love letter, obsessed about her for about a week, then, on a conveniently scheduled vacation visiting friends in Belgrade, I obtained a visa (oh how difficult those days were), hopped a train, and looked up her address in Budapest. Fortunately I had learned to distinguish it from Bucharest already, otherwise this part may have been difficult.

Her mom answered the door. We had about five words of German in common but she still managed to explain I should sit tight and wait. She fed me soup. It was really good. Then my future wife returned home to find me taking a nap in her own bed, having been out to the post office mailing her answer to my 17-page letter.

Anyway, that was 26 years ago. I still think her eyes are the prettiest thing I've ever seen.


11/29. "Boy, this girl is really pretty. She'd never be into me. Better not try to fall for her."


12/29. She walked into my brother's wedding reception with my female cousin. I turned to my cousin next to me and asked if we were related to her. He said no. I told him I was going to get me some of that. Married for almost six years now.


13/29. Oh god, there's that girl that talks all the time to every single person. Oh god, she's getting on the elevator with me. She's going to talk to me. Oh god, it's just the two of us. Oh god, here it goes. I have to make actual conversation.

Her: I like your shirt.

Me: Oh, thank you.


14/29. I just realized I don't remember my first thought about my wife when I met her. I do remember coming home from that first date and telling my roommate I think I just met the woman I'm going to marry. That was pretty cool.


15/29. Honestly? First thought was: "Hmm, he is so not my type, why am I attracted to him?" I couldn't put my finger on what made him so special, but I knew we were going to be together. It was like seeing a bright green light in a sea of red ones.


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16/29. I thought, "Her boyfriend is such a tool."

Luckily she realized that herself not long after and now she's stuck with me until she realizes how much of a tool I am. It's the circle of life.


17/29. That he was handsome and well dressed. And that he was really positive and upbeat.

He says his first impression of me was, "Ooh, I like that big butt!"


18/29. Can she really be as awkward as I feel?

Right after I asked her to buy me an Americano because my wallet wasn't in my usual pocket and I thought I'd left it at home.

I spent the rest of the date, after we sat down, trying not to notice my wallet poking my butt on the wrong side.



'Hey. Sup'


Worked out ok in the end.


20/29. "She's out of my league". After 3.5 years of marriage I still feel that way. I'm not sure how I hoodwinked her, but I've somehow managed to keep the charade going.


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21/29. We were twelve and in math class. Some boys in the class were being loud and giving this new kid a weird nickname. I looked up and saw this gawky, ridiculously skinny, pasty white geek in glasses and braces. I remember thinking he had really good posture and a goofy smile.

13 years later we're married, and he became the hottie.


22/29. I got really excited because I recognized him from someone's terrible description.

I'd met him at my then job. It used to be that if you messed your time up by your computer shutting down or some such, you would e-mail him with your time fixes. I had assumed he was some cranky nerd in back, so I would write these stupid e-mails with DnD references in them and make jokes that weren't funny but definitely nerdy. I mentioned that I'd never seen him before to my supervisor and she said "Oh well. He's tall, I think. Shaves his head like Mr. Clean. He has this... well.... I think it's a birthmark.... " This was what I had to go on.

He walked by like a week later from the other side of our 300 agent call center and I excitedly shouted out his name and introduced myself.


23/29. "Why is he wearing bedroom slippers in a bar?"


24/29. I met my wife in Italy at the Trevi Fountain. I was double fisting two Heinekens and saw her across the plaza and leaned over to my best friend and said "I'm going to marry that girl!" He said "shut up you're drunk.


25/29. "He is much handsomer than his profile pictures." After our coffee date was over: "I sure would like to see this man again."

Married 2.5 years later.


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26/29. I remember my grandmother telling me about the first time she met my grandfather and how much she disliked him initially and thought he was really arrogant. Then she discovered that the way he acted then wasn't really the way he was, he was just really nervous because he thought that she was so beautiful. She gave him another chance and they ended up married for over 40 years until his death.


27/29. I thought it was too easy.

He seemed so easy to be around for me, and I never had to pretend I was something I wasn't. I was all me, right from the get go, and he was himself too.

8 years later we are married now with a home and lots of pets.


28/29. I wasn't sure if she was into me, even though she was always eye-balling me on our bus to school. My friends told me that she liked me and they knew that I was kind of shy so they dared me to ask her out. They called me chicken until one day I sat next to her on the bus.

That was 2010 and we've been married since 2013.


29/29. "He likes me. I hope he doesn't try to ask me out."



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