Something Amazing Most People Don’t Know About Matthew McConaughey.

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The day before the 9/11 attacks in the US was an average Monday for people around the world. Perhaps a slightly more important day for those in the entertainment industry though, as it was midway through the annual Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada.

32-year-old American actor Matthew McConaughey was in town for the premiere of his newest film 13 Conversations About One Thing. Along with the rest of the cast, critics, and volunteer he ushered into a Toronto theatre for the first screening. The movie was going as planned when an actor onscreen said "Why do you want a doctor?"

Ironically the next moment someone in the audience yelled that a doctor was needed. Everyone laughed and thought it was related to the movie but then people noticed that there was a lady collapsed on the floor. Someone yelled for the lights to be turned on, that a woman was having a seizure, and the movie stopped.

Most people sat still, not wanting to create a panic or rush the doors, but one person did not sit still: McConaughey. He immediately rushed down to the woman and saw that she lying on the ground, not breathing. He'd been trained on CPR and since there wasn't a doctor volunteering he gave her mouth-to-mouth.

49-year-old Janice Flisfeder recalled waking up to someone saying "It's ok, sweetheart" and when she realized that it wasn't her husband speaking, that it was heartthrob McConaughey, she thought she was dreaming. The mother of 3 thought she was just not eating properly during a busy day of film viewing and fainted.

The police were called to the scene but by the time they arrived Flisfeder was already breathing properly. By the end of the night she was standing up and even laughing with her friends. One officer said that without McConaughey's quick intervention she would have died. Matthew humbly denied the compliment saying, "It was no big deal, she needed help and I was there."

Thank goodness Matthew knew CPR and felt confident enough to volunteer his skills. CPR is something that everyone can be educated on and can literally save lives.


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