Men Share How Their Interest In A Woman Drops From 100 to 0 Real Quick.


From degrading other people based on their profession, to whining and bringing up their ex in every conversation, 34 men share how their interest level in a woman went from 100 to 0 real quick!

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1. Not wanting to be equal in the relationship

It killed my last relationship. The standard she held herself to was clearly different than the standards she held me to. It was "You should take me out to eat." Not "Let's go out to eat." The way she treated me and talked to me was not how I was supposed to talk to her or treat her. Worse, she couldn't see why that was a problem.

Got out quick.


2. Thats unfair

The type that seems to be on her phone all the time while she's with you and then when you actually text her, she never responds to your texts. Or responds with "k" or "lol!" or ":D". I mean I understand not having time or not having anything to say but really? After that it's pretty clear she's not into you. She's also usually the type that will do this and then when she comes to complain to you, you're instantly supposed to drop EVERYTHING for her.


3. Testing the relationship

She says or does things to "test the relationship" or "see how I would react."

Easy, I leave or state "You should go." if at my house.


4. That air of self-importance

Disrespecting someone they don't know for their position in life: janitors, custodians, waiters and cooks, bus drivers, etc.

If you believe any of those people are "below" you, then I'm done.


5. Making fun of someones appearance

Hey random woman, that man in my thrift-shops name is Peter, he was in a horrific car-accident when he was younger and suffered a brain injury as well as some scarring. That's why he dresses a bit funny and looks kinda dumpy. But he comes in almost every day to buy photo frames to put pictures of his parents in who died in that car accident. Don't judge a book by it's cover.


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6. Water is life!

I recently had someone say that she didn't drink water unless she absolutely had nothing else. She said she hated it.

That, for some reason, was one of the most unattractive things I'd ever heard.


7. Doesnt add anything to the conversation

If it takes immense effort to maintain a conversation with her, that's a turn off for me. It's not my responsibility to make a conversation happen, it's a team effort.


8. Unbelievable!

When she never graduated high school, has no real job, her dream is to open a strip club, and then she makes me look at photos of her getting spanked by various c-list celebrities and watch her cringey pole-dancing videos on our first date at the bar.

The absolute show stopper though was that her favorite house in Harry Potter was Hufflepuff. That's where I draw the line.


9. Goals and aspirations

No goals or ideas about what she wants to do in life. A lot of women Ive met are just banking on getting married and being a stay at home mom. No thanks, I'm trying to find someone to build the 2nd Prussian empire with.


10. When the ex is involved

When she keeps referencing her ex. Nothing says "You are only here to fill in the void" more than her constantly reminding you she had someone before you.


11. Good looking people are everywhere!

I once was dating a girl and while at the bus stop she suddenly said "there's no attractive people around here right now." Super weird, but okay. I said "well, you missed a really cute Latina girl walk by a few seconds ago" and she says "You're just pointing out another hot girl you saw? You can't do that! It makes me feel insecure!"

Left immediately. Everyone has insecurities, but damn. The relationship I had before that (and now) we were constantly pointing out good looking people to each other.


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12. No games

Playing hard to get or acting uninterested. I'm 30, I don't have time to keep courting you to see if you come around. If you're not clearly in to me on the first date there won't be a second.


13. A terrible attitude

I remember once I got this beautiful girls number in college and took her out to dinner. She spent the entire time complaining about everything under the sun (parents, friends, the food, the restaurant). At one point I was tempted to sneak out but I stuck it out and it actually got worse. After it was all said and done she tried to get me to take her out again but I weaselled out of it.


14. Annoying voice

I don't care if she is the most beautiful woman on Earth, if she has a stupid voice I can't even be in the same room without internally screaming.


15. Just generally speaking

Clingy, thinking irrationally, losing their temper and expecting other to be fine with it and being a nasty piece of work I general.


16. No smoking, no partying

If she smokes it's an instant turn off for me. My dad, mom, grandma, grandpa, and most of my aunts/uncles smoke (or smoked...) and I can't stand the smell anymore.

A party girl is a turn off for me too. I don't drink anymore for several reasons and I'm done dealing with that lifestyle from anybody. I don't care if she drinks a bit, but I'm not going out to bars, etc, and partying with her while she gets drunk 5 days a week.


17. Manipulative qualities

Having been in a toxic relationship where she did exactly this and was just a sociopath, I've gotten good at identifying potential abusive partners.

Now landed on my feet after 7 + years dealing with depression and a suicide attempt and having to try and deal with her. Have a beautiful fianc and going to uni. I don't look back at all.


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18. Its all in the astrological signs

Anything about horoscopes or other new-age stuff. It's insufferable to be subjected to that, and when a profile is full of it, you know the dialogue will be too. Had one try to get me to do crystal healing, another refused to talk to me because of my astrological sign (I don't even know what it is), it's terrible.


19. Rewriting the past

Yes, people make mistakes sometimes and I can accept that, but if you are regularly insisting that I promised things I know I'd never promise then we've got beef.


20. No respect for fast food employees

If they are extremely rude and disrespectful towards, or make fun of, fast food workers. I worked at McDonalds for 6 months between jobs, and the people I worked with are all some of the nicest people I've known. A lot of them were high school/college aged kids just trying to earn some spending money or pay rent at their apartment. Others literally had no where else to go but still came in with a smile.

So whenever a woman (or anyone for that matter) starts crap talking fast food workers or just being bullies, I automatically lose all respect for them.


21. Against reading!!! what?!?!

"I just dont like reading" or "reading isnt my thing".

Its one thing to be a picky reader or not having enough free time to get into a decent sized book but saying you are actively against reading is a huge red flag and makes me think less of you as a person.


22. Racial slurs

Women being vulgar around or screaming at their kids.

Generally, the woman who is making a scene public. You know the one screaming at what you can only imagine to be her boyfriend 10 feet from the entrance to a super market, at a volume that can be heard from across the parking lot.


23. A few things

Playing "hard to get" is a big one. There is a difference between being coy or shy and just being annoying.

The way she treats others. I walked out on one date after seeing the way she treated her kid and ended more than a few after seeing them treat waitstaff poorly or just being rude to others.

Needing constant validation is another big one. I don't care for you begging for compliments constantly. If I didn't think you're beautiful, smart, wonderful, etc. I wouldn't be with you in the first place.

Being dumb or playing dumb. If we can't have a decent conversation or if you constantly have to ask me to explain simple things then we just aren't compatible. I don't expect everyone to be a genius but I do expect people to know that the sun is a star and the earth is round.


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24. Be yourself

Women that try to be Kim Kardashian. I wouldn't want to be with a woman who's trying to be someone else, even if I liked the person she was trying to be.


25. Bad attitude, bad behavior

When she gives attitude to everyone, then justifies that she's only exhibiting bad behavior due to stressful circumstances she's under.

No matter how crappy a persons circumstances are, I don't think it gives them the right to be a jerk.

Other reasons: Being irresponsible, refusing to clean up her mess and refusing to let anyone else clean it. Being a woman-child who can't take care of herself and throws tantrums in public. Thinking it's acceptable to cancel appointments and break promises that were made. It just shows disrespect for other peoples time.


26. Believing the wrong things

An example was a first date with a woman, and at some point our conversation was about speeding tickets. She told me that you don't have to pay a ticket if the cop was hiding when he clocked you on radar. Because that's entrapment. He has to be in clear view for the ticket to be enforceable.

I didn't know her well enough to call her a fool, so I just nodded like I was learning something. But I was mentally swiping left.


27. Last minute cancellation

When you get irritated at them for something, and they try to twist it to make you apologize for having the audacity to express that irritation.

Like if you agree to meet somewhere at 3, you call/text at 3:15 because they're not there and you haven't heard anything. Then they finally respond at 3:45 saying they have to cancel for whatever reason.

And it may be entirely justified (although it takes literally seconds to let someone know "hey I can't make it" before the agreed time), but if they can't even understand how you could be mad that you sat around waiting only to get a cancellation an hour late.


28. Uninteresting conversations

Being boring. I've known a few women who were drop dead gorgeous but could not carry on a conversation to save their lives. I knew a girl that was pretty into me but the conversation would go south so fast.

Example Me: How was your day? Her: Good. Me: ... Her: You? Me: Can't complain (insert brief description) Her: Cool. Me: ... Her: How are you? Nope.


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29. Wasted conversation and time

Feeling like every conversation I share with her is just wasted. Becomes more of a chore to talk with her.

Values, kinks, and sex over intimacy. Doesn't return sweet talk at all or anything. Hell, doesn't even respect the fact that I even have a job, whining about why I'm gone for periods. Sleeping for work, going to work and coming back from work fatigued.


30. Belonging to a certain group

Makes sure to say she's a feminist as soon and as often as possible. Or vegan. Or christian. Or atheist. Or whatever.

Now, realize that having certain values is one thing, and saying you belong to a certain group or ideology is another.

The first has to do with how you live your life, the second has to do with how you want people to perceive you. And, well, in my experience it's a bad sign when people want you to focus on what they tell. It usually means that there's something not quite right with what they show.


31. Communication is key!

Inability or unwillingness to communicate, to discuss current situations, to try and understand what is going in the relationship, romantic or not.

The only way to find common ground and to understand each other is trough communication. If you are not willing to do that... I can't keep investing my emotions in you.


32. That duck face pose

Being unable to put down their phone for 2 seconds.

Also duckface in photos. Might sound minor but do I want to be flicking though photos with the grandkids and be like "Oh look here's another of your grandma trying to look sexy but just looking like a vacuous slapper!"?

No, no I do not.


33. Not punctual

Please, if we have a time set then be there. It is even worse if it's for work or more important appointments. I see that as disrespect for the person you are meeting. It costs nothing to show up on time.


34. Lack of confidence

Difference between insulting yourself and making a funny self-deprecating joke. The line is thin, though. You can 'feel' it when the line's crossed, and it kills it for me.



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