Mischevious People Share Their Favorite Way To Mess With Strangers.

Have you ever messed with a stranger? Or messed with one yourself? It can be a lot of fun, and the results are hilarious.

Here are some of the best responses to the question: "How do you like to mess with strangers?"

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1/34. My ex and I are both red headed, which prompted an unbelievable number of people to ask - often while we were holding hands or being affectionate - if we were dating or if we were brother and sister.

Eventually I would simply say, "both."


2/34. There's a 200 ft wide strip of woods between our property and the next road over where there are a bunch of houses.

Every night for the last 2 months I've been waiting until after dark, then I go outside with this huge wooden train whistle and blow it a few times towards the neighbors' houses.

There are no trains anywhere near us.


3/34. Whenever I am walking my dog, people always stop and ask what breed she is. I've started making up breeds with a simple formula of COUNTRY + FOOD + DOG TYPE. My favorites so far have been "Yemenese Milk Terrier" and "Mongolian Pork Hound".


4/34. Credit goes to this girl in my undergrad english class who did this unintentionally, but if you move your eyes to look at someone before turning your head, it's the creepiest thing ever. She did it all the time while holding perfect posture (hands in lap sitting straight up). It would always give me chills. So now I do it to people when I'm bored.


5/34. Sometimes I'll say really dumb, yet plausible stuff to people I know are too nice to correct me. It's fun watching them think I'm some sort of idiot. Technically the joke's on me, but I still think it's hilarious.

Recent example: Stranger on the bus asked me what I am going to be doing for Thanksgiving. My answer? "Oh, I'm not religious, I don't celebrate Thanksgiving."


6/34. You know how at the beginning of a school year the teacher sometimes plays an icebreaker like "Two Truths and a Lie" or says "Tell us an interesting fact about you"? Well I always make something up. So far I've been a twin, born with my organs on the wrong side of my body, claimed a celebrity as a relative, gotten my pilot's license, etc. Something that other people can't exactly disprove. The problem is that sometimes I forget what I've said and people bring it up to me later and I have to catch myself.


I was also pretty drunk once and was introduced to this frat guy. I was bored and decided to pretend I was British. I acted like he caught me talking to a friend in private with an accent. So I made up this very elaborate back story about how I lived in England and how I was an international student but that I was sick of people treating me differently so I would talk with an American accent normally and only my closest friends knew my secret. I begged him not to tell and he swore he wouldn't. Every once in a while I would ask him about American slang or accidentally "slip up" and say something that only Brits say. I would see him around campus and pretend to be talking on the phone in a hushed accent as I walked past him.

He genuinely believed me and our mutual friends played along. I started dating my boyfriend and one day my boyfriend pretended to be drunk at a party and "confessed" to him that I was actually British and the guy got all high and mighty and started telling my boyfriend that he's dumb because he knew I was British way before him.

I kept it going for about 9 months until I felt awful about it and told him. He didn't believe me and thought I was messing with him and said there was no way I was American. He's a jerk though so I don't feel that bad about it anymore.


7/34. My friends sister will make one of her eyeballs drift inwards slowly while people are talking to her; until it is fully turned in while the other eyeball is still focused on them. Hilarious watching people sweat trying to talk to her.


8/34. Whenever people are handing out free food samples on little tooth picks at food courts, I walk over to them, mouth open, and make them feed me.


9/34. I was born with one arm, but when we went to amusement parks as teens my sister would always say, "Keep your hands in the coaster this time."


10/34. I'm from Hawaii so every time I go to the mainland I tell people that its super primitive and pretend to not know what iphones and microwaves are. An irritating amount of people believe me. Also i convinced kids at my college that we have "volcano drills."


11/34. My husband loves it when little kids sit directly in front of him on a roller coaster. As we are making our ascent he loves to shout "holy Crap, it didn't make that noise last time". There is often a kid that will turn around and look scared to death. Cruel. He says he is just enhancing the experience.


12/34. My dad used to play this game when we were all driving somewhere. When passing a stranger he would honk the horn and we would all smile and wave to that special someone like it was a long lost friend. Good times.


13/34. I live in Belgium, which is officially trilingual.

At music festivals if a stranger asks me a question I'll almost always reply in the other language.


14/34. Instead of saying "take care" I say "Dick hair". I try to make the difference as subtle as possible while still making them subliminally wonder if that's what I said.


15/34. The elevator in my office takes a few seconds to start. Every time I'm in the elevator with only customers I tap the wall and just after that the elevator starts, all the customers look confused after that.

One day I even saw one customer doing the same tap to the elevator, I lost it.


16/34. If a customer is rude at work, I'll decline their card two or three times so they panic a little before letting the sale go through.


17/34. I tell them the first blatantly untrue thing about myself I can think of and see how long I can run with it.

I was once dragged to a dorm party by a friend when were both wayyy too old to be there so I told this group of stoners I was born with no legs and I went for groundbreaking surgery in Europe where I had donor legs attached.

I had people commenting on how you could tell because the skin on my legs looked different to the rest of me. Of course I can never go back there or talk to those people ever again but to be fair it's been about nine years now and that's not been a problem so far.


18/34. When stopped at a stop light and you are on the right side at the very front, I like to look at the car to my left and give them a look I have to tell them something important.


Then I roll down my window while keeping eye contact. As soon as the person rolls their window down, I then roll my window up without ever saying a word and turn right when the light turns green.


19/34. When I'm in a porta potty and someone knocks on the door, instead of saying "Occupied", I say "Come in." A majority of them actually then try to open the locked door.


20/34. If someone beeps at me on the road, rather than getting pissed off back I just grin at them and put my thumb up. I like to think that makes them more angry.


21/34. In a car park, put a note on a random car that says "Sorry, I accidentally hit your car" and don't specify where.

When they come back and read that note, just watch them do circles around their car as they try to find that non-existential dent.


22/34. Insert the phrase "no pun intended" after a seemingly normal comment. Watch them squirm.


23/34. My uncle's mate has a disabled parking permit for his leg injury. He also carries a white cane in the car so when he gets out at the shopping mall, he can walk away tapping the ground in front of him.


24/34. IDK if this counts but when I'm drunk and want to be away from people I go and glue googly eyes on posters all over the city.

Drunk me just gets this craving. I always carry eyes & glue in my purse for this reason.

Sometimes I walk past places months later and the eyes are still there, makes me happy.


25/34. Someone tries to hand leaflet

"I can't read sorry"


26/34. So there's this sort of game that I play. It's where you try to make the worst small talk possible. The goal is to make them feel the most uncomfortable and awkward with questions like "How's that shirt treating you?" What's best is when they don't really have an answer back. It's sort of a mild form of sadism and I relish in it.


27/34. I don't like those people that try to get you to sign up for a chance to win a vacation or a car at malls or sporting events. To avoid awkwardness (on my part), I tell them I'm not eligible to win because I'm a felon.


28/34. I can't do it very often, for obvious reasons, but I dropped off my glasses to get a lens replaced once and was walking around the mall half-blind, and a dude at a cart tried to stop me with a pitch of some sort and I just gestured at my ear and said "Sorry man, I can't hear you. I don't have my glasses on."

He just stopped mid-pitch, and I wish I could have seen the look on his face as he tried to process it.


29/34. Black Friday mall parking lot. Walk around the full parking lot and get out my keys, stand next to a car. Do nothing but stare at a driver waiting for the spot.


30/34. Call into random conference calls. If you google today's date and conference call, some places have the dial in code listed and you can get through if the time fits. Best to get a feel for the call and just inject some nonsense that sorta fits the subject or rib the guy who calls in late.


31/34. I am able to make a clicking noise and I work in retail. Always entertaining to watch our customers go insane trying to find what is making the noise, best comment I have over heard was, "there is a friggin' predator here."


32/34. I had a joke with my friends. Every time we were driving and we saw someone walking on the street, one of us shout "Hello insert random name here". Without knowing the person real name, if the guy says hello to you too you get a point. We had a notebook and we put our points in there.


33/34. I say "hello" or "good morning" to random people. Most people are so caught up in their day, it throws them off for a second. Watching someone stammer out a response gets me every time.


34/34. I like to go to stores that have both a grocery section and a toy section. I first go to the toy section and find a rubber snake. Then I take it to the produce area and usually place it in the lettuce section so it's kind of hidden a bit.




In life, sometimes there's wrong and "technically not wrong" - and the difference can often be hilarious.

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