More Than Taste. Foodies Share Their Most Ridiculous Restaurant Experiences

From undercooked food, to over-offending customers, this list is nothing short of restaurant goers' most ridiculous experiences. 

We placed our orders, kid's wasnt what she wanted. Sent it back. Manager came out and started explaining to our 8 year old that she is being wasteful. We interrupted, he then got mad and started to yell at us because hed have to throw away the sandwich! Fine, just bring us what we ordered. I said. No, he yelled, you people can get out! So we left. He ran out after us, yelling "aren't you going to pay?!"

No! Sorry, mean manager man. Luckily, his little restaurant closed about a year later.


Me and my friend went to a new pizza place in a nice part of town. They had a brick fired oven, marble counter, the kind of place that would have dim lights. They sat us and we ordered a water. Started looking through the menu. The manager/owner walked over and asked if we were ready to order. We told him we've never been here and need a moment. Our waters then arrived. We started going back and forth trying to decide what to get from their choice of artisanal pizzas. The manager/owner came back and asked if we had any questions about the menu. We placed our order with him. He then came back to our table to make small talk. For the entire wait for our meal! The pizza arrived and we ate while he talked at us about "love language". I just wanted him to go away so we could just eat our lunch as I don't like people looking at me while I'm eating. We werent actively engaging with him at this point, yet he just kept on with his monologue about different "love language" which he just probably read about in some book or another. Overall it was just okay pizza, nothing to write home about. There was even another place across town that was better, cheaper, and had bigger portions. Never went back there, who would? Place closed down a month or so later.


Took my fiancee's parents to a restaurant that was pretty crowded. We ended up being sat near the double doors going into the kitchen. Just as our food arrived, we got treated to a memorable story from someone in the kitchen speaking very, very loudly.

He described, in detail, a sexual encounter he saw online between a woman and a boa constrictor. No detail was too small for him to recount. He painted a very clear picture.


My parents and I went to a mediocre Italian chain for dinner one night just to try it out, my pop and I have always liked trying new places to eat just for the heck of it. We got there and the place wasn't busy at all, there was maybe a few people eating. We went up and asked for a table for three in the non-smoking area. They made us wait for almost an hour before seating us, and when they sat us it happened to be right next to the smoking area, which was actually pretty full and had plenty of people smoking. We just got up and moved to the other side of the room (there was no one else in this part of the restaurant so we had no trouble getting to the other table). They took our order pretty quickly but we have to wait another hour before seeing our food. There was a short step down to where they sat us and the waitress carrying our food tripped over it and our food got flung all over the floor. She came over and apologized profusely and said she'd put it in again no charge. After another half an hour she brings our food out and it was ice cold, like they just took it out of the refrigerator cold. At this point it'd been over two hours. We just got up, my pop handed the waitress a tip (it was obviously not her fault the night was a mess) and we left and went to get some fast food.


I was in Prague. I didn't necessarily expect anyone to speak English, but usually restaurants would have a menu in English for tourists, or at least one with pictures. This restaurant had neither, and the waiter was rightfully annoyed that I spoke zero Czech. I had no problem with the service, but what I ended up ordering was apparently a family-sized bowl of tuna and onions.

Obviously, I haven't had many bad experiences if this was my worst, but at the time, as an extremely anxious person under normal circumstances, this situation was especially excruciating. I forced myself to eat about half the bowl before I just put my napkin on top and got out my wallet expectantly. I sometimes wonder if that wasn't on the menu at all and they just wanted to see if I'd eat it.


 One time I was at a small shack restaurant that I would go to eat at often. After all, it was in my neighborhood. I ordered myself a double cheeseburger, with a side of fries and a drink. I waited 20 minutes, and they got everything correct except they were missing a patty. I told them about it and they took it back. Instead of adding another patty they instead threw away my burger and I had to wait another 20 minutes, only for them to make the same mistake once more. By this point I was starting to get angry so I called them out for it. They apologized and took my burger back. I thought they were going to get it right that final time. BUT THEY THREW THE BURGER AWAY AGAIN. I waited another 10 minutes and they come out with my correct burger.

Or so I thought. IT WAS A HOT DOG. THEY BROUGHT ME A HOT DOG. I demanded my money back, and took my fries and drink home with me. I had cereal for lunch that day.


 One time when I was enjoying my fajita on a hungover Sunday lunch, and one of the cooks decided that mixing ammonia and bleach was a good idea. At first my friends and I just saw people running out of the restaurant, which we thought was just a family dining and dashing, but then all of sudden we got hit with this train of light headedness and a burning sensation in our noses. Before we knew it the entire place is in mass chaos as everyone is trying to fight their way out of the restaurant. 10/10 would do again since the food was free.


A few years ago, we had just moved back to the US after living in Japan. I let my jetlagged kids pick the restaurant, and they chose Olive Garden (I know, I know.). My 7 year old ordered a pizza off the kids' menu.

When it arrived, the crust looked awfully charred. She turned it over to see if the bottom was as burnt as the sides. We found a piece of broken glass embedded into the crust. It was the same blueish/green color that their drink glasses are made of. It was pretty clear that the dough had fallen on the floor, and when they picked it back up, the glass was stuck in the dough and then baked into place.

I asked for the manager, and pointed it out. He didn't even notice the glass at first and thought we were just annoyed about the burned crust. I said that was also unacceptable, but I was really just extra mad about the glass. Then he actually accused me of planting it. I wasn't looking for a free meal, I just wanted an apology and food that wouldn't injure my kid. I was so pissed.


Ordered a T-Bone at a chain steakhouse. It came out missing the filet/tenderloin. The bone was still attached. I immediately told the server. She tried to explain that this is what a T-bone steak was, because the bone is shaped like a T.

I politely said "you are correct but the reason I wanted the T-Bone is because I wanted the strip and the filet." She told me that I could order just a tenderloin cooked to my preference.

I flagged down a floor manager. And he was literally on his phone texting and rolling his eyes as I told him what happened. He proceeded to talk down to me like I was dumb. He said "sir, this is our t-bone. This is how we prepare it and you may order a filet if you'd like, but I suggest learning your cuts of beef before, ahhhemm, coming to a steak house." I told him just to charge me for the strip and drop it. But was once again he told me why it was called a t-bone according to this restaurant. I could have gone into the whole "I'm actually a chef, yayaya" bit, but I didn't want to get into all of that.

I asked to speak to the GM. I was told he was off today. As most chains, the GM's name is listed on the door. I went to take a peak, and asked the hostess if he was available. She calls him over the headset and the floor manager made this very scared looking eye contact with me from across the dining room.

The meal for the entire family was comped by the end of it all.

I just didn't want to pay for something I didn't get.


We went to Giotto's Italian restaurant when we first arrived in London as a broke couple from Australia. We had a lunch special of a glass of wine, a salad and a pizza. The wine tasted like it was watered down (blurgh), and we waited and waited for our food. It was busy, so we didn't think anything of it until probably about 45 mins in. When we asked for an ETA on our lunch, the waiter got owl eyes and rushed off to check. They'd forgotten to put the order in. The pizza was very average, and they 'upgraded' our salad by putting tuna all over it. My husband hates fish so couldn't eat it. When we went to pay, we handed the waiter a 10 note for a 9.90 special. He cashed it out and happily put our 10p change in their tip jar with a flourish while he stared us straight in the eyes. We just turned and walked out. You have to laugh at experiences like that.


A few years back we got takeout from Wendy's, and pretty much everything was wrong. For starters, everyone's fries were about half-full, and I think they gave us regular Cokes rather than diets. I ordered a double cheeseburger with only cheese, ketchup and mustard, got a single burger with lettuce, onions, and pickles on top of the ketchup and mustard. My parents both got the wrong kind of salad, but my brother got it the worst. He ordered a chicken sandwich, and after taking a few bites he says "Mom, I think something's wrong with my chicken." He hands it to my Mom, the chicken was completely pink. We luckily got a free meal out of this.


Our waitress took a break midway through the meal to do laundry, but didn't tell anyone. She brought our check, then when she ran the card, she charged us for the other table's food (it was late and there was only one other group there). When she took it back to fix it, it took a very long time. Come to find out she lost our credit card. She and the manager kinda poked around for it and basically were like "well, this sucks. Sorry. No charge". When my husband offered to call the police they responded with,"that isn't necessary! Nothing was stolen". My husband than said "we came in with a card and we aren't leaving with one sounds pretty stolen!" the card was miraculously found within minutes.


On my last day of a holiday in Greece we went to a restaurant that seemed nice when we passed earlier in the day. First off, the waiter didn't seem to want us to sit down at all, reluctantly served us after we waited ages. (Side note: it wasn't busy. Another family came to sit down and the waiter greeted them in a very friendly manner.)

Then when he was taking our order I asked him about one of the items and he spoke to me like I was an idiot while simultaneously making no sense. "What's x ? " "it's X." "Yeah but there's no description. What does it come with? What's it like? I said. "It's x." He said again, and just repeated it until I ordered something else.

Anyway they slammed our food down on the table and they got my order wrong. My mum tried to tell them and they acted as if we're making a big fuss when really we weren't. The waiter then yelled at me until I started to cry. Also: all the food was microwaved anyway so it wasn't even that much of a big deal (I walked past the kitchens). I was a bit angry and emotional but I've never cried like that in public before, it was really awful. Anyway they brought my food and it was just mediocre, but luckily there were loads of kittens everywhere so I basically just scooped up a couple kittens and fed them and that made me feel a lot better. In retrospect petting stray kittens while eating dinner was not very hygienic but it saved the evening to be honest.


Went to this local spot that sells fancy cocktails and food. First time we went everything was amazing except my waiter kept trying to chat me up. This was fine but what he was saying to do this was a bit off. Instead of saying something like "how was your day/what have you been up to today?" He said "you look tired, why is that?" Etc. Second time we go the place wasn't that full, but the waitress was now making me very uncomfortable. She kept giggling in our faces and touching us. We waited around 30 minutes for our apps to start coming out and then another 20 for our mains, that actually were given to the table in front of us. It took the manager another 10 minutes to realize what happened, he then came over to tell the people OPPOSITE of us that they got our meal instead of their own, but don't worry theirs will be free. We waited another 20 minutes for our mains. One of our mains was a steak with chimichurri. The steak arrives with some flattened parsley on top. That was it. The waitress came over and asked how it was going and I said something along the lines of "where's the chimichurri?" And she giggled in my face and left. We get charged for everything and we left a good tip but I will never step foot in that place again. I should mention the meal cost over $200. So for that price I  at least expecting my chimichurri.


One time my family and I stopped at a busy Pizza Hut for a bite to eat while traveling. The manager seated us - we knew it was the manager since he had it on his name tag, took our order and never came back. We had gotten the salad bar so we had salad but no drinks, and after like 30 minutes my father waved down a nearby waitress to ask if she could look into what was going on with our stuff.

Well, she asked the manager who had seated us and taken our order and he just ripped into her about how she was irresponsible and a terrible waitress and all of this horrible stuff right in the middle of the restaurant. The poor girl was crying. This angered my father, who managed restaurants for some years and always tried to treat employees fairly (his best friend to this day is a guy that was his employee when they were in their 20s). So he told the manager that no, the waitress did not forget to take our order, that he himself had taken it and done who knows what with it. I remember the manager just looking him dead in the eye and going "I did not take your order."

So we left. I don't think we paid for our salads, we just left.


Went to Denny's late night with friends. Ordered cheese fries without the bacon bits. They of course came with bacon. Ok, no big deal, mistakes happen. Sent it back. Server came back a minute later with what was obviously the same plate with the bacon picked off. There was still bacon bits under the top layer of cheese. So I called the server back over and she said something along the lines of "so what do you want?" I told her "nothing anymore" and went down the street to a burrito place, got some food and brought it back into the Dennys to eat with my friends. I'm not giving you three chances to earn my money when you have a terrible attitude.


Went to a local sushi place with friends. Ordered a combo of rolls and a miso soup. The Miso soup came, but not my combo. All the orders for my friends had already arrived and they finished eating, yet my combo still hadn't arrived. I asked the waitress multiple times and she said that they were behind on "sushi" despite all my friend's sushi already coming out and that had like 6 sushi chefs. Later on, when all my friends were done eating, the waitress brought what appears to be my dish. She arrived at the table. Looks at the dish, goes to set it down, then lifted it up and left. I was like "WTF That is exactly what I ordered!" She told me that it was for the other table, who actually sat down way after us. She brought me my combo after another 15 minutes, at this point all my friends were sitting around awkwardly. I asked the waitress how ddidshe expect me to eat it with everyone done and she just looked at me wide-eyed and asked "how is this my problem?"

We all just got up to pay at the register and they still charged me for the miso soup.


I have Celiac disease. One time I went to a restaurant here that has a reputation for their gluten free menu. Ordered their most well-known gluten free item that I had once before. As I was happily enjoying my meal maybe 10 minutes into being served, the manager came out ghost white and told me they mixed up my plate and it wasn't the gluten free version. They quickly comped our meal and wine even sending me home with the gluten free version. Not that I got to enjoy it since I was puking and sick for the next week. They did change their plating system afterwards for Gluten Free dishes versus regular menu dishes to avoid mishaps.


A few years ago, I went to O'Charlies restaurant and ordered a salad. I asked the server if there was bacon in it and he said there's none, to which I said, "Great! I don't eat bacon, due to religion's restrictions."

30 minutes later, my salad came and what do I noticed it's covered in? Tons of bacon. I politely asked the server if he can get me a new salad without bacon. He took the salad and less than 5 minutes passed before and he came back with another salad. I thought it was quick because they couldn't have grilled the chicken and prepared the salad in that time. I look through the salad and I see pieces of bacon are still in there. I wave him over and tell him, and he says, "I'm sorry, let me tell the cook to pick those out of there for you."

I tell him that I cannot eat anything that has even touched bacon. He says he will bring me a new salad. Less than 5 minutes again, I get the salad and lo and behold there's still bacon in there. By that time, I had lost my patience and asked for a manager. I told him of what happened and he apologizes. He tells the server to bring me a new salad without bacon and their cheese and potatoes soup as an incentive to eat there.

20 minutes later, I get the salad...with no bacon. But I look at the soup and what do I see is mixed in there? BACON!

To this day, I still haven't eaten there.


I was eating with friends at an Applebee's and the waitress thought that I said something mean to her. I have no idea what she thought I said because she never came back to our table. Some other waiters came out and said they were going to serve us because I hurt the waitress feelings and she was in the back crying. I was utterly confused because I hadn't said anything to or about the waitress. They assured me that they weren't going to mess with my food (I told them I wasn't sure I wanted to order anything since they thought I had said something mean and I couldn't trust they wouldn't mess with my food). I don't even remember if I ordered or ate anything but I just remember the whole situation being incredibly awkward.


I was having lunch at with one of my clients and I bit into my spinach and hummus sandwich, and got this really off putting taste, so I looked down and there was half a huge disgusting looking bug sticking out. It was seriously so gross looking. I, discreetly as I could, spat it out into my napkin but I looked so disgusted that my client knew something was wrong, so I told him and when the waitress came back she asked what was wrong so I told her. She apologized and brought the sandwich back inside, and suddenly the owner comes stomping out all huffy and starts yelling at us, looking at my client and saying "I know people like you try to get free food all the time, I'm not falling for this, you planted this, I don't want people like you here" etc.

We were just shocked, she made such a scene and we weren't even asking for anything free. He just calmly but loudly stated that we were going to go somewhere else without bugs in the spinach, I threw some money on the table, and we left. I looked back and everyone in there was disgustedly pushing away their plates. She made it soo much worse by making such a scene. I still can't eat spinach, I keep expecting a bug tucked away between the leaves.


I was in Cracker Barrel with my family a few months ago and the kid at the table next to us just randomly puked his guts out onto the floor. Right in the middle of the restaurant.

You would think this is a sanitation and health hazard and would be immediately cleaned up, but instead we had to try to continue with our meals with a fresh pile of regurgitated chicken fried steak sitting 3 feet from us for the next 30 MINUTES.

A manager finally came over, slapped a "wet floor" sign over it, shrugged, and walked away. Our waitress would literally have to step around the pile of puke to ask us if everything tasted ok.

It didn't.


Made a reservation for Valentine's Day a few years ago at a new restaurant in town soon after it opened. They were getting some decent buzz and had a foie gras dish I was dying to try.

Since Valentine's Day is amateur night in NYC I checked their website and even called before making the reservation to make sure they weren't going to pull some marked up, limited menu thing and was assured they'd be serving their normal menu.

The day before, when they called to confirm my reservation they also informed me that only a special, Valentine's Day menu would be served. That was not fair considering it was way too late to get another reservation somewhere else at that point.

Then, the meal itself was a disaster. The menu didn't have the foie gras dish and the table next to us actually got up and left when they found out. Our cocktails were served AFTER our first course, it took almost an hour to get our bottle of wine and not a single dish was memorable.

When we complained to the manager near the end of the meal he was the most smug, self-important, pompous person I've ever dealt with. He clearly didn't care at all because it was amateur night.

I felt so rewarded when they closed last year after less than three years in business. How they managed to ever get a Michelin star with such horrendous service is way beyond me.



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