Mortified People Share Times Where They Were Accidentally Creepy.

Nobody ever wants to be the creepy guy or girl in a social situation, but sometimes things beyond our control make us that way.

Here are fifteen people sharing times they were accidentally creepy.

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1/15. I walked into the room and my aunt was holding my baby cousin. I gave him a kiss on the forehead- then when I looked I realised she was breast-feeding the baby cousin. Was rather --- awkward.


2/15. I was at the city swimming pool with my two daughters (6 and 8 years old) and it was time to go. I was waiting for my youngest to come around the lazy river thing and it was way past time for her to show up (like two minutes) and I felt a bump and looked down and saw her. I grabbed her hand and said "lets go."

She had the same swimsuit my daughter has and her hair looked just like my kids. It was not my daughter. The girl reacted by pulling away and I turned around ready to unleash daddy hell and saw her face and I felt like the worst person ever. EVER.

The little girl was backing up with a scared look on her face. Only saving grace was her mother was with her. I was totally apologetic, like sorry, your daughter has the same suit, same hair. After I rounded up my daughters I went looking for the mom just to show her I wasn't some daughter grabbing psycho.

She didn't have as much of a problem with it as I did. Probably cause she was there. I still see that little girls eyes scared cause a stranger grabbed her hand and said "Lets go."


3/15. I was driving back from my club, we wrapped things up at around 10:30 pm. I get onto the main road and end up behind this oldish car that is doing 50 km/h on a 60 km/h road. I realise I'm tailgating and ease off, and didn't want to try undertaking because I was feeling lazy.

I approach my next turn and the car in front is doing the same. I end up following this car almost all the way home. I tend to use my blinkers a little later and as a result it looked like I was waiting for the car in front of me to decide which road to turn to before hitting my blinkers.

As we turn onto my final road they suddenly pull over.


It couldn't have been their house because they pulled over next to a school's football field. I realise they thought I was following them and had an "Oh no!" moment. I drive off and I see them in my rearview mirror pull out again behind me but quite a distance away.


4/15. My wife and her sister are near in age and actually look quite similar from the back, especially if they are sitting down (because, yes, I know what my wife's rear end looks like).

Well at Christmas last year, I went up behind my wife and wrapped my arms around her and kissed the back of her neck where it meets her shoulder.

Not my wife.


5/15. One time I was backpacking with a friend around New Zealand. We arrived at a new hostel in Wellington, where there were about 8 bunk beds, but when we got there it was just us two. We started joking around as people sometimes do, and my friend went under one of the beds to see if he could fit or something. He came out and I decided to do the same. Not sure why.

Well anyway, as soon as I went under the bed, three girls walked in. I should have got out right then and laughed it off, but I froze, not sure what to do. Then my friend left the room without saying a word. Dick. So there I am, under a bed, with three attractive young girls right next to me. I've been there far to long to come out, so I just press myself against the wall and silently beg for them to leave. After about 5 minutes they must have heard me breathing or something, because they stop talking and look under the bed.

I have never felt more creepy in my life, and the next few nights were very awkward. They were surprisingly good about it, but still.


6/15. As the subway was pulling up to my stop in Brooklyn late one night I noticed a girl standing by the door, she was cute and I had a flash of recognition so I smiled at her, she didn't smile back but that's okay, I'm not the most attractive guy in the world.

We both exit and head out the same stairwell, she looked over her shoulder and quickly turned back. That's when I figured out where I knew her from. When I first moved into the apartment that I was currently living, the building had a big 4th of July party, I met her there she lived a floor up or down I wasn't sure which, I only met her once and that was brief.

Anyway we get outside and it's cold, I mean dead of winter speed-walk home cold. She's walking at a brisk pace and so am I. We're headed the exact same direction and there's nobody else on the street, she looks over her shoulder again, sees me there, and takes off running.


Now the apartment building that we both live at is only a block away from the subway entrance, so she runs for like half a block, fumbles for her keys and drops them. She bends down to get the keys and when she looks up, I'm already at the door, holding the door open for her that I opened with my own keys. A look of shock flashed across her face, then relief, then embarrassment. She manages a "thanks" and walks inside, one awkward elevator ride later and I enter my apartment and cry myself to sleep.


7/15. Late one rainy night my car wouldn't start, leaving me stranded in a downtown parking lot with a dead battery.

As I'm standing there with my umbrella a lady comes around the corner and approaches a car not too far from mine. She must not have seen me, because she froze when I said "Excuse me!"

I had jumper cables, so I brilliantly started with "I'm so sorry to do this to you..." I had planned to continue with "...but could I get a jump?". Instead I realized she was standing out in the rain getting soaked while I had an umbrella.

Being the polite guy that I am, I started jogging over to her with the umbrella. She screamed and started to back away as fast as she could, only to fall backwards with what she could only assume was a murdering umbrella killer charging her.

Of course I immediately stop and raise my hands in the air while backing away slowly, but it's too late. She is cowering in the gutter crying.

I felt like complete jerk. She got the out of there as quickly as she could while I stammered apologies as fast as I could.


8/15. I was walking around my neighborhood smoking a cigarette. I was young and hiding my smoking from my parents so I stuck to the alleys.

It looked like rain, so I put my hood up.

As I'm walking I hear these kids arguing "You jump first! No, you jump first!" The alley is lined with bushes, and beyond the bushes are yards. In one of the yards, 2 kids are sitting atop jungle gym convincing eachother to jump.

I think to myself "Those idiots are going to jump. This is gonna be great!" So I stop to watch the action unfold.

They argue for a bit more, then they both at once look over at me. They freak out and start screaming "Stranger! Stranger watching us! Mommy, stranger! In the trees!"


I panic. The realization sets in that I'm standing behind the bushes, in stormy weather, with a dark hood on, smoking a cigarette and watching children play.

I ran.


9/15. I was walking home from the campus library late one night and saw a couple kissing in a 2nd or 3rd story window of a dorm building. One of my friends lived in the dorm in question and I was positive that's where his room was. Wanting to give him a scare, I started throwing mulch at the window. After a few minutes the couple finally heard the noise and looked down to see me giving a thumbs up. It was not my friend.


10/15. I have a good friend where we always gave each other out of the ordinary compliments such as nice butt and she would say nice package. We do this to weird out some people, mostly this is done when we are drunk downtown. A harmonious friendship indeed.

Well.. I saw her at Walmart and thought I'd say nice butt and give her a hug from behind... it wasn't her. The girl who turned around was in total shock and I was beyond embarrassed. I didn't bother trying to explain and I just ran off. I still cringe about that moment.


11/15. Back in Los Angeles I had these two stoner friends, Jack and Lucy. One night I was hanging out at their place and they offered me a hit of this superWeed they told me had totally spun them out when they tried it. Bear in mind these guys are heavy smokers and I had not smoked for a month or two at this point.

I throw down, take a big hit off the bong. Things are fine for almost no time at all. The elevator shoots past 'high' through 3 floors of 'omygodwhatisgoingon' before exploding out of the top of my head and triggering the mother of all panic attacks. I've gone to such a negative place that I am trying to stop my own heart to punish myself for my recent breakup, and I believe I can do it.

I go for a walk to try and calm down and get completely lost.


It's night time and everything looks the same to me. I'm marching around like a malfunctioning robot trying to keep my heart beating while trying to find a condo I've only ever seen from the outside once before in my life. Finally I see Lucy in their carport, she must have been looking for me! I start lurching toward her in speed-mode, she turns and sees me, I realize it's a complete stranger and this is the wrong street right as she freaks out and RUNS inside and slams the door.

Now I am convinced the LAPD is on the way in choppers with a swat team on top of trying to stop myself from stopping my own heart. It's turned into a goddamn nightmare. I turn a corner and there is Jack, walking calmly down the road smiling with some fresh squeezed lemonade. "The citrus will help bring you back, let's go inside man."


12/15. I accidentally sent a text to a landline right around the time when they started reading texts out loud in that creepy computer voice. The text I sent was to friend I was meeting up with, but her parents got a call from a robot saying "Come outside, I'm waiting for you."


13/15. I was alone in a public bathroom and for some crazy reason I decided to start reciting that creepy Gene Wilder monologue/song thing from the tunnel scene in Willy Wonka.

As I got to the "Are the fires of Hell a' glowing!" part I just so happened to notice someones legs under the door to a stall. No way could I stop now, I finished the whole song, and waited a moment in complete silence to see if the scared person made a sound.

After a brief, awkward silence I turned off the lights in the and left him in darkness.


14/15. When I was a young teenager, my cousin and I were running around the neighborhood having our usual fun (this was pre consoles, outside was the only menu option for fun) so its getting late about 6pm and we see who we thought was our uncle walking down the street with a pizza box in his arm. (There was a neighborhood pizza place on the corner.)

My uncle wore this green army jacket and beret all the time (Think 70's nam' vet) and this guy had the same outfit, height, hair color. We thought it'd be hilarious to run up behind him and grab the pizza box and run home with it.

So we full charge run screaming like wildmen and grab the box mid leap past him. The guy screams and takes off running. It wasn't our uncle, it was some much older dude who thought he was getting mugged. When we realized what happened we started running after him to give him his pizza back but from his point of view it must have seemed like we were looking to rob him more.

We felt horrible as we ate that pizza back at home.


15/15. I had taken two weeks off of work for vacation and I had spent most of the time with my fiancee.

When I got back to work, I was derping about as usual, and I went into the back room to get supplies and say something to one of my supervisors. She was standing at the desk, doing something, and so I walked behind her, and put my hands on either side of her hips and said, "Hey, blah blah bladdah blah?"


About 3 seconds later, I realized that my brain had just trolled me, and quickly jerked my hands back and started stammering that I hadn't tried to do that, I just... forgot she wasn't my fiancee. She hadn't said anything the entire time my hands had been on her, but she started laughing pretty hard when she saw me turning red and trying to explain myself, so I guess all was forgiven.

The other time it was my second year in college. First day of classes, I saw in my first class a girl I had had in one class the year before. I greeted her casually, and I wound up sitting behind her in that class.

After class she leaves and goes somewhere. I wander off looking for somewhere to smoke. I end up going behind a stairwell and I find her there, smoking, so I smoke there with her, and make awkward conversation with her. Then she starts to walk off and I finish my smoke so I start walking too, and I end up following her all the way across campus. We had the same class together again. I sat behind her again, because we got there at the same time and we sort of knew each other.

Again, she leaves class a little before me, and I decide to go get something to eat, so I go to the crappy little cafeteria area, to get some food, and as I walk in, I notice she is the last person in line. I stand behind her in line, and we don't even bother trying top make small talk at this point.

I'm behind her in line, standing awkwardly, trying not to seem like I feel how awkward it is, and we end up ordering the same food, a croissant sandwich or something. Fine, whatever, I think, this is getting weird, but I'm just going to make a point to avoid her now.

We both get our food, and the cafeteria is packed, after she sits down the only place else to sit is beside her, and by this point I'm not thrilled with that idea, so I go and take my food outside and sit on a bench facing the cafeteria. And I space out and I eat my stupid little sandwich. And about the time I finish my sandwich, I realize that behind the polarized, reflective windows I've been kind of spacing out towards was the girl. She was sitting, facing out, directly behind the windows. I realized this because, though I had mostly been kind of looking into the reflections of the windows, my depth perception shifted enough to see the forms behind the glass and sure enough, there she was.

So, I think. That didn't help.

I get up as soon as I realize, and I leave early to my next class. I had about 20 minutes, but I could spend them there, and have a smoke. So I go, and I find a nice pillar to lean against, and I do.

A few minutes go by and as I'm leaning against the inside face of the pillar, I notice the same girl walk past me into the classroom. She noticed me waiting out there, too. I saw her glance at me, almost imperceptibly.

I almost don't even go into the class, but I ultimately do, and sure enough, the only seat left is right next to her.

I stand at the back of class for the entire hour and however many more minutes, and when class finally gets out, she goes to leave, sees me, and nearly starts running out the class.

Later in the week I noticed she had dropped all of those classes, and I never saw her again after that.



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