Nannies And Babysitters Reveal The Worst Child They Ever Cared For.


Nannies and babysitters of Reddit were asked: "What is the worst child you've had to care for and why?" These are some of the best answers.

2/24 I had a kid go to the bathroom, poop, run out with no pants (no wiping), grab my house key, and throw it in the poop. While I fished it out, he sat on the couch rubbing his butt. I used every kind of soap on that key.

When his parents got back, I waited to get paid. Then I explained things pointing to the spot on the couch and left.


3/24 I babysat for some neighbors when I lived in New Mexico. Very rich lawyers with a boy (about 8 years old, named Tyler, as in Tyler Durden, should've been a sign...), and a girl (about 5 years old).

Before the parents even left, the little girl was on the monkeybars in the backyard, and whipped her panties off to pee in the breeze. After the parents left, the boy let [himself] go full steam. He still peed the bed, so he was under orders to wear diapers. Refused to put them on. Refused to brush his teeth. Wanted another bedtime book, and another, and another, and another.....oh wait, he wants the book from daddy's shelf, with the topless Polynesian girls in, he doesn't want tap water, he wants the special filtered water, he can totally taste the difference.

I figured out why the parents built their master suite 100+ ft from the children's rooms. Found out later Tyler claimed I beat him or some nonsense like that because I made him brush his teeth. Never again.


4/24 There was this one little [kid] who didn't want to go to bed at bedtime. He was probably 5 or 6 and he told me that if I didn't let him stay up and watch tv he'd tell his parents I beat him and then before I could do anything threw himself down a flight of stairs! Thank god it was a short set of stairs and he wasn't hurt.

He kept threatening me and trying to hurt himself on purpose and I couldn't calm him down so finally I took out my phone and told him I would record him and show his parents. This was like ten years ago and all I had was this old flip phone that didn't even take pictures but he didn't know that and it did the trick and he finally went to bed.


5/24 This was my first and last foray into babysitting. I was 13 and needed a bit of extra money to pay for a weekend field trip, so babysitting, why not. I lived with my family in a large apartment complex, so there was no shortage of folks in need of a sitter. My first job was a lady across the complex, watching her 3 kids: two boys, aged 7 and 4, and a little girl aged 6.

For the first hour or so, everything was going well. We were Nerf sword fighting, playing games, we had dinner, I put in the Lion King. Easy street, I thought to myself. It was a nice evening and there was still some daylight left, so I suggested that we take a walk down to the playground. I figured I could wear [them] out so they'd be in bed by 8:30 like their mom wanted. Not 10 minutes into our little playground foray, and the little girl starts crying out of nowhere. I go up to her to ask what was wrong, and she wouldn't say, but kept tugging on her pants. Keep in mind, she is in kindergarten and really should be speaking in complete-ish sentences, but for most of the night, she was pretty quiet. Probably just shy around someone she didn't know.

I packed everyone up so we could go back to the apartment, thinking she just had to go to the bathroom. I take her to the restroom, only to be greeted by the rankest, foulest, baby [poop] smell the moment her pants come down. I don't know how long she had been in this state, but judging from the sheer volume and fact that some of it had started to crust up, I'd say her pants were full of [poop] well before her mother left for the evening. It slowly became apparent that she had a problem with toilet training, as her underwear was actually a Pull-Ups diaper with "rubber" undies over it, which explains why the [poop] smell was so well contained.

I lost it. I immediately called my mom to come over to help out with this, as there was no way in hell I could watch two hyperactive boys and give this poor [poop] monster a bath/wash her clothes/etc. With my mom's help, we got her all cleaned up. Then she got to talking. Her mom never really bothered to properly toilet train her, so she just put her in pull ups and rubber undies. She kept saying she felt like she needed to go doodie, but she didn't want to bother asking her mom because she was busy. My mom and I had to explain to her that if she needed to go to the bathroom, she just needed to go, she didn't need to get permission to use the bathroom in her own house. I felt so bad for her.

Needless to say, when the mom got home and the kids were all in bed, my mom let that lady have quite an earful of aggressive whispering. That was the hardest 30 bucks I've ever earned, and was probably what cemented my decision to not have children.


6/24 I nannied a kid who would dig his poop out of the toilet and play with it in the bathroom sink. Mom on a power trip made me clean it up. Quit soon after that.


7/24 A few years ago I would often babysit my 8 year old neighbour. Now, he was the prime example of an only child; he was always pretty aggressive and bratty and just generally a lot of work but he only really freaked me out one time. He had recently gotten a new pet rabbit, one day when I went over I noticed one of his rabbit's ears was missing. When I asked what happened he looked up at me and said "I got angry."


8/24 I babysat all through junior high and high school to make my spending money. The worst was a referral for the friends of a family I babysat for all the time. There were two twin boys who were 8, and a little girl who was just starting her toilet training.

The kids were very nice during the introductions. But it soon turned out they were hyper as hell as soon as their parents left. The boys whooped and hollered and chased each other through the house. I convinced them to play Legos or whatever in their room to quiet them down because I had to deal with the little girl who needed to potty. She kept trying to poop in her little training potty but it wasn't happening. Then I heard the boys screaming at the top of their lungs, so I left the girl on her potty to find out why the boys were freaking out.

The boys' bedroom had two single beds. Each boy was standing on his bed PISSING at the other one like they were having a pee pee duel. They got urine everywhere, on the walls, the carpet, the sheets and all over each other.

I'm ticked at these kids and tell them to change their clothes and strip the sheets. They just keep laughing at me and make me chase them around the house like it is a funny game to be soaked in pee.

Meanwhile the little girl (who is not wearing any pants or undies) drags her potty into the kitchen singing at the top of her lungs about how she pooped and wants me to look. When one of the boys runs through the kitchen, he accidentally overturns the potty and stuff gets all over the linoleum.

As much as I wanted to cry from utter frustration I managed to hold my temper and calm them all down enough while I cleaned up as best I could...tough when it isn't your house and I had no idea where they kept all their cleaning supplies.

When the parents finally came home they didn't offer any apologies for how their kids behaved or any extra tip or anything like that. Needless to say that was the first and last time I ever babysat for that family!


9/24 I babysat for a few families on my street as a preteen/teen. Word of mouth spread and a family maybe 6 streets away asked me to watch 3 kids. 3 kids seemed like a lot for not knowing them, but they said they'd only be gone a few hours.

Parents leave. Kids turn into demon spawn. 2 little boys and 1 youngest child girl. They tormented her until she was literally hiding/clinging to my legs and clothes. I turned on a movie and they were okay for a minute.

Then 1 boy gets up and pulls his pants down and literally just starts pissing in the middle of the living room (he's totally potty trained... like 6). I freak out and start to clean it up and send the boy to his room. The other brother followed him, as they shared a room, and just sat there with him. The girl sneaks downstairs throughout all this and unbeknownst to me starts making an F5 grade mess.

After I clean the pee, I go to get them out of the boys' room. Surprise, door is closed. Oh, and apparently locked.... the one boy is only like 3 and is crying because he can't open it and his brother won't let him out. The older boy is defiant and just screaming at me NO IM NOT OPENING IT. YOU'RE NOT MY MOM! I WANT MY MOMMY! We had a stand off for a few minutes before I realized the girl was gone.

Well, I wasn't getting the boys out, so I went to get the phone and call the parents while I tried to find the girl. She pulled out ALL the toys and they were everywhere and I couldn't find her because she was like in a pillow pile somewhere.

I don't really have an ending to the story, but needless to say I was pretty much in tears by the time they came home. One of them drove me home and kept apologizing and hoped I'd still give them another chance. That did not happen.


10/24 Once I babysat my sister when she was about 10. I told her she couldn't go on a walk by herself and she got a knife out and threatened to stab me. She had it pointed at me and I talked her out of it by saying things like, "Do you think mom's going to love you if you kill me? She's not even going to visit you in jail!" She started crying at the thought of not seeing mom and put the knife back in the kitchen. Never babysat again.


11/24 Kid threw an easy bake oven at me and then tried to lock me in a closet.


12/24 I used to babysit the two boys of family while their parents Went out once every few weeks to get some alone time. I had looked after them before and they were usually well behaved and listened very well. This family had a few cats and they would climb in all sorts of odd places such as in the sinks, bookshelves, cupboards etc. Well this night I guess they had left the dryer door open and when one of the kids went downstairs to get his ball hockey gear I guess he closed the door on the cat and started the dryer. I was already outside waiting at this point so I heard nothing about this until we came back inside and I noticed the dryer was on. I asked the kids why it was on and they said their mom was doing laundry. I knew for a fact that it was off when after the parents left so when I went to investigate I opened it to a completely burned and mangled cat that was essentially twisted like a pretzel. I told the parents what happened and that their kid needs help now. Never babysat anyone's kids ever again. The parents were in shock. They didn't blame me or get mad. Just shocked that one of their kids murdered their cat like that. It still makes me uncomfortable to think about him.


13/24 Had a five year old pull out a pocketknife on me and demand I give him my Pokemon cards.


14/24 Right now, I'm a nanny for a family of three kids. 11, 14: I just drive them around and help with laundry/dishes. The third kid is 18 and I'm not responsible for him, but he's the biggest [jerk] I've ever met. Hasn't done laundry in a month, doesn't shower, lies constantly, quit college to work and then quit the job. I hate him and the other kids do too. The parents just enable all of his bad behavior and the younger kids always say they don't want to be like him.


15/24 I babysat a kid once. He was like 8 or 9. The entire night he was trying to kill himself. When I'd warn him of why his actions were dangerous he would loudly insist he wanted to die. He finally fell asleep on the stairs and I moved him to his bed.

Saddest babysitting job ever :(


16/24 I babysat two kids throughout the school year and multiple days in the summer when I was in high school. I was pretty much a 9-5 nanny when not in school. I really loved those kids, which is surprising, considering the first time I babysat them all day it all went to hell.

The older sibling was a boy in my cousin's grade, the younger a little girl. They were maybe 6/7 and 3/4 at this point. I had babysat once or twice before, but never a whole day. I don't know what started it, but the kids began to fight. Before I could break it up, the little girl threw a heavy, pointy, metal toy plane at her brother. It hit him right in the corner of his eye BARELY missing his actual eyeball. He starts GUSHING blood everywhere. All over his clothes, all over the expensive Disney Store Winnie the Pooh blanket his sister had been walking around with, all over the pristine WHITE carpet. He freaks out and stars crying, asking me if he is dying. Hardcore, terrified kid sobs. I rush into action and usher him into the bathroom and get a cold washcloth. I had to coax his hands away from his face so I could see what I was dealing with, and eventually I get the blood wiped away and see it's a very small cut. I have him hold the cold washcloth to his eye and I work on calming him down. The bleeding stops. I get him into fresh PJ's and send him to his bed to lie down for a few minutes since he wore himself out.

That's when I realize that I haven't seen his sister in about 10-15 minutes. I got sidetracked with the bleeding, panicking kid and now I have no idea where the culprit is. I run around the house and check all the doors and locks. Still locked. So, I know she is at least inside.

I'm fighting back tears and running around the house shouting her name trying to find her. I go back to her brother's room deciding that I need to get his help. And that's when I hear it. Little sniffles and quiet hiccups from behind his bedroom door. She was a small child and had hidden behind the door fearing that she was in trouble and that I was going to spank her. (I didn't)

So, now I'm comforting her (but also telling her that hurting her brother and hiding from me isn't okay). I'm completely drained and wigged out at this point, so I have the kids go to the living room with me and sit them at opposite ends of the couch. I put on a kids film and get to work cleaning up the blood from the carpet and floor.

Then, I sit at the kitchen table (open concept, I can see them) and quietly try to calm myself down so I don't puke all over myself. I'm really proud I got the bloodstains out of the carpet though.


17/24 Newish client, asked for some specific dates so she could complete her class. Only 2 hours, 3 kids. One was under a year, had colic,. Easy. Well well well. The mom and dad must have a [poor] relationship because the oldest child lost a game and proceeded to GUILT his younger brother by not only calling him names, but insulting his intelligence and saying he was worthless. He wasn't even 6 years old. His younger brother was four, and responded by crying, agreeing, and coming to the conclusion that he shouldn't have won because he wasn't smart enough. Yeah. [Jerk] child. I told him to go to his room after he refused to apologize for being mean, I walked him upstairs and told him it was only 5 minutes. He screamed, kicked the door, threw things at the door and then scratched me and told me I was stupid when i tried to sit him down and explain that he did something wrong. ~lets just say I didn't go back.


18/24 I once nannied for a family with 3 kids. Spoiled brats. One who didn't like the batter on his chicken nuggets, so the helper peeled them. Another didn't like the crispy bits on the Eggo waffles, so they were cut off. I flat out refused to do that saying, just don't eat that bit. ( plus, the crispy bits are the best bits) He told his parents and I got told off. Terrible job!


19/24 When I was 13 I was baby sitting the two little boys across the street. At the time they were about 5 (James) and 3(Ivan). When I got there the mother told me that Ivan was recently potty trained, but he was rather private, would want to do his business on his own and that I should let him.

Well everything seems to be going well. We start watching Chuck Norris Texas ranger and pretty soon Ivan says he's going to the bathroom so he heads off and we continue watching Chuck. 5 minutes go by. 10. I go knock on the bathroom door, no noise. And it's locked, great. I yell at him to open the door and he says "NO!" Well. At least I know he's OK. I bang on the door, beg him to open it. Eventually I tell him if he doesn't Ill to his dad he licked himself in there and was disobedient and his dad will whup him (1980's, rural area, we all got our [butts] beat, I wouldn't really tell them though, it was an empty threat). Well... He opens the door and... He and the entire bathroom are covered in [poop]. He had taken a huge man sized dump in the middle of the floor and then proceeded to sit in it, roll in it, and paint the entire bathroom with it. It was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen at that point in my life. There was [poop] in his hair. Then he looks me dead in the eye says, "Kiss my poopy butt. Lick it. Eat my poop." There were no cell phones back then so my mom had to come over and help me out with cleaning up. The parents paid me triple, and that poor kid got the belt the second I left. There was no hiding what had happened as there was poo on the shower curtain and a few other places we just didn't know how to really clean in just an hour or two.

Yes I baby sat again. He never did anything that bad again, but he was always a very wild and emotional child.


20/24 Once babysat a friends little brother when they all went out for a family meal. I fell asleep in my chair after the kid had fallen asleep, then half an hour later I woke up duct-taped to a chair with a duct tape gag with the kid scoffing sweets from the cupboard. It was so awkward when my friend came back.


21/24 Babysat for a family with 3 boys when I was about 16, had no problems with the older two but once when it was time for bed, the 6 year old decided to start playing the drum set in their basement. I tried to convince him to put the drumsticks away and come upstairs...cue him proceeding to hit me as hard as he could all over my arms as I tried to defend myself.

You wouldn't think something a bit bigger than a pencil would hurt but god was it painful. I was crying and convinced he'd broken at least a couple of my fingers when I managed to get one drumstick away, which led him to grab his ipod charging to call his dad (who was away for business) and tell him his babysitter was being "mean".

Eventually had to call his mother to yell at him through the phone because I was half a second away from calling the police on this kid or just walking home a few doors down. Don't think he ever fell asleep before his mom got back, and didn't even get paid extra to make up for my inability to write for the next couple weeks.


22/24 The first time I ever babysat, I was about 13 or so. I was watching 5 year old twin girls. As their parents were leaving for their dinner party, the mom says something about me being their 14th babysitter that year. I understand why.

The girls had a new kitten. They threw him back and forth at each other until I started bawling, begging them to put the cat down. They then pulled out their toy horses (the ones where it's a horse head on a stick), and started hitting me with the stick side. They did this whilst completely naked for god knows what reason.

They then refused to eat their dinner and started microwaving ice cream. At this point I said hell no and didn't let them have their ice cream, so they call their mom saying their tummies hurt because they miss her. I grab the phone and tell them I can't do it anymore, get home now. They paid me for the full 5 hours planned. I was there for 2 hours.


23/24 I babysat this family of 4. The oldest girl had Down syndrome and was the sweetest, most well-behaved little girl I had ever babysat. Her little douche bag brother excluded her on all the games we played. She would just sit up in her room and Id try to get her to come play but she would say her brother wanted her to stay upstairs. I would look at his brother with such contempt. I always imagined him growing up to be such a tool. I really hope he ended up accepting his sister in the end.


24/24 I babysat for the neighbor kid. Quintessential spoiled only child. I was in my early teens and he was about 7 when this happened. I normally babysat during the week in summer while when school was out and his parents were at work, but occasionally they'd ask me to babysit for an evening out.

This was one of those evenings. His parents were out with the mom's sister and brother in law, so I was taking care of the kid and his 5 year old cousin. They were pretty bratty, but nothing I couldn't handle. Until they decided that they had enough of me being in charge, and got out their pocket knives. Yes, their dads had gone out and bought pocket knives for them at ages 5 and 7, and decided it was cool for them to have them with no parental supervision.

So the boys got out their pocket knives and started chasing me around the house with them. I wasn't brave enough to try to disarm them, but I was smart enough to know these kids weren't able to understand the damage they could do, so I ran. They chased me out of the house and proceeded to lock all the doors.

This was long before 13 year olds had cell phones, but luckily I was just at the neighbors' so I ran home. My dad is not a nice dude to begin with, but when I told him what was happening, he was livid. He went back with me and yelled for the boys to open the door. They unlocked it and then hid in the kid's bedroom. My dad ordered them into the living room so they hid under a blanket on the couch. He demanded their knives, so they handed them out from under the blanket. My dad went home, and I sat there while those two hid under their blanket until their parents came home.

Now here's the kicker. When the parents pulled in, my dad came back over, told the parents what happened and handed them the knives. And the parents gave the knives back to the boys. In front of us. Somehow I still ended up babysitting for those jerks after that.


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