Neighbors From Hell: Stories of Nightmares Next Door

If youre like most people, youve lived in an arrangement that places you alongside neighbors. It doesnt always matter if youre sharing walls with a unit next door or just adjoining yards—some neighbors can be downright obnoxious.

AskReddit users recently rounded up their best horror stories about the people next door.

Our neighbor dug a hole in our side yard because she needed dirt. Both of us live on an acre of land.

- Unknown

My constantly drunk neighbor came up with a brilliant idea to collect the leaves in the gravel parking lot with his snowblower! He duct taped a plastic garbage bag over the discharge chute, and off he goes. It actually inflated the bag for a few moments until the rocks started flying. He broke three windows on his garage door and splattered a bunch of cars in the lot.

- popesnutsack

Our neighbor has a teenage son who's an idiot. He got a used car for his birthday and decided to paint it neon green. One night he comes home, drunk, and proceeds to crash into my dad's car parked outside. The next morning, he claimed it wasnt him. We probably would have believed him had the damage on my dad's car not had a neon green paint transfer.

- WubbyLubbyDoobDoob

I watched my across-the-street neighbor cut his three-quarter-acre lawn entirely with an electric weed whacker because he didn't have time to drive a mile to get gas for his lawnmower.

- SuchANiceGirl

Our neighbor is a strange woman with a lot of strange habits. For example, she waters her plants even when it's raining outside, and she complains about ice cream being cold so she microwaves it first.

- 23farendheight

My grandmother had a neighbor who would water her flowers everyday, rain or shine. She would brag at the club house how her flowers were always in bloom—even in winter. My grandmother never told her that they were always in bloom because they were fake flowers.

- SaturdayBaconThief

My friend had a neighbor who had a stock car racer and the guy would work on it on the weekends, revving the unmuffled engine from 7 a.m. till 10 at night and had an attitude about it. Someone on the block drained the oil one night, and this jerk blew the motor within minutes of starting his Sunday revfest.

- eaterofdog

Our neighbors have a second kitchen in the basement that they use for everything, so the actual kitchen won't look used or dirty.

- Kat75018

My grandma's old neighbors would park on the street in front of her house and then get furious when the automatic sprinklers got their precious Jaguar wet.

- Back2Bach

We have a grandma next door who is raising her three grandchildren. They got in trouble for stealing from our neighbors. The kids would offer to cut their grass and ask to use their bathroom when they were done. Then they would steal medication from the bathroom.

- Unknown

My neighbor has a puppy they just let run around. I've almost hit it a few times. Often I see it out without any of them around. They dont even have a yard for it…

- Corgiwiggle

When I ordered my PC components, they were delivered to my neighbor for some reason. He decided to not give them to me because they added up to $2,500. I proceeded to call the police and got my stuff back. He was not a smart guy.

- Sithis1415

I had a miscarriage. The wife ask us if we had named the baby. I told her the name. The next week, they adopted a puppy and gave it the same name.

- So_very_blessed

Our neighbor home-schooled his kids and would always brag about how his children were geniuses with perfect scores on all the standardized tests. He would never let them play with us unwashed masses. Twenty years later, his kids are still living at home and lack the social skills to make connections and get a job.

- laterdude

Just yesterday, my neighbor bought a used toilet and was power washing it in the front yard.

- SwaggieMcSwag69

My neighbors brought their charcoal grill in the house and lit it to heat the house. After filling the house with carbon monoxide, the mom passed out. The daughter felt weak and called 911.

- trexpizzaparty

My neighbor is a trashy drunk dude—the kind who props up a mattress against some plywood and throws really dull knives that never actually stick at it. He was doing that and hit his dog in the leg and broke its hip.

- tdubb3

Our neighbor claimed that our fat dachshunds were vicious and called animal control multiple times. One time they had gotten loose, and when the officers went up to them, they rolled over for belly rubs.

- TALBovey

My neighbor places his yard sprinkler right on the property line adjacent to our driveway so that it soaks our cars.

- Back2Bach

I had a neighbor who decided that it would easy to carry a broken dishwasher on his head to move it. The other neighbors watched him, wondering how he was going to get it off of his head. The answer turned out to be by dropping it on his foot and then cursing up a storm.

- thegreatgazoo

Our neighbor regularly forgets her apartment keys and rings my doorbell to open the door. Despite multiple warnings, she keeps doing it.

- ErB17

We used to have devout Catholic neighbors. They were convinced for some time that our family had devil horns and tails that we were hiding because we were Mormon.

- SolongStarbird

I watched my neighbor attempt to remove a clump of grass that was holding the blade from running in his lawnmower. He got the clump loose from the blade, which then proceeded to remove the first knuckle from his fingers. Looked like a cartoon, him running around with blood spurting out. I gave him a bucket with ice to go to the hospital. When he tried giving the bucket back, I told him to keep it.

- off1nthecorner

My next door neighbor accidentally killed his friend because they were trying to see if a bulletproof vest would really work. It probably would have if he didn't miss.

- vyrelis

My upstairs neighbors moo at each other, very loudly. I used to live in the country and it sounds exactly like a cow. My roommate and I have no idea why they do it.

- manofruber

When I was a kid, our neighbor was attempting to deep fry a turkey. The oil caught fire; he kicked the flaming, 400 F, five-gallon pot of oil directly into his pool. The pool erupted into a steaming explosion of hot oil and pool water.

- Tuggy_McTuggboat

Once a 12-year-old neighbor kid asked me for a roll of toilet paper. He proceeded to TP the neighborhood.

- irishiwerenaked

My old neighbor would, at 6 a.m. every Saturday morning, blast Who Let The Dogs Out at insane levels and let all of her loud dogs out into her backyard.

- cerem86

My parents neighbor always wanted my parents to plant ivy around their back deck. One day a bunch of ivy began growing. She seriously planted ivy because they wouldn't do it themselves. It took a couple years to get it to not grow back.

- FirefighterJose

Neighbor's driveway is a small hill. He buys an all wheel drive SUV and says he no longer has to snowblow his driveway. It snows. The first couple of times he drives up the hill. Of course the snow compacted where drove on it, sun hit it and it slightly melted. Then it froze. For a few nights when he got home we could hear him trying to drive up his ice driveway until he gave up.

- Steel9966

My neighbors tried to have a BBQ indoors. Fire department was called, and whilst that was being seen to, they went for take out.

- IfJesusCouldText

My neighbor tried to power wash his feet.

- BruceofSteel

Our neighbor was trying to kill a raccoon or a rabbit with a crossbow. The crossbow bolt ricocheted and went into my other neighbor's vinyl siding, through the wall, and passed right over the baby's crib.

- simonbsez

My neighbor across the way cleans the interior of the family minivan about three or four times a year with a leaf blower.

- MarijuanasTrench

My neighbors have had their Christmas decorations up for 17 months straight. I think they're going for three Christmases in a row.

- fruntside

Our neighbor called the police about our dog barking all night… It was her dog.

- bobfootm

My neighbor broke into my house while we were away and stole only PopTarts. How do I know? We have security cameras that he installed. His house was up for sale within a month.

- gazkikouken

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