Non-Americans From All Over The World Share Their Thoughts On Donald Trump.

The 2016 Presidential Election has been the hottest topic in America, but how has it affected people all over the world?

Below are 25 thoughts on Republican Nominee Donald Trump, from people all over the globe.

1. America's policies strongly affect the rest of the world.

Watching you guys take him seriously for even five minutes is distressing.


2. Most of Britain thinks he is racist and becoming the next Hitler. Also, in Britain,'trump' is a childish word for 'fart'. So there's that too.


3. Trump is, unfortunately, really a validation of a lot of stereotypes people have of Americans.


4. He's a megalomanic whose arrogance probably served him well as a young shark coming up in New York but now, with age, and with the terrifying prospect of a presidency, makes him seem deluded, irrational and dangerous.


5. Norwegian here. Amazed by the arguments of some of his voters. Their main argument for voting for him always seems to be; "He isn't censored, we need a president that has the guts to say what he means". NO, No you don't. You need a president that fixes many of the insanely complex political problems in your country, and that isn't done with trash-talking.


6. I wholeheartedly thought it was a joke until I saw it on television.


7. That man is a walking joke, and I find it rather upsetting that there are actually so many people who believe he's fit to run a country.


8. All the way from Africa here and frankly it is true the politics of America affects the entire globe but America is not run by a single guy. Sometimes I think the US president is more of a figure (think the queen of England) & a face to rally/blame/love/hate. So, I don't think it matters who wins the election because in the end the US system will keep performing the same as the last X years.


9. It's so crazy to watch, it's feels like America is just trolling. He's obviously just making stuff up as he's going and his TV show was terrible to begin with anyway.


10. While I don't want him as president, I don't think he is as stupid as he acts. I believe he's just trying to appeal to dumb Americans first by saying dumb things. He can't actually be that dumb and have gotten this far.


11. I'm Canadian.

It would be hilarious if it didn't pose such serious problems for my country. We have extremely strong political and economical ties, and Trump being in power would screw us over in new and hilarious ways.

Seriously, don't vote that orange man in.


12. Scotland here.

If you haven't heard about his Golf course in Scotland, please look it up. He bullied the locals, the council and the Scottish Government over it. He destroyed s site of Special Scientific interest and left locals without water for years.

He's a bully and a Sociopath who refuses to listen to the concerns of the people affected by his actions and will destroy anyone and anything in his way...and there are people willing to vote for him to be the leader of the most powerful and influential country on earth. That terrifies the crap out of me. God knows what that man will do with all that power.

DO NOT LET THAT MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE. To the Republicans I have to say this: If you value, like you say you do, a state that doesn't interfere with people's lives, DO NOT VOTE TRUMP. To everyone else in America I have to say please, don't let this man anywhere near the Whitehouse. If he gets the republican nomination I beg of you, vote democrat, Libertarian, Green, whatever, just don't let Trump into the Whitehouse. The world will thank you if you and you will be glad to see him go. Please for your sake and mine.


13. The USA is turning into one giant reality TV show, for the most part it's concerning on how its going to effect Canada.


14. I think Britain used to see him as a prat, or a joke that went too far. Now we've realized it's not a joke. Cue slight panic, hope that there are enough sensible Americans left to get him out of the way.

But seriously, though, he cites Katie Hopkins and the Daily Mail as reliable sources; his Twitter feed is utter trash; his name means fart; his words have been condemned by Nigel Farage, for God's sake.


15. He seems kinda crazy and like America got together to make a joke candidate just to [mess] with the rest of the world.


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16. Trump says things that are rude and offensive to some people. He is not above verbally attacking people for their appearance or saying things like "She's stupid," or "He's an idiot" on national TV. He claims he can "Make America great again," but he doesn't reveal any sort of plan to do so, other than to say he is going to "make great deals." (He is a very successful businessman.) He has ten billion dollars, so he can finance his own political campaign and doesn't need wealthy contributors to give him any money, which means he will not owe anybody any political favors. He appeals to the frustrated, irritated populists in the American population who are extremely frustrated with "politics as usual." He has taken a page from President Obama's game book--"make vague promises of future improvement with no plan to be criticized." "I'm going to make America great again." "We're going to make such great deals." "China is robbing us blind, because they devalued their currency. I'm going to stop China from taking advantage of us." "Everybody around the world is cheating the U.S. When I'm president, all that is going to immediately stop." He says he loves the military, but he did not serve in the armed forces at all. He says dumb things, like, "I love the military, I love our service members. I always felt I was in the military myself." He's so rich he is used to saying and doing anything he pleases and not having any consequences whatsoever for his actions. If he makes a mistake, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars, and thousands of people lose their jobs, it doesn't affect him personally. He has billions. A loss of a few million means nothing to Donald Trump.


17. Irish here: I think Trump is intentionally destroying the republican nomination to help Hillary get elected. He has stated that the money in politics is not good (even though he has donated for favour) and I think he's trying to influence the election using his celebrity status and not his money.


18. The fact he even has supporters makes us Canadians think a lot less of Americans.


19. Do you remember back when John Stewart and many others were making fun of a certain crack smoking, Canadian politician named Rob Ford? Well, that's pretty much how I feel about Mr. Trump. A bit of a side show and a farce, but he has a lot of people's ears for some reason.


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22. He's not the president you need,but if he gets voted in, he's the president you deserve.


23. I care. I'n British, but US politics affects the world. If Trump gets in, I will be forced to deploy an angry email in conjunction with tutting.


24. Trump is a hypocrite and a manipulator. What baffles me is that there are people who genuinely support him and his "policies".


25. It's always very sad to see a democracy flirt with populism. For the country itself, and its role in the world. America's moral standing is barely beginning to heal after the Bush presidency, and a Trump candidacy (let alone a Trump presidency) would do irreparable damage to America's standing. Even if he ended up ditching all his crazy plans, he would not be able to backtrack from his statements during the campaign, which deny him any credibility on the international stage.

He seems to embody all the worst stereotypes Europeans have about Americans: brash, loud, gung-ho, ignorant, and plutocratic.

As an Italian, I also can't help but see the parallels between Trump and Berlusconi at comparable stages in their careers: both successful businessmen (with a few run-ins with the creditors and the law), brash, tacky, convinced they can do a better job than the political elite because of their business experience, fond younger women, and in love with their own image. Both treated as buffoons by the political establishment, only to be unexpectedly popular with the electorate.

Although Berlusconi was comparatively more powerful than Trump is right now (think Trump's wealth and image, plus Murdoch's news empire, plus Clinton's political connections), you should still think of Italy as a cautionary tale. Take him seriously, he is dangerous. Reputations take decades to build but moments to ruin.


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