Observant People Reveal Things They Actually Saw That Nobody Will Believe.

Once, I was shooting hoops alone in my driveway around sunset. I took a free throw, and the ball bounced off the rim, and down the side of my house. When I went to retrieve it... It wasn't there. It wasn't on the roof. It wasn't in the gutter. It wasn't in my neighbour's yard. It wasn't anywhere. My parents thought I was lying, but they had to buy me a new ball.

These Redditors have similar stories about funny, spooky, unlikely, or weird things they've seen that nobody else believes. What do you think? Are they telling the truth?

I was walking down a gravel road to a pool with friends when I felt someone poke me in my butt with a stick. So I turn around, but my friends weren't holding a stick. Then I felt it again, so I told them to bug off. They looked confused. 

I felt it again while looking at them. I reached into my swim shorts to see what's up. Then I felt a branch between my butt cheeks, so I pulled it out. It was a big grasshopper. It was trying to squeeze in my butt. I felt violated, but I let it go. Everyone just thought I was nuts.


A blue heron was flying with a snake hanging from its mouth. The snake was still wiggling and trying to break free. It was finally successful, but the heron caught it in its foot and somehow in mid-air threw it back up into its mouth.


I was at an amusement park near Cincinnati, probably 20 years ago. I swear to God I saw a blue guy. Literally blue skin. Not paint - pigment.

It turns out there really is a well-known family in Kentucky with this condition. Still, no one believes me!


When I was a kid, I had this really creepy clown doll that sat on a little wooden swing hanging from my fireplace in my bedroom.

Now, I'm not afraid of clowns but that thing made me feel like I was being watched. But my parents wouldnt let me get rid of it because my grandmother gave it to me.

One day when I was 10, I had had enough of the darn thing. I decided that I didnt want it watching me play, so I turned it round to face the wall; it was hanging close enough to the wall that it wouldnt just spin back round.

I sat back down to continue playing with my dolls, but after a few minutes I got that prickly feeling like I was being watched again. I looked over my shoulder and the clown's head was on backwards! (continued...)

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I ran downstairs screaming and crying and begged my mother to come up and look.

But when we got to my room, the whole clown was facing forwards again. My mum told me to stop being stupid and making a fuss. So the doll conveniently fell out of my window and smashed its porcelain face on the slabs. Creepy thing.


A dude asked me how to get to Planet Fitness. I told him it was just across the parking lot. I look down at my phone as he starts walking and after answering a text in about 10 seconds I look up and he's gone. The distance was about a quarter mile of empty parking lot. There were no cars nearby or driving away, so it didn't look like he got in a vehicle or anything. I looked all around but he was gone.

Fitness ghost, I wish you many gains.


A black cougar or panther in upstate New York ran across the road in front of me in the dark. I thought it was a skinny black lab until I saw its tail was as long as its body.

Eastern Cougars have been extinct for 50 years or more.


I saw an elderly man walking his dog at the park pick up a snake, call it a "bad boy," and then guide it back into its hole in the ground.


I live in the UK. A while ago we had builders repairing the fence in our garden, and being a curious kid, I decided to stay there all day and watch them. They were halfway through changing the fences out when I saw something crawl out of the hole. I got a closer look and I couldn't believe it. (continued...)

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It was a scorpion! I tried telling everyone what I saw, but they didn't believe me because a scorpion in the UK just can't happen.

Years later, I still remember this and no one believes me.


I used to do Junior Lifeguards at a small beach in California. When you were old enough to be responsible (or at least act like it) you had to help out with the younger kids in the afternoon.

It was my day to help out, and we were leading the kids in stretches. The leaders were facing away from the water and the kids were lying on their backs, hugging their knees.

I turned to look at the water for no real reason. I saw two seagulls dive bomb out of the sky. It looked like they were wrestling. They landed on the shore where the water isn't more than ankle deep. One of them got the upper hand and started to hold the other one's head under the water, drowning it. 

Seagull 2 breaks free, rears its head back, screeches, then STABS THE FIRST SEAGULL IN THE CHEST WITH ITS BEAK. The first seagull then takes off real quick and the second one flies after it.

Not a single person believed me.


I live in a kind of condo complex and a lot of people here, including myself, have cats. I know my cat sometimes mingles with the other ones outside, and sometimes they fight.

Anyway, I was walking back from school at around 3pm and I was just about to walk inside my house until I heard a distant "meow." It sounded like my cat. 

Then there were more and more meows, and I kept following the noise until I reached someone's porch. Nobody lived in that condo, so I just walked onto the porch. Thats when I saw them. (continued...)

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I kid you not, I saw about a dozen (10-14) cats having a meeting! An actual meeting!

They were all sitting in a perfect circle. My cat was a part of it too, occasionally meowing but acting very polite, no hissing or anything.

Nobody believes that I saw the neighborhood cats have a meeting.


Two squirrels were wrestling or having sex in a tree. They fell out and landed on my head, jumped off, then ran away. I went to check my head for any injuries. I felt a small wet spot that was not blood.

I swear to god one of those things had an orgasm on my head.


I was snorkeling in Lanzarote with my family when I was eleven, and I saw a cute, brightly colored fish. The water was crystal clear, and as I swam up to it and reached out to touch it, I saw something like a tiny flicker of lightning shoot out of its mouth and hit my fingers.

It felt like a static shock when it connected and I spluttered up out of the water and let out a yelp. My Dad asked what was wrong and when I explained, both parents looked at me like I had lost it.

I don't really know what kind of sea life can do that sort of thing, and being so young at the time, I didn't really bother looking it up. But it was always a weird memory that stuck with me - the time a fish electrocuted me.


My house shares a dead-end alley with a brewery. Real cool guys, great beer. Not a bad neighbor! Their kitchen does good work too.

One of the neighborhood squirrels has figured this out. He got a taste for the chicken bones (wings is a recurring menu item). So I'll see him go into the garbage, fetch a chicken wing, then go over to the grease dumpster which is the most foul thing in human existence, and that little guy will dunk that chicken bone in the grease and start ripping into it like it's his favorite thing. I've seen him do it a few times. Nobody believes me!

Oh yeah, that squirrel looks like hes on steroids, too. He looks like one of those buff kangaroo photos. I think he's organizing a gang in the alley.


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As a child I touched some weird pest plant in our garden. I think it must have stung me. Then I saw everything in weird inverted colors for short time. And then things went back to normal. I was in such shock that I couldn't explain it to my mom. I just ran to her crying.


I'm in line at a cafeteria. The guy in front of me is holding a pudding cup. Someone walking by stumbles and falls into pudding cup guy, knocking his pudding cup out of his hand. While everyone is looking at the stumbling guy, the pudding cup goes a good two feet straight up in the air. Pudding cup guy is totally focused, and at the last second turns and catches the pudding cup behind his back. He looks at me, smiles and that was that. No one else saw it.


I was at the airport and saw a businessman with a carry-on wheely bag get off the escalator. He turned the corner, and suddenly broke into a sprint carrying the bag by the small strap handle on top.He swung the bag forward and let go of the strap handle.

 While it was in mid-air he grabbed the currently unextended extending handle, pressed the button and on the back swing extended the handle and landed it on its wheels. He continued sprinting as he did this without breaking stride. Ive never seen such agility!


My friend and I were watching basketball in the early days of Charles Barkley being a panelist. He was apologizing for calling a team "midgets" and saying that he now knew it was offensive. But as they were going to commercial, we both heard him say into the mic "Besides, they shouldn't hate me. They should hate God."

My friend and I were amazed, and convinced he would be fired. But not only did we never hear about it again, the clip doesn't even exist online anywhere. It's as though we both had the same delusion at the same time.


I was having a secret smoke one night, and when I was finished I went to put the ashtray in my hiding place on the top of a high cupboard in my kitchen.

Instead of getting the footstool, I was on my tiptoes and stretching up to place the ashtray up there. That was when I lost my balance. The ashtray slipped out of my fingers and fell down to the floor.

I ducked out of the way so I didn't get covered in ash or get hit by the heavy glass ashtray, and I heard it hit the ground behind me loudly and clatter as it rolled.

I sighed as I knew I'd have to clean up ash from the floor, and I was annoyed at myself for being so clumsy. But then when I turned around to where it should have landed, there was nothing there. (continued…)

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I honestly spent about thirty minutes looking all over that kitchen for the ashtray, or even a trace of ash on the floor. But there was nothing. Both the tray and its contents had simply vanished into thin air.

I went to bed totally freaked out that night. I had another look the next morning, but it was still gone. I've never seen it since.


When I was about 6, my entire family was helping to build my grandparents a new house. I was helping my dad move some really long 2x4s from the lumber pile, when a mouse ran out from under the board I had moved. (We lived out in the middle of the woods; mice were no big deal to any of us.) 

I did a double take though because THE MOUSE WAS FREAKING BLUE! I don't mean the sun reflected off its fur and it had a blue sheen to it. I mean its coat was a brilliant, royal blue. He was running fast, but I got my dad to notice it too and he agreed that the mouse really was royal blue. We've told multiple people, my mom included, and no one believes us. But we know what we saw.


I was at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. I walked up to the cuttlefish tank, and for some reason all 20 or so of the cuttlefish rushed over to me. It was a big tank, maybe 10 feet long. I walked the length of it, and they followed me. I walked back, and they followed.

A few other people saw and tried it duplicate it for themselves.

But alas, the cuttlefish only had eyes for me.

My best guess as to the cause was that the guy who feeds them is my doppelgnger.


When I was 5, I liked to mix various liquids. I was playing chemistry, I guess. My grandma let me play with all her bathroom stuff. I mixed her shampoos and creams and cleaning products. (I realize now that this could have been dangerous if I had mixed ammonia and bleach, for example). 

I swear I once created a white liquid that produced a single black bubble that would come to the surface and pop at a regular interval. No one believes me, or maybe no one cares. But it happened.


One day, I was looking out the window of my office and four semi trucks drove past, one after each other. They were, in order: Costco, Cosco, Cisco, Sysco. Half the people I mention it to don't care and the other half don't believe me.



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