Parents Reveal Questions Their Kids Have Asked That They Could Never Have Anticipated

What did you say?

Kids are a shock on the daily. No matter how hard you plan on the daily about how you're rearing your kids, they will redirect the plan at every turn. And it's best to roll with it with it, with a smile. it's part of the surprise and the fun. You'll never to fully prepared... so just grab a glass of wine and some chocolate and hang on.

Redditor u/Luke-The-Bard wanted parents out there to divulge a few shocking parenting moments by asking.... Parents on Reddit, what are some questions your kid has asked that you could never have anticipated?

Touch the Sky....


My mom told me that one day when my brother was really little she was watching him through the kitchen window. She said he was laying in the grass and staring at the sky for a really long time, then jumped up and ran inside and asked her, "Why don't clouds fall down?" purpletiebinds

Look out below! 

Once, when my daughter was in the throes of potty training, saw a man 30 feet up on a light pole (he was a utility worker) by our house. She walked up to the bottom of the light pole and called up to him.

"Hey! Hello!"

He looked down and said something like "Hi there little girl."

And she said, "Hey, do you go peepee in the potty?"

He said, "Yes, yes I do." Bruce_NGA

Because We birthed you!

My daughter (age 6) just asked me tonight why parents get to choose kid's names and not the kids themselves. katiebee77

My kid is 10 and wants any future sister to be named Lafawnduh. That's why we don't let kids pick their own names. Merry_Pippins


My 17-year-old asked, "Did you ever think about aborting me when you found out you were pregnant?" RedPlanetMonarch


"I'm considering it now." acluawn



My four year old walked in on me in the bathroom and went, "Mama, where's your penis!?"

I told him I don't have one and I think I broke his brain for a minute. KaleidoKitten


When my son was about 4, I was awoken at around 3 am by tiny fingers prying my eyelids open to inquire, "Mommy, do cats have jobs?"

I wasn't expecting anyone to barely read my story, let alone respond! I'm glad he could give you all a giggle during what can be a stressful time of year. To answer some questions: He's 14 now - that's the only occasion he ever pulled my eyelids open. He's a good kid and has continued to be constantly curious about everything. This is one of my favorite memories from his younger years - another is the first time he dropped the "F-bomb" at age 2.5, which is a whole 'nother story! girlofgallifrey

God Bless the Chickens....

Once my four year old son realized that chickens (birds) were the same thing as chickens for food, he asked; "are chickens not important?" sekritskwerrel

Oh Nephew....

7yo nephew: "Hey mommy, what is a girl's penis called?"

Sister in law: "it's different than a penis, but it's called a vagina."

5yo nephew: "'Vagina'? I like the sound of that!" andrwtclrk

I Want to Live!

My friend's 4 year olds first time at the zoo he asked 'where are the dinosaurs.' She was like, hell he's only seen them in books just like tigers and stuff and hadn't thought about how to explain extinction. Cue a very traumatized 4 year old learning every dinosaur he loved was dead. Which lead to 'WHAT DOES DEAD MEAN?' alicecarroll

We all Poo....


From my daughter when she was six years old:

"Mom, how does an octopus poop? They don't have butts!" halfgumption


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