People Admit To The Creepiest Thing They've Ever Done Without Getting Caught.

Whether we'd like to admit it or not, we've all done something creepy at some point in our lives. Here, people share the creepiest thing they've ever done without getting caught.


1. In college I hid in my friend's closet when he was on his way back from class so I could scare him when he came in. He arrived with a female and they immediately ripped off their clothes and started having sex. I was too afraid to leave so I watched them go at it three separate times over a period of about 2 hours.


2. I hid under my bed as a potential home buyer looked at my house.

I was younger and loved being a "spy." My mom told me someone was coming to look at the house at 3. So instead of going somewhere like I usually did, I hid under my bed as this bald guy and the real estate agent wandered my house.


3. I was walking through a park and got tired (nasty motorcycle wreck, both knees shot to hell but working on them) near one of the kid's areas. I sat on the nearest bench facing the playground, and a typical thin 'n' snippy pilates mom sits down next to me and tries to make small talk despite the fact that I look like a cartoon super villain.

"So which one is yours?" she asks.

I stare into the play area and say "Whichever one gets in my van first."

I intended to defuse the situation through humor and make small talk but my instincts said to flee, so I did.


4. A group of friends and I thought it was hilarious to be intentionally creepy to this one dude we knew who thought he was way too cool to acknowledge us.

We had met him at various metal gigs, he was a big player in "the scene". He thought the world of himself and was quite open about his disdain for us mere mortals.

Anyway, we would make an effort to go places we knew he'd be and act overly familiar and friendly. Always open our eyes a bit too wide while smiling. Stare at him from across the room and when he made eye contact, smile and slowly nod. General creep behaviour.

So the point where we got too carried away was when we snuck into his house (front door was open), stole the icecream out of the freezer, took pictures of the container and contents and then snuck back in to replace it.

Then we created a new email address to email the pictures of his ice cream to him, along with "You're sweet and cool" and other weird compliments.

We thought it was funny and we were doing it to be deliberately weird. He got a bit spooked and posted all over Facebook that he was calling the police and getting the house forensically tested.

Well that obviously never happened. I'm still free to roam the streets.

No one is too cool to acknowledge us. NO ONE.


5. My daughter takes pictures of herself posing with me and her father while we sleep. We don't even know until we find the pictures days later.


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6. An old female friend of mine had come down to visit and we ended up staying in a hotel that night. My friend who also knew her showed up unexpectedly and we all had a great time. A few hours went by and he was assumed to be passed out drunk on the bed so we payed him no mind.

She and I then proceeded to have drunk sex while my bud was passed out on the bed next to us. When we started getting into it we heard love songs coming off of my phone. Turns out he wasn't passed out, he was listening to music on my phone while watching us have sex, then decided that he should set the mood by playing love songs he found on YouTube.


7. In high school my girlfriend invited me over to a house she was babysitting at after the kids went to sleep. We were involved in a serious make out session on the parents bed and only partially clothed when they parents came home early. She ran into the bathroom and I jumped into the closet but I realize my pants were still across the room on the other side of the bed.

Soon after she came out of the bathroom I heard them thanking her and then the father told her he would drive her home because she didn't have a car. She was terrified and didn't know what to do so she left with him. I found myself semi-naked in the parents' closet and alone in the house with the mom and the sleeping kids. I was terrified.

The closet had the shutter type doors that you could partially see out of so I could see the mom start to get undressed and get ready for bed. It was starting to look like the beginning of a long night that was sure to end in either me being arrested or shot.

When it seemed like all hope was lost she went into the bathroom and shut the door. Seeing my opportunity, I leaped out of the closest, grabbed my pants and ran out the back door.

To this day I don't know why I went out the back door but I did. I crawled over a six foot high block wall and landed in the neighbor's yard still clutching my pants. I had to hop several other walls before I was able to get back to my car and tear out of their like the Dukes of Hazzard.


8. My ex and I banged in an elevator and I was holding down the close door button. When we finished and the doors opened, there was a group of people waiting to get on.


9. I masturbated under a blanket in the backseat of my parents sedan while on a road trip with them. My parents were constantly talking to each other during the trip, but suddenly they got really quiet when I came. I still don't know if they knew what was happening and frankly I'm afraid to ask.


10. I was supposed to go out with my friend but there was a deadline on her leaving without me, and I missed it. So when I arrive to her empty home, without premeditating or even thinking all that much on it, I decide it would be fun to hop the back gate and go in through the back door.

Inside I just want to do something generically creepy, so I picked out a couple outfits from her closet and laid them on the bed. That's all I moved.

I also read a stack of letters I found, which turned out to be a vampire fantasy novel she was writing in letter format. I read them, memorized bits, and then weeks later started calling her saying I woke up from strangest dream with the intense urge to speak to her, and then describing bits of her novel as if I'd dreamed it.


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11. When I was 5, I left my bedroom at night on a "covert" ops mission to kidnap my sister's barbies from her room. I brought them back to my room and dismembered them on my toy chest.

I then wrapped them in my dirty underwear. A pair for every lady. I tucked the barbie corpses under my bed, waiting till morning, and buried them in the backyard.


12. I like looking into peoples houses at night. Just when I am walking my dogs - I don't go out just to do it. I like seeing how other people live I guess.

It is winter here for 8 months a year so I wear my parka with the hood up. It is furry so I can turn my head and look through the fur. This way it looks as if I am facing forward even if I am staring right at you. That innocuous looking girl walking by? She is watching you watching her. She is watching you argue with your wife. She is watching.....


13. When I was 14 I had a crush on a guy. So naturally I systematically stalked him through our enormous high school by taking different hallways every day to class and remembering the time and location of when I sighted him and altering my schedule and routes until I "bumped into" him close to a dozen times a day.

He asked me out, we giggled and I had my first kiss and we dated for 2+ years. I'm well adjusted now I swear.


14. 7th grade:

I asked a girl who had a crush on me what making a heart in the air with her fingers to her friend across the room meant. She was stunned, really.

I didn't turn around, didn't ask anyone about it, just knew.. because I had a watch that had chrome in it, acting as a mirror.

I love that watch.


15. When I was 16, my neighbors went out of town and I had to let take their dog out a few times a day and feed him. One time, I got nosy and snooped around the house. Going through drawers, peeking at unmentionables, etc. I let the dog back in then went home and realized I didn't have their keys anymore.

Dilemma: They were coming back the next day. If I left the keys on the counter, no biggie. If I left them on their dresser in their bedroom, I'd have some explaining to do.

So I called my friend over and we planned our first breaking and entering caper. We grabbed a steak knife, and I boosted him onto the roof. He cut two small slits to be able to pop the pins on the screen. We got lucky that the window was unlocked. He put the screen back in and found the keys on the counter.


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16. My mom had knee replacement surgery a couple years ago and was on really strong painkillers for awhile. The first couple of nights she was home, I stayed up all night so I'd be there if she needed something.

I was worried about the painkillers she was taking and was worried she was going to stop breathing in her sleep (I'm paranoid, okay?!) so I'd stand over her in the dark just to make sure she was still alive. Like, completely Paranormal Activity style. Thankfully she never woke up to see me standing next to her bed like a total creeper.


17. My girlfriend was showering, and I decided to try to sneak in. I don't know why, but it seemed liked the funniest idea in the world at the time. I picked those dumb bathroom locks, got to the shower, opened the curtain, and I climbed in.

Well, there I was, directly behind her, and she still hadn't noticed. At this point I realized I'd made a terrible mistake. I wanted to retreat, but now I was too scared of getting caught to even move.

She turned around, saw me, and started shrieking and shrieking like I've never heard before and hope never to hear again.

So yeah, I got caught in the end. But it was so much worse because I got caught much later than expected.


18. I was able to hack into my ex-girlfriend's Gmail account and monitor her emails. Also used info to gain access to her Facebook. Still have nudes and seen sexts she sent. Was awesome till I found out she had sex with my brother.


19. My friend used to think this girl named Hannah, who was in my Holocaust studies class, was really hot, so I took pictures of her (without her knowing) and sent them to him during the entire class. She never knew. And it happened every week.


20. When I was a kid I was playing hide and seek at a friend's house. Hid in the towel closet in the bathroom.

Cue friend's mom. Comes in for a quick piss the whole time of which I'm just like "this is how I die." She cleans up, washes hands, and leaves. I wait two full minutes, sneak out and find new hiding place. All is well.


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21. When I was in third grade, we were walking in line, and the girl that I liked a whole lot was walking in front of me. With the stealth of a thousand ninjas... I leaned forward and gently licked her hair. I don't know what compelled me to do so, but it totally happened.


22. I used to piss in the bathroom soap dispensers of my summer school every Friday when I was in the 6th grade.


23. Close female friend came over for drinks, which led to hot tub time (with her boyfriend and my girlfriend all present). She changed into a bathing suit in the common bathroom. I went to use the bathroom, saw her clothes and thong on the floor. Definitely sniffed her thong.


24. I was taking a steamy shower in a communal college residence when someone on the toilet leaves and shuts off the lights, leaving me in pitch dark at the moment my chronic nose bleeding starts up. In a decidedly pissed moment, I smeared blood all over my hands and drew a rather sizeable smiley in red on the tile wall and left it there.


25. When I was sick with colds as a kid, I would sneak my dirty tissue into people's (mostly my mom's) pockets. More disgusting than creepy; I'd have made a good pickpocket.


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26. I went deep sea fishing with my friends for senior skip day and bought a pack of frozen squid. We never ended up using them because the fishing company provided clams for bait. Later that day I went to go throw the squid in a pond down the street from my house and instead nailed them to a bunch of trees where a bunch of teenage stoners who frequent in my neighborhood smoked. Took them a month to rot away and the smell was awful.


27. Had a crush on my professor so I did a few hours of sleuthing. I found her online handles and read through her entire live journal, tracked her movement on foursquare and map my run, read her tweets hoping one day it would mention her students (me), photoshopped weird pictures of her and a boyfriend (mouth swaps, skin tone changes, etc), checked out her eBay purchase history, and eventually ended up with her fathers phone number.


28. My friend secretly filmed me for a year and I never realized it until he showed me the compiled footage for my birthday.


29. My girlfriend lived at my familys house for months without my parents or sister finding out.



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