People Answer: 'What Happened In Middle School That Still Makes You Cringe Years Later?'

People on Reddit were asked: "What happened in middle school that still makes you cringe today?" These are some of the best answers.

2/32 During the sex talk in the fifth grade, one of my friends raised her hand and asked... "When guys masturbate, do they put their penis in their vagina?" Still can't decide if I should cringe or laugh.


3/32 Rubbed mayonnaise on the staircase railing so people would wipe their hands on it and watched. And waited.

Eventually some girls walked down the stairs when one yelled, "Ooh lotion!" And they all proceeded to rub it on their arms. It was awesome.

No regrets.


4/32 We had sex ed in school, but my paranoid mother thought it wasn't enough. So she decided to make me attend a seminar. Alone. Everyone else was older. I was called up to put a condom on a wooden dildo. I cried.


5/32 The "random" phase. The one where we would say that we were soooooooo random and shouted random words in the hall, mainly "PANTS!" and "CHEESE!" We also claimed to be "anti-prep" and made a giant list of "preps" in our grade. It almost lead to a fight between some girls and a few of my friends. I didn't have a part in it since I was nice to their "leader" or whatever. God, we were idiots.


6/32 When we had a check for scoliosis during gym class and the one hunchback kid got checked and the coach got this look on his face like he is going to have to tell this kid life changing information and he doesn't know what to say and the hunchback just looked at him and said "I know."


7/32 I asked a girl out in 8th grade, she said no. No big deal, I didn't care. In my locker later that day I found a note she had written, saying she only said no because she was nervous and in front of her friends, and that she actually wanted to go out with me. I was elated, on could nine. This was on Friday, so I took the note home and memorized it entirely. I hated Simple Plan at the time, but there was one song that I heard on MTV and I made it our song, listened to it nonstop that weekend. I was in love. Come Monday one of my [jerk] friends told me he wrote it himself and I kicked his [butt].


8/32 7th grade algebra class and my teacher said something regarding 1,000 dollars. And I recently watched a couple Yo Momma episodes on MTV and they would give out 1,000 dollars to the winner. Well, right after the teacher said that, there was a spot where I could try and make kids laugh and I said, "1,000 dollaz caash monaaaaay." Complete terrifying silence filled the room with nothing but hatred and then cool kid that sat next to me just says, "Wow, that was stupid." which made it even worse.


9/32 I had blonde highlights in my hair. Oh god. Why? Why did I think that would look cool. I am a ginger...


10/32 They caught this kid masturbating in class through his pants pocket to the butt crack of the girl sitting in front of him. Twice.


11/32 I told a girl I liked her and she threw a clump of dirt at me. It hit me right in the eye and made me cry like a little girl in front of everyone. It was humiliating on all levels.


12/32 I tried to turn super saiyan in a fight once. I legitimately started screaming in a super saiyan pose. Boy was that embarrassing, I didn't even turn super saiyan, just got my [butt] kicked by [another] kid.


13/32 I was pantsed. And simultaneously underweared.


14/32 I had the chance to make the popular girls feel the pain of being chosen last in PE, and I massively blew it.

The teacher let me pick who I wanted on my softball team first. Instead of choosing my buds- the weirdos, the misfits, and general nice girls- I picked the popular girls hoping that it would make me likeable in their oh-so-cool eyes.

Nope. None of the popular girls even spoke to me for the entire game/class, and neither did my buds. That was the loneliest and most awkward game full of passive aggressive ridicule and bullying I have suffered through. I was a jerk and got everything and more that I deserved. I still feel like a giant buttface about it, as I should.


15/32 I wore a pirate flag as a cape for 2 weeks.


16/32 I was in history class in eighth grade and it was the first time I was wearing boxers instead of tighty whities. The freedom was too much for me. I rubbed my [penis] over my pants the whole class period and almost came, but I thought no one noticed. It turned out everyone had been watching me masturbate during class. I kept saying I was trying to get a stain off, but I don't think anyone really believed me.

I've found a happy medium: boxer-briefs.


17/32 I remember I liked one of the most popular guys in the school (he wasn't even that cool, but I was a middle schooler and didn't know anything about liking people). So, as he passed me at the lunch table, I pretended to fall, at the same time, yelling out the words "WILLYOUGOOUTWITHME?" He just continues walking and says "no," without looking.


18/32 I attempted to shave my unibrow with a shaving razor. The edges looked too squared off, so I decided to square off the outside edges to match. I looked like I had Hitler/Charlie Chaplin mustaches above my eyes for several weeks.


19/32 I'm a dude, and I once painted my nails black during class and walked around like that all day because I thought it made me look cool.

It SO wasn't me.


20/32 Playing capture the flag in gym class and accidentally grab a girls boob.


21/32 I rolled up a brownie to look like a piece of poop at lunch and walked out to the field for recess. I walked up to a circle of a few girls and started chatting them up. I dropped the "poop" on the ground stealthily and yelled "EW POOP" then proceeded to pick in up and take a bite. Why I thought that was a good move is beyond me.


22/32 In 6th grade an 8th grader asked me out. I was so nervous and frightened that I froze, then muttered, "You wouldn't even...what is this a joke..." and ran away as quickly as I could. She then burst into tears.

And I actually had a huge crush on her.


23/32 Oh man one time a group of kids dared me to eat a whole nacho tray filled with jalapenos and then drink 16 half pints of chocolate milk. I did it in about 20 minutes. For one day I became the popular kid. The principal was watching the whole thing and laughing. I [pooped] milk and burning for days.


24/32 My mom took my shopping to get some new clothes (which was a big deal in our household) and I got a new pair of shorts, which I wore to school the next day. During English class, this girl asked me "Are those new shorts?", and I proudly said yes. She proceeded to walk over to me, while the whole class watched, and tell me "You can't wear those shorts until you lose this" and shook [my] thigh. Everyone stared and laughed. It's still mortifying because of how humiliating it was and because I didn't stand up for myself.


25/32 I had the biggest crush on my English teacher. Ms. Clarke. SO HOT. I told her in this weird, creepy love letter that I left on her desk on day. And I'm pretty sure she showed it to all the other teachers.


26/32 We were going on some field trip, and the class was gathered to discuss rules, what we could and couldn't bring, etc etc. Gameboys were all the rage at that time, so our teacher announced that we wouldn't be allowed to bring them. Now, I had no clue what a Gameboy was, but I wanted to be smart anyway... so I raised my hand and asked...

"What about Gamegirls?"



27/32 Sneezed while on my period in phys ed :(


28/32 Raised my hand to answer a question and in the process of doing so I punched myself in the face. Few seconds later I passed out and when I woke up everyone was sitting there staring at me and my pants which now felt wet...


29/32 I used to wear sweatpants all the time in 6th grade because they were comfy. I also used to get boners all the time in 6th grade. There were many times where I'd be called to the front and would try to hide the boner in the elastic of my sweatpants. Many of those times it slipped out.


30/32 I was bullied mercilessly by these two guys. They made my life a living hell. One day I was assigned to work on some project with one of them, Tamru. Anyway, I was wearing shorts that day and during the project, Tamru looks over and says "I don't know why you think you can wear shorts." I got rid of all my shorts and didn't wear shorts again until I was 30 years old and enduring the #1 hottest summer central Texas has ever had with something like 80 days over 100 degrees.


31/32 Being small, I'm also very flat chested. So, 6th grade, oh my gosh! We actually change for PE! I hadn't gotten bras yet since, well, I didn't need them. And one day after class, two girls came up and said "Thanks for showing." I just replied, "Come back tomorrow for more." But it still bothers.


32/32 Pointless competitions with friends about who sounded the best rapping "The Bad Touch" by Bloodhound Gang.



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