People Confess What Happened Last Time They Broke Down Crying.

This article is based on the AskReddit question "When was the last time you cried, and why?"

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1. The message in a comic

Last night.

I came out as queer to my mother a few months ago and things have been on a steady decline since then. Last night she told me that she doesnt care what happens to me, doesn't want me in her life anymore, and asked that I don't try to contact her again. Weirdly enough, that's not the part that made me cry.

I wound up stumbling across a comic by a queer artist/drag performer that I love, a few hours later. For some reason the comic hit me incredibly hard and that's what made me cry. It's about the death of the artist's mother, and though my mother is alive and well, I've lost her in a different way.

I felt like an idiot for crying so hard at a comic that wasn't even really related to what happened between me and my mother, but I couldn't help it. Bad timing, I suppose.


2. When music shed lights on the truth

I dated this girl for three years, from the beginning of sophomore year of high school to half-way through our first year in college. We went through an exceptionally bad breakup, and during the whole event she had a friend who would listen to my ex talk about us. Yesterday, I found out she was a musician, and she had written a song about our breakup from my ex's perspective.

The song finally made me understand what my ex had been saying the whole time.

I cried for an hour straight.


3. Making a difference

Nurse here. My patient took out his prosthetic upper pallet in his mouth to reveal the bullet hole where he shot himself 6 years ago. He told me he was so glad it didn't work because he would never meet people like me that make his life easier. I immediately went to the locker room and cried and cried all the way home tonight.


4. All is well now

My adoptive nephew found a clip on YouTube today, of a cop explaining to kids what they should do when mommy or daddy was hurting them. When he said he wished he had know about that before. That. Did. It.

To clarify, my sister and her husband took over care for him after child protective services removed him from his biological parents. He seems to be doing really well now, and we are all working to help him move on, and give him the love and safety he needs.


5. When parents dont visit

When I realized my family goes to the city where I live to go shopping but can't come over to say hi. They are furious when I can't come because of school. It just hurts me a lot because I try everything I can to maintain contact but they are like whatever, he should come to visit.


6. An unexpected birthday surprise

Just last week. Was my 21st birthday and went home to see the family. Ended up just listening to my parents argue the whole night. Wasn't a surprise really - just didn't really expect in on my birthday.


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7. A proud dad

About two weeks ago. My dad passed away. Knew it was coming for a month or so, did a bunch of crying leading up to his passing. Felt like I was ready for it. Barely cried the day he died. In fact went to work and told myself, "Look at how strong I am! Dad would be proud."


8. An emotional roller coaster

About an hour ago. My wife is an amazing woman and I love her to the ends of the earth. About twice a year she has a very rough period that makes her super emotional and touchy. Well that's this month this year. Both of us have recently started new jobs, I am working 100+ hours a week at my new job trying to rush through training and get settled in. Well I tried to call her to just say hi and that I love her and she just went off on me, over nothing and I know she isn't REALLY mad, just hormonal and that in about another 20 minutes I will get a text saying something along the lines of I'm sorry, you can hate me, love you" but it just hit me and I had to walk out to my car and just cry. I am terrified that I will somehow mess this job up, because it is one of the best opportunities I have ever had, and between this and my wife's job we will be financially stable. We literally are within two weeks of getting by and not having any worries. I just have to push through the stress, and worry and just keep telling myself that I am going to make it.

I hope I can.


9. That Scrubs episode

Two nights ago. Watching Scrubs for the first time. S01E04, My Old Lady, the episode that starts with the premise that on average, one in three patients who enter a hospital will die.


10. Breaking the news to him

This morning. My girlfriend told me that her brother, her sister-in-law, and she were going to drive to the prison to visit her older brother (and husband of her sister-in-law) who is doing 10 to 15 years for a drug possession charge. His older daughter died, and he will find out in a few hours. She and her sister-in-law, and the surviving daughter are 8000 miles away, and I just want to hug all three in my arms right now.

And now I'm crying again as I type this.


11. Heartbreaking decision

Friday. I cried for about five hours because I've come to the harsh reality that I need to put my cat down. I've had her for almost 10 years, but she has heart disease and won't get better. It was a strange reality knowing that I'm the one who will have to make the decision for her to die. Breaks my heart.


12. Sharing lifes successes with someone

1 hour ago. Just graduated college yesterday, which should have been one of the happiest days of my life, until the love of my life made me aware that we won't ever work out. Life's successes don't mean a damn thing when you have nobody to share them with


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13. From sad tears to happy tears

It was last Tuesday, after of my math final. Went out in tears as I was certain I failed, meaning I'd be suspended from the University. Got my results back on Thursday, and ended up passing. Cried happy tears then.


14. Long work hours

Yesterday. I work almost 70 hours a week. I'm alone at work for the most part too. I miss my wife and daughter so much I break down a lot. I get to see them about a half hour in the morning if I'm lucky. When I do see them they are happy and excited so it's worth it, I guess.


15. Quit and start over

Yesterday. I'm struggling through an abusive relationship with my partner who has borderline personality disorder. He really does love me but his illness causes psychological harm. I can't save him. I'm so exhausted, discouraged, defeated, and hopeless. I don't want to be in this situation but I still want him. I don't want to leave him without support or help but the likeliness of him healing and being good for me are slim to none. I just want a new life. I want to quit and start over.


16. Runaway dogs

About a year ago. I moved to Japan and someone who was watching my dogs called me and said they got out and they couldn't find them. They checked everywhere and nothing. I love my dogs and I was 7000 miles away and could do nothing to help.

Two weeks later, my coworker called me and said "I have your dogs, found them at a park together. Hungry and afraid." I'm a grown man but I cried so much. They are here with me now and very happy and healthy.


17. Algebra is difficult!

I've had a boat load of concussions from sports and the only class I need to graduate college is Algebra yet I cannot figure it out. Other than that I have great grades but the fact my 13 year old cousin can do what takes me hours of struggling to do annoys the hell out of me.


18. The most supportive partner

Last night. My boyfriend and I were cuddling and it just hit me that I do not deserve the man I'm with right now. Add that to an already low week, and I started sobbing.

I'm really grateful to have a person who deals with all of my crap with me, doesn't care what anyone else thinks (a sharp contrast to myself), and doesn't care about the issues I have, just that we'll face them together.

Depression sucks, some days, weeks, months are worse than others, but it'll be okay someday.


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19. The nightmare


Had a panic attack after dreaming that my step-mom was kicking me out of the house, for finding "something on my phone," but I was confused because it needs my fingerprint - and as far as I knew there wasn't anything incriminating on it. The worse part was the smirk on her face as the tears started falling on my face. I woke up sobbing - and then started hyperventilating. I don't even live there any more.


20. Appreciating great grandmother

Great grandmother died last weekend and when I was told I wasn't that upset because we all expected it, but on Friday night I was lying in bed thinking about all the cards she sent me with money in them on Birthdays and Christmas, the few memories I have of her came to me and I just started sobbing. What made me cry the most was thinking about how I took all the gifts for granted, I would get them in the post and just take it, usually without sending one back or saying thank you over the phone, she'd probably forgotten I existed when the Alzheimer's got worse.


21. The heartbreaking documentary

Watched a recent Vice documentary about the conflict in Afghanistan, and the part which got me was when they revisited kids from a previous documentary. Who needed to fight alongside their parents even though they are only 8 and under.

I found myself getting really overwhelmed by it all.

Strange thing is I don't ever cry about my own problems.


22. So much disappointment

Waiting to be asked to prom by my boyfriend turned into "let's ditch prom and go paint-balling" which turned into "let's go to a movie" which turned into, at the last minute, "something came up. It's stupid, but my expectations had to keep getting lower and lower, until I couldn't have any at all. Teenage hormones probably don't help either.


23. When expectations are ruined

I was having a really good day leading up to the holidays. Woke up really early (before the wife got up) and got a lot done. We had a 6-month-old baby and were adjusting to that whole thing.

I was happy I had gotten so much housework done and was relaxing, playing video games, etc. Kinda was looking forward to trying for sex that night as well.

Then my wife suddenly wanted my help and I wasn't immediately available. This turned into a discussion where she said "I know you do a lot but I need you to do more." When I pointed out things I had done that day she cut me off and just said I needed to do more. I went to bed but she followed me a few minutes later, upset that I didn't say goodnight. Then she left.

I cried a little bit just because my expectations for the evening totally went opposite of what I had hoped for.

My wife is not usually like this, but every holiday with the baby has had something like this happen.


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24. A series of unfortunate events

I found out my wife had been having an ongoing affair. She went out of town for a week on a "business trip" and was really at a beach resort with her boyfriend. After I found out her lies she decided to divorce me, and a month after that happened, my [cut] mother died. Three weeks later my brother died. All the while I was going through emotional turmoil, as well as empty nest because my kids had both just left out of the house.


25. Overwhelming stress

Wednesday of this last week. The overwhelming amount of stress that I am under finally made me snap. I have been trying to save money for a vacation for my kids (only $300 to go) and my middle child who has been having stomach issues for 3 years now and needs surgery to remove her malfunctioning gallbladder. I just felt so defeated.


26. Bob Ross is just such a nice person!!!

I cried in the middle of an Olive Garden, of all places, about a week ago. My mom wanted to treat me to lunch so I went along. She was diagnosed with type II diabetes a year ago and we've been having a lot of disputes about her diet since then. She ordered dessert, I said to her, "You know how I feel about that," and started crying at the table.

Later that night, I was watching Bob Ross episodes to fall asleep, and wept a bit because he's so nice and I was just sad in general.


27. The terrible news

I'm 17, moving off to college soon. My parents were worried about me because I have been sleeping a lot lately, been sick, had no energy to do anything, etc. They took me to the doctor last week, and I was directed to have blood drawn so they could run some tests. I cried when I was informed by both my parents and the doctor that there is a very strong chance that I have type II diabetes. I have no idea if and how this is going to change my life yet, but I know I won't be able to handle it.


28. Feeling defeated but looking forward to better beginnings

Last night. It was my last shift at the job I've been working at for nearly a year and I realized nobody particularly cared I was leaving. I had no friends there.

Though I do cry quite often and, more often than not, there's no reason. It's equally possible I became depressed and began finding sadness in places I previously hadn't. I didn't even like any of my coworkers very much.

I'm feeling better today. I'm trying to be optimistic about starting my new co-op position tomorrow. I'll be working in an office and earning more than I ever have. I'm going to try really hard to make friends.


29. A painful child labor

My wife's labor. Before our son was born. She was at a level a pain I didn't think was possible until that moment and I was totally helpless to help her. I hadn't cried in years and years and that broke me. She's in the middle of labor and actually consoled ME.

Turns out she had gone from 2cm - 10cm and had to skip the epidural.


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30. Open up the flood gates

Last Thursday. My fianc broke up with me and moved out. Struggling with money and finding a new place to live right now but I think I'll pull through. I rarely ever cry but man it feels nice when those flood gates open.


31. Sexual differences

Last night. My girlfriend and I were talking about our sexual relationship. I have a normal sex drive while she has a very low one. As such she doesn't really think about our sexual encounters much in general. And don't get me wrong we both enjoy sex, it's just that she doesn't think as highly of it in the grand scheme of our relationship as I do. Anyway, I was describing how when I reflect on any given sexual encounter that I'll note that she doesn't give much response and that lack of response in the moment will make me feel insecure when I think about it later. The anxiety of describing these things to her as well as drudging up these emotions brought me to tears because our sexual differences are the only substantial road-bump in our relationship.


32. The forgiving toddler

Earlier today. My 18 month old was being a pain and I lost all patience. I yelled at him and was too rough getting him in the carseat.

I got to feeling sorry for myself about all the stuff I'm dealing with when I started thinking about my son and how he can't communicate what he wants with me and when he tried I lost my temper.

I pulled over, got him out of the car and just sobbed telling him how sorry I am and asking to start over.

Luckily he's very forgiving.


33. Jealous cries

On Friday I took one of my best friends out to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 for his birthday and we went bar hopping for Cinco de Mayo afterwards. At 11:30 I was about four drinks in and feeling pretty tired after a long week at a new job so I bade him good night and Ubered home. I assumed he did the same.

Yesterday I was out shopping and sent him a text about Uber being much less expensive than I expected for a drinking holiday and he replied "I didn't spend last night in my own bed, hahaha. Apparently he stayed out and picked up a cute nurse at another bar.

I've had a hard year - sporadic employment, living with my depressed parents and watching my brother's life be limited by brain damage, etc. Some major issues relating to abuse flared up in my girlfriend's past a few months ago and we more or less haven't had sex since. I've been very far from a place where I could stroll into a bar and pick a girl to chase into bed. A big pang of jealousy and yearning hit me and I cried a bit in my car before replying with "Good job, dude!


34. So sweet!

So my girlfriend is going away for work this week and she'll be gone for a few months. We haven't been together very long, but we were made for each other. I used to think that love at first sight and stuff like that was just something people said. But it's real.

So, we were having lunch a few days ago and she told me she had a gift. She pulled out from her bag a framed picture of her and I we took at a party we recently attended. It was a candid picture a friend took of her smiling while I was whispering in her ear. It was just the nicest gift I've ever gotten. Sure, we have plenty of photos together but just on our phones and Facebook and stuff. But just holding that picture of us together was so special. I mean, who develops photos anymore? I started crying like a baby when I saw it. I'm really going to miss her.

In the photo, I was whispering to her that she was my soulmate. And she is.


35. All the feels

Saturday. Girl I work with I like. When I start liking one, I focus far too much on how to impress them or talk to them or make them laugh or whatever. Despite my mind going a thousand miles a minute to not appear boring, I come across as just that. A few months ago I was opening up a little more, being more natural but I didn't have majorly strong feelings for her. But as soon as I do, I pretty much ruin it for myself. It sucks because with all the other women I work with, I'm my natural self and come across as pretty personable, which was beginning to happen with the girl in question until I caught the feels. Now communication is pretty mundane, body language isn't as engaging and zero flirting happens. Basically I cried because I'm sick of making myself an obstacle because of my lack of confidence or my clearly innate ability to not efficiently manage my own emotions.

That and I work weekends.



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