People Imagine Which Minor Inconvenience They'd Pay $500 Never To Experience Again

Minor inconveniences may be minor, but they can still ruin your whole day.

Reddit user OvertOperation asked:

"You can, one time only, pay $500 to never experience a minor inconvenience again. What do you pick?"


No more alarm clocks. Wake up naturally when needed.



I would gladly pay to never get bit by another mosquito. Live in Florida near a large lake, I could enjoy dusk without fear!



That 20 minute "waking up" phase. I'd be either asleep or awake. Not half comatose wondering if I can afford an extra ten minutes under the duvet. I envy people that don't have the 5 more minutes morning.



You know when you're cooking and you realize just before it's finished that the next dish/tool/pan you need is dirty, so you need to clean it while your food gets overcooked?

Not anymore.



I would pay 500 dollars to always be able to immediately find that ONE thing that is keeping me from walking out the door in the morning.



I'm working on my 2nd sinus infection in 3 weeks. Although it is possible that it's the same one and never fully went away. At this point I would be more than happy to pay the $500 fine and never ever have sinus problems ever again.



I would be overjoyed to never hear another person's eating/chewing/mouth noises again.



Falling asleep. Have trouble falling asleep? Boom problem solved.



I'd pay to never have to put anything away again. Take out a book? Goes back by itself. Pour some milk? Back in the fridge without a thought.



Boredom hunger. When your body isn't actually hungry, but you decide you're going to eat anyway because there's nothing else to do. Fuck that noise, well worth the money to watch my weight plummet down to a reasonable level.


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You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, or so the saying goes.

The same can be said for your interactions with cops, most of whom are perfectly happy to let minor infractions slide––When was the last time you were actually ticketed for jaywalking?––provided you're not a total Karen should you interact them.

Your local police officer likely doesn't care about jaywalking or the fact that you went five miles over the speed limit unless you give him a reason to, as we learned when Redditor Takdel asked police officers: "What stupid law have you enforced just because someone was an a-hole?"

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