People Reveal The Angriest They've Ever Been

It's easy to get angry over little things. Being late for work, your phone not holding a charge anymore, or your favorite ice-cream shop closing early on a Monday for no reason. However, most people can think back to that one time when the anger was too much and they became a living ball of fury. These are those times.

Reddit user, u/Nacho36, wanted to hear about the most angst-filled anger ever when they asked:

What's the angriest you've ever been?

Parents Being Awful

My parents forcing me to intervene and pick sides in their divorce even though I feel like I'm too old for that drama. And if dont pick a side, I'm disowned from both.

That sh-t got me so mad I started crying


Stand Up For Yourself

My dad was once being an a--hole to my mother. I told him to stop. He threatened to break my jaw.

I told him to do it then.

Adulthood started early for me.


From One Brother...


This boy literally almost threw my brother over a bridge after school.

Over f-cking Fortnite.


...To Another

When my brother stole $700 from me when I was 16.

That was years worth of savings.


Standing Up For Those Who Can't

My dad has Parkinson's and some cognitive difficulty and a few years ago I was over and found out that a guy conned him into paying $100 to "fix" a spot on his bumper by spraypainting it silver. He didn't understand and had taken the money out of his wallet and given it to the guy.

I completely lost my sh-t and cursed him out on my lawn in front of my parents. My blood was boiling, they had never heard me speak like that before. I think it struck a nerve for me because he was fairly high up in the NYPD for 25 years and involved in a lot of heroic situations, so it was really hard to see him unable to deal with this simple crook.


Ugh, Kids, Again...

Background: When I was young, my family was in a car wreck. A horse had gotten out of its pen and tried to jump over our car. Landed on my dad's side and broke his neck. He's fine now, but that really screws up a kid.

Fast forward: I'm a freshman in high school. Class jerkoff decided to start giving me crap about horses and how my dad should've died. I started across the classroom at him, for the only time in my life fully intending on killing someone.

I'd been in martial arts for several years at that point and knew exactly what I was going for. The asst. football coach tackled me while the jerkoff was pulled out of the room.

In hindsight, I'm really glad the coach did that. This guy was a lawyer's kid, and it scares me to think how my life would have been wrecked by that outcome.


Just Tell Me!

My gf cheated on me. Not a once-off, but over months with many guys.

What made me mega-angry is that pretty much everyone in my friend group knew, and it was so funny that they managed to keep it from me for so long.


Why Do You Think I'm Here???

Went to the financial aid officer at uni and they spoke to me as if I was about to steal their money and treated me like sh-t the entire time.

I lost it when the lady said 'if your father couldn't afford it why did he send you to college'



League Of Legends Is The Worst

A few months ago i broke my chair cuz of fkn league of legends

It was at that point I realized that sh-t aint healthy


Anger Needs To Be Discussed

Teacher here. Was on a sub assignment before earning credential. Middle school. Kid I knew had a sibling in Highschool commit suicide just days ago. Found her sobbing between bells, asked if she wanted to step out and talk, or if she wanted some privacy, or anything.

She doesn't say anything for an uncomfortable minute and slowly passes me a balled-up paper. I unballed it and read it. Someone who had been bullying her left her a note gloating over the death and all the reasons why they deserved to be dead and burning in hell.

Three things happened that day after reading that paper. The first is that I scared a cluster of incoming students and some faculty after slamming the door behind me loud enough to trigger a seismic event. The second is that I ran, literally ran into the principal's office, closed the door behind me and laid out the paper on her desk with a quiet, "look at this sh-t." The third is that the final straw was laid for said student to receive an expulsion.

I was upset during the next period and ignored the sub plan for the first time ever, and I talked about it with the students. They seemed relieved to be able to address recent events and talked about how jarring it all was, going through school assignments like nothing happened.

The affected students were not in the class. The bullied girl was prioritized for counseling services. I hope she's okay, I still think about it a lot. I was told later the letter writer was expelled and several other students received serious consequences. I appoligized for being unprofessional with the principal, but she took it in stride. I was hired a number of times after that incident, so I am guessing it was forgiven.

Days like that can change how one looks at humanity.


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