People Reveal Common-Knowledge That They Learned At An Embarrassingly Late Age.

Often things that are right in front of us are easily overlooked! Reddit users were asked about common knowledge they recently picked up, here's some of the best answers.

1. One in the same!

The academy awards ARE the Oscars.


2. We can thank Mozart.

"Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and "The Alphabet Song" are the same. damn. song.


3. Don't be too hard on yourself now.

Chipmunks are not baby squirrels. I am not a clever man.


4. That is completely nuts.

After years of listening to his music I came to the realization: Eminem => M&M => Marshall's his initials


5. Hold it right there!!

Pineapple doesn't grow on trees.


6. That's wild!

Bananas you eat are genetically modified to not have seeds. Wild bananas have seeds the size of marbles that would likely break your teeth


7. I need to check all my pants out.

Two of my friends just discovered that clothing companies sew pockets shut (I believe to prevent people from putting things in them before purchasing) and that they weren't always just fake pockets.


8. I need to sit down for a minute.

Alphabet = Alpha, bet(a)


9. One two three whoaza!!

Been watching Sesame Street with my first child. Realized that the COUNT (vampire) counted. My husband was disappointed in his marriage choice.


10. Don't feel dumb.

That a 'second' as a unit of time is so called because it is the second division of an hour by 60. Made me feel dumb for not putting it together earlier.


11. Learning is forever.

One day when I was about 25 my friend was driving me to the Grove (huge outdoor mall in LA) and as we were circling the parking garage she stops to wait for a spot. I ask her how do you know they're leaving? She's all "reverse lights". I reply, "reverse what??" "You know, those white lights come on when the car is put in reverse." "Is that a new thing?" "Uhhhh... no." She stares at me blankly ....We're 30 now and she still teases me about that.


12. Holy smokes!

Cigarette = Cigar-ette or tiny cigar. Blew my mind.


13. The cold hard truth.

I recently blew my room mates' minds by informing them that polar bears don't eat penguins as they don't even live anywhere near each other.


14. I just thought it was.

I just realized that deer have the "caught in the headlights" reaction because in the wild, they freeze when predators are nearby. I thought they were just stupid.


15. Common knowledge?

The king of queens show is that he is from queens NY, i thought he was just the king of queens...


16. Slight difference, big change.

That the correct phrase is "I couldn't care less" NOT "I could care less."


17. Nutty!

The word bed looks like a bed.


18. Not the plastic ones of course!

Loofahs (like you use in the bath) are the skeletal form of a vegetable a bit like a cucumber. I thought they were a sea creature like sponges.


19. No, no I did not.

Did you know that prunes were once plums?


20. Oh my.

...and raisins were once grapes.


21. Mommy's not so naughty after all.

In the song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" ... that the dad is dressed up as Santa. I sincerely thought Mommy was kissing on Santa Claus. Not in an "I'm all grown up and thought Mommy was cheating" kind of way, but I just imagined her giving him a sweet innocent kiss on the cheek for being Santa! Because Santa's awesome!

I was listening to the radio this past Christmas when it came on, and after paying closer attention to the lyrics, it just dawned at me. I told my boyfriend when I got to his place that night, and he just burst out laughing at me. I told my mom at a later date, and her confirmation is what made me realize that this was apparently common knowledge!


22. Outrageous!

I thought dragons were real, but extinct, until junior year of high school.


23. They don't?

Until very recently I was under the impression that dishwashers fill up completely with water while they are operating... THE SHAME.


24. How silly.

It is a laundromat not a laundry mat. My sister made fun of me for a while for that one. I was 24 or 25.


25. I thought he was just a rida of flo's.

Flo Rida, the musician: Flo Rida = Florida.

The state.

The state from which he hails.

Mind. Blown.


26. Ouch.

For years, I would dry swallow pills and then use the water to sooth the scratchy feeling left in my throat from doing this.

Did this until my girlfriend saw me doing it and said "you are supposed to use the water to swallow the pills dummy". Never felt stupider in my life. I was around 30 when this happened.


27. Well cock a doodle doo!

Roosters are male chickens. I thought they were a different species. :|



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