People Reveal Social Situations That Happen All The Time In Movies – But Never In Real Life.

Art is supposed to mimic reality, but in these circumstances, it is far from mimicry.

Here, people reveal social situations that happen all the time in movies/ T.V. but never in real life.

29. That is WAY too vague.

Making plans for a date without specifying location or swapping contact details.

"Pick you up at 8?"


28. People barely care about presentations.

A huge work presentation that will make or break one's career. Real jobs aren't like movie pitches. They're just endless, thankless repetitive tasks.


27. I always have to drive around the block AT LEAST once looking for a parking spot.

Getting the parking space right outside wherever you are going every single time you arrive somewhere.


26. Cell phones have made interacting so much harder.

A beautiful woman sitting alone at a bar, gazing around the room and eagerly receptive to being chatted up, rather than just staring at her phone.


25. *Removes glasses, hopes for the best.*

The nerdy ugly girl (or guy) getting a makeover and suddenly becoming super popular and dating the best looking guy/girl.


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24. That's the most unbelievable one of them all!

Living in a big city like New York or London with a sweet little apartment all to yourself on an average salary...

Looking at you, Sex in the City.


23. Yeah, they would get arrested for sure.

Characters breaking all TSA rules to win back their love.



22. Who needs friends anyway?

Person 1 sees person 2 doing something bad in context

P2: I can explain!

P1:No need to

P1 walks away and P2 make no attempt to chase after P1


21. Come on, people! It's awkward for everyone else.

People going out for a meal/drink and then all sitting on the same side of the table.


20. What a waste!

ANY EATING SCENE EVER (continued on the next page...).

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People have a meal in front of them and take like 1 tiny bite the entire dinner scene. Or someones wife preparing a massive breakfast with bacon eggs and pancakes and the husband comes downstairs, takes a sip of coffee and says he has to go.

I'm sure plenty of people leave without breakfast but if this is a frequent occurrence I doubt your wife make a full blown meal knowing you're just gonna leave it.


19. I wish this was a thing!

Everyone of your friends/housemates/family/whomever you live with all having a full, cooked and nutritious breakfast before work, all together.


18. Sex isn't pretty.

I'm going to go with sex. Do people really have sex and then roll over and go to sleep? Am I the only one that has to clean up after?


17. Come on, stop being so vague.

Humorous misunderstandings between people who speak in riddles, innuendos, and can't finish sentences properly. Everything spirals out of control over a few days, until someone takes all the blame and resolves the situation by admitting to being a flawed, but lovable goof.


16. No one cares. In fact, most people purposefully ignore it.

When two people are interacting in public and a large crowd of random, emotionally invested strangers forms. Usually someone yells something like, "What are you waiting for, kiss her already!"


15. Yes, and?

Going to a bar and ordering a beer (continued on the next page...).

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Literally just "a beer." No brand, style, season, etc. specified. And somehow the bartender intuitively knows what to get the character, even if they have a clear variety of beers visible on tap and the character is obviously not a regular. It's like going to a restaurant and saying, "One food, please" to the server.


14. So you're saying it's not normal for a stranger to enter your home, say "you gotta check this out!", then turn on your T.V.?? Hold on, calling the cops.

Turning on the TV radio and seeing/hearing something directly related to your life at that very moment.


13. And then he wins against all of them...

One guy vs 10 dudes in a fight scene where the other guys just wait their turn to fight him.


12. Why is this so common in movies?

I've never seen a bully steal somebody's lunch money.


11. Yeah, those dudes in real life are just creepy.

Women falling in love with the overly creepy/stalky protagonist who is "a real man who knows what he wants."

People in movies never need psychological therapy after the most traumatic events.


10. Get to the point!

Say one line in a conversation, then travel across town together and say the next line of the conversation twenty minutes later while entering a new scene.


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9. A real plot twist.

Shy people suddenly becoming outgoing because the plot demands it.


8. This would be so awkward in real life...

People spontaneously breaking out into song in random situations.


7. The door is always locked!

How easily people can access rooftops.


6. Stalking someone is not 'cute' or 'endearing'.

Most of what happens in rom coms would get you slapped with a restraining order at a minimum.


5. Prove it!

Oh are you two in a relationship? I suspect you are faking it due to hijinks and circumstances we aren't supposed to know about! Prove it! I demand that you kiss!


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4. So you guys don't cut all your sheets? Just me then?

People investing in L-shaped sheets that cover a woman's chest, but conveniently show a man's chest.


3. Exactly! Why does that one thing make them so that "no one" wants to date them?

Attractive woman with pretty normal personality in well paying, interesting careers who just has an odd personality quirk being completely ignored romantically by any and all men in her life.


2. People in movies suck at communicating.

A girl comes onto a married guy, and he isn't into it, and then she kisses him, and then his wife/girlfriend or whatever walks in, and he's all like 'IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE', and because neither of them have effective communication skills, it takes half the movie to fix.


1. So true. I'm looking at you, CSI.

Guy is too busy unloading a truck/ doing other manual labor to stop and answer detectives' questions regarding the murder he witnessed. Bonus points if it's a bartender endlessly dry-scrubbing an empty tumbler glass or wiping down a clean bar with a dry rag.



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