People Reveal The Best Gag Gifts To Get This Holiday Season

Show me the receipts!!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Time for egg nog and dancing and cheer! The Christmas shopping has commenced in full force. One of the holiday seasons annual traditions -especially for parties- is the "White Elephant" gag gift. You know that one gift we all give or get that is suppose to make everyone chuckle; that gift you have no need for and you'd rather the cash. However sometimes a little artistry comes into play and the 'right' comedic gift can make the best impression.

Redditor u/jas567 needed some suggestions about what might be the best Christmas parody treasures this year by asking.... Whats the best gag gift you can think of to give for a white elephant party?

To the Late Night, Double Feature... Pictureshow! 


My brother had once gone in with multiple friends to buy another friend an inflatable male sex doll for a birthday gag gift. Naturally, this showed up at that year's white elephant exchange. The poor guy who got it was not cool with it and seemed genuinely distressed about being stuck with it, so I stole it from him. It sat in my closet for a while but finally found its purpose when I dressed it up in fishnets and took it as my "date" to Rocky Horror Picture Show. My date was very popular. Dragoness42

Cock-a-doodle Doo! 

I found a book one time that I'm pretty sure was called "Extraordinary Chickens." It was just a beautiful photo book of a buncha fancy chicken breeds. Paired it with a bottle of Fighting Cock bourbon and my family thought it was hilarious! viralmessiah00

Don't you touch me....

Last year I went to build a bear and bought their cheapest bear with a voice recorder in it. I gave the girl working $5 to record herself yelling "get your damn hands off of me!" Went over like gang busters. timechuck

Absolutely gold, thanks for telling me what my prank gift this year will be. RadBrushwagg

Now you SEE me!! 

One male friend took sexy, albeit safe for work, photos of himself wrapped in Christmas lights and other Christmas themed attire, autographed it, framed and wrapped it and I still love it. coffee4jesus16

I did the same thing. It was a picture of me in booty shorts laying in the snow. I had two Hersey Kisses covering each my nipples (I'm a dude). I signed it, framed the picture, and I also put the Hersey Kisses that were on my nipples in the box. InhLaba

Grandma maybe blind.... 


Framed an absolutely hideous poster-sized face swap of my husband and I. His grandma ended up with it.

When we went to her house a month later and she had it hanging up in her house. silky91

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands! 

I gotta say.... we got The Clapper one year and loved it so much that when it broke a few years later we bought another one. It's perfect for turning off the lights when you're in bed... and for having the lights turn themselves on and off when you're scrumping. 😂 basicallyballin

Hiss you Sir! 

My dad once brought a jar of hissing cockroaches. The following year he was told nothing "crazy." So he brought the same jar, left the lid ajar in the box and watched the party goers from the previous year go white as a sheet. Horrorifying

We used to do white elephant at a friends christmas party every year but at one point he (the host) told everyone to please not pick absolute crap gifts because in the end people would just leave everything they obviously don't need there and he had to take care of like 20 items of random junk... So now it's more of a regular secret santa. 00Laser

Dark & Grey!...

I wrapped a copy of "Fifty Shades of Grey" in multiple layers/shades of grey tissue paper. Completely unplanned and last-minute, my now-husband bought a Dark Knight DVD set and used one of my sheets of tissue paper to wrap it. They were both about the same size and wrapped in the same material. We sat them side-by-side at the party.

One person chose the Dark Knight first. The person directly after him chose the Fifty Shades gift because he thought it would be as cool as the Dark Knight. Nope. Laughter ensued. Cat-Of-Ninetails

So many options...

The white elephant party my SO and I went to for a couple years had some real winners, including:

-Life Alert (the "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" product - this was given in, like, 2015)

-A used cassette deck for a car.

-An Edward Scissorhands snow globe that was so old the water had somehow turns dingy brown.

-A bag of doll shoes. Like, shoes... for baby-dolls. It was weird.

But the all time winner for absolute worst gift:

-A 7'x4' painting of two wrestlers (in unitards and headgear - like, think high school wrestling team) grappling. They were supposed to appear on the ground, one behind the other, and there was some kind of leg-lock going on. Only this painting was HIGHLY amateur, and the limbs were just proportioned all kinds of wrong, and it looked like one of the wrestler's legs was literally disappearing inside the other wrestler. I wish I had a picture to show - it is AMAZINGLY bad. (and the people that won it actually hung it in their living room) PeterLemonjellow

I love a fanny! 


I have to bring 2 presents because my husband refuses to shop. We go to 3-4 parties involving white elephants every year.

So I get one nice and one crappy present per party. The crappy one I wrap super nice and fancy and add stuff to make it feel like something substantial.

This year, the crappy one is a fanny pack that looks like a beer gut, has hair and a bellybutton and everything. Super gross. I think it will be a hit. balmergrl


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