People Reveal The Biggest Unsolved Mysteries Of All Time.

There are things in life that you will never know or be able to explain.

Here, people reveal the biggest unexplained mysteries of all time.

1/29. Somebody sent me a giant (1 ft tall) gummy bear at work two years ago. It had my name and job title - so maybe it was someone I did business with?! - but it came with NO NOTE. Just can't think of who would have sent it or why. So it's been sitting above my desk, huge and gelatinous, still in its package, just bugging the crap out of me. 5% of me thinks... poison??


2/29. I spent a significant amount of time away from home when I lived with my mom, but I would always come back for at least 2 or 3 days a week. during the time I was away, only my mum lived in our house, we lived way out in the middle of nowhere and never had any visitors.

One day I come home, lay down on my bed, and find the words 'poop ha ha poop' written on my wall in pen. I didn't recognize the handwriting, and it was written in such a way that you had to be lying down in order to write at that angle.

So someone, and we have zero suspects here, walked into my house, brought a pen with them bc I don't use pens, climbed the stairs, laid down on my bed, and wrote 'poop ha ha poop' on my wall, and left.

I will never ever know who did this.


3/29. My parents got my sisters each hermit crabs. We kept them in these small cages with lids at the top so you could take them out. They made pretty cool pets.

One day when we came home and found their cage on the bed. It was closed, but the hermit crabs weren't in it. We found the little guys crawling around under the bed later. I asked my sisters about it and they said they hadn't done it. Another time we came home to their cage sitting in the living room with the crabs crawling around the floor there. This went on for at least 5 times until they died.

To this day nobody in my house know what the hell kept happening. I have reason to believe that house is haunted, so maybe the ghost just really loved to play with crabs.


4/29. In 1970, a group of hikers came across the corpse of a woman in the middle of Isdalen Valley in Norway. Around her were bottles of liquor, sleeping pills and nearly incinerated passports. Additionally, her fingerprints were sanded off. She was later linked to some suitcases found at a train station, but the labels in her clothes had all been removed. They also found a diary with coded entries. Later investigation revealed that she had traveled throughout Europe under false names, spoke multiple languages and switched hotels frequently. Her identity has never been discovered, but the most common theory is that the Isdal Woman, as she's come to be known for, was a spy of some sort.


5/29. I grew up in a small town named Chesterville on the outskirts of Ottawa. Back in 1957, a woman's body parts were found in the backyard of a house and they never found who did it.

It is interesting to me because I GREW UP IN THIS DAMN HOUSE! The landlord was this murdered lady's sister or mother (can't remember the relation) (story continued on the next page...).

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Kids used to bike by and hide their face, like looking at the murder house was bad. I remember being around 5 years old and stuck in a swing on my swing set. The house was a little far away so my mom wasn't able to hear my cries for help. Some kids (12-15yrs old) biked by my house, heard me screaming for some help, and covered their face in fear.


6/29. I have a locket that belonged to my Aunt. She died at 98 and was very weird about her life. Didn't answer many questions, etc. Anyone inside the locket is pictures of two little boys. I have no idea who they are or where it came from and no one in the family knows. She would wear the thing everyday though. It still bothers me not knowing.


7/29. My first apartment with my girlfriend, after a year of living there one day I reached into a drawer and found a little pouch I'd never seen before.

Inside were two adult human teeth.

We never figured out where the they came from. I threw it away.


8/29. My senior year of high school, two of my friends/soccer teammates died in a car accident. They were with several other girls from the soccer team -- there two separate cars, each with 4-5 girls. One of the cars flipped over and two girls (the driver and the backseat driver side passenger) died; the two other girls in the car (who were wearing seatbelts-- I'll call them Ashley and Sally) were fine.

There are so many things about this incident that make absolutely no sense, and it haunts me to this day.

None of the girls who witnessed the accident (even Ashley and Sally) can remember whether the car landed initially on its side or on its roof.

Ashley got burns on her back by leaning on the muffler somehow but doesn't remember how it happened.

All but two of the girls LEFT THE SCENE of the accident. Meaning that 5 girls, knowing that their two best friends were trapped underneath a car, just left without waiting for police to arrive or waiting to find out if they were going to be okay.

The girls called their parents BEFORE calling the police, and somehow several sets of parents arrived to the scene of the accident before the local police, despite the fact that the parents drove 30-40 minutes. How long did the girls wait to call the police? Why would they wait so long if two of their best friends were trapped and unresponsive underneath a car?

When questioned by the police hours after the accident, none of the girls had any idea that the other two had in fact passed away. They simply left the scene and thought things were fine?

The cell phone of one of the girls who passed away was mysteriously "found" by Sally at the scene of the accident days later, even though the police didn't find it at the time of the accident.

Ashley later told mother of one of the girls who died that when the car first crashed, everyone was fine and that when she left the scene no one was hurt. Is that true? If so... what the happened after she left?

It genuinely haunts me to this day. What happened that night? I know I'll never know, but I still think about it all the time even years later.


9/29. When I was 10 years old, I woke up with a large burn all up my arm. I am an extremely light sleeper and have no clue how this would have happened without me realizing it. My parents assumed I had just slept walked, but the idea of me getting up, hurting myself, and going back to bed without remembering anything really frightens me to this day.


10/29. A while back I was in NYC with some friends and we noticed this weird story on a newspaper about a girl who had fallen from high above Union Square, possibly off a building. The girl got up, apparently unharmed, and ran off into the crowd of onlookers (story continued on the next page...).

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The police looked into this, but didn't have much luck until an anonymous envelope containing the picture of this girl was delivered to them. The picture was included in the newspaper story. We thought this was pretty interesting, so the minute we got home we googled the story nothing. We've never seen any articles on this girl, anywhere. Everybody we've asked about the story, including people who live or work around Union Square, claims that they've never heard anything about it. This was about three or four years ago and we've found NOTHING.


11/29. Last year as I was preparing to graduate from college my wife and I were moving back to the city that we grew up in. Because of how work transfer schedules worked out, she ended up going to the new house about a week before me while I stayed and prepared the old house, sold some of the furniture, etc.

One day I went to work and came home to clean and noticed the spray bottle and sponge I had been using to clean the fridge weren't on the floor by the fridge anymore; weird since I was alone, but figured I might have moved them.

A short time later I went to wash dishes and noticed our bottle of dish soap was gone too. Thought maybe my wife took it so I jokingly texted her about how I had to do all the cleaning and she took the soap, but she said she didn't take it.

Almost all of the cleaning supplies in the house had disappeared. This includes the toilet brush, toilet bowl cleaner, glass cleaner, dish soap, spray bottle, and multiple sponges. My camping cooler was missing too, and somehow the deflated air mattress (in it's storage bag) moved from behind a stack of cardboard boxes onto the couch I had been sleeping on. However, the laptop sitting on the other half of that couch was untouched.


12/29. I want to know exactly what happened with Kurt Cobain's death. I know the general consensus is it's stupid to think it was anything other than suicide, but if you look into Tom Grant's side of the story, something fishy was going on.


13/29. The JonBenet Ramsey murder. We were the same age, and it was the first big news story I can even vaguely remember. For what ever reason I still think about it every Christmas.


14/29. I'm from Springfield, MO and three women (a mom, her daughter, and her daughter's friend) went missing in 1992 (dubbed "the Springfield three"). There really isn't much evidence, and they seemed to have just vanished without a trace. There are theories out there, but I'm not too familiar with them. Every five years or so some ~breaking news~ comes up, but it never turns out to be anything.

I was only four when it happened, but I remember there being "Missing" posters, and eventually billboards for years. I want to say probably until 1999 or so. The mom who lost her daughter still lives in the community. Very sad.


15/29. What actually happened to George Mallory and Andrew Irvine, both of whom (as a team) attempted to summit Mount Everest in 1924. Had they succeeded, they would have been the first to do so (story continued on the next page...).

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Mallory's body was found in 1999, but there was no trace of the camera or the photo of his wife that he carried with him. He had promised to leave her photo on the summit. The photo, the camera, and Andrew Irvine's body have never been found even though there is a report of a body matching his description being spotted in a cave. Edmund Hillary summited Mount Everest 29 years later.


16/29. Most Americans have at least heard of the Nation of Islam, but very few have heard of its founder, Wallace Fard Muhammad.

That may be because their is absolutely nothing known about him. He appeared in 1930 in Detroid, founded this religious movement of at the time about 3,000 people, and then vanished in 1934. That is pretty much the entirety of what is known about him.

Also strange is that despite the movements association with Black Americans, Muhammad was not Black (there are photos of him you can find online) But his ethnicity is itself a complete mystery - Based on the pictures some have suggested a mix of Caucasian (possibly Mediterranean) and Central Asian.


17/29. When I was a kid a received a birthday present from an unidentified person. Just a package addressed to me on the doorstep of my parents house. It was a weird colorful, yet faded dress. My parents called the cops but we never found out who put it there...


18/29. I found an abandoned laptop bag leaning against the front door of my church one Saturday morning. We are located downtown so I figured someone had likely stolen the bag, emptied it of its contents and ditched it there. You can imagine my surprise when I looked inside and found everything intact: the laptop and a blackberry with the batteries removed, a flashlight, a small set of screwdrivers, a lanyard full of restricted area badges for Boeing, a black XXXL polo with all tags still attached, and a journal full of serial numbers and flight times. Dude's name was Don. Where the hell is Don?


19/29. One lately... in my city. Someone stole a girls body from the morgue. They don't who did. They are begging them to bring her body back. I couldn't imagine that happening to anyone. I hope they find her.


20/29. My great uncle was a magician who was haunted by a card trick he couldn't figure out. He'd always do card tricks at parties and family gatherings, he was really good, but some people found it annoying, especially his sister in-law, my great aunt.

One Christmas he was at my grandparents house, performing, being the centre of attention, when my great aunt decided she'd had enough (story continued on the next page...).

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She announced she knew a trick he didn't. He handed her the deck. "Watch closely cause I'm only gonna do this once". She started shuffling, holding eye contact "Tell me when to stop". After a long time he said stop, she slapped the deck down on the table "5 of hearts" and walked out the room. Everyone was watching in silence. He turned the top card over - 5 of hearts.

He was stunned, he'd been watching for slight of hand, she was wearing short sleeves, she'd never done a trick in her life. It didn't make sense. For years he brought it up constantly, mulling it over, she wouldn't discuss her trick. She never told anyone until after he died.

She had guessed.


21/29. What the hell actually happened to Madeleine McCann, a little girl who went missing whilst on holiday in Portugal years and years ago. Either her parents are covering something up (many theories) or she was abducted from her room. I just want to know what actually happened.


22/29. A mystery that really intrigues me is the the Indus Valley Civilization. They were large well planned cities on the banks of the river Indus. They had an advanced sanitation system and their people were great designers/builders.

Eventually the people started to abandon the cities or maybe they perished. The cities were excavated years later by archaeologists. No one has been able to exactly pin-point the cause of the destruction of the cities (there are multiple theories though). They had an entire script that no one has been able to translate.

The archaeologists have unearthed idols, buildings, utensils, money (coins). It's just interesting how they just ceased to exist for so many years.


23/29. The real story behind the JFK assassination.


24/29. My most recent favorite: If the Great Sphinx is only about 4500 years old, then why does it show weathering consistent with the much wetter climate in the region 10K+ years ago?


25/29. Elisa Lam. She was a student staying at a hotel in California. The hotel's security camera footage caught her standing in an elevator (which appeared to be malfunctioning), looking as though she was hiding from someone at times and generally acting strangely at other times (story continued on the next page...).

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Her body was found in the hotel's rooftop water tank two weeks later.

There's some evidence that she killed herself- she was bipolar and her body had no evidence of physical trauma. On the other hand, she was found in the water tank with the lid closed and propped up by concrete blocks. Her phone was also nowhere to be found after her death.


26/29. A couple of nights ago some rustlers stole approximately 1500 geese from my farm. They managed to do it without getting caught and without any if the geese making a noise. They also had to presumably drive some lorries up big enough to take them all bit nobody saw or heard anything. Where did they go?! How did they do it?!


27/29. The Voynich Manuscript. This 15th century codex is written in an unknown language, which has yet to be translated.


28/29. Who the Zodiac Killer was. Serial killers fascinate me, and he's probably my favorite. Taunting the police and media, the cryptic codes, the costume he only wore the one time, making sure he could prove he was the one responsible for at least a couple of them, all of it.


29/29. why my wife has stayed with me for 34 years.



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