People Reveal The Craziest Things They Found On Someone's Device After Forgetting To Log Off.

Everyone gets a bit forgetful sometimes, but if you take anything away from this article it should be to NEVER leave yourself logged in.

Here are 26 of the best things people found after finding someone still geed in.

Many thanks to the Redditors who responded. You can check out more answers from the source at the end of this article.

1. My boyfriend's Facebook account. He cheated on me.


2. A crush's twitter account.. learned what she liked and used it to get her to like me..that's not horribly bad is it? I just appealed to someone's interests.


3. I used my step-father's computer to log in to Facebook to see he was still logged in. Since I've never liked him, I did some snooping. Found out he was cheating on my mom.


4. I used to go around to the computers in the library to see who left their neopets accounts logged in and then trade all of their neopoints and items to my account for a pile of sludge.


5. My ex used to leave her computer switched on, logged in and unlocked all the time. She came home one day and her roommate and all her techie friends had:


Taken a screen shot of her desktop and set it as the background

Deleted all her shortcuts and hidden the start bar

Set ALL the system sounds (including whenever there's a click) to recordings of themselves shouting her name in various voices and styles

Funniest thing I ever saw was this girl freaking out and clicking madly at her "frozen" computer as it repeatedly shouts "JEEEEENN!!" at her.


6. My little sisters used to get on my IM and message people randomly when I wasn't there. The funny thing is, no one ever told me. I only discovered them after I went to look at my chat history once.


7. My friend left his iPad unlocked while he was sleeping at my house. After about 20 minutes I had made his profile identical to someone we both know. I woke him up and said "Dude, I hacked Jon's Facebook!" He didn't believe me at first but I eventually convinced him it was true. He was then really excited and thought it was awesome. His inner douche got the best of him and he started posting embarrassing statuses and and pictures etc.

Meanwhile, I went onto my account and reported his account for pretending to be someone I know. Within 24 hours they reverted his account back to all it's original info so there he was with all the nasty embarrassing things HE wrote HIMSELF on his account. Took him quite a while to figure out what had happened. That is now know in my circle of friends as, "The greatest plan of all time."


8. One time a friend went onto my Reddit account without me knowing. He posted one comment and it got over 200 upvotes. Guy must be a karma wizard or something. I never log out of my account now, just in case another comment fairy comes along to boost my karma.


9. My friend's boyfriend (whom I hate) left his netflix account logged in on my computer.

Enjoy the Twilight trilogy, Brad!


10. Why I never mess with people's logged on accounts anymore: In my school we each had accounts to use in the computer lab. (We switched so everyone now has personal computers but that is beside the point.) My good friend left his account logged in during the period before me (he is absent minded, as you will learn) and so I created folders on his desktop that said "haha you forgot to log out" and "next time I will delete all your files" and I distinctly remember making one that said "I ate your cat" (I was young, I thought it was funny).


So the next day, he tells me he is sorry just as he is leaving the class, but he leaves before I can ask him what's up. Well anyways, we were working on the final assignment for that class and before class started, my teacher said "There is a student who hacked into someones computer, deleted their final, and left notes." The teacher looked right at me when he said that (knowing it was me) so I fessed up.

I was sent to the principal, and was told what I did was illegal and a felony. I was also told I committed identity theft and a whole list of crazy stuff. I was given a "ten commandments" of computers (extremely cheesey) a long lecture by the computer teacher.

Do you know why? My friend didn't save his presentation. He told the teacher is was gone and even said he probably didn't save it himself. He never saved his stuff, I always would find him telling the teacher about how a project was missing. But the teacher thought I still did it.

Also, it was really awkward when they asked me what the folder named "I ate your cat" was doing in his computer as well.


11. When I was like 10 years old, I used to play Zoo Tycoon.

I remember one day I went downstairs to pee and I came back to find all my cages full of lions and tigers ripping apart other animals, elephants outside of their cages killing visitors and people inside cages getting eaten by wolves.

Oh yeah, and my brother giggling in the corner.


12. When I'm back home I just never log off of Facebook. This inevitably leads to my status being, "is a walrus." Every. Time.


13. I try to make it my mission that I don't do obvious frapes or twapes and instead, just do realistic ones that make the person sound weird and socially awkward. for example:

"mmm really enjoyed my jacket potato and cottage cheese, was a bit off but its cheese so was still delish" - notice how its believable and not that bad but just makes someone reading it think, "that's pretty gross."

Another example,

"third time this month I've got athletes foot, it's not that its painful but it just smells pretty bad" - again, realistic but just what weirdo would post it as a status.


14. I have a reverse story. I once went to go do something real quick, leaving my laptop unattended with tabs open.


I promptly got distracted and forgot all about it, so when my roommate asked to use my laptop to check her tumblr, I said sure, despite being still logged into (among other things) a forum/story archive dedicated to S&M erotica.



15. The best thing to do when you come across someone's facebook logged in, is to "poke" random people with their account. You can't track it. The person has no idea. And it's super awkward for the recipient.


16. I got a loaner phone from Best Buy while mine was being repaired. Text messages, contacts, photos, email and Facebook still logged in, from the past thirty days for the previous user. Some of the texts were dirty ones as well. I decided to be nice and simply informed Best Buy that someone wasn't following security protocol. They face gave me a $50 gift card for noticing.


17. The worst thing about knowing someone has been on your account is the paranoia of the person having left a discreet ticking timebomb waiting to go off and embarrass you.


18. We got my 70+ mother a pc with Windows 98 (it was 1999 at the time). She had been recently diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and she decided that she wanted to learn about the internet since she might be wheelchair bound soon. I showed her how to email and a few other basics. Win98 being what it was , I had to go over and 'clean up' her desktop every week or so and do all the other maintenance.

When I went to check her computer I saw that she had been browsing a lot of medical sites and bookmarking the pages she liked. One bookmark was for The Hemlock Society.


It kind of shocked me at first to think that my mom would be investigating suicide options, but it also shocked me into the realization that she would be gone soon, one way or the other. After some thought, I was able to bring up the subject and discuss all her final wishes and how best to help her deal with it. It was a lot of work for my brothers and father to care for her over the next 3 years, but but it was nothing compared to what she had done for all of us.


19. My most liked Facebook status is from an anonymous stranger in the library reminding me to logout of public computers.


20. A coworker used a shared computer at work and found another coworker still logged into facebook. These people didn't like each other, so coworker #1 individually deleted all 800 friends from the other's facebook and clocked out after a day's work.


21. Once upon a PAX, Mike Fahey of Kotaku borrowed my laptop to liveblog a panel, as he couldn't maintain a consistent Wifi connection on his. After I realized I was still logged into the Gawker Admin tool, I spent the next week reading all their drafts and unpublished articles, including the ones they used to pass notes between each other. Fascinating to read.

Unfortunately, I never got around to "Ghostwriting" an article before the login timed out; still regret it. Probably for the best, though.


22. Well I once used my school's computer and noticed that the person before me left it logged into facebook. Just left a status update saying "Oh look, I forgot to log out of facebook on my school's computer. Thankfully the person using it now isn't writing that I love sex or that I have a disease and such. Maybe next time I should log off."

Yea, not that creative but I wanted to leave him a warning to be a tad bit more careful.


23. I lost my iPod touch in Toronto one weekend. The guy who snatched it started posting statuses about how I am in love with Japanese sex workers, and all these Toronto nightclubs that he supposedly went to.


He posted about 9 different ones talking about taking it in the behind, which nightclub I was being nailed at, and what I did when I got home (masturbated to all my Japanese porn.) I was eventually able to figure out how to log out of Facebook remotely and delete the statuses before they caused any damage.

Little did I know, the jerk got into my messages and started messaging people that I knew. There were a few people I apparently told to "Eff off", including my father's ex-wife. That was a trip, explaining that to her.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, I'm sure for most of your enjoyment), it wasn't over. I'm also a Twitter user, and got an awkward text from my girlfriend, asking me why I was tweeting at her about all the sexy Japanese women I was with the night before. I also got a text from a co-worker of mine, who thankfully, I was friends with, so he knew something was up. Once again, the guy got into my direct messages and started sending things to more of my friends accounts, including a guy I was trying to switch a shift with, before "I" told him to "eff off, you punk idiot. Let me be with my Japanese sex workers."


24. A friend in class hadn't logged out and had gone for lunch already. When I noticed this I checked if he was logged on facebook so I could get him. Instead I noticed he was still logged on paypal and I deposited all the money he had there to his bankaccount just to mess with him.

He did get a little shock next time he logged onto paypal and noticed all the money was gone, til he checked transaction history.


25. Apple stores are good for this. Just work your way down the line of computers/iPads and you're sure to find at least one still logged in to Facebook.

I once posted "I can no longer listen to Lady Gaga since I invited Jesus into my life" on a girl's account. But I added another "just joking" post right after, and logged her out.


26. I once went to pick up my girlfriend late at night from some party. She was pretty drunk and generally messed up, usually on nights like this she would come stay at my house, but this time wanted to go to her dorm. So I went up with her to make sure she was alright and she just passed out pretty quickly.

I wanted to wait until her roommate got gone, and so started playing around her laptop. I noticed her Facebook was still logged in, and a conversation with her "best friend" Ben was open. After some very sketchy conversation, I dug deeper and found a conversation with her friend Amanda about how she had cheated on me, yadda yadda and the pictures she posted were only half them. Next, to photo booth with pictures of her kissing him and I pretty much stopped investigating at that point.

I left her dorm and broke up with her the next week when she never confessed her mistake to me. She was pretty surprised I knew. Stupid drunk.


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