People Reveal The Furthest They've Gone To Avoid A Mild Inconvenience.

Whether it's laziness or just wanting to avoid a nuisance, people will go to great lengths to avoid a minor inconvenience.

Below are stories of the furthest people have gone for just that. Check them out!

1. I used to take the back door to work, which is well around the block, because of a very aggressive pigeon that would coo loudly and fly at my face. To my knowledge I've never done anything to anger him, to this day I believe it's a race thing.


2. People who circle parking lots looking for a spot closest to the store, so much so that we could have already been inside if they had just parked in a farther spot. It's a parking lot not the Sahara desert!


3. I lost 45 pounds in about 8 months. 180 lbs to 135 - so a significant portion of my body weight. Someone asked me how I did it.

I'd eat out for lunch/breakfast, but I basically didn't keep anything ready made to eat at the house. If I wanted to eat something at night, I would have to get up and do something. Screw that - I'd rather just lose the weight.


4. My TV is at the foot of my bed and if I can't read the descriptions on Netflix, I take a picture with my phone and zoom in, instead of getting up or squinting.


5. While checking in a guest at a hotel.

I open the form for a new guest and start taking his information. He hands me his ID and I quickly record all his info. I then ask him for his credit card and member number for the rewards card.

He says "I've been here before, it should be in your system, I don't want to have to get them out of my bag".

I can visually see his wallet sitting right there in the bag on top of everything. I explain that in order to look it up I'd have to cancel out the in progress check in and manually search to find his info, which takes a few minutes. We also were in the middle of a thunderstorm, which almost always disrupts the satellite connection our network goes through and cuts us off from our host. I explain that it may be extra slow to retrieve information at this moment.

He just stares at me.

So I exit out of the reservation. I begin the search under the name on his ID. It takes at least three minutes for my software to bring up results due to the storm. His name is not there as a past guest. He then informs me that... (Continued)

He then informs me that they always normally stay under his wife's name.

Get back into the search screen, search his wife's name. Connection is totally lost, I can hear the rain pouring outside very hard and know exactly why. I tell him this and he simply says, "it'll be back up in a minute right?.........

I explain that only search functions that need to connect to our host are held up by this and i could just check him in quickly by taking his information from him.

Nope...guy insists on waiting several more minutes (with now very annoyed guests behind him waiting to check in) Just because he did not want to remove two cards from his wallet!!

The entire check in took over 15 minutes, when i could have had it done and him in his room in 1.

THAT is supreme laziness, coupled with a thick slathering of stubbornness.


6. My cousin eats full meals on paper towels to avoid doing the dishes, I've seen him eat things like ice cream and spaghetti.


7. I came home from work one day last week to find my modem had stopped working. No cable, no Netflix, no video games, no working from my home office, and it was raining so no yard work. I sat on my couch for long enough to drink a beer and then got up and went to bed. I wasn't about to deal with my life in those circumstances.


8. There is this teacher I used to have. I never worked that hard and he was always shouting at me and helping me etc. When I bump into him in school he always asks how I am doing and stops me for an awkward talk about my studies, which is nice but as I said awkward. I sometimes walk the whole way around the school to avoid bumping into him, even though I end up late to class.


9. I didn't want to get down from my top bunk to pee, so I grabbed my blender from a nearby bookshelf and filled it up. After it was full, it was too heavy to put back, so I... (Continued)

I balanced it precariously on the side of the bed. I knocked it off in my sleep, and the next morning I forgot and jumped down into a pile of piss covered glass.


10. Changing a whole sentence because I can't spell one word.


11. My aunt goes to church every Sunday. She gets there one full hour ahead of time to take the best parking spot so that she can get away the quickest after Communion. Imagine - the service is under one hour, but she won't be "inconvenienced" to stay until the conclusion.


12. I went downtown today and I walked a mile and a half to avoid having to parallel park.


13. My brother set up a Rube Goldberg machine that would flick the light switch to his room from his bed a few feet away.


14. If you've ever done competitive swimming, you'd understand this: I swam 3000m of a distance workout to avoid 900m of kick with a flutter board.


15. When my friend was in high school and living at home, her room was right next to her sisters. One day, the sister texted my friend, asking her to come to her room. My friend had been out at the time and replied as such.

A few hours later, my friend got home and, headed to her own room, stopped by her sister's room to see what she wanted. Turns out the sister had wanted something on her dresser by the door across the room, and out of laziness, actually...(Continued)

Hadn't gotten out of bed to get it in four hours, opting instead to wait patiently until my friend returned home.

Still the laziest thing I've ever heard anyone do ever.


16. My cousin lives in a shed in his mom's yard, and has two dogs. The yard is covered in that red rubber bark ground cover. He spray paints the dog crap the same color as the bark instead of picking it up. I hate that side of my family.


17. I wait in the bathroom stall until there's no one else in the bathroom, or someone enters another stall. The longest I've waited was around 5 minutes because two guys decided to have a conversation.


18. I owed my lawyer major money after a protracted divorce, and I was paying him off in instillments. One morning I walked to the post office to mail him a check for another instillment on what I owed him. This involved walking right past his office, which I didn't want to go into personally because I'm socially awkward and I felt like everyone there knew how bad my finances were and I was ashamed.


19. I will roll across the entire living room so I technically don't have to get up to fetch the remote.


20. My college roommate was taking a final in the computer lab when he decided he needed more time to study. He got up slide his finger down his mouth and started puking all over the floor. Mind you this in front of a few hundred people and a good bit of people we knew. He goes go the guy and gets two extra days to take his test. I come home to him wrapped around a bong and a beer in his hand so excited to tell me how he got of taking EDCI 1000 final (education studies). Common sense gets you an A on that final.


21. My brother had a great introvert moment... drive to coffee shop. Stranger walks in and asks for help jumping their car. To avoid awkward social interaction my brother says he walked. Gets coffee. Goes outside to find needy stranger parked next to his car. To avoid possible conflict. My brother walks 20 minutes home.


22. When I was in high school I used to run track. After school sometimes I would run 6 miles, get back to school and wait for my parents to come pick me up. Sometimes it would be a few hours. Then I would ride home a half mile away. I never understood myself why I wouldn't just walk home.


23. I have faked having asthma for 8 years because when we started dating I didn't want to run a marathon with her dad. I faked medication, attacks, etc over the years keeping up this lie. I'm in too deep to go back now!


24. In sophomore year of college, I was too lazy to go to the grocery store or cook, so I ended up using using those free Wendy's Halloween coupon books to live off Junior Frosty's for nearly every meal for about two months.


25. I saw a friend of mine drink a glass of Metamucil because he was too lazy to cook something.


26. A friend of mine threw a football at a light switch to try and turn it off. He missed and broke a mirror.


27. I said goodbye to a friend and she started to walk the direction I desperately needed to go, so I...(Continued)

I took the entire different loop from campus (a good mile) just to avoid the awkward.


28. My roommate and I will drive to get food, and if the drive-thru line is too long, he'll drive 10+ minutes across town to the other place, which usually has a line just as long.

Not joking.


29. My male partner despises the previous city we lived in which is about an hours drive away. His parents live on the other side of it, about another hours drive. He will do everything in his power to avoid that city in order to get to his parents place. Sometimes its taking a route around it, which could add two hours to the drive, or paying for them to fly here (helicopter). He will not go into that city unless he absolutely has to.


30. I spent a summer in northern Alaska on a field project. We stayed in tents, dug a latrine. Primitive stuff. We each had our own tents. I would wake up in the middle of the night to pee, and sometimes I was too lazy to exit the bear fence and go to the latrine. One day I was talking to my coworkers and sheepishly admitted that I sometimes pee inside the bear fence. My male coworker laughed and said that he peed into his vestibule every night. The area between his tent and the rain fly. The area he has to crawl through every time he gets into his tent. He would just unzip the tent, stick his penis out and pee. My female boss and I let him know this was disgusting, but he shrugged and didn't seem to care. Whatever, not my tent.

The next morning he informs us that in his hazy state he had missed the vestibule and peed into his own tent the previous night. Gross.


31. My old place had a concierge service. Basically you could email requests and if they were easy they'd be done immediately. I once got a picture printed so the dude would bring it up. He had his own card to open the door so when he knocked i said come in, he comes in leaves the picture and just when he is about to leave i reveal my true purpose; "Hey man could you turn on the lights on your way out?" and he does and i didn't even have to move an inch.



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