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People Reveal The Greatest Professional Fails They've Seen That Luckily Didn't Result In Termination

Are you kidding?!

We've all been there, we've all seen it and had to suck it up and move on. I'm of course discussing workplace drama. There are always those handful of employees who seem shrouded in a mystical "luck cloak." You know who they are, the ones who everytime they do something heinous it's never that big deal, even when it is. They are the people who's actions would be worthy of execution if one of us has done been the guilty party. Somehow they manage to escape retribution, merited retribution, every single time. And it's astonishing (and maddening) to watch.

Redditor u/watchmeprocrastibate needed to understand how some people still have certain jobs and they can't the only ones.... What's the most f**ked up thing you've seen someone do at work and still not get fired?

You're deleted...


I worked at a web-hosting tech support company and a coworker accidentally deleted another customer's website. This was on a Unix system, so it wasn't possible to undo the delete. He deleted the command history to cover his mistake and then told the customer that the website was lost due to a hard drive failure. The customer hadn't been keeping backups and said that he lost his entire livelihood.

The employee told management about the situation and they ran with it to avoid getting sued. They told the customer that hardware issues sometimes happen and because he hadn't opted into our managed backup services, the data loss was on him. They offered the customer several months of free web-hosting as compensation and the problem went away. A week after seeing this play out, I put in my two-weeks notice. trs4ece

Bless his heart! 

I had a project manager once that single-handedly torpedoed a $10 million contract through his sheer incompetence and hubris. The customer got sick of our company not hitting the impossible goals this idiot set and his condescending treatment of them (yes, he treated the customer like crap along with his own people) and cancelled it resulting in 20 people losing their jobs. This guy didn't lose his job however because he was friends with someone on the board. He got another project to work on with no repercussions. blublblub

Second Chances... 

Used his corporate credit card for over $10k in personal purchases. He was reprimanded, but not fired OR made to pay the company back. Within the next year he did the exact same thing and only then was he fired. Byizo

The Destroyer! 

Destroy an overpass with an excavator improperly loaded on a trailer. 450 john deere excavator on a Arnes triple axle lowbed with a jeep and booster. Boom was about 1 ft too high at 60mph. This is the biggest excavator you can haul around these parts without disassembling it. thesneakersnake

Split the Vote!


Forge a document (it was so obvious!), then lie about not forging it, then admit to forging it once lie was just slightly questioned. One partner at the firm wanted her fired, but another one didn't, the forger stayed. BroodingBryanAdams

Human decency isn't your strong suit Sweetie! 

I worked at a school for kids who need emotional support. We had a classroom aide who would scream at kids until they cried and then actively mock them for crying. These kids were 7 and came from horrifically abusive houses. It sucked to work in a place that allowed abusive behavior to continue. She was close family friends with the principal. It's very hard to help a child when they learn from a young age that adults aren't able to make things better and adults are capable of incredibly mean things. InfiniteSandwich

Sending Shockwaves.... 

Energize a circuit someone was still working on. madethisforoneremark

They should have a lock-out to prevent that from being possible, but one time I saw a supervisor cut a lock off then start a machine. A guy almost lost his hand and had to have several surgeries to regain full motion. just----me

That's criminal charges and a life long blacklist from industry in my area. You DO NOT f**k with LOTOs.

EDIT- LOTO= Lock Out, Tag Out. Basically the procedures you use to lock out equipment to be worked on to prevent operation until everyone working on it has verified that it is safe to do so. I_Automate

Get a room... if it's legal! 

My coworkers got caught in a compromising position in the walk-in where food is stored. Not even a write up. TheTerribadger

Lol same thing happened at my old job. Even worse since it was a waiter in his 20's with a hostess. Neither of them got in trouble. Place closed down after losing its liquor license for selling alcohol to minors. It was... not a very well managed establishment. PoorlyLitKiwi2

One job at a time... 

There was a sales guy who was generally not expected to be in the office most days. He was supposed to be out making sales. But he just, never did. At one point he had been working there for a year, and he asked me (the tech savvy receptionist) how to enroll a new customer in our system. We were pretty sure he had another full time job. heidismiles

It's for medical purposes...


A cashier would drop cash on the floor, bend down to get it, stick half of it in his sock, then proceed with transaction as normal. All management did was move him to the floor. He only got fired a few months later when he snuck onto a register, did it again, then went back out to the floor and hid the money in a display. His pot dealer then came into the store, grabbed the cash and replaced it with some pot. Only then did they realize that's what he'd been doing the whole time. mallow-cups-fo-life

Meth isn't is garnish....

I worked at a really nice restaurant and our head chef at the time would come in so spun out on meth he would admit to people he was seeing shadow people and would often have to help us on the line only to be a total mess. Also at the same place one of his other friends who he smoked with was noticeably tweaked and cut half his finger off on the slicer. snozborn

Thanks Mom....

My boss forged my name on a number of documents, because she didn't have the required certifications to sign the documents herself and I had refused to sign them. I know this, because after things went horribly south they tried to claim I had been the one to screw up, and showed me my/her signature. She got promoted again instead of fired, that way I didn't have to quit. You will never guess whose mother owned the company. ThatKarmaWhore

You've Been Warned!


Sleep for three hours. I was brand new on the job (corporate thing), and my new coworker came up to me on a weekend shift and said, "I was up really late last night, I'm gonna go lay down for a few minutes." Three hours later, he woke up and came out to work again, without any measure of apology. In the interim, one of the people we worked for found him asleep, and told my boss. He got a warning.

Close second being a coworker that hacked the company's network (using the term somewhat loosely) to get an internet access password we weren't allowed to have. Would have gotten away with it if he hadn't ALSO changed their file structure to have folder names like, "Screw you, I want internet access." He also got a warning. PM_Skunk

Come back Sometime....

Ex co-worker closing early. Not 5-10 minutes early, but nearly two hours. The reason was she just didn't feel like working. lazyfoo3

The help needs help. 

Whilst working at a local hospital, a nursing student snorting a line of whatever, in scrubs, in a hospital bathroom, to post on Snapchat. Or the 2 housekeepers who engaged in a fist fight on an elevator, only to continue said fight as they arrived at their destination. McPhuckstic

Let's begin... whenever.

I worked from home at my last job and my coworker would sometimes just not log in until like 11 am and would just completely skip meetings that she was supposed to run. One time she missed a meeting with our boss and my boss just goes "well I bet she was up late working so is coming in late." rachjo1024

Never Waste! 

I work in the healthcare field. Had one coworker who never wasted his narcotics properly with a witness (he would just have them signed out solo and say "oh yeah, [patient] didn't want them so I disposed of it" with zero verification) and had a LOT of liquid narcotics whose counts suddenly went mysteriously off after he'd been on shift. Somehow he did not get fired or even investigated. He wound up quitting after just a few months, good riddance. NyarlysEyebrows

The Family Connection... 

Had 8 servers delivered very late one day and left outside the data center. Everything in boxes on a pallet.

Janitor thinks it's trash, takes all of them to the trash compactor and crushes them. Each box weighed 80+ lbs. they weren't ours but a company we contracted with. We had to buy all new servers and the guy didn't even get a write up. He had a family member on the board. arkain504

Let me see your ID...

I didn't catch the person in-action but I was the HR Consultant so I did all of the new hire processing. Lady came in shaking like crazy, had to leave the processing to go home and "get her ID," came back high AF. Two weeks go by and she just stops showing up for her shifts. We also found used needles in the bathroom. She didn't die or anything (we checked in with her) but it's still so damn sad. anywherebutarizona

Love from Thailand...


Finally one I can answer. Our department went for a team building overnight stay abroad. The next day when we were supposed to meet at the airport he was nowhere to be found, his phone was off, bosses rang the hospitals, missing persons report, you name it, a week later the bosses went back to the country to find him again... nothing, wife and child had t heard anything... week later he turns up for work like nothing happened, he had decided to jump on a earlier flight to Thailand for a weeks holiday without telling a soul. Couple a meetings with the bosses, never mentioned again, guess his wife made him feel it but that was never disclosed. lancal62


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Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Hulu

The Handmaid's Tale, Margaret Atwood's searing novel, was written at the height of the Reagan administration and satirized political, social, and religious trends of the 1980s. It's also a hit television series on Hulu that returns on June 5.

While we still have a long way to go before we can find out what's next for June/Offred in the Republic of Gilead, we can, at the very least, regale you with some cool facts about one of the most enduring stories of the last three decades.

The Trailer for Season 3 Plays Off a Slogan from the Reagan Era

Perhaps the best thing that came out of the Super Bowl––aside from the memes haggling Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, that is––was the trailer for the third season of the Hulu series.

The trailer lampoons former President Ronald Regan's 1984 "Morning in America" political campaign television commercial.

"It's morning again in America," you hear over a soundtrack and images that resound with boundless optimism. Things turn dark from there. Soon the camera freezes on Elisabeth Moss's face: "Wake up, America," she says.

Margaret Atwood's Follow-Up Will Be Released Later This Year

Margaret Atwood will release a sequel to The Handmaid's Tale titled The Testaments in September 2019. The Testaments is unconnected to Hulu's adaptation and will feature the testimonials of three female narrators from Gilead.

This literary device keeps with the metafictional epilogue that follows Offred's story in the original novel. The novel ends much in the way Season 1 ends: with Offred entering the van at Nick's insistence. The epilogue explains how the events of the novel were recorded onto cassette tapes after the beginning of what scholars have come to describe as "The Gilead Period." An interview with a noted academic implies that a more equitable society, one with full rights for women and freedom of religion restored, emerged following the collapse of the Republic of Gilead.

Serena Joy Waterford Is Likely Based On A Noted Conservative Activist

As the series goes on, we learn more about Serena Joy Waterford (Yvonne Strahovski) and her beginnings.

Serena was a conservative activist who, along with her husband Fred, spearheaded the Puritan movement that ultimately gave rise to Gilead. Inspired by women whom she perceives to have "abandoned" their families in the name of female autonomy, Serena Joy delivers impassioned speeches at venues around the nation calling for policies that would place women back in the home. She even wrote a bestselling book, A Woman's Place, that served as the vessel for much of her conservative dogma and inspired many of the Commander's Wives who become her friends and neighbors.

Serena was likely based on conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly, who established herself over many years as one of the fiercest antifeminist and anti-abortion advocates in the United States. Schlafly was also a vociferous opponent of the Equal Rights Amendment, which she considered an attack against traditional gender roles.

The 1990 Film Adaptation Had a Messy Production

A film version of The Handmaid's Tale was released in 1990. It starred Natasha Richardson as Offred, Faye Dunaway as Serena Joy, Robert Duvall as Commander Waterford, Aidan Quinn as Nick, Victoria Tennant as Aunt Lydia, and Elizabeth McGovern as Moira.

The film was not well received and had a messy production. Director Volker Schlöndorff replaced original director Karel Reisz amid internal bickering over a screenplay by Harold Pinter. Schlöndorff asked for rewrites, and Pinter, who was reluctant to do them, directed him to author Margaret Atwood, who was one of several who ended up making changes to Pinter's screenplay.

Pinter told his biographer years later [as quoted in Harold Printer, p. 304] that:

It became … a hotchpotch. The whole thing fell between several shoots. I worked with Karel Reisz on it for about a year. There are big public scenes in the story and Karel wanted to do them with thousands of people. The film company wouldn't sanction that so he withdrew. At which point Volker Schlondorff came into it as director. He wanted to work with me on the script, but I said I was absolutely exhausted. I more or less said, 'Do what you like. There's the script. Why not go back to the original author if you want to fiddle about?' He did go to the original author. And then the actors came into it. I left my name on the film because there was enough there to warrant it—just about. But it's not mine'.

Star Natasha Richardson reportedly felt "cast adrift" when much of Offred's interior monologue was sacrificed as a result of cuts made to the screenplay.

The Film and TV Series Aren't The Only Adaptations of This Seminal Work

There are several different adaptations of Atwood's seminal work, including, but not limited to:

  • an audiobook read by Homeland actress Claire Danes that won the 2013 Audie Award for Fiction
  • a concept album by Canadian band Lakes of Canada
  • a radio adaptation produced in 2000 for BBC Radio 4
  • an operatic adaptation that premiered in 2000 and was the opening production of the 2004–2005 season of the Canadian Opera Company.

Elisabeth Moss, the Star of the Hulu Series, is a Scientologist

Between The West Wing, Mad Men, Top of the Lake, and The Handmaid's Tale, Elisabeth Moss has a reputation for starring in critically acclaimed television shows.

Much has been made, however, of her casting as Offred. Moss was born into the Scientologist belief system, which the German government has classified as an "anti-constitutional sect," the French government has classified as a cult, and the American government has allowed individuals to practice freely though not without considerable contention. Moss also identifies as a feminist.

Asked by a fan about the parallels between Gilead and Scientology (namely the belief that "outside forces" are inherently "evil") Moss responded:

"That's actually not true at all about Scientology. Religious freedom and tolerance and understanding the truth and equal rights for every race, religion and creed are extremely important to me. The most important things to me probably. And so Gilead and THT hit me on a very personal level."

An Episode During Season 2 Highlighted President Donald Trump's Border Crisis

Last summer, President Donald Trump and his administration created a crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border when he and Jeff Sessions, his former attorney general, announced their "zero tolerance" family separations policy. The president blamed Democrats for the policy, imploring them to "start thinking about the people devastated by Crime coming from illegal immigration."

As images and stories of children ripped away from their parents at the border began to circulate, the Season 2 episode "The Last Ceremony" showed just how timely the show really is: After Offred is raped by the Waterfords, Commander Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) allows June/Offred (Elisabeth Moss) to visit her daughter, Hannah, in an undisclosed location. June is given 10 minutes with her daughter before a guard forcibly separates them again.

The episode, written well before the crisis was initiated, premiered just as Homeland Security admitted that more than 2,300 children had been separated from their parents.

Another Episode During Season 2 Appeared to Predict Canada-U.S. Relations

The fallout between the United States and Canada during the G7 summit appeared to have reached its peak once President Donald Trump refused to sign a joint statement with America's allies and threatened to escalate a trade war between America's neighbors. He also referred to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as "weak."

The Season 2 episode "Smart Power"––in which Canadian diplomats ban Gilead's representatives from the country and choose to stand with the women imprisoned in the totalitarian nation in a nod to the #MeToo movement––was written and premiered before the G7 blowup, but is no less prophetic.

In Season 2, Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work" Becomes an Ode to Female Resilience

"This Woman's Work," a ballad written by singer Kate Bush that is also one of the tracks on her 1989 album The Sensual World, serves as an ode to female power and resistance in the horrifying Season 2 opener, where June and the other handmaids realize they're about to be executed. The women are forced to summon strength at a moment of debilitating weakness. As the camera pans over the bleak environs of Fenway Stadium, Bush starts to sing:

Pray God you can cope
I'll stand outside
This woman's work
This woman's world
Ooooh it's hard on a man
Now his part is over
Now starts the craft of the FatherI
know you've got a little life in you left
I know you've got a lot of strength left
I know you've got a little life in you yet
I know you've got a lot of strength left
I should be crying but I just can't let it show
I should be hoping but I can't stop thinking
All the things we should've said that I never said
All the things we should have done that we never did
All the things we should have given but I didn't
Oh darling make it go
Make it go away

"It was shattering and perfect," said Bruce Miller, who created the Hulu Handmaid's Tale adaptation. "One of the things I really like about the song is that on its face, there's a bit of very interesting lyrical play. It's nice that that's going on while you're watching."

"The Handmaid's Tale" Was the First Streamed Series to Win the Best Drama Series Emmy

Hulu beat out Netflix and Amazon to become the first streaming service to win an Emmy for Best Drama. Unfortunately, because the third season doesn't premiere until June 5, it's ineligible for the 2019 Emmys. Guess we'll see the show back onstage in 2020!

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