People Reveal The Most Unprofessional Thing They Ever Experienced In The Workplace.

People on Reddit were asked: "What's the most unprofessional or petty thing you have experienced or witnessed at work?" These are some of the best answers.

2/25 When I was 16 my boss called me to tell me that my super hot, much older co-worker said that I'd be the perfect guy for her if I was 6 years older. Then he spent the next 10 minutes telling me how I'm gonna get all the bitches in college. "Alright so I'll see you on Saturday". "Uhm...okay...thanks Aris..."


3/25 I'm in law enforcement. One of my co-workers is super-religious Christian, to the point where his advice to the rest of us always revolves around "you should go to church more" and "the Bible contains all of your answers".

Those of us that work with him tune him out. The real problem is that he talks this way to our subjects and victims, as well. He'll tell someone who's clearly an atheist that he will "pray for them" or that "God forgives you". Several times, he's given an impromptu lecture on getting right with Jesus to someone we've arrested.

We've counselled him over and over again to knock this off. First, it's not our place to proselytize. Second, there's a serious issue with church/state separation when a government employee, on duty, is lecturing someone about God or religion. Third, when you give that lecture to someone, you run the risk of pushing them into saying something, by making them believe that they are committing a religious sin as well as a crime.

In short, it's going to backfire on him at some point, which is why I make a point of staying far away from him when we're out of the office.


4/25 I showed a coworker a video of my new kitten. Next thing I know I'm in an office being scolded and told I should have known better as well as having my professionalism questioned. Apparently someone walking by recently had their cat pass away and felt the need to complain. Now if I want to show a video at work, I have to have it approved by management first.


5/25 I've worked for my company for almost two years and I haven't used any vacation leave. I decided to treat myself to a four day weekend, I took Thursday and Friday off. Thursday morning my boss calls me like 4 times. I'm so annoyed because I wanted to sleep in. I answer it the fifth time she calls. She's begging me not to read the email she sent me when I get to the office on Monday. She said she wrote it while she was feeling mean spirited and felt like bullying me. Can't wait to forward it to HR.

"I will be taking disciplinary actions. You were approved leave 10/25-10/26 and not 10/24. I do not understand why you would not show up for work today. You are childish. It is grounds for termination, understand that, you are lucky I do not fired you."

I'd like to note that I said "See you on Monday" to my boss an hour before the email was written, and she smiled at me. It's just kind of sad, I'm not going to report her to HR. I just feel bad for her now.


6/25 I had a boss who wouldn't let me take sick days. I lived in a mould-ridden basement apartment and ended up getting really sick with a lung infection. This went on for months, I'd be sitting at my desk coughing up the weirdest colours and ask to go home and he'd tell me I wasn't sick. Eventually I managed to get to a doctor who gave me a note and antibiotics and a puffer, and I told my boss I wasn't coming in to work because I had a note. He said I called in sick too much and that I was lying. He had no proof that I ever called in sick, he just FELT that I had done this a lot. So I quit, I said "This is ridiculous" and stormed out, because I felt like [crap] and wanted to sleep.

I spent the next two months bed-ridden, thinking I was going to die from suffocation, with sprained ribs from coughing so much, and couldn't even claim unemployment insurance because the company was trying to hide the fact that I ever worked there.

Several months later I had a man knocking on my apartment door asking if I worked at this company, and it turned out he was a private investigator who had been trying to track me down, since this company (which was a school) had been doing lots of sketchy things like handing out diplomas under the table.

A lot of people think I should have taken him to court or something, but I was sick and tired, I didn't have the energy, and by the time I was feeling better it just seemed petty to even care.


7/25 At a part-time job I had eons ago, the boss would come in and flip through porn magazines while we were talking. It was slightly awkward. I responded by putting up a mildly pornographic calendar and praising the virtues of the young ladies featured. He assumed I was a lesbian and left me alone after that.


8/25 I currently work as a line cook in a non-franchise restaurant. The chef/kitchen manager has worked at the same location, through several different owners, over the course of 15 or so years. So you'd think that he'd know how to work under pressure and diffuse a situation. Uhh... No.

Every single night it gets busy. And every single night, he becomes the most hated man on premises.

If it's too busy (for him), he'll get flustered and stop calling orders all together. Meanwhile i'm standing there with food getting cold in the window because he hasn't told the other three stations what to do and i've caught on enough to check the bills as they come up.

I'm sure that everyone who works here is getting to the point of "It's me or him". We have a damn near 200% turnover rate because of him being a [jerk]. I've seen three cooks go (and one who's been here for two shifts already decide to quit), and i'm next in line. It's ridiculous.


9/25 Was working for a small business and was repeatedly asked to use my own personal car to make deliveries and pick up supplies. I eventually told the owner that I didn't feel comfortable using my personal vehicle for company work. My statement was polite and voiced my concerns of only having liability insurance on it and having to pay for all the gas on my own too. The owner was like, how many miles did you drive yesterday? Maybe 3? Here's 75 cents. That's average mileage pay. And he drops 3 quarters into my hand.

I looked at the change in my hand, then looked up at him. I threw the quarters on the ground as I looked at him and said I don't want your change. Then I quit and told him to shove it.


10/25 I was 15, first day working at a small skate shop. I am a girl, by the way. My boss was 20-something, I know he had graduated college and this was a summer job. While I was reaching to grab something from a top shelf, he came over and smacked my butt. I asked him quietly to please not do that again, and he told me that this was his store and that I was lucky to have a job. I quit and called my mom.

Unfortunately we had a family vacation the next week and I decided not to bother with pressing charges or telling the boss, though I probably should have.


11/25 I work in direct patient care in a psychiatric facility when one of my coworkers suddenly called a patient a b----. Yelled it right in her face in front of myself and other staff. I wrote her up, because I don't think it was right.

Fast forward a few weeks, and this coworker finds out that I was one of the people who complained and has been passive-aggressive with her comments and glares at me. She's been trying to get a friend of mine who used to work with us to harass me into changing my story. It hasn't happened though. There have been whispers that I have heard about "throwing people under the bus".

I had previously on several occasions talked to this person about her language, attitude and behavior. I was told by her that it wasn't my job to do this. I have gone to my boss and informed them.

I have been made to feel like I'm the one that did something wrong. I don't think that someone suffering a psychotic break should be called names in a professional environment!


12/25 My old manager used to flip out and give you a [bad] schedule the following week if you brought in food for yourself and none for him. He also used to write [homosexual slurs] on my back in ranch dressing because I decided to stop seeing a girl we worked with. (We were cooks, the girl was a waitress.) This then exploded into "world war 3" when myself and another co-worker doused him with water and flour. The manager started pouring full 3 liter jugs of bbq sauce at us.


13/25 I used to go to a Christian private school.

Our athletic director used to be principal of a separate public school. He'd tell everyone who got sent to his office for doing something wrong that they needed to accept Jesus, etc., etc.. Finally, he got fired from teaching at public schools for throwing a stapler at a kid who told him that religion is stupid. How he evaded being arrested, I have absolutely no clue, but [boy] did I hate that man.


14/25 My last boss utterly convinced himself that i had made up an ailment so that I could skive off work. I had a minor operation to remove an axillary abscess but it required nearly two months of aftercare by means of a nurse pulling the dressing out of the hole and then re-stuffing the cavity, which would generally only take a half hour out of the working day as the doctors surgery was just down the road and I managed to get most of my appointments during my lunch hour.

So despite having a whopping big bandage taped under my arm and across my shoulder that was visible under my clothing, he'd make snide comments and refer to my "appointments" with bunny fingers, and worst of all he would "pop out for five minutes" just before I was due to get a dressing change (it was a small business, so one person had to be there) so I'd miss my appointment and have to go grovel to the nurses because they had to deal with me after hours.

There was just not one ounce of empathy in that guy, I feel so sorry for whoever had to take over my role when I left.


15/25 My previous job my boss told me that I needed to go to church, and they were concerned because no one ever saw me say grace when eating lunch in my cubicle. She and others in the office would constantly nag me about christian stuff, it got so bad that I would avoid conversations with many folks there because it always lead to Jesus. They ended up firing me for petty reasons and I've lawyered up.


16/25 Cashier job. Got to work, my register is frozen. I call the boss over to see if he knows what happened to it and without ever actually listening to me assumes that I broke it doing things I wasn't supposed to be doing. He calls me a useless idiot (in front of a bunch of customers) and just yells a lot in Spanish, not letting me explain myself. Finally a customer steps in a says "Man, maybe she would work better for you if you were nicer to her." To which he responded that "She's just stupid, there's no fixing that!"

Oh wait, but that isn't the worst part. By this point I'm crying out of humiliation but too shocked to actually quit and run from the building. By the time he's done with his ranting and yelling I am just stunned and am able to babble out that I really think it best if I go home for the day and we talk about it when he's calmer. He then says if I leave I won't have any job to come back to.

I needed that job and he knew it. I worked the rest of my shift and sadly continued working there for another month before I finally quit.


17/25 I had an employer call me and another worker into his office. Apparently there was a big mistake made on one of the clients forms. The client was mine, but I didn't recognize the handwriting on that particular form, nor did I have any recollection of making any arrangements with him. The other employee confesses that he had filed it 'for' me, without my knowledge, and had clearly messed it up. He told our boss it was entirely his mistake, and that he was sorry to both me and the boss.

My boss responded by telling me I was being sent home and to spend the extra time thinking about what I had done. The other employee (who looked shocked) was told he was okay and to get back to work. I spent my 'extra time' looking for a new job and quit the next day.


18/25 I removed my manager from my Facebook a few months back and she told everyone at work and asked me to re-add her. I removed her because out of the two years that I've worked there, I was late ONCE because of a car accident that happened directly in front of me. When I called to let her know I had to give my statement to the police, she told me it was unacceptable and I need to be more professional.


19/25 I'm being fired tomorrow for making an HR complaint against my director. I guess meetings with HR aren't confidential as I was told.


20/25 I had a nurse supervisor who would take advantage of my being a nice person but having me pick up her breakfast every day in the cafeteria, since I was going over there for myself. Every day. She was lazy and I was being taken advantage off. So one day I decided I wasn't going to do. When she came to bring me her money I politely told her that I wasn't buying that morning. It turned into an argument to the point of where SHE CRIED and I said, fine, gimme your money, whatever, I'll go get your breakfast. She walked away. Later, I was called into the Director's office and she said I should have just got the breakfast for her. WTH?


21/25 I worked as a head lifeguard at a waterpark. We had a minor situation where a kid who couldn't swim jumped into the deep end. The lifeguard of that area went in to get her no big deal, happens a lot. My boss, the park supervisor heard the whistle blow, ran over full speed and jumped in with the non waterproof radio among other important items. I let her know she didn't need to do that, that I had it under control. She replied that I should never tell her she is wrong and sent me home for the day.


22/25 Got pneumonia. Got put on antibiotics which it turned out I was allergic to. Experienced anaphylaxis, so spent the night in hospital and couldn't come in to work. My boss was the kind who would rather people come in to work sick than not work, so he was displeased.

I missed 4 more days. On the second day he called me up asking "if there was something [he] should know about" i.e. thinking I was missing work because of partying or something. I said no. He said I needed a note for every single day I missed, so each day I had to pull myself out of bed and go to a walk-in clinic to get a doctor's note. Here in Canada you have to pay for the doctor's notes, but the doctor was just like "WTF? Your boss is a douche" and would give me the note for free each day.

The day before I returned, my boss e-mailed me saying that I was missing an average of 1/4 work day (having missed 5 days for that month) and that sort of absenteeism was unacceptable, blah blah blah. Revoked my right to sick days, and from then on until I left the company a year later, I had to call his cell phone when I arrived in the office to time stamp that I had arrived and prove I wasn't being a [bad] employee. If I didn't call by like 9:01, (for example, if my phone was ringing off the hook when I arrived), he would start calling my cell phone/texting me angrily.


23/25 My bosses gave everyone a copy of the schedule that had all the names of the workers. We were told to choose three people who we thought should be laid off. I gave them back the list and told them that they didn't hire me to make those types of decisions for them. Two days later as I was coming into work I was stopped at the door by one of the owners, he told me that "Survivor council has convened, and that I had been voted off the island. Yeah, your fired." I had worked there for over a year, and to be dismissed like it was a game was pretty ridiculous.


24/25 My boss doesn't believe in sick days (for herself or anyone else). So she came in all last week with a terrible cold/laryngitis. This week three other people have a terrible cold/laryngitis.

Sick days aren't meant for fun times, they're meant to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses. She's such a damn idiot. I need a new job.


25/25 I had an asthma attack at work and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance because I was unconscious. Two weeks later, the operations manager was working there and the first thing she said to me was "You better not have one of those asthma attack [things] when I'm here", then refused to put my new inhaler into the safe in the office where they always keep it. Bitch.



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