People Reveal The ONE Thing They Envy Most About The Opposite Sex.

We've all looks at someone of the opposite sex and thought "man, I wish I could do that!"

Here are some of the biggest things people envied about the opposite sex.

Many thanks to the Reddit user who posed this question and to those who responded. You can check out more answers from the source at the end of this article!

1/38. Full body orgasm. I used to watch videos of girls who looked like they were about to levitate. That's how good they felt. Their entire body spasms of pleasure and the girl couldn't contain her body from sitting still.

I would want to feel that. Apparently its possible for men when you know how to get multiple orgasms. By stopping right before you are about to release. This way you get a dry orgasm. And if you're skilled enough you'll experience a full body orgasm.


2/38. That men aren't allowed to interact with kids as freely as women. I worked at the YMCA, and during the time, I was told explicitly that I couldn't so much as let the kids sit on my lap, I couldn't pick any up, and I couldn't hug then with more than one arm.

Took me about an hour into my first day to say screw that. If a 6 year old girl comes running up to me in tears because a 5th grader is being mean, I don't care about any rules, I will hug that kid until she feels better.

When my coworker reported that, I almost lost the job. Screw these notions about all men being deviants. I love kids, I love working with kids, I'm a sensitive man, and all the kids come to me before the overweight 50 year old woman that's "supervising"


3/38. Guys are supposed to ask girls out. As a man with crippling anxiety when it comes to the opposite sex it's near impossible to ask a girl out. Why can't it be acceptable for women to ask men out?


4/38. It seems so easy for guys to make friends. They make it seem so simple and like a such laid back thing to do. Do you just go out, yell "Hey, who wants to be my bro?" and high five everybody who's up for it???

When I try making a female friend, it really needs some time until I get to her and her approval; like she is judging me all the time. I hope this isn't true, but damn I wish it would be easier for me to make female friends.

Oh, and definitely peeing standing up. That's a blessing, cherish it.


5/38. Women are dominating the sound-design field because they on average have better hearing than men. Many believe it's an evolutionary trait, which gave them better sensitivity in the recognition frequencies at around 7kHz so they could hear the cry of their kids.


Regardless, as someone working in the audio industry, I'm super jealous. I've spent 10 years training my ear, and even then, the women in my field put me to shame.


6/38. The luck of not touching the inside of your toilet with your private parts when you're sitting on the toilet.


7/38. Multiple orgasms.


8/38. Sometimes, during the summer, it seems like it would be WAY more comfortable to wear a dress than a full suit or even shirt and tie.


9/38. Hair. Women can and are allowed to do so many pretty things to their hair. More advanced haircuts, colours etc. For an average guy your options are never presented to you. Maybe because they are so limited. My mom/dad never took me to the hairdresser to go through what kind of hair I had and what hairstyles works with my face etc. My mom just told me I needed a haircut and she cut it for me. Now I'm 25 and I found a haircut I like and that works for me. Still it's nowhere near as beautiful as most girls hair are.


10/38. Men have longer eyelashes and they don't even care!


11/38. Skirts, think of all that ball room.


12/38. Upper body strength.


13/38. Not having periods. I could really do without that monthly hell.


14/38. This is going to sound so wimpy, but...

I wish people were kinder to me. I wish they considered my feelings more, and complemented me on days when I was looking good, and did little stuff to try to make me feel better when I was in a crappy mood.

A lot of this is my own fault, for being kind of grumpy and stoic, but we guys just don't get the same level of kindness from the people around us.

Please understand: I think men are generally given more unearned respect and deference and we can feel safe in many more situations and stuff, so I'm not trying to say that we don't have advantages in how we're treated, generally.

It's just that we aren't very often shown pure, unadulterated kindness (ie, sympathy, empathy, compliments, general emotional support), and sometimes I feel like it would be nice to get some.


15/38. I wish I could wear yoga pants. They look so comfortable.


16/38. I just like, really wanna know what a BJ feels like.


17/38. Women can be turned on without a chance of other people noticing. I have to hide that rock hard thing down there, that's frustrating.


18/38. I guess girls would envy us our spacious, abundant pockets in every piece of clothing.


19/38. I envy that men aren't pressured to change their looks too much using makeup. I LOVE makeup so much, don't get me wrong, I find it fun and relaxing. I don't really do it drastically change the way I look, but because I enjoy it. But I just think it's interesting that it's a societal norm for women to "fix" or "enhance" their appearance with makeup but men aren't expected to.


I still feel comfortable leaving the house without makeup on, but I always feel kind of envious that my boyfriend can look his absolute best in less than 20 minutes. For me to look what I consider my absolute best, I add makeup and curl my hair etc., and that certainly takes more time. For example, going to a wedding, or out to a fancy dinner or something, in general the woman spends much more time getting ready.

On the other hand, maybe some men feel envious that women can wear makeup without judgement. I'm sure some men might wake up with a zit or huge bags under their eyes and think "it would be awesome if i could cover this up with makeup....but that feels too weird, what if someone notices?"

I kind of wish nobody cared about who was or wasn't wearing makeup. Lots of men would look wonderful with their brows filled in and some under eye concealer, lol.


20/38. No one will ask or care if they wear the same outfit to work for two days straight.


21/38. I think girls get a lot more/better clothing options than guys do. Seriously, it's never surprised me much that some guys like to crossdress.


22/38. It's more acceptable to have boobs if you're female.


23/38. I can't tell you how disappointing it is, as a woman, to find a pair of pants that fit perfectly and make your butt look great and then realize it has no pockets. Or, even worse, fake pockets. It's just cruel.


24/38. When I was in primary school, I saw a girl adjust her skirt, she held the skirt by the waist band and turned it just a little. That's when I realized you can actually turn it all the way around without taking it off. Mind. Blown.


25/38. Men can pee standing up.


26/38. Women are so pretty. I wish I could be pretty.


27/38. Not being expected or pressured to shave your legs.


28/38. From The Office -

Michael: [sighs] Any man who says he totally understands women is a fool. Because they are un-understandable. There's a wishing fountain at the mall. And I threw a coin in for every woman in the world and made a wish. I wished for Jan to get over me. I wished for Phyllis, a plasma TV. I wished for Pam to gain courage. I wished for Angela, a heart, and for Kelly, a brain. "Michael, how can you appreciate women so much but also dump one of them?" You mean, how can I be so illogical and flighty and unpredictable and emotional? Well, maybe I learned something from women after all.


29/38. Trust.

If you are a woman and you work with kids, it is ok. If you are a man, people will always be cautious, because you probably might be a pedophile.

If you are a woman and you post a picture of a male in which he was not aware, it is ok, some might even find it cute or say that she has a crush on him. If you are a male, you are a sexual predator.


30/38. Women can spout cliches in their personal ad and still get replies. You love to laugh? Really? Who would have thunk it!


31/38. Women can tell colors apart better than males, generally speaking. Apparently Burnt Sienna isn't Darkest Orange or whatever.


32/38. A girl can breakdown and cry at work because she is stressed out with life but I'm only allowed to cry if I'm mortally wounded or if a close acquaintance dies.


33/38. Much easier for women to initiate sex...


34/38. They don't have to worry about sitting on their nuts or getting their dick caught in their zipper.


35/38. Men can run downstairs - or even just run - without the need of a small country's worth of cloth, three days' preparation, and a small winch truck to support the girls.

There's a reason women do the velociraptor arms over their chests when they run.


36/38. You go to a summer wedding, and women have bare arms, bare legs, open necklines, breathable fabrics and all around air circulation. Open toe shoes, open heeled shoes, you even call them sandles.

You look at guys:

long sleeves

long pants,


ties, (don't even think about letting your neck breathe until after dinner)

t-shirts under dress shirts.

Seersucker suits and loafers help a bit, but overall style gives us no options for hot weather.


37/38. Simplicity of helping their partner achieve orgasm.

A woman can basically squeeze my nipple and I'm about ready to blow, yet men have been looking for the G-spot for hundreds of years like its the Holy Grail.

I'm obviously happy that I can climax every time, but hey we like to please too.


38/38. I can't open jars.



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