People Reveal The Wildest, Most Memorable Dream They've Ever Had.

People on Reddit were asked: "What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?" These are some of the best answers.

2/30 Had a dream 2 weeks ago where I walked into a house with a girl. The entire place had green carpeting and had 2 staircases leading up and down. She grabbed my hand and said "Let's go up to the bedroom ;)". We started walking up the stairs before I shouted to wait a moment. I then proceeded to find a bathroom on the 1st floor, fill a bucket with water, then proceed to wash the carpets.


3/30 A few years ago when I was in high school I had this dream where I was sitting in a field just relaxing. A railway line is running through the field and I notice a strange object sitting in the middle of the track. I go to investigate and it's one of those ball-in-a-cup toys. The second I pick it up, the string suddenly wraps around me and I'm bound to the rails like a cliche western movie. Sure, enough a train approaches. It's Percy, from Thomas The Tank Engine. He's charging towards me full speed and stops a couple feet away from me. After I get a close look at him, his face looks like he just got the [crap] beaten out of him. In a very disturbing, raspy voice he mutters "Help me, I don't want to end up like the others" followed by a blood churning shriek. I audibly said "What?" when I woke up. I was 17 years old and just had a nightmare about Thomas the Tank Engine. It was 4 AM and I didn't fall back asleep until 8 AM.


4/30 I once had the most glorious, sweaty, hour long sex dream. We went at it. It felt totally real and I loved it. It was almost lucid in quality and by the end I woke up from the orgasm, which turned out to be real. It was great.

Then I remembered that, in the dream, I'd been having sex with my mother. That was not so great.


5/30 Really needing to dial 911, but accidentally putting in 991 every single time and then having to redial again and again. Plus, I was using one of those rotary dial phones.


6/30 The one in which my grandma scored a goal for Manchester United while simultaneously robbing a bank.


7/30 I watched Bush Kerry and Nader have a threesome in a marble palace using Neverwinter Nights graphics. They saw me and I ran to Bree (yes the Lord of the Rings town). I had a group of rebels ready with siege weapons and launched them at the presidential candidates.


8/30 About 15 years ago, I had a dream/nightmare that occurred over 3 nights, like a horror mini-series, picking up nearly exactly where it left off the night before. It was vivid and terrifying in a way that was unlike any other dream I've ever had, and although it happened over 15 years ago, certain images are still just burned in my brain.

Convoluted story short:

My mother and grandmother metamorphasized into vampires with a bit of harpie flavor and, unbeknownst to me, begin hunting me. At the outset of the dream I am on foot, going in and out of shops, but as my vampire mother and grandmother close in on me, Jim Carrey arrives in a [cool] Corvette and swoops me up, getting us out of there just in time.

The rest of the dream is basically a horror/action sequence of cat-and-mouse, with harpie-vamps chasing and nearly catching me/us, and my hero, Jim Carrey, helping get us out of close call after close call.

It sounds ridiculous, even funny. I cannot describe the abject terror this dream filled me with for weeks after I had it.


9/30 When I was about 8 or 9 years old I would have these dreams that I was pushing boulders up a hill. Sometimes there would be a rubber band holding them back so I was just pushing with all my might and not going anywhere. I would wake up exhausted. It was a pretty stressful dream to be having as a kid.


10/30 Last night I had a dream where reddit karma was the dominate currency in the United States. Stores would have little kiosks where you'd type in your username/password and it would deduct your purchases from your karma account. Instead of working people would spend hours a day online trying to think of witty things to gain the approval of the ether that is the reddit mob.

It doesn't sound that weird until inflation kicked in. Prices started going out of control as people realized that karma could be created and had no real value. To solve the problem a group of redditors starting downvoting everything to enact a contractionary monetary policy. But that just resulted in people losing everything and mass starvation.

People tried getting off the karma currency and switching to orange envelopes but that was chaos. Arguments broke out over the worth of an envelope that just had the world "LOL" vs ones that had thoughtful and long replies.


11/30 A little boy was throwing a tantrum but stopped when I told him that the sausage he threw on the floor would be disappointed in him if he didn't stop.


12/30 A bunch of skeletons lined up while "The Sound of Silence" played in the background.


13/30 I had a dream once that I backed over my baby brother in my car. Then I had to feed him Windex so that he would die sooner and in less pain. I woke up immediately after that and went to check on him. Couldn't go back to sleep after that.


14/30 Just last night I was to meet with Hitler and ask him who the second in command was. I knew it was Goering, but somehow it was Lawrence Fishburne. I was careful to address him as "Mein Fuhrer."


15/30 I dreamed I was a robot who could shoot pins out of my fingertips. I had to fight a monster who had a gun that could shoot blades of grass at me.


16/30 A few weeks ago, I had a dream I was driving with some friends westbound across the I-90 bridge into Seattle. At the time, the bridge was about 80-100 feet above the water and only the middle express lane existed. As we first pull onto the bridge, we noticed a huge green military tanker jet clip a wing into Lake Washington near the other side. After it crashed, everyone flipped out and stopped their cars to try and help survivors.

As people on the west side of the bridge were trying to help passengers get out of the water, we were trying to rescue a bunch of dogs on our side. The only problem was that we didn't know how to help the dogs get out of the water since we were so far above them. I looked farther down the bridge to see what others were doing, and sure enough these dogs would just launch themselves out of the water and try to land in the arms of people 80+ feet above.

I look down again and sure enough there is a smaller white dog that starts shooting up toward me. I catch it, and I swear it had the most [messed] up face I have ever seen. It had beady black eyes, thick wool, and a wrinkly flat face that resembled an old man. It also had a bunch of sharp and sticky plants stuck all throughout its fur which made it really difficult to hold.

The thing is shaking and cold, so naturally I feel bad for it and all of us decide we should keep it. I open the hatch to my SUV, shove it against a bunch of luggage, and close the door just in time for nothing to fall out. Then we just went wandered around Seattle all day while this thing can hardly move in the trunk of my car.


17/30 I had a dream about finding a "secret room" behind the walls in my apartment. It all started with me scratching on the wallpaper where I found a wooden door. The next thing I know is that I'm having a hard time breathing and someone sitting on top of my chest while I have a bag over my head. A laugh was heard and I could barely do anything.

I then woke up and I though that I was being assaulted and killed, hell I haven't had such a nightmare since I was on morphine for a week.


18/30 I was in a studio where talk shows take place and I was sitting in the audience. So, the talk show began and the guest is Justin Bieber. So, they're doing their thing, talking and what not, when all of a sudden Justin whips out his [penis] and just starts masturbating but while still talking to the talk show host: no one is phased at all. It isn't until he [ejaculates] that everyone's like "Oh..." But he doesn't stop. He keeps [ejaculating] more and more and at this point he's screaming cause it stopped coming out white and it turned red; he's [ejaculating] blood. Justin's screaming, the host is screaming, everyone is screaming. The end.


19/30 I had a dream where I was in a strange bathroom about to take a bubble bath. The bathroom was completely white and had high vaulted ceilings and a gigantic mirror. I was in a towel and running the water when my eyes and nose started bleeding. I slipped and fell on the blood falling from my face and then "woke up" with even more of the red stuff pooled in between my legs. My eyes focused and I saw a creature attached to me by an umbilical cord. The creature had no eyes, slits for nostrils, and a mouth with no lips and razor sharp, chattering teeth. I woke up as it lunged at my faced.


20/30 Dropped acid with Obama and a bunch of cute girls. Met a talking cow. Had sex.


21/30 I had a dream when I was younger where I was in hell face to face with Satan himself and a glowing white sword crashed into the ground from out of nowhere and we basically had a sword fight and I ended up cutting his head off. This was like 10 years ago and I remember it vividly.


22/30 The one that sticks out in my memory most though, considering I'm afraid of flying, was when all planes electrics stopped working and started falling from the sky and crashing and causing disaster all over the world. It turned out that it was aliens had caused them to stop and then there was ufos all over they place, shooting lasers and killing and mutating people. They than abducted me and my mom, they forced my to watch as they cut my mom open and examined her while she was awake and screaming, they then tied me down and started to cut open my stomach and pull out my organs. I woke up in a sweat just after they pulled out my heart.


23/30 Went to find my brother to get my SNES back. Found him choking on an apple. Attempted Heimlich maneuver but over did it, fell off a a balcony and we plummeted to certain death, only to be caught by Yoshi.


24/30 I once had this super real dream that I was a roast beef sandwich. And then someone ate me and I had just this pure feeling of bliss and satisfaction like I had a purpose in life.


25/30 When I was about 16 or 17, I started reading Dante's "Inferno." I am not religious at all, but for some reason reading the poem gave me nightmares. The one that I remember most vividly involved me being dragged to Hell during the middle of the day, and being added into the forest full of suicides who are turned into trees and then constantly being ripped apart and put back together. The pain that I felt during the dream was immense, and felt extremely real. But this wasn't the end of it.

Satan, in the form of a humanoid, came to me and offered me a chance to leave the forest and move up into the realm of the lustful. The only thing that I had to do was perform fellatio on Satan. (Keep in mind that I am male, and not gay. This may hint that I have latent homosexual tendencies, but I've been down that road, and can definitively say that it's not for me. But, alas, I digress.) I remember doing so, and then I woke up.


26/30 Drowning in baked beans in my downstairs toilet, very surreal.


27/30 I dreamed that I woke up in my bed and walked into my living room to greet someone. The dream reset and I woke up in my bed again and I walked out to do dishes. The dream reset and I walked into my living room only to get chased around by a small, quick monster that I never really got a good look at. The dream reset, etc.

This dream reset on me seven times. During that seventh wakening, the pattern of it finally occurred to me and I remember excitedly thinking, "I've been here before... I'm dreaming!" Immediately after having that thought, a voice that conjured up imagery of a group of men in suits and scrubs, a voice that sounded like it came from outside of my dreamscape said, "He knows. Get him out of there!"

And then I woke up alone.


28/30 I don't understand how such a bloody dream could be so laid back. It was a very calm, relaxing dream where my brother and I murdered two faceless people and joked around as we cut up the bodies into smaller chunks. It was horribly graphic but the sense of camaraderie and routine made the entire experience seem natural. I think I'd been watching Dexter a bit too much.


29/30 When I was about 14 I had an extremely vivid dream that my friends and I were being hunted by a serial killer and every time the killer would get one of us, Paula Cole's "I Don't Want To Wait" would play in the background. I can't believe my subconscious ruined that musical masterpiece for me.


30/30 A dream where I saw myself standing in sort of sun-god robes on a pyramid with a thousand naked women screaming and throwing little pickles at me.


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