People Reveal The Weird Habits They’ve Adopted From Their Significant Other.

The more time you spend with a person, the more of their every day quirks rub off on you. This is especially true for your significant other.

Here, people reveal the weird habits they've gotten from their significant other.

1/29. Instead of swearing when something goes wrong, I now say 'oh very good' in a really loud sarcastic voice. Such a shame, I loved swearing.


2/29. I never used to meow randomly or work meowing into a normal conversation. I never baby talked to any pets before. I never let the cat get away with much until her. I'm picking up all of her weird cat person habits and I don't think I like it.


3/29. Every time I'm at a relatives saying goodbye takes up about 50% of the visit. You say bye, you hug, you move towards the door. Conversation starts again. "Look at the time, we'd better be off." Say good bye, edge towards door, conversation starts again. Repeat for as long as it takes to get to front door and off porch/front step. Possibly continue to car.

Get in car, wave as car slowly moves off until no one is in sight. Or stand at door and wave till car is out of sight.

Breathe a sigh of relief and proceed to discuss the entire visit with whoever is with you.


4/29. When we would go upstairs at bedtime, there would always be a glass of nighttime ice water on my nightstand, along with a photo of something cute our cat had done during the day.

I've adapted this good habit, and return it by having breakfast ready, coffee brewed, when my S/O comes downstairs in the morning.

It's kind of playful, and thoughtful, that we exchange this way.


5/29. Naps after work. My apartment is closer to his job so most days he'll come to my place, take a quick nap then get up and we'll hang out, make dinner, etc. Sometimes he'll stay the night, sometimes he goes home.

At first, I'd knock out some chores, play a game, watch TV after I got home from work while he took these naps. But they looked so comfortable...

One exhausting day I came home, curled up next to him and napped as well. It was such an amazing nap and I had all this energy in the evening time.

Now, a lot of the time I'll come home and curl up next to him on the couch for a short nap. We wake up and talk about our days. It's turned in to this awesome, super relaxed bonding time for us.


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6/29. Sleeping naked. Always slept in boxers and a t shirt. Now I only sleep with pajamas if theres other people in the room or I'm on a couch or something. My balls have never felt fresher.


7/29. My ex girlfriend hates me now because she picked up dipping pizza in ranch from me. I mean sure its a few extra calories but it's not my fault.


8/29. My wife occasionally snorts when she laughs, so I started snorting to make fun of her. That was a bad move on my part.


9/29. I was a social butterfly, she was a shut-in.

Now we're both shut-ins.

I'm happier this way, though. electric zap aaaaaaah

I'm happier this way.


10/29. Closing the lid of the toilet after doing my business.

Note: I am a woman and my boyfriend trained me to do this. He called me a barbarian.


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11/29. The way he talks. I find myself talking just like him.


12/29. I don't use the sink as a staging area for dishes as much as I used to. Right into the dishwasher sometimes.


13/29. I now claim and announce my farts.


14/29. Brushing my teeth in the shower. My wife did it so the toothpaste was always in there when I needed it. Eventually I just started brushing mine in the shower, too. It is surprisingly efficient. 10/10 would recommend to others.


15/29. I used to spread the jelly right on top of the peanut butter. Now I spread each on a separate slice. Her way is better.

Also, I now leave the butter dish out; used to refrigerate it. Her family has been leaving it out for generations, and none of them ever died from rancidity poisoning.


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16/29. Smoking cigarettes because of an ex. Ten years at a pack and a half a day. Managed to quit 1 month ago.


17/29. I have stopped drinking large quantities of tequila and whiskey, as I used to. She claims it dampens my sex drive. I tell her, "I'll dampen your sex drive".


18/29. Actually cooking at home instead of eating every meal out, saving money and not just spending everything I have because it's there.


19/29. Swearing like a mothereffing sailor. Colorful variations of the F word now sprinkle out from my lips on the daily.


20/29. Not drinking bottled water. My girlfriend has a degree in Environmental Science and is super conscious about waste/excess. I used to buy cases of bottled water for my apartment, but now I just drink tap water.


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21/29. I don't pair socks anymore and I'm perfectly fine wearing a pink ankle sock and a blue knee-high because my husband's a lazy piece of crap and thinks he's making a statement by wearing mismatched socks.


22/29. I am most certainly a lot more cautious, in general.

Used to not really care, she showed me why I should.


23/29. I dance just like him now. He does this really funny thing with his arms that I find myself doing as well, even when I am alone in the car.


24/29. I spend a lot more time on the floor.

I also don't have a SO, I have two dogs instead.


25/29. My SO has trained me to not stand in front of the microwave while using it, NEVER wear pants you wore out of the house in/on the bed, and no socks in the bed unless its cold and they are clean. He's a city boy and likes to be clean.


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26/29. Taking the time to tell supervisors that their employee was helpful.


27/29. Being late to every single thing ever.


28/29. I used to be super lazy, but she is also super lazy. So I had to change because one of us needs to not be so lazy...


29/29. I tend to speak Portuguese now and eat a lot of Brazilian food.



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