People Reveal What Happened After Meeting An Old Crush Much Later In Life.

People on Reddit who have met a former crush years later were asked: "How did it turn out?" These are some of the best answers.

We both were just recently single and started to click. Eventually we both confessed to a mutual crush in high school. Then as the night went on and beer flowed... she jerked off two random guys in the living room.


2/27 Found out she was [less attractive and underwhelming]. Then I realized I was too.


3/27 Good. We had tacos, then did oral stuff in my car behind Tacobell and haven't spoken since.


4/27 Had a crush on her all through freshman and sophomore year. She kissed me at the end of sophomore year. I... failed to reciprocate... basically ran away from her. Extreme social anxiety.

I switched schools after disappearing for the summer(not because of the kiss), but when school started again I walked to her school everyday for half of the year in hopes of having the balls to make a move. Saw her each day. Failed each day. She obviously got tired of waiting, ended up with another guy, I gave up.

Come end of senior year she shows up at my school to see some guy. Saw me, literally jumped into my arms and forced her phone number on me.

Together 7 years come November. I proposed to her around a week ago.


5/27 Good... went to an underground rave and then my wife and I tag teamed her. She comes to our holiday gatherings now.


6/27 He always said, "I want to be a cop. I'll never be a firefighter. Firefighters are [dumb], cops are the real men." He became an army firefighter, but instead of being humbled he's still a total douche.


7/27 When I was in first year I had the stupidest little girl crush on this guy in my program. And I had no idea how to express it, so I think I thoroughly creeped him out with my staring and pathetic attempts to get him to have coffee with me and such.

Anyway, that was eight years ago and I've really matured as a person since then, I hadn't even thought of him in years when I ran into him. I was actually excited to find out he worked at a store I was planning to go to, I thought "I can finally have a normal conversation with (crush), he'll see I'm not a creepy weirdo anymore!"

Anyway, when I ran into him our conversation went like this:
Me: "Hey (crush), how's it going?"
Him: "Good thanks, how are you?"
Me: "Good thanks, how are you?"

And then it just spiralled into awkwardness from there... guess some people just bring it out of me!


8/27 I liked her when we were 15 but she wasn't nice to me. I ran into her when we were 23 and she looked so old I didn't recognize her. When she realized I didn't recognize her, she began to cry and ran to the bathroom. Never saw her again.


9/27 Went out for drinks, still fixated on her. Was given a chance. Got wasted and embarrassed myself by spending so much of the night talking about how much my younger self liked her. Extolling her virtues like it was years ago. Mentioned how crazy and awesome it was that I was finally getting my chance.

It was sad as [anything]. I didn't realize how bad I [screwed] up until I sobered up. Woke up and immediately knew I would not be given a second opportunity. Saw her reactions and responses from the previous night with a sober eye.

Realized the massive amount of "I'm going to be polite, but I've made a mistake" that was continuously written across her face. Embarrassing as [anything].


10/27 Lets see, met her when I was 13, we totally crushed. Fast forward to when we're both 23. She has a kid from a previous marriage, but it didn't bother me. Got married, she cheated, tried to take me for child support for her daughter.

2/10 would not recommend.


11/27 Her last name is very close to mine so throughout high school our lockers were together or we'd have seats in class next to each other. She was a cheerleader, incredibly hot and also a cool person. We were friends but nothing close. I ran into her 4 years later. She dropped out of college and is waiting tables now. But she got even hotter. Still a really nice girl though!


12/27 Had drinks. Went back to her hotel. Basically did not leave it for 2 days.


13/27 We started a small thing when we were around 17 years old. Didn't work out cause she was spoiled and I was pretty heartless [jerk]. Fast forward a few relationships for us both 11 years of growth and she came back into my life a few months ago. We're dating and life is pretty good now couldn't ask for anything more. Sometimes it's the right person but the wrong time.


14/27 She works at a supermarket near me, I said hi one time and have since avoided using it because I'm not the best with repeated social interaction.


15/27 Had a crush on this girl in grade school (1st/2nd). Playdates, video games, action figures. Life was good. Bought her a present at a 5&10 because I thought she'd like it. It was a ring. She was ultra embarrassed and ran off. My parents still have not let me forget that. She changed schools (for other reasons) that next year.

Fast forward 14 years. Graduated from undergrad, working for a company in my hometown and working on getting accepted to medical school. Out for drinks one night with friends and who should come by but her? Beautiful, great taste in music, smiles at my jokes. Smitten.

Fast forward several more years. Gave her a ring again. She did not run away. Happily married several years.


16/27 Ran into my high school crush because we were both on the same plane and seated across the aisle from each other. She's a lesbian now.


17/27 Saw her at the 10-year HS reunion. She [looked a bit different] than in HS, but still attractive. She was there with her Ivy League fianc. These two facts combined to change my mindset from "I wanna bang my HS crush at our reunion" to "Oh well, nevermind."

At one point, we were being recognized for something, and with all eyes on us, she leaned over and said, "I remember what a crush you had on me. You wanted me baaad."

First, I couldn't really react, given the immediate circumstances. Second, I didn't detect any kind of Taco Bell-type invitation in what she'd said (sorry). In fact, it almost seemed like she was just lording it over me. I mean, she was there with her fianc, who, we'd determined in previous small-talk, she loooved and who was awesome!

For some reason, it really pissed me off. I just gave her a blank look, shrugged, and walked away. To this day, I wish I'd had some kind of witty comeback, but that's about my only regret. Haven't seen her since, but I hope she's happy, and blah, blah, bla


18/27 We're married now! had mega crush in high school, finally contacted him 6 yrs later since I knew him back then and we haven't been apart since. Now we have been together for 4 yrs, married for 1 and have a baby on the way! Dreams really do come true I don't care how cheesy that sounds.


19/27 Hadn't seen her in 15 years. Ran into each other online, decided to meet up for dinner.

Married now for 5 years and one kid.


20/27 I was in love with him for most of my lower teenage years. He was my best friend but I broke it off when i found out he'd been talking [inappropriately] behind my back. I never thought he meant what he said about me, but I do know he was desperate to be liked by people, and didn't mind [dumping] on me to seem cooler to them. Of course the people he talked to told me about it. I sent him a handwritten letter explaining what I'd heard, and also that I was still in love with him and couldn't be just friends.

We met up when I was 19, about three years since we'd last seen each other. He was as charming as he'd always been, and I realized how quickly we fell back into our previous rolls. Him, being cool but kind of a [jerk], and me, hanging off his every word. I'm happy we met up because it gave me some closure to realize I didn't feel the same as I did about him, and that he was even more of a [jerk]. I still think about him sometimes but much more soberly than I did when we still hung out.


21/27 We talked every day in high school for three years. 20 years later she didn't remember me.


22/27 We had awesome sex and never talked to each other again. It ruled.


23/27 I felt puzzled that I had ever had a crush on him. Said "Hi" and moved on.


24/27 I'll preface this by saying I had an extremely large crush on this girl from like 14/15 until 20. We were best friends, the typical neckbeard situation, I was 370lbs of not muscle, she was a blonde girl who for some reason became best friends with me. She dated all my friends, knew how I felt, etc.. never gave me the chance. Well fast forward now, I've been working out and while(10+ years) im no DiCaprio, I have the lumberjack thing going for me, big guy, big beard, big arms, just all around a big dude in the right way.

Anyways, she comes to town 3 weeks ago and wants to have dinner, sure, we really haven't hung out in almost 8-10 years. So we go out and I can tell she's super into me, telling me how great I look, i've "come into my own", grown up well, how there are no guys like me out west, talking about the good old days when we used to sleep in my bed, get drunk together, etc.. asking what I'm doing after, we should go to the bar, go for a swim at her house, etc.. I just can't pass up saying no. Besides the fact that I am with a woman who loves me for who I was before I got in shape, the satisfaction of saying "no", "no thanks", "sorry gonna watch a movie with the mrs tonight" was seriously worth all of those years of rejection. I'm a pretty confident guy but that dinner put me on cloud 9 more than any revenge banging ever could have. Also found out through a mutual friend she was asking around how serious I am with my SO right now.

That and [girl], I know I look awesome.


25/27 Super. We originally met my freshman year of high school, his senior year. Three years later, we met again, I still had a crush. We became really good friends, then started dating after I graduated. We are now married and have been for over two years.


26/27 Crushed hard and competed for a really cute girl in college but when she moved in with him I closed the door on things. Years later she sought me out on Facebook as apparently for her, I was "the one that got away".

It lead to a tawdry on again, off again, mostly sexual tryst in which we determined the things we did best were fighting or [having sex] which we cycled through quarterly until about a 4 year break due to mutual animosity. We made up, had an amazing year, and broke up again in a heart wrenching explosion that stings to this day.


27/27 Tried to pull an ultimatum on me in high school ("Do this or we're over"). I called her bluff and that's how our relationship ended.

10ish years later we're both single and I visit her on a lark. Turns out she's sleeping with a divorced man and trying to get him to abandon his wife and daughter. Yeah. Also her apartment was absolutely filthy.

I mean I'm no prize but I've tried to ruin exactly zero families.



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