People Reveal What They're Ashamed To Admit They Like

We've all got guilty pleasures: trashy romance novels, watching an entire series of Doctor Who in one sitting (definitely NOT how I spent last Saturday) or maybe you just can't get enough of Kenny G.

These are all perfectly acceptable uses of our time, and they're not harmful to anyone, but there's this feeling of guilt for enjoying them anyway.

Reddit user Countvonsengir asked:

What are you ashamed to admit that you like?

Gotta Get Those Tingles

ASMR, specifically the categories that are for those that lack intimacy or positive reinforcement. I'm the one people look up to in my social life, people come to me for a shoulder to cry on or comfort. They'd all find it ironic that their source of affection lacks affection.


Same. I'm so paranoid about people thinking I'm weird, or not 'getting it' because they can't feel it, that my ASMR habit gets treated pretty much like my porn habit - no-one must know.

Worse, actually, because at least my wife knows that I occasionally visit pornhub.


Yeah I made the mistake of telling people (I mean, close friends) in the early days of ASMR because I'm painfully innocent and thought they'd enjoy this new relaxing Internet thing. Since then it's just been 'how's your creepy youtube porn fetish today?'. No one thought it was good and nice. Everyone thought it was creepy as hell. I guess they don't get the tingles.


Born This Way


As a metalhead, I'm always ashamed to admit I love Lady Gaga. She's so talented and the way she controls her voice and gives it authority is really awing. At the same time this leads to other artists I'm ashamed of saying I'm a fan of but Lady Gaga is def the biggest.


Not Just For Angsty Teens

My Chemical Romance has some genuinely good songs.


I've never seen a genre get harder stereotypes than that kind of emo / hard rock style of bands like MCR, Escape the Fate, etc.

You like hard as f**k gangster rap? Oh yeah no problem everyone does. You like old country westerns? Hey that's neat you're so vintage and worldly! The latest EDM banger your new thing? That's cool you're just a respectable adult that likes electronica.

But you like one My Chemical Romance song? Wow you're clearly an edgy goth guy with high school angst.


Also, ain't nothing wrong with being an edgy goth guy with high school angst.


Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!




Like the meat or like mail?


They like Spam sending them spam mail.


They like Spam sending them spam mail about Spam products.


Is this a Monty Python sketch or what?


Power Walk

The sound of high heels.

Hate feet, hate heels, but the sound is just comforting and rhythmic that I like.


Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

Being subordinate. As someone who's held management positions in every job I've had from the bottom to the top of the food chain, there's nothing I'm more ashamed of loving more than being told what to do.


I agree. There is something mentally freeing not having to worry about whether other people are doing their jobs. Just show up, do as you're told, go home. I love not being responsible for Kevin's mistakes.


Fire Hazard

About once a week I go to my local laundromat and peel off the lint from their dryers.


If you didn't know already, that stuff is great for starting campfires. So there. Your weird hobby/fetish now has a practical use.


Games Are Fun

Welp, I'm a grown a** man who for some reason keeps on logging back in to get his butt kicked by 12 year olds on Fortnite. So there's that.


I gotta keep my mouth shut about all the Fortnite references I see out in public. Can't let people know this 32yr old man is playing Fortnite.


Brain Candy

Very trashy romance books. The ability read them in sometimes less than one sitting is perfect for calming my brain.


I call it brain candy.


I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription soley for trashy romance novels. There are so many amazing/terrible ones available "for free" with KU.


Sometimes All You Want Is Predictability

"Fast food pizza," i.e. Domino's, Pizza Hut, etc.

It's by no means great. But there are so many inconsistent-to-subpar New York-style pizzerias in my area (which is far from New York), and they all have the same recurring problems: greasy cheese, crust that's too tough or too thin (ultra-thin crust that isn't crispy is pretty gross), and occasionally a scorched pie from being baked in an oven that wasn't cleaned properly.

Wood-fired oven pizzerias are becoming more popular, but I'm not a huge fan of the almost-burnt crust.

There's one place near me that does Chicago-style pizza, but it's both relatively pricey and feels more like I'm eating a casserole than a pizza. Good, but I can't be eating anything that rich all the time.

So if I'm very tired, not feeling very adventurous, and just really craving pizza, I'll usually order up from some chain joint. It's not glamorous and it's not the pinnacle of dining, but it's consistent.


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