People Share A Creepy Childhood Memory They Have That No One Else Seems To Remember.

Is it that you don't remember correctly, or that others can't remember? Here, people share a creepy childhood memory they have that no one else seems to recall.


1. I don't know you.

I was in second grade at my private school and was waiting for my mom to come pick me up. I was waiting outside the secretary's office when a couple came in and told me, "Let's go."

I'm thinking, who are these people? They just kept on trying to get me to go with them and I wouldn't. When I thought they finally got too close I ran inside the secretary's office and sat down. When I looked back into the hallway from the office window they were gone. I told my mom but she never believed me.


2. The magic wardrobe.

My aunt and uncle owned a vacation/lakefront property throughout my childhood and early teen years. They sold it back when I was in high school (over 10 years ago). We were recently discussing how many bedrooms they had at the home and brought up the attached living space in the back.

Through the back laundry room door was another kitchen, bathroom, two small bedrooms and small living space, like a separate living space for in-laws or something. I remember hanging out back there with my cousins and always noticed that it was decorated much older then their main home. Back to the conversation with the number of bedrooms - that back living space did not exist. My cousins don't remember it either. I'm still confused.


3. Ghost house.

When I was around two years old, I remember going to the house we were building and walking through the construction. There was a little spot in the ground where it looked cool to place this toy power ranger. Every time I bring up walking through the construction site, she says the house was never under construction when we bought it.

We ripped out the cement in our garage, around the place where I had left my power ranger, since it had started to crack to replace it, and my power ranger was there. That is specifically the only thing I remember at that age. They still deny the fact that we had the house under construction.


4. Which one is it?

When I was four, my family got into a very bad car accident. My mom died. I only have a few memories from before the accident, but I do remember my mom. She had brown hair, was short and a bit chubby, and had a very sweet, toothy smile. I remember her holding me in her lap in her rocking chair. I remember her singing to me. My mom today is a different woman. She insists that she gave birth to me. My dad and both my older sisters have no memory of my first mom who died. All my memories of my second mom begin after my first mom died.

Here is how I know I'm not losing my marbles:

  1. My birth certificate lists my mom's name as Marie, and that is not my current mom's name! But she insists it was a clerical error at the hospital that they never bothered to correct.
  2. My cousin, who is eleven years older than me, once made an off-hand remark about the accident, and how different our family would be if it hadn't happened. I asked what he meant, and he said, "You know, your mom..." But he wouldn't say anymore than that.
  3. Whenever I bring it up, my family usually cracks a joke about me being out to lunch and then changes the subject. But one day I wouldn't let it go, and my sister told me that, "Sometimes you just need to accept the truth of your life as it is now, there is no truth in the past."

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5. How did you know?

When I was very small, my parents say I used to tell stories from when I was an adult, and that the stories were kind of creepy and specific. I have no memory of it.


6. You never had the pox.

When I was really young (like three or four) I got the chicken pox. All I remember was being in a darkened room at a relative's house long ago, while the relative and my mom inspected my pox-riddled body.

This is not a particularly creepy or disturbing memory. However, when I was 11, and it was time to get my vaccinations, the doctor asked me if I had had the chicken pox, and my mom said No. I reminded her that I did, and she didn't remember. Adults' memories trump kids', so I got the chicken pox shot.


7. Very interesting...

We've always suspected my grandfather's family was Jewish. My grandmother denies it vehemently. At his funeral, she turned to me and said, "You know, their last name used to be insertJewishversionoftheirlastname"

My mother and uncle were sitting with us. Neither remembers this, and Grandma denies it wholeheartedly.

Funny how that stuff that never happened totally cracked things open for me on Ancestry.


8. Same story, two versions.

My mom and I were the only ones home this particular night, and around 2:00 am we are both woken up in separate rooms by a loud crash, as if a particularly heavy object had fallen on something. Both my mom and I were up and about looking for the source of the noise when we open the garage.

Now, this is where my story begins to differ from hers, she has he memory that the shelf fell on top of my car, and spilled a bunch of cleaning fluids all over the garage. We supposedly wiped up all the fluid with a few towels and hung them to dry.

I remember that my bike that was hanging on the wall fell down and crashed on top of the car leaving a sizable dent and mark in the car. I had to find a stud in the wall, screw in the hanger, and rehang my bike.

Neither of us remember the other's story happening, but there is proof both situations happened. The towels in the morning were soaking wet and smelled of windshield wiper fluid while my car had clearly sustained a dent from the bike falling.

How anything fell in the first place is another question. The shelf in question is on the opposite side of the garage as the bike and the door was down, no one was there. Odd, odd night.


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9. As if he never existed.

Back in 1988, I was committed to a psychiatric institution for a month. During that time, another guy who was there escaped. He was missing for a day or two. Eventually police discovered his body by some railroad tracks about 30 miles away.

I've asked news anchors whom I remember reporting the story to look into their archives. I know the time frame, I know the kid's name... Nothing. No information found anywhere.


10. A little unsettling...

When I was six or seven some neighbors who went to a fire and brimstone fundamentalist church took me along for an "informational class." I remember seeing a film with maggots and worms, and at the service there were a bunch of people with dark, hooded robes. Afterwards I started having nightmares. My mom forbade me to ever visit those neighbors again. I had nightmares for months.

That church now runs a private school.


11. No one else knows.

I don't know that it's true that no one remembers it, but it is true that no one I have access to remembers it.

When I was a child, my mom and dad got divorced. Eventually, my dad surrendered parental rights after I came home bruised and beaten one weekend.

I don't remember all of that happening because I was too young, but I do remember hiding in a closet behind a vacuum cleaner. I don't know what I was hiding from or why I was hiding there, but I do remember being terrified. I can't even say for sure that it is related to my father, but I've always assumed that it was.

The only man who knows what happened that weekend other than me is no longer in my life, so for all intents and purposes, it is a disturbing memory that I have and no one else does.


12. Something's watching us.

I was snorkeling with my dad in a lake and a fish that must have been 10 feet long swam right underneath us. I specifically remember its eye, which was easily as big as my head. I freaked out and brought my head above water and when I went back down it was gone. I'm still positive I saw it but my dad denies it ever happening.


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13. Stay away.

My father had just remarried. He asked me not to bring one of my close friends around (the friend was often in trouble with the law in his youth, had since grown up and straightened out his act). Apparently, my father's new wife recognized my friend as someone who randomly attacked her years before she met my dad.

I kept my friend away for a very long time and one day mentioned it to my dad. He had no idea what I was talking about and checked with his woman, who was also clueless.

I was dealing with sleep apnea and I assume I was experiencing hallucinations from lack of sleep.


14. Seeing green.

I have a memory of waking up at night time (like 9pm) when I was really young, probably about 11. I looked outside and thought it was weird that it was still light outside, and my parents went outside with me.

Everything was cloaked in a green light. The trees, the pavement, the sky, the houses, everything. The wind rustled the trees a little and we went back inside. After about 5 minutes, it was pitch black outside like everything was all normal again. It wasn't a dream, because I asked my parents about it a week later and they said, "Yeah, that was weird."

Then I asked them a few years later and they said they didn't remember, not denying that it happened but just that they didn't remember.


15. A figment of your imagination.

I asked my dad a few months ago if I could have the bar stools that went along with the old, half-destroyed bar that's sat in my parents' basement for like 20 years. They never got used and were in much better shape than the bar itself, and I wanted them for my apartment. He told me there are no bar stools and never have been.

But I still have the clearest memory of exactly what they look like and even felt like to sit on... I've been looking for some sort of evidence to prove that they existed, but I haven't found anything.

And now I have to buy my own bar stools.


16. Two versions of the truth.

There was a loud crash in the middle of the night. I remember waking up and seeing my dad slowly walking past my room holding our wire-haired terrier like a rifle. I waited until he said everything was OK and went to go see what happened.

Their memory is that the bottom shelf of dishes fell down and some of the dishes shattered on the counter top.

My memory is that the sliding glass door was broken inwards and there were bloody footprints that went to the middle of the room and then stopped.

The only part that we agree on was my dad holding the dog like a gun.


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17. Feeling blue.

Once with my parents in a car and once by myself in my room. There was a VERY BRIGHT blue flash. It was for about 1/2 of a second but you could not see ANYTHING but bright blue, even a foot in front of you. There was absolutely no sound. It was like a camera flash of intense BLUE light from out of nowhere.

The first time it happened, I was maybe 8 years old and we were on the highway just talking and it happened (the sky was clear that night) and everyone just stopped talking. No one said anything for 5 or 10 minutes when I asked my parents if they saw this.


No one has mentioned it since that day and now my parents just say they don't remember/know what I am talking about. That was about 20 years ago.

It happened again when I was around 20 (8 years ago). I was in my room with all the lights off, in bed about to go to sleep (I had not fallen asleep and was no where close to it yet) and there's just a bright blue flash. I don't know where it came from, but again, I couldn't see even a foot in front of me. It was the exact same thing I had experienced in the car with my parents a decade earlier.


18. No-si-do.

I was on a Christian retreat several years ago as a teen when at the end of the retreat, we were all standing around a circle singing, holding hands. I was really into it and sort of bouncing to the music as I was singing. One of the leaders came over to dance with me, and I broke from the circle and we started twirling around and doe-si-doe-ing.

When we finally stopped, I noticed that the entire room broke out into dance. For a moment I thought I must be dizzy and seeing things, but I stood there for about a minute and everyone was still dancing. Even the girl I was dancing with said "Look! We got everyone dancing!"

I mentioned this incident a few months later to some people who were on the retreat, and no one remembers it.


19. What's going on?

Crossing the street with my mom, we walked past a car with a blindfolded little girl in the backseat. There were people to either side of her, but it didn't look like she was being held against her will. She just sat there, not seeing anything.

I've always wondered what the story was, though.


20. You weren't even there.

One of my earliest memories is something that apparently couldn't happen. It's somewhat vague, but I remember being at my grandfather's funeral, and having these cheap little plastic toys that I put on the grave marker. I remember the mortuary, the grass, the fact that there was a pop up tent and lawn chairs. I remember placing the toys on his marker. But that grandfather died when I was 2. Here's the kicker though. Nobody else in my family remembers the toys, because according to them, I never came to the funeral.


21. What in the Sam Hill?

About 4 years ago I was working as a counselor at a sleep away camp in Northern New Hampshire. One night around 10ish me and one my co-workers/friends decided to make a Walmart run.

On the way were driving down a back road in the middle of nowhere when my friend slams on the breaks... In front of us is a fucking monkey wearing a fez, doing a little dance. It then stops dancing and runs into the woods. We both looked at each other unclear wtf just happened and exclaimed "Was that a monkey!?!?"

No one believes us but we both know what we saw and simply can't explain where that monkey came from


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22. Nom nom nom.

When I was 8ish, our Taco Bell had a talking garbage can. It would say "nom nom nom" or "tasty" or stuff like that. I asked all of my family and none of them remember, and I asked all my coworkers if they knew anything about it, and none of them do (I work at that same location now).


23. I made a new friend!

When I was around 9 years old, my family decided to go shopping. I didn't feel like going with them so I stayed home (not alone, I think my grandma was watching over me).

I decided to take a shower but I forgot something in my bedroom so I went back to my room (located on the other side of the house). That's when I saw a little kid, maybe a little younger than me, standing in the room right next to mine.

It took me like ten seconds to react but when I got there, the room was empty. The window wasn't open and even if it was I would have heard the noise it makes when you close it.

I immediately told my grandma and she thought I was just pranking her, she told my mom when she got back and they just laughed (I've always had a wild imagination). Anyways, I know it was real, I wasn't joking or anything, and for a few days while walking to my room (and even though the other room was "empty") I felt that little kid was there, just invisible.


24. Who could forget the naked man?

When I was a child my family went to the circus. The tent was in the middle of some woods, and while we were walking to it, a stark naked man jumped out from behind a tree and started chasing after me and my sister shouting obscenities at us (we were probably about 6 and 4 years old).

My mum picked us up and ran with us into the big top, where she told some of the staff what had happened. A bunch of guys ran out the tent and went to help my dad who I presume had tackled the man.

We watched the show and part way through my dad came in and whispered something to my mum. We have never spoken about it since. A few weeks ago, I mentioned this to my mum and sister, and neither of them had any recollection of it happening. I can understand my sister not remembering, as she was so young, but I would have thought that would be something a mother would not forget.


25. Mystery pool.

I don't remember how old I was, maybe seven or eight, but this one time I was swimming in the pool my family had at my childhood home. I had goggles on and was swimming around staring at the bottom of the pool "exploring." At one point I looked down and saw this odd white sac looking thing. It was about the size of the palm of my hand, which means at that time it was pretty small. Maybe 3 or 4 inches? I picked it up and held it out of the water.

As I was holding it it began to pulsate. Almost like a heartbeat and kind of wriggled around a bit. I got grossed out and threw it out of the pool in the back where nobody really goes. I actually remember sort of forgetting about it until after I was done playing around in the water. I got out of the pool and walked the perimeter looking for it but was never able to locate it. I still think about it from time to time and have absolutely no idea what it could have been.


26. Is it chilly in here?

I went to a summer camp with some friends when I was 14 or so, and volunteered to do the "newspaper." It basically meant we could wander the grounds looking for stories. One friend came with me and we wandered for about 45 minutes and found a clearing LITTERED with refrigerators. Super weird. 20 to 30 full size refrigerators scattered about. We stayed for maybe ten minutes. I pointed out that we shouldn't write about it because we were wayyyy beyond the campground boundaries at this point and didn't want to get in trouble.

My friend remembers going with me, and wandering for a long time, but no refrigerators. We were definitely there, and I think I even took pictures on a disposable camera.

The counselors denied knowing anything about it and were even curious where it was. I tried explaining but they said they never found anything.



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