People Share An Innocent Moment That Escalated Out Of Hand Way Too Fast.

You know how it goes. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, anything can happen. And in the heat of the moment it's hard to explain the unfortunate string of events that made you look like a murderer. Even still, a bit of adrenaline can be exciting!

Here, people share their moments that started out perfectly innocently, and then escalated into a white-knuckle thrill ride faster than you can think. Enjoy! And make sure to check out the sources at the bottom for even more!

1. Pick a fight with someone your own size.

My son got in a fight in after school daycare and got a black eye. Next morning I was at work and my wife could not get him to go to school because he was too embarrassed the other kids would make fun of him for losing a fight. My wife calls me frantically, and I am at work with no time to deal with it. I told her to tell him to just say the other kid was much bigger, so no one could blame him for getting beat up.

Next thing I know I get a call from the police. My son told the school an adult had attacked him, and they believed him and called the cops. When the cops talked to my son, he told them he had made it up because his mother told him to say that. The cops called her, and she told them I told her to tell him that. So the cops assumed I had beat him and told him to lie about it.

So I told the cops the story, and they called the day care, and fortunately the same worker who was there when my son got in the fight happened to be on duty and was able to tell the cops what really happened. Chances are if she had not been there to take that call, the other day care workers would have known nothing about this insignificant fight and I would have been arrested for child abuse.



2. Starstruck.

I was taking photos of my friend's band playing a gig at a festival. As they finish and I give them a hand packing down, I notice that it's Taylor Hawkins from Foo Fighters' other band playing next so I sneak myself a little spot to sit at the side of the stage. Next thing I know, Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones all came and sat next to me.

I nearly fainted, but they seemed to have enjoyed the band.



3. A lot of fuss for a fruit cup.

Me and 4 friends, tightly packed in an old Sebring, are on the way back to my friend's apartment when we see our friend coming in opposing traffic. Spying a pineapple fruit cup on the floor of the car, (I am in the passenger seat) I toss the snack at our friend. In retrospect, that was a pretty stupid and dangerous thing of us to do.

Unbeknownst to us however, the fruit cup managed to travel back and hit the windshield of the Suburban behind us. Needless to say, the two good 'ol boys in it were less than happy. We discovered this upon stopping at the light shortly after, when the two gentlemen exited the vehicle and started hitting the windows of our car while yelling some less-than-polite things. (Story continues...)

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When one of the men reached in his jacket, (This is Texas, mind you, guns are not exactly few and far between) we peeled out and sped off. The pair re-entered their vehicle and the chase began. It was truly amazing, a Sebring with the capacity to travel 100+ mph with 5 grown males in it. The chase carried on for a solid 15 minutes, then took an EXTREME turn for the worst when the suburban came beside us and literally pushed our car into oncoming traffic.

At this point we called the police frantically explaining that two raging guys wanted to wear our stomach skins as unitards. The sounds of the impacts between cars were enough to alarm the police as we would soon learn. The police instructed us to make our way to the local police station. Approaching the police station at ~80 mph, we slammed on the brakes, as did our pursuers. We had thought that they would leave once they realized where we were. NOPE.

They followed us right up to the front doors, whereupon 6+ cops exited the building, guns drawn, yelling "GET BEHIND US" to the 5 distraught males exiting the Sebring. The two gentlemen exited the suburban and took shelter behind their doors. I was certain I was about to witness a major shootout. Fortunately, the cops talked the two down.

They got the story from us, and from the two. The story from the other two included us repeatedly throwing drinks at them and breaking their windshield. Upon seeing we all had our Taco Bell cups and that the Suburban's windsheild was fine, we were free to go. The pair was detained and we heard nothing of their punishment or anything. Its a shame that the whole mess could have been avoided by simply talking.



4. Armed and dangerous.

I was sitting at an outdoor cafe. Dude I kind of know comes up and sits with me and person I was chatting with. I'm not really paying attention, drinking my tasty drink.

Dude takes a thing out of his pocket, which turns out to be a lighter in the shape of a tiny gun. He starts taking it apart, fixing it or refilling it or something. Apparently there's an armoured car across the street. They somehow get a glimpse of the tiny gun lighter, and call the police. Before I know what's up we've all got guns in our faces, angry police shouting at us not to move and are being pushed down on the sidewalk.



5. The things we do for love...

When I was in high school, there was a girl who rode my bus who lived far away. The bus drove out every day just to drop her off. A lot of kids on the bus resented her for it, but I had taken a liking to her, so I swore that if any of them picked on her I would stick up for her.

That day came. Someone yelled out, "Hey, girl, why don't you get a taxi or something?" I scared, but I knew my time had come. (Story continues...)

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I responded, "Hey buddy, why don't you shut up?" A lot of people went "Oooooh" as people do when there's a fight.

"What did you just say to me?"

The adrenaline was pumping through me. I said, trying to look as threatening as I could. I was so angry and riled up by the idea of a fight, I could see that he was taken aback. My friend told me later that he was actually afraid of me for a moment, in case he got in the cross-fire.

The guy stood up at this point. The bus driver pulled over, interrogated us and brought him to the front of the bus.


6. Barkeep, gimme a Curacao Punch.

This girl was once standing next to me at a bar while I spoke to my friend then when my friend walked away, I ordered a drink, turned around, said hello. She punched me so hard in the face that the next thing I knew I was on the floor and my friend was on her back pulling her hair out while bar staff were cradling their faces because they had also been punched.

I got up and she called me a racist and a homophobe [I'm a gay lady for the record, and I didn't say or do anything racist] while people were struggling to bring her down. I just stood there and took a sip of my drink. It was strange.



7. Them's fighting cookies.

I tried tossing an oreo cookie in a friend's mouth during lunch freshman year of high school. I almost got suspended for "Attempting to instigate a food fight."



8. Gangster movie ending.

I remember approaching an intersection in Oakland and the light turns red. I begin the long waiting game for the light to turn green. I'm the first car in the lane so I have the best view of what was about to happen. I see a few cops pull up on the street near me. I don't think much of it.

Next, the light goes from normal red to just turned off. I then think, "huh?". Then more cops begin to appear (roughly 6 patrol cars, all stuffed with cops in riot gear). The patrol cars all park in the middle of the intersection and the guys all pile out and begin to create a road block with a spike strip in the middle. A few of the cops have what look like typical glocks (not sure which model) while the 12ish others are all carrying full blown assault weapons. (Story continues...)

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The first thing that goes through my mind is "Well this is going to be awesome". I look around to see what other people are doing. some people had gotten out of their cars, but almost everybody looked like they were ready for awesome.

I hear tires squeal and I see an older Mustang driving full blast towards the intersection straight in the direction of the road block roughly 3/4 of a mile away. I then realize that if he continues towards his path of imminent doom he's gonna slam through the spike strip and hit me head on. "AAAHHHHH NAW, NOT HAPPENING!" is what I yelled next as it occurred to me that the cops had deliberately created a V-shape road block with a strip in the middle so that the criminal's vehicle would be funnelled directly into me and the others at the stop light. I then gassed my car going for about as hard a right turn as I'll probably ever make (it was a four way intersection). I ended up speeding over the curb and almost hitting two officers as I gallantly escaped onto the highway and drove off into the sunset.


Oh yeah, I heard some gunshots and a few screams moments later as I had only escaped just in time. If it seemed like this wasn't as much of a "Well that escalated quickly story" then you should take into consideration that the whole thing took two minutes happen.


9. Too broke for trouble.

A friend of mine and I skipped class back when we were in highschool. We decided to go hang out in the handicap stall and talk since she was having a bad day. Well we got caught and sent to the principal's office and both questioned and searched. Apparently, the $2 of lunch money I owed her was left on the ground and they thought it was a drug deal.

When they asked me if the $2 was for drugs I responded with "Tell me, what drugs can I buy for $2?!" It wasn't the answer they were looking for.



Well, when I was a sophomore in high school, I was an idiot. And my friend convinced us to get high and wander the backwoods trails that were pathed by one guy. My friend said that if I ever see a pickup truck coming, to duck into the underbrush. So we were laughing our butts off, when suddenly we hear a truck plodding along. It was far off so I wasn't worried. All of a sudden, we heard a loud sound behind us, and we see the dude's truck roaring around the corner, running over plants.


So he slides into park, gets out, and my friend bursts off into the brush, screaming "No, no, no!" Me, being the idiot, and the one time I don't run when I'm high, looked at the dude. He looked like the general old dude, but he seemed cool. He got out. And he was leaning on the side of the bed when he motioned for me to come over. I thought he was going to give me a rough talking to, maybe ask my info. And that would be that. Nope... (Story continues...)

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The dude proceeds, in the matter of about two seconds, to reach in the bed and pull out a shotgun, immediately followed by "You kids bother me every day!" I bolted. You know where there are those areas with the sharp plants with serrated palm edges? There was a huge collection of those, but it was closest to get off the path. I jumped fully into it. I sprinted when I slid down the dirt, and then I heard a gunshot. It was seriously loud. I nearly pissed my pants. I started making way further in as quick as I could, and I could hear him muttering and messing about the leaves trying to see me.

So about 15 minutes of blindly wandering through the brush, I see my friend far off and yell for him. He turns and we reunite. We were completely lost. We had to walk a mile just to get to those paths. So we wandered around for around 2 hours being quiet because we could still faintly hear the truck. So we were crawling through and finally we saw the highway. And I can't even imagine what it looked like to see us. We were bloodied up, my legs were torn up. And we were fighting our way back up this small gully to the open highway. We emerged. And some nice lady stopped and asked if we were all right, in her minivan. We said we were good and he called a friend to pick us up. Turns out we were really far from where we started.

She picked us up, we both chilled at her house. I went home later that night, my parents grounded me because I had been out so long.


11. Walk the plank.

I was about 17 and a waitress during the overnight shift at the 24 hour diner I worked at. A bunch of guys came in drunk and talking like pirates. It really wasn't that big of a deal because at least they weren't barfing in the fake plants like most of the other drunk people did. They all ordered in their pirate voices and then I got to the last guy.

He said, "Aargh matey, I'll have some cheese fries." So I took his order down and he picked up the butter knife beside him, pointed it at me and said very seriously and without the pirate voice, If you mess up my cheese fries Ill slit your throat and send you to Davy Jones locker That sure did escalate quickly.



12. Caught up in the deal.

I used to work really early in the morning at UPS and was giving a coworker a ride to work every day. I would leave my house at around 3:30 am or so and pick him up from the next town over. He would wait for me in the middle of a deserted main street.


So, one morning I'm going through my normal routine. I get to the street and don't see him. (Story continues...)

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I pull over at where I usually pick him up from and wait. At this point I'm just looking around because I didn't actually know which house he lived in. After a few minutes he comes out from an alley and said he had use the washroom and didn't want to go back upstairs to wake his girlfriend. No worries.

So I pull out onto the road and start heading to work. As soon as I start making the turn off the main street I see a patrol car fly onto the road in my rearview. I continue on thinking nothing of it until I see another one approach from the opposite direction of the road I'm on. I take the next right on the road, which happens to be my normal route for getting out of this town. Halfway down the street both patrol cars swing behind me so I begin to pull over. I get BOXED IN with guns held at their sides (but not drawn at me).


I roll down my window with a big scared look on my face. I explain we're going to work, etc. Then they start asking my passenger what he's holding and actually draw their weapons.

Officer: "What's in your left hand?" Passenger: "My socks?!" (He had extra socks in case it was cold) Officer: "What's in your right hand?" Passenger: In the most, please don't shoot me voice ever "A banana!?"

All in all pretty awesome. The officers said they were looking for a robbery suspect on foot in town.


13. You won't like me when I'm angry.

When I was in 9th grade (2004-2005 or so), I was in Spanish class at this one program at my campus which was designed for kids with anger management issues. I don't know why I had that Spanish class in particular over there, since I don't have any anger management issues. A lot of kids there tended to get in trouble, but usually I wasn't involved.

One time though, this much older girl (I think she was a senior) was in our class talking to some other student shortly before class started. I was drumming my hands on my desk, and the girl told me to stop doing it. I mistook her for a teacher because she was so huge (I think she was at least a foot and a half taller than me). I didn't really feel like stopping, but I figured it would be a good idea anyways. I still didn't want to just quit immediately though, so I tapped my desk three times and said out loud "Tap-tap-tap".


The next thing I knew, the side of my head was numb and this girl was screaming in my face. I still thought she was a teacher or teacher's assistant, so I kept on incredulously stating "You just hit a student!" She slapped my face again, so I reacted by raising my arm to hit her back. The spanish teacher finally came over at this point and restrained me before I could do anything though, and the girl continued to scream in my face as I was being held back.

The next moments were a blur for me, but apparently a security guard-type person came into the classroom and, with the help of another teacher, got her to leave the classroom while I was still standing in front of the class, bewildered at what just happened. I remember being really upset, on the verge of tears. The staff in the room called my school counselor (everyone at my school had a counselor that was assigned to them) so I could see her, but before escorting me out of the classroom, the security guard guy gave this long speech about how mature I was, and how I did the right thing by not hitting a girl back. I was ready to hit her though, but I was still too shaken up by what was happening as he gave the speech, so I just stood there, wishing he would finish talking to the class so I could finally get away from everyone.

When I finally got to leave the classroom, I found to my misfortune that the girl had been sat down in a desk in the hallway by another teacher, just a few yards from my classroom door. I immediately ducked back into the door's entryway, but she saw me. She started screaming again; things like how I was a wimp and all the ways she was going to murder me. Her teacher tried to hold her back from charging at me, as the security guard came in and moved me through a series of hallways until I got to the office of some other school counselor whom I'd never met. My own counselor was busy somewhere, but at least I was now away from that girl.

It took me awhile to calm down, but eventually I felt well enough to go to my next class, which was the last of the day. I got transferred out of that spanish class eventually, to my own program's class which was away from all of the anger-management students. I never saw that girl again; I heard from other students that she was expelled after that and went to a mental institution.



"It wasn't me!"

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