People Share Bizarre Rules They Had To Follow As Kids That They Thought Were Normal At The Time.

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"What bizarre rule did your parents enforce that seemed normal, but when you grew up realized was not normal at all?"

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1/26. No one was allowed to poop in our house. We had a large house and all 4 of us had our own restrooms. There was this little girl with special needs I used to play with when I was little and once she had to use the restroom. My mom asked me where she was and I said she's in the bathroom. My mom walked in on the poor girl mid-poop and told her to go home and finish.


2/26. Father in law forbade anyone from drinking a beverage during the first half of any meal. No water, no milk, no juice, nothing, no matter how thirsty you were. He took this very seriously and would berate both kids and adults at the table if they tried.

In my opinion, this ruined the meal experience. The rest of the family tolerated this for some reason. I had to explain to my wife no one else ever did this and we would never use that rule at our own dinner table,


3/26. We could only eat 2 cookies at a time, and no more than 4 in a day.

I was living on my own for like a year abiding by this rule, until one day I was like, "man, I REALLY want three Oreos, not two." And I did it.


4/26. I didn't realize not everybody's house was spotless. My siblings and I cleaned the whole house every week. Moved furniture to vacuum, dust, etc and we had a house keeper that would come for a full day to clean, dust and vacuum the stuff we did 2-3 days prior every week as well. We also had several old trees in our yard would have to pick up any stick that fell daily. Occasionally the whole family would go through the yard on our hands and knees picking up any stick longer than 1 inch. Once when I was in high school my mom wouldn't let me go to practice after school because I needed to tighten every screw in the house because things were coming loose.

Side note: Mom got some help she's well adjusted and a rockstar grandmother. It's very different from the woman that I would fear. We would frantically reclean before she got home so we wouldn't get called losers. Every magazine edge perpendicular with the coffee table etc.

I also like a clean house but in no way a clean freak.


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5/26. Juice always had to be watered down to 50%.

It wasn't a bad rulesaves calories and moneybut it totally blew my mind when I found out that other families drink orange juice full strength.


6/26. My parents are pretty much hoarders so we would get in trouble for cleaning. My mom always blamed our house being messy on her just being "too busy" so once in junior high I thought I would surprise her and have the whole kitchen clean when she got home. I cleared all the piles off the counters, threw away a bunch of decades-old magazines, and took out like 2 giant bags of trash. When she got home she was NOT pleased, but panicked, and promptly went digging outside in the trash can to bring the stuff back in.


7/26. My mom never let us whistle - she sad it would attract mice. I now know she was just making stuff up because whistling was annoying to her.


8/26. We had to wake up whenever my parents got up, even if it was 4 a.m. One of them would yell up the stairs for us to get up. Didn't realize I could get up at my own leisure until I got married and moved out. One day I got out of bed when my husband did and we were sitting in the living room watching tv when I exclaimed that I was still tired, he said "So go back to bed then" and it was like those moments on a show when an actor just looks at the camera with a surprised expression. The sudden realization that I could wake up whenever I wanted was over whelming.

Also now that I have a kid I have no idea why they wouldn't let us sleep so they could have some free time? Like damn if my son is sleeping I'm taking in all the quiet and enjoying myself some free time.


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9/26. I wasn't allowed to sleep over at friends' houses until I was almost in middle school. Why? Because my mother was afraid that we would play Russian Roulette.


10/26. Normal parents take a toy away until their child's behavior improves, then returns the toy as a reward for good behavior.

My mother just took my stuff and never gave it back. She'd claim that we could 'earn' our toys back with extra chores and good grades, but she never followed through even though I was on honor roll every single semester. I was in college when the closet organizer in our hallway closet had a critical failure, so I came home to help move stuff. I found an entire box of my confiscated books and toys. I kid you not, my mother picked up a beanie baby and looked at me sadly while she said, "I was waiting for you to earn this back." What, were you going to surprise me with after I walked the stage and got my diploma?


11/26. We didn't fart in front of anyone. You went to the toilet. My wife on the other hand didn't grow up as 'restrained' as I was.

First day after we were married my mother in law phoned her to see if I had farted in front of her yet.


12/26. My mother knocked things in the floor all the time and never cleaned up. Always too lazy to get a job. Father worked all day and didn't feel like cleaning, and we went to school, so decided it wasn't our place. By the end there was trash piled up almost 4 inches everywhere, and while I knew it was I didn't personally like it I didn't know it was far abnormal. I just kept my own room clean and let that be the end of it. The bottom layers had turned to true dirt by the time we were cleaning it and moving out. Dogs had shit everywhere and it never got taken care of, ect. On top of this I was NEVER allowed to see friends outside school until I could drive, and as such had many social issues until well after graduation.


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13/26. Only 3 sheets of toilet paper allowed per visit. This included if you went number 2. I swear my mum used to stand outside and listen and she just knew when I used more and I would get yelled at and the door nearly broken down. This ran into my teens.


14/26. When I got home from school, my dad would always ask "How did you mess up today?"

I was a prissy, straight A student so this was his attempt to keep my ego in check. I later learned normal parents asked "What did you learn today?


15/26. "You eat everything you're served." So if they put a whole lot of food on our plate, and we had already eaten enough and were not hungry anymore, we would have to stay on the table until we were done.


16/26. 8:30 pm bedtime. My. Entire. Damned. Life. Though, I knew as a teenager that making your high schooler go to bed when it was still light out half the time was whacko.

Well into my 20s I'd come back to visit for the holidays and dad would get up to use the toilet at night, see the light on in my room from me being awake reading a book at 10 p.m., and yell at me to go to sleep.


17/26. Couldn't play video games unless it was the weekend. Seems normal at first, but then you realize that it just enforces bad habits: my brother and I would wait until the weekend, and then binge the ENTIRE weekend playing video games. And even if we didn't feel like it and thought it would be better to do something else we always said "well we better play anyway because we won't be able to after".

Also what were we supposed to do when the homework was done? It isn't like homework took up the entire day.


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18/26. We had a lock on the fridge and were never allowed to help ourselves to anything - you had to ask, usually the answer was 'no'.

I started buying junk food and hiding it in my closet - I think my father was completely clueless about growing teenage appetites and smoked, so his appetite was almost non-existent.

I struggle with binge eating to this day - I still love a good gorge, it means freedom and a giant middle finger to that lock on the fridge.


19/26. We weren't allowed peace signs growing up. My mom remembers some speech from when she was a kid about how communism would come under the sign of peace so peace signs were banned in our house. Those troll figurines were banned too.


20/25. My mom has set prices that are a "deal" for produce, and we could never buy anything more expensive than that price. Grapes had to be less than $1.19 a lb. Corn had to be at least 6 for $1. It wasn't until I was well into adulthood that I realized I could buy whatever I damn well pleased no matter what the price.

Interestingly, her "deal" prices haven't changed since I was a kid in the 80's.


21/25. My stepdad would hide my library card if he found it in the washer. I had a bad habit of leaving it in my jean's pocket.

He also constructed a locked electrical type panel in his bedroom closet that controlled all of the various tv and phone lines in the house. He would get pissed and turn them off. Eventually, I found his hiding spot for the key and would sneak and turn it on while he was at work.


22/25. My Dad is a very VERY introverted guy, and he never liked to be in large crowds. So unless it was a school event, I was forbidden from going to any large crowded events/places like the mall, concerts, sporting events.

I was told that this was for my own safety.


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23/28. I wasn't allowed to eat dunkaroos. This wasn't a blanket ban on junk food, my mother specifically had a grudge against dunkaroos.

I wasn't allowed to watch tv on week nights, all the way through high school. I remember it was a HUGE deal because my mom let me have one exception so I could watch the friends series finale live.


24/28. My parents made me and my brothers plug our phones in downstairs, at 8:00 every single night. They said it was to "make sure we don't stay up late", but because of that we stayed up later on other platforms like computers or playing games. I figured out my junior year that they only did that to snoop through our photos and messages.


25/27. If a vehicle you don't recognize comes down the driveway (we had a long driveway), turn off the tv and hide. Do not answer the door no matter how long they knock.

Still unsure who we were hiding from...I'm guessing it had to do with debt.


26/26. My parents convinced me that media age ratings were the LAW. I thought it was illegal for a kid under 13 to watch a PG-13 movie, for a kid under 14 to watch a TV-14 show, etc. But the really weird part is that this extended to books too. My parents told me that kids' books were for elementary schoolers, YA books were for middle and high schoolers, and adult books were only for people who had turned 18, and then they convinced me that this was a law and I'd be arrested if I read a book I wasn't old enough for.



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