People Share Which Compliments They Absolutely Abhor

Compliments should make people feel good... but they can fall flat via the backhand.

Bonebloodbrain asked Reddit: What is a compliment you don't like?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Disabled doesn't mean incompetent.

"Wow, I was wrong about you!" whenever I do hard work.

I'm deaf, not dumb.


I work with people with disabilities, and I hate how many people talk to them in baby talk.


The other day I was shopping at Joanns, and this woman walked over, leaning over me, and went. "What are you planning on making? Oh bless your heart!"

I am moderately autistic and in a wheelchair but I have no intellectual disability. I wanted to shove her and tell her not to talk to me that way but it just feel so weird in the moment. You're just so weirded out and want them to leave ASAP.


Mood from ages 9-18...


In high school a girl told me: "You'll be so handsome when your acne clears up!"

She was my girlfriend at the time.


She was trying to make a long term investment.


Gotta find and cuff the diamond in the rough before everyone else realizes they're a diamond.


Who's laughing now?

I used to be called a "teddy bear" when I was fat and I absolutely hated it.

I've now lost over 140 lbs and want to be a called a teddy bear.


My spouse is both tall and slightly portly, and it gets under my skin when people refer to him as "big guy." We've had so many people call him that, from doctors to other service professionals. He always jokes that it's the nice way of saying "greetings fat man!"



"You have a very unique nose."


God I hate this one. Makes me feel like my nose is all anybody sees when they look at my face.


It's always the ones you least suspect.

It's bigger than I thought.


Once I went out with this dude and we had sex.

He was suuuuch a nice guy that I literally didn't expect him to have a big penis for some reason. I know it doesn't make sense.


Had UC, can confirm.

"You're so thin! I wish I could lose weight like you!"

I have Crohn's disease. No you don't. I'm thin because I'm sick AF.


"You're lucky to be so thin!"

Well, it hurts terribly and I'm frequently dehydrated and nutrient-deficient, but thanks I guess. Who needs f*cking laxative Instagram tea when your insides can just rip themselves apart for free?


Fragile masculinity.

Being impressed at my ability to do any given task "for a girl."


Ughhhh I used to go target shooting and this was a constant thing. "Pretty good for a girl." F*ck off, I outscored you.


And it's amazing how men who are complete strangers need to correct your form at the range. I mean, range officer? OK. Rando? No thanks. Would you advise some random guy like that???


People... are people.

I'm mixed race (half white half Asian), getting called exotic is not my favorite compliment.


"Ooh, you're so exotic!"

"...i was born in New Jersey..."

Edit: to clarify, I am NOT from NJ, i was just making a joke.


"...i was born in New Jersey..."

My condolences.


Keep wearing sweatpants.


My roommate always compliments the way my bulge looks when I wear sweatpants which makes me not want to wear sweatpants.


Just counteract it with your own creepy compliment like 'you look so angelic when you sleep' then print out a cardboard life size pic of your face and stick it next to his bed when he's sleeping.


pic of your face

Pic of your bulge.


"You smell different when you're awake."


Guys... no.

When I was pregnant, so many men (I worked in an ER as a nurse) would say to me something along the lines of "who was lucky enough to knock you up?" or "who's the lucky guy?" and it grossed me out constantly.


What's wrong with a simple "congratulations"? People can be so gross.


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