People Share Cringeworthy Fashion Trends They Regret Following

There are little things more embarrassing than looking back at some of the *interesting* style choices we made when we were young. Here, Reddit users riff on the cringetastic fashion trends they've followed in the past. Influenced by many of the 80's, 90's, and 00's fads, it's safe to say... mistakes were made.

Plus my button down Hawaiian shirts... unbuttoned so you could see my undershirt.


Curled back, brushed straight up, hair sprayed until rock hard. Wtf were we all thinking.


It was the 90's and I was into raving.


I rocked a high-top fade, like Kid from "Kid & Play."

To top it off, I also had the dashed lines on the side of my head like Vanilla Ice.

And to round things out, I had a tail that would routinely get braided into a rat tail.

I proudly rocked that casserole of nonsense from five until I was 9.


My hair was like a rock. This was 7th grade, circa 01-02.


I was nine.


Thought I was the coolest mofo my middle school had ever seen.


"Hold on guys just coat checking my pant legs real quick"

pvssyslayer6ixty9ine & pharlesbarkley

I cringe when I remember. Also tried the whole ~gansta gurl~ phase.

So much cringe.


I most likely bought them at hot topic, because thats where all the cool kids went. They had D loops and connecting straps on them. When I sat down then stood up, the straps would always get caught underneath the chair and flip it over.




Eventually they called my parents and the councilor asked me if I felt safe at home.


And those tight shell necklaces. I was a frat bro, just without the frat.


Except my sister put the highlights in for me and she kinda put it all in one place. The top of my head just looked like a giant blonde splotch and vaguely resembled a flower. My friends called me FlowerPower for a month.


In reality I was a skinny white dork living in rural Nebraska.


I begged and begged my mom to let me have it. I really regret it.


Butterfly clips (the more, the better!)

Body glitter (bonus points for globbing it on the outer corner of your eyes?)

JNCO and Kikwear jeans

Anything Hot Topic made from 2000 - 2006

Weird pigtail buns a la Gwen Stefani

Platform slides


Not sure if that was an actual trend but it was definitely cringeworthy.


In theory, it was neat that parts of the shirt changed color with heat.

In reality, you always looked like you were sweating horrifically.



Torn Guns N Roses tee shirt

Acid washed jeans

White high top sneakers


On mardi gras in my french class, we made masks, and I thought I would be deep and make mine all black with two tears bellow the eyes. I still cringe at that image.


Like full on dragon ball Z. I actually had a couple people tell me it looked "badass" back in the day, but I wouldn't do it now.


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