People Share Current Trends That Need To Die In 2017

We're all about freedom of expression, but sometimes the current trends in our society need a healthy dose of scepticism. Let's dive into some current trends that need to be stopped IMMEDIATELY.

1. What Do You Meme?

Making dumb stuff go viral, which therefore makes those people rich.


2. Prank Videos

Those dumb prank videos. The guy who went around NYC taking bolt cutters to selfie sticks really sent me over the edge. Like, that's willful destruction of property, sending several $700 phones smashing into the ground, just so he could get a stupid video.

No clue how he didn't get prosecuted since there's literally video evidence on his youtube account. The only thing I can guess is that it's all staged (probably like half of the "prank" videos).


3. Revenge Voting

I hate how I feel like every American president voted in from now on will be just to undo what the last President did.

No more looking to the future, we will be just a bunch of kids hitting each other and claiming the other did it first while we fall further and further behind.


4. Anti-Intellectualism

People just disregard scientists, experts and trained professionals in favour of anyone or anything that will tell them what they want to hear or believe. I think this is potentially very dangerous for society as a whole.


5. Parent Punishment Videos

I don't like it when parents take videos/pictures of them "creatively" punishing their kids and post them online for validation and fame. You're just teaching your kids not to trust you, and that you care more about internet fame than about your kids' well-being.


6. Not Taking Criticism

People not understanding constructive criticism and taking it as a personal assault.

Yeah it sucks to be told you're not doing something correctly, but instead of getting all indignant about it, why don't you listen to how you can improve so you can actually do better.


7. Social Media Couples

Couples who pretty much hate each other gushing on social media on their anniversary over how blessed they are, and they married their best friend, and love them with all their heart blah blah ad nauseam.

You know damn well they don't tell one another these things and are only doing it to seem perfect on their social media. Hi. Some of us know you in real life. Barf.


8. Mainstream News

The news continues to shift away from providing the facts so that we can form opinions, and towards providing opinions and leaving the fact finding to us.

It's become entertainment rather than information, and it's pretty disturbing.


9. Facebook is NOT Your Diary

Why people feel the need to post every little thing about their lives. Especially when it's all just one big humble-brag about stupid stuff that no one cares about.


10. Lack Of Empathy

The total end of empathy online. I can't understand how people can be so incredibly rude and hurtful to literally anyone for doing or saying nothing at all. I despise the normalization of being rude and malicious constantly.


11. Restaurant Mason Jars

Cafes and restaurants serving drinks in Mason jars with handles.

They've obviously had to purchase them, so why not buy real glasses? It's not like they're using something recycled and being environmentally friendly. And they're awful to drink from due to the threads, unless you use a disposable plastic straw.


12. Anti Vaxxers

I keep seeing them everywhere and they need to go away forever. If someone is an anti-vaxxer you automatically know they've done zero research on the topic. How can you make a decision for your child without researching it? It's so lazy!


13. Flat-Earthers

I honestly cannot wrap my mind around the concept that some people out there that go through the same education system as other people end up believing that nonsense.


14. Media Focus On Celebrities Kids

The attention that the media puts on celebrities' children. I feel bad for Blue Ivy, North West, etc. because they are going to have their entire lives documented on news sites and tv shows and will never understand true privacy.


15. Live Action EVERYTHING

Everything being adapted to live action. I'll be so angry the day Ghibli Studio announces a live action adaptation of their films.

In my opinion, any animation turned to live action is always a downgrade. There is a magic that live action will never be able to capture.


16. Side Chick

I really hated that "side chick" and "don't let my significant other see my phone" trend in Vines. I actually really liked Vine as a platform and still find myself watching compilations but I found that trend to be super unfunny and normalizing cheating? I dunno, it made me uncomfortable.


17. Family Vlogging.

Quit shoving a camera in your poor kid's face to make money. It disgusts me that parents will film the intimate details of their young child's life (potty training, meltdowns/crying) and put it up on the internet for thousands, hundreds of thousands, and sometimes millions of people to see. And it's up there forever, their schoolmates will be able to find it, employers, everyone. Just with a quick google search. Until they are old enough to understand exactly what it means and consent to it, put the camera down and find another way to support your family.


18. Crappy Reaction Videos

I hate videos where it's someone reacting to it but it's just some dude with an annoyingly loud laugh.



News stations constantly reporting on something some politician said or did, such as, "BREAKING NEWS: Trump boards Marine One to spend weekend in Florida" rather than actual news about important events occurring in both the US and across the world.

They spend 30 seconds on something else and then go right back to talking about Trump's hair, what Melanie wore, or something they've been repeating for the past week that no one cares about.


20. Word of Warning

Just a word of warning for everyone reading this.

If you enjoy any of the fashion trends/Snapchat filters/hairstyles then KEEP DOING/WEARING IT.

The opinions of these people shouldn't keep you from doing things you enjoy. Remember at the end of the day you're the one that's happy while they're sitting here complaining.

(Side note though if you're an anti vaxxer or something like that this doesn't apply to you, you're just an idiot and should quit that one)


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