People Share How They Found Out Their S/O Was Cheating On Them

Cheating is never okay. For these unlucky significant others, they unfortunately found out in some not-so-nice ways (Although, could there ever really be a nice way? Probably not).

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My wife tried calling and didn't hang up once it went to voicemail. She accidentally left a 2:45 voicemail. The voicemail consisted of her BF and her talking smack about me and how much happier she was with him.

At the time, I was home with our kids, and I thought she was 1800 miles away to be with her dying father. Two years later, we are divorced and her father is still alive.


I got a Facebook message from some lady telling me that my fiance was a homewrecker. Apparently, my ex was sleeping with this womans husband, and she was divorcing her husband because of it. Fortunately, this happened the weekend before our wedding, so I dodged a bullet.


Someone sent me video footage of my ex with someone "I did not need to worry about." Stuff like that really leaves you devastated.


We dated for 2 years until one day, out of the blue, she said that she wasn't happy anymore and broke up with me. It sucked, but I figured that it was for the best if she wasn't happy.

About a week after we had broken up, I saw her at the bar with some guy who she had sheepishly admitted to being on a date with. Later that night, I ended up standing next to him while ordering some drinks. He apologized to me for the awkwardness.

"Yeah, it's just weird since we've only been broken up for a few days, and she's already dating."

He pauses "..... A few days? She and I have been seeing each other for like 3 months now."

We stared at each other for second, and then my ex came running up to pull him away from me. He shrugged her off and told her to get away and then left the bar.

That's how I found out my ex had been cheating on me for 3 months before apparently guilt had taken hold, and she finally decided to break up with me.

Update: I bumped into the other guy a few months later at a bar, and we actually talked about it. It was weird hearing about it from his perspective. In his mind, he just thought that she was just really flaky, but after speaking to me, it all clicked for him. We went through some of the times when he couldn't reach her because she was with me and vice versa. Not sure how I didn't pick up on it. Either way, I'm happily married now, and I think that she had to move back home to live with her mom.


He gave me all of his passwords when we first moved in. I didn't want them, but he insisted on it. Then he started asking me to answer some of his emails too, from time to time, because it was stuff that he didn't want to deal with. I guess I was like his secretary. Anyway, once he was away on business, and I decided to check his email. I found all kinds of Craigslist hookup replies. He was trying to hookup with someone while he was out of town.

I confronted him when he got home, and he had the nerve to say that I should feel sorry for him because it turned out that none of them were real women (just webcam sites and stuff), so he didn't get laid. He was jealous because if I posted on Craigslist as a woman, I'd have my pick of guys. What a winner.


"Okay, look I know you've been cheating on me."

"I haven't been chea-"

"It's okay, it's okay. I've been cheating on you, too."

".... The heck?"

It's been 12 years, and it still gets me good.


iMessage linked to her computer. I was on her computer buying stuff from Amazon, and she was sitting on the couch a few feet away from me texting her ex. He was trying to get her to send him nudes, and they were reminiscing about previous encounters. He was bragging about how he had made her leg shake, all the while, I'm watching this conversation unfold in real-time while sitting right next to her. My adrenaline kicks in at this point, and I simply closed the computer and left the house without saying a word. This was over a year ago, and Im still fighting her for custody of our children.


 I had just started dating her, and she already had a trip to Vegas planned with her "girlfriends." She left me a butt dailed voicemail at around 2AM of her banging a guy (Turns out, it was the guy that she was dating, and I was just the "other guy"). Since I had just started dating her, I didn't really care and just used her for sex. After a couple months though, she said that I was a fool because I never stopped dating other people (I never hid it from her) and that she was such a "sweet girl" and was only dating me. It was pretty funny to see her face when I played the voicemail.


She needed a new phone, so I put it in my name since I was working. Two hours after leaving the store and having lunch with me (even joking about how excited she was to get married), I found a photo reel full of pictures that she had been exchanging with her ex while transferring her stuff onto her new phone.

I put two-and-two together, opened her text inbox, and surprise. She had been texting him for months and sleeping with him for a few weeks.


I saw her being all flirty and mushy with a new guy at work. Whenever I would confront her about it, she would usually give me the "That's just how I am" speech. Eventually, I got a sneak peek into her texts and saw that she had been sexting him. This was about 4 months ago, but it still hurts a lot. 


I already was suspicious for a few months that something was going on with her new coworker, but she always said that I was just jealous and that there was nothing to worry about. One night, she told me that she was going out with a bunch of her coworkers- including him. I didn't like the idea, but I couldn't force her not to go. I watched her shave her whole body, put on her best clothes, and some perfume (She never used perfume before, and she had just bought some recently). I waited for her while drowning my thoughts in vodka all night. She didn't come home until 4AM in the morning when I had finally fallen asleep. When I woke up the next day, she acted like nothing had happened. I decided to believe her, and let it go.

Fast forward 3 days later, I was at an important convention for work and her coworker's wife called me in tears because a friend of hers had seen them at a bar fully getting it on. I called my girlfriend, and she just said that she didn't know what to tell me. Turns out, it was a date and not just a get-together with all of her coworkers. I was completely falling apart at this venue trying desperately to hold myself together until I could excuse myself and cry hysterically behind the building.

The coworker's wife was a childhood friend of my girlfriend's, and the two had just married a few weeks ago in Vegas and all and her parents had paid for everything. I had been together with my girlfriend for almost 8 years at that point.

The cheaters are now happy together and have a family. I still hope that one day, one of them will cheat on the other, and they will have a dirty divorce. I will celebrate with champagne when that day comes.


I just kept being a good boyfriend until she felt guilty and told me. I never suspected it. At least she had some sort of conscience because she could have had her cake and ate it too. She could have strung me along for years, and I would've been none the wiser.

I loved her. I thought that she was the woman that I could spend the rest of my life with. It took me 4 years of being single before I was able to trust anyone after that. I was so oblivious the last time that after it happened I hugely overcompensated, questioning every odd plan made, etc.

I'm kind of glad in a way that I waited 4 years because it taught me how to be okay with being alone or single and that it is incredibly valuable, and I've noticed more and more people since then that can't be alone.

I used to be the guy that would let girls walk all over me just to keep the peace like "Happy wife, Happy life" style, but now (while I still compromise and give freely), I don't take smack from anyone because I'm not afraid to be by myself.


I found them in bed together. Fairly typical, if such a thing exists? The thing that angers me the most, though, is that I seriously had absolutely no idea (not even the faintest/ without a smidgen of suspicion). What angers me even more is how it changed me with the insecurity and the paranoia.


I counted the pictures. This was in 2000 before everyone had a camera on their phone, and you had to get your holiday snaps developed at the Walgreens photo lab.

She brought home the pictures of her vacation to see her "Old high school friend" in Vegas, but there was something missing. See, back in the day, the rolls of film were made up of exposures of 12, 24, 36 pics, etc. depending on the film that you bought.

I went through the photos, and it didn't add up (Literally). The 24 exposure roll only had 18 pictures. Eventually, I found the remaining photos of her new boyfriend and her looking happy.


I ultimately didn't find out until after the divorce, but a very close friend of hers confided in me. I still haven't mentioned anything to anyone even her. I just decided to finally move on.


Her boyfriend got tired of being the "other guy," and he (rudely) told me everything that I needed to know.


She had an iPhone and Macbook Air. They were synchronized, and she had an problem with her Macbook.

I swear to god I opened the iMessage app on her Macbook by accident and wanted to click the icon next to it, but it immediately opened to a very sexually suggestive conversation with some guy.

I only read three or four lines. I literally couldn't read any more (I was about to marry her in 3 months) shut the laptop, walked up to her, and bluffed that I had read everything. She broke down and confessed.


I walked into the living room to find her passed out drunk on the couch with her phone in her hand. On the screen, there was "the other guy" shirtless and in bed (Skype).

I told her to leave. She left two days later and told me that she was going to her mom's. She didn't go to her mom's.

Funny part is, we had been together for 8 years. She had never worked a day in her life, and I didn't mind. I had enough money for both of us. However, my credit sucked so all of our assets were in her name. I stopped paying for her car, her insurance, and her house.

Let's see the weenie that you left me for do all of that for you by selling ink cartridges. 


There were small changes in her behavior, dressing, and grooming habits (for working the closing shift at a fast food resturant). I followed her to a motel after she got off of work and confronted them. I kicked her out shortly after (I tried to make it work), and eventually filed for a divorce after finding out how miserable she was without him on a solo trip out of state (I even paid for to "help her find herself again"). Bad times, I basically became a solo parent while she found herself. She found herself alright, found herself pregnant before the divorce was even final.


My coworker told me he saw her being carried to her car at 4AM by another coworker of mine. She left this part of the story out when she stumbled home drunk that night. I confronted her, and she confessed that they had made out.

Fast forward to present day, Im still trying to recover from what she did to me. After this kiss, she kept going out with him. Eventually, she slept with him twice. She told me both times. 

I literally had to walk into my apartment one day to find her in bed with him. I quit my job (We all worked together), and we broke up finally. That was 3 months ago. Im still messed up. She was my best friend, and all of a sudden, she had set out to destroy me.


I got an anonymous text from a third party. She was working in a different state. I had moved a few months earlier for my new job with the idea that she would follow once I had gotten everything settled. I was still paying rent and utilities at our old place where she was living while paying rent and utilities at the new place as well. I even opened a joint bank account so she could withdraw money for necessities.

It turned out that very shortly after I had moved, she decided to cut loose. Some anonymous person, who knew the both of us, and had watched her behavior change dramatically texted me a huge story from someone else's phone, and then blocked my number, so I couldn't text back. Of course, I confronted her about it while not telling her everything that the text had said, and she proceeded to lie and change her story multiple times.

But hey, I saved a bunch of money on bills the next month.


I went to surprise her after basketball practice by making her a giant cookie (the size of my freaking face) with some frosting that spelled out "Thanks for being the best" with some nice flowers. I even dressed nice and wanted to surprise her by taking her out for dinner that night to show her that I appreciated her. Her little sister let me into the house and that's when I saw her with another guy making out on the couch that was in some terrible band.


My ex wife always had a way of clamming up and becoming miserable if she wanted to tell me something but wouldn't for days. This time was different. Nearly a week into our Christmas vacation, she was at her worst. During our final days of the vacation, it came out that she had had sex with her ex Tyler. She ran out shortly after. I'll spare the major details, but we're now divorced. It's hard to trust anymore, but I only have myself to deal with these days.



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